The New Girl

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

This is my first erotica short story, this came completely from my imagination. I do hope you will enjoy.

The new girl


Today I saw her, the new girl, she dressed so differently from the other girls I've seen. She wore a light blue sweatshirt that cut around the top of her bellybutton tshowing off her hello Kitty belly ring and showed her size 34C cleavage just perfectly. She completed the outfit with white True Religion low-cut jeans pants and Air Jordan 11s "Legend Blue" sneakers. She was fly, walking down the hallway looking sexy as always.


Today is going to be the day, I'm finally going to ask her out. I wore a plain white T-shirt with a deep cut, A pair of Nike black sweatpants and Air Force ones, I spent a little more time on my make up that morning. So many things rushed through my mind as I walked up to her. What if she doesn't like girls? Or what if she doesn't like me? What am I going to say to her? I started to rethink asking her. It's too late now she saw me and gave me a white smile and wave.


"Hey, what's your name?" I Said nervously, hoping she didn't notice.

"Hi, my name is Kerry, what's yours? "

"I'm Courtney, how you like to town so far?"

"It's okay I guess, I'm still trying to find myself around, but I don't have anyone to show me around "she replied with a small frown and I felt sorry for her but at the same time I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to ask her out.


I answered slowly trying to get the words out "maybe I could show you around? I let the question hang in the air before I added "it will be fun I could show you around town I can bring you to the lake then walk you through the garden and have a small picnic there " I knew this would be an offer she can't refuse. With a broad smile she said "that sounds perfect, I'd love to go on a date with you".


My heart fluttered as she wrote her number on my arm and gave me a kiss on the check and walked away to her class. She looked amazing her fat ass just going, bouncing up and down as she walked away she knew I was staring at her with a death grip she turned around and blew me a kiss.


I spent the next couple days trying to figure out what I'll wear on our date Friday night. Last minute I decided on a white tank top and a black short leather skirt with a jacket to match plus a pair of black and white sneakers. I did my make up this adding a little.I was good to go, I called Kerry I heard the disappointment in her voice when she told me she has to babysit I replied matching her disappointment  telling her "it's okay" before hanging up she suggested I come over, she'll just text me the address.


I got to her house 20 minutes later, my heart was racing. I stood outside and rang the doorbell, a second later she opened the door and pull me in to a hug that lasted a little longer than it should have I pulled away and gave a shy smile and looked her over she had a regular T-shirt on I knew from the hug she didn't have a bra on she also wore pajama shorts on with the pair of black slippers. She noticed me staring and took me up the stairs to her bedroom. When we got there she put on a movie and we laid on the bed.


After a few minutes i couldn't take anymore, I couldn't just lay next to her and not do anything, I got brave and started caressing her body. She had nice soft creamy skin felt great under my fingers. Seeing that Kerry didn't object I continued, using my right hand to fondle her breasts using my other to play with her stomach. Moving my hand lower and lower. I kiss her, a real deep passionate kiss I open my mouth and let her tongue slip in. Kerry stopped and trailed sluppy kisses down my neck to my collar bone staying there a second longer has that let out a small moan. She slowly removed my shirt and unhook my bra.


By this time my pussy was throbbing in anticipation, she went further down my body now stopping at my breast, she sucked, licked, flicked and fondled on both spending a great amount of time on each. I arched my back giving more access to my size 34DD breasts. I rubbed her back and played with her hair, as she put her head lower. She slowly took my leather skirt and panties off in one tug.


Kerry he just stared at my little shaved pussy and lick her pink lips. She slipped her finger on my slit from top to bottom then snapped her fingers hungrily as she looked me in the eyes. I saw nothing but lust and desire in her light brown beautiful eyes. Her soft lips kissed the outer folders of my pussy, teasing me. I felt the tip of her tongue lick my swollen clit. Chills of pleasure swear through my body as she massages my clit with her tongue. Kerry was eating me out, and I was completely at her mercy. Clutching the sheets, screaming her name, as I felt the build up deep inside of me, I went over the edge she inserted two fingers in my pussy pumping it inside of me nice, hard and fast. She kept the pace as she removed her fingers and replaced with her tongue. At this point I was having the best orgasm I've ever experienced. She continued letting me ride the waves of my pleasure as I spasm under neath her.

Afterwards she came and laid next to me playing with my stomach I soon realized that she doesn't have any siblings so she lied to me just they have me in her bed I sighed and smile as I fell asleep right next to her.

Submitted: January 02, 2015

© Copyright 2023 Tee24. All rights reserved.

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Ben has given you some good advice & a great comment here, you have captured our attention in a provocative, & imaginative way!

Sat, January 3rd, 2015 10:57pm


Thank you benawriter and Spyguy for your opinions on my first writing it was appreciated.

Sun, January 11th, 2015 2:51am

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