Insanity Is Only Skull Deep

Insanity Is Only Skull Deep

Status: Finished

Genre: Thrillers


Status: Finished

Genre: Thrillers


Teresa never really had much friends aside from her two best friends; Chelsea and Miranda. But a deep dark secret is lurking behind Teresa's smiles, tears, and hope. A secret she hasn't even realized yet


Teresa never really had much friends aside from her two best friends; Chelsea and Miranda.
But a deep dark secret is lurking behind Teresa's smiles, tears, and hope. A secret she hasn't even realized yet

Chapter1 (v.1) - Insanity Is Only Skull Deep

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Teresa never really had much friends aside from her two best friends; Chelsea and Miranda. <br /> But a deep dark secret is lurking behind Teresa's smiles, tears, and hope. A secret she hasn't even realized yet

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Submitted: July 05, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 05, 2012




Teresa Louise



“Teresa make your bed”, I glare at the person behind the words, “Teresa stop staring at me like that and just fucking do it”. Her words begin to slur and mesh into one jumble of a word as she sways in the door way.

“Yes Mother”. My answer is short but my tone tells it all, she stumbles back away. I fiercely rip my covers off the bed and begin to remake my bad from scratch; doing my best to make it look absolutely flawless without any little creases or bumps in the sheets and blankets. Mother is a single parent and I understand she needs an outlet but being drunk at 7 A.M is pushing it if you ask me; there isn’t really anything I can do it's been this way before I was born. When I was 10 my dad left; he had enough and finally packed up and was out the door. I begged him to take me with him but Mother refused to let him have custody. She went and got herself a lawyer got sober and took him to court; and unfortunately got full custody. In my opinion the judge is very stupid. I get letters from my dad every two weeks; he's currently using a fake name so Mother doesn't open them he sends me money also; I’ve been saving that up. I blow my bangs from my face and stare at my reflection the bruise on my forehead is slowly but surely disappearing. My friends Chelsea and Miranda hate Mother just as much as I do; and they never even seen her just heard of her. I can't wait until I graduate so I can live with one of them; living on their own and in their own apartments isn't really the grandest thing considering the bills but at least they don't have a mother like mine to deal with.

“You're going to miss the bus”. I looked behind me in the mirror; Mother stood in her short dress looking absolutely wasted. “You better get going, I mean it; I don't want you hear when...” Her voice trailed off and she started at me before continuing, “Just hurry up and get going will you”. I sighed heavily and grabbed my books pushing past Mother and shutting my door before she could enter. I then pulled out my key and locked my door. “You know you don't have to lock your bedroom door, it's not like I would go through your shit; it's not like I want to anyway”. I trudge down the stairs ignoring her comment because we both know she will.

“I'm going to Miranda's house later”. I turned and yelled at her; she rolled her eyes so quickly it looked like her eyes would just roll right out her head.

“Why haven't I met this so-called friend that you spend so much time with” She paused and counted on her fingers and threw her hands in the air, “For years!”. I laugh at her getting frustrated at the fact she couldn't figure out how many years I’ve known Miranda.

“Because she doesn't like you”. I smile as I turn leaving her with a shocked look upon her face.

“Well she doesn't even know me you know!” She yelled after me; I shrugged and mumbled under my breath that she knows enough, I hear her grunt and I turn in time to see her stumble and fall down the steps falling on her butt fast and hard. I smile as I head towards the door; that's exactly what she gets drinking all day and night.

“Well who is this”? I opened the door and walked right into a man ready to ring the door bell. I stopped and looked up and saw the familiar ugly face. Well the real reason behind her not wanting me to miss the bus is standing before me; makes me want to gag. “Well are you going to stand there or are you going to let me”? He shoots me a smile; a very creepy smile, the type of smile that will want to make you gag and throw up for hours.

“Stop being so stupid and let the man in”. Mother shoots the words at the back of my head like darts so I reluctantly open the door and let the man in. “That's my daughter Teresa, I’m sure you've seen her here before”. She paused and waited for a response and he just nodded his head, “Well Roger she's about to leave, I’m going to the room”. I turn and watch my mother stumble up the steps and basically crawling to her bedroom and slamming the door. Fantastic. I have only a few minutes to get out of here; I can't let it happen again. I put my head down and stare at my feet.

“Mister I have to leave now; Mother wouldn't like it if I’m late for the bus”. I take a step forward but he blocks my way and sticks out his hand towards me.

“Well my name is Roger; and I've heard a lot about you”. His hand was practically in mine so I just decided to just shake his hand and skedaddle out of the house and make it to the bus. “You are very beautiful”. He whispered the words into my ear, I try to pull my hand back but he grabs it and holds it tight; I struggle against his weight as he begins pushing me towards the couch. “Your mom wont know; I promise”. A grin developed on his lips, and his face inched closer to mine, “Nothing to say now darling”. His breath smelled like weed and it made me cough. “Now why would you do that”. Pushing me backwards with his weight I struggled to keep my feet still; then I felt them against the couch and Roger pushed me down onto the couch.

“Please I have to go to school”. I swing my legs off of the couch and try to make stand but he's on top of me in an instant and I can't move.

“Now don't act like this; your momma told me about all the other men you slept with that she brought home”. I gritted my teeth against the accusations.

“It's called rape”. I leaned back and spit into his face then started to kick him and scream, he put a hand over my mouth and stared at me.

“Now Now”. He petted my hair and kissed my cheek, “You will love it”. As he began to chuckle he unbuttoned my pants; I thrashed my head from side to side, but before I could hit him again he inserts himself into me. “Don't you just love this”. He took his hand off of my mouth and I began crying feeling the lump in my throat growing.

“Please, Stop it”. I whimpered out, feeling the tears fall down the side of my face.

“It's to late to stop now”, I open my mouth scream again but he grabbed my mouth with his and the screams were muffled into his mouth, I cried against him wishing it would just end.

After what seemed like an eternity he was done; he lifted his mouth from mine and winked at me, “Thanks sweetheart”. He leaned down pulling up my pants and leaving me on the couch. I waiting until I heard him go into my mother's room before getting up; I left everything and ran straight to Miranda's not even looking back. 

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