Life Is Cruel

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

The story of how a family of four deals with the mother having been sentenced to two years of Perma-nude Punishment.

Table of Contents

Cameron's Story

It's the first day of school since his step-mother has started her sentence. Needless to say, the town is buzzing. Read Chapter

Emma's Story

Emma has managed to avoid the wrath of the class bully but there is no way the bully will turn a blind eye to such an event. Read Chapter

Belle's Story

Belle has come up with a plan to help her sister. The only question is, will she have the courage to see her crazy plan through? If so, what will happen next? Read Chapter

Katherine's Story

Katherine Pierce is having trouble dealing with her very public, very exposed punishment. To make matters worse, school has let out and things are going to get a little crazy when everyone gets home. Read Chapter