That Darn Professor

That Darn Professor

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Bonnie, one of the most popular girls in school, gets her professors attention and gets him to get with her as they spend some private tutoring session.


Bonnie, one of the most popular girls in school, gets her professors attention and gets him to get with her as they spend some private tutoring session.


Submitted: January 11, 2013

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Submitted: January 11, 2013



Every day was the same at Glen View High. Students running down the hallways avoiding lateness, goofing around, pulling pranks on each other, flirting along the hallway, etc. Especially students spreading rumors and gossips about each other around the whole school. Bonnie, was one of the most popular girls in the whole school, she was just as popular as Whitney, who was the captain of the cheerleading squad. Even though Bonnie didn’t belong to any particular club or group, she was very popular. She was friendly, helpful and caring to all her friends. Not only is she nice, but she also was on the top 5 list of the hottest girls in school. But what people didn’t realize was that she had a naughty side to her. She didn’t dress up like a slut, whore or a bitch.

She wore casual clothes, a bit revealing but not as much as the ones the other girls wore. Among, two of her friends Nicole and Kate, she was the only naughty one. Neither of her friends knew of her naughty side. Although, she was nothing like Whitney, who played around with guys, sleeping with them letting their hopes up for a chance to go out with her. Bonnie only slept with her ex boyfriends. But there was a certain person that made her break that rule, and just for that one time. Their Chemistry Professor, Mr. Barkley.

He was 23 years of age, a young professor. He was the most attractive teacher in the whole school. He was a few years younger than one of their professors, who were around 26 years old. All the girls had found Mr. Barkley very attractive. He was gorgeous, he had sandy blonde hair green eyes, and he had a lean and muscular body. He looked like he just stepped out of a GQ magazine every single day. Even Whitney tried to get to him, but he casually rejected her. Rumors were told that he had his eyes on one of the students; to be specific, one of the girls on the list.

One of the guys even swore he caught Mr. Barkley checking her out. Specifically, checking out Bonnie. Rumors spread so fast that it got to Bonnie. Giving her the chance to come up and be all over him. And it was perfect for her since she always failed in Chemistry, it wouldn’t seem to obvious that she was failing on purpose. Finally, after failing for the 3rd time on a test, Mr. Barkley calls for her after class telling her that they needed to have a private study time to help Bonnie get her grades up.

“Okay, try answering these problems.” he ordered handing her a piece of paper, Bonnie noticed the way he had his eyes looking down her blouse. Seems like It’s working, she thought. He snapped back to reality clearing his throat and walked back to his desk. Deciding to spice things up, she plans to make a move.

“Can we use the AC Mr. Barkley? It’s getting hot in here.”

He looks up from the papers, and shook his head, “We’re only supposed to use it during class hours.”

“But we’re having our own little private class.” she pouted

“I’m sorry, Bonnie but I’m sticking to the rules.”

With a sigh she starts to unbutton her blouse, “Well excuse me then, but I’m getting hot.”

Hell yeah you are, he thinks to himself watching her cautiously, “What are you doing?” he asked pretending to be shocked. “Well, like I said Mr. Barkley. It’s hot.” she admitted completely unbuttoning her blouse exposing her smooth fair skin and lacy black bra. Looking away, he runs his fingers through his sandy blonde hair avoiding ogling at her more. But, unable to resist, he stands up and walks over to her. “You know Ms. Miller, I’ve been watching you for some time. Trying to get your attention, but you just don’t seem to pay attention to me.” he said as he gets nearer her. A smirk comes across Bonnie’s face seeing her successful plan has worked.

“Well I was waiting for the right moment Mr. Barkley.” came Bonnie’s reply standing up from her desk running her fingers up and down his chest wrapping her fingers around his tie.

“Then I guess I’m lucky eh?”

“Luckier than all the other guys.”

Mr. Barkley holds her by her waist running his hands up and down her sides, “I sure hope so” he says pulling her close and pressing his lips on hers as he cups her breasts in his palms. Bonnie starts to unbuckle his belt, and proceeds to unbuttoning his trousers, rubbing his erection through his jeans.

“Oh god..” he moans wanting more of her as she touches him.

Like a hungry animal, he takes off her blouse and unclasps her bra exposing her round breasts which seemed as if they were of an adult’s breasts. Carrying her to his desk, he kisses her flickering his tongue against hers. As he sets her on the table he continues kissing her, going down on her chest squeezing them towards each other taking her right nipple in his mouth licking them in circles and sucking air on them.

“Oh Mr. Barkley…” Bonnie moaned softly resting her hand on his head.

He continues to kiss going down more kissing her stomach and navel, opening her legs wide open and starts rubbing her down there against her underwear that matched her lacy black bra. Seeing the pleasure he is giving her, he bends down as he pulls down her underwear and slides his tongue on herself up to her clit, flickering his tongue rapidly on it making her moan even louder. “How about showing me how lucky I am Ms. Miller.” he ordered standing back up.

“Of course.” Bonnie replied as she gets down from the desk and changes position with him making him lean against the desk, pulling down his trousers, and getting down on her knees, she rubs the hard erecting bulge against his boxers. “Don’t be such a tease.” he said as he moans throwing his head back, “But that’s what I’m known for Mr. Barkley.” she replies smirking up at him and without letting him reply, she pulls down his boxers, his throbbing erection springing out and pointing to her face. Grinning, she wraps her hand around it and starts stroking it slowly.

“That’s hard because of you Ms. Miller, you better fix it.”

She wraps her mouth around it and starts sucking on it slowly. “Oh god…” moaning he strokes her hair putting it off the one side as she continues going down on him going deeper each time. “Oh god. Fuck yeah…” he says moaning not caring if he had cursed, he knew Bonnie loved hearing it. Bonnie continues sucking on him going deeper than before, making her gag but she continues anyway. She slides her tongue across it and licks the top of it.

“Fuck it!” he says pulling her back up and pins her down on the desk. Bonnie puts a finger in her mouth looking at him with such seductive eyes that just made him go crazy. He strokes himself and starts rubbing it against her.

“Oh yeah. Fuck me Mr. Barkley!” she cries getting more wet and excited just at the touch of him rubbing against her.

“That’s the only thing I plan to do to you every single day.” he whispers as he slides into her thrusting hard.

“Oh god!” she moans in pleasure as he continues to slam himself inside her faster and harder, he himself moaning squeezing her breast with his other hand.

Moaning more and louder, Bonnie rubs herself while he rams into her both of them cursing and moaning together.

He rams into her faster and harder going deeper like a wild animal while he keeps squeezing her breasts.

Grunting as he rams into her faster and harder going deeper each time, “You like that?”

“Fuck me some more Mr. Barkley!” Bonnie says sounding more demanding than pleading. He obeys her and thrusts into her harder and deeper fucking her roughly as she has asked for it. He keeps thrusting into her as he reaches climax he takes out himself from her and strokes himself shooting long streams of fluid on her stomach. “You are one naughty student.” he says smirking at her. “Oh you have no idea how naughty I can be Mr. Barkley.” Bonnie replies biting her lower lip.

“So do I pass?” she asks winking at him. “I’ll let you pass if we always have private tutoring time together.” he answers back with a smug smirk on his face.

Bribery, oh how Bonnie loved it!

“Well then we’ll definitely have tutoring time every day.” Bonnie said in a seductive voice.

“Hell yes we will.” Mr. Barkley replied smiling at her.

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