Primal Scene : The Roadtrip

Primal Scene : The Roadtrip

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica






Submitted: March 08, 2013

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Submitted: March 08, 2013



One of the topics that I like to read , chat and blog about is PRIMAL SCENE.

For those who are unaware of the term PRIMAL SCENE , Wikipedia mentions

The expression "primal scene" refers to the sight of sexual relations between the parents, as observed, constructed, and/or fantasized by the child and interpreted by the child as a scene of violence. The scene is not understood by the child, remaining enigmatic but at same time provoking sexual excitement.

For those , have witnessed their parents making love as a kid ,the definition is very accurate and complete and true in every possible way.

And for others who have not walked in on their folks , it may seem like a subject that should not be discussed at all and those dwelling on this topic are eccentric.

However this is a topic of psychoanalysis by famous Sigmund Freud ( for more you may Google : case study of the “Wolf Man”) and since I have gone through all the phases such as observing the act of love making of my parents , constructing the events that may have happened after I left them to be alone and fantasizing what they might be doing behind the doors . (I sometimes fantasize about various couples and people that I meet ,I imagine them how they would behave when they would be together in a closed room)

And if you read in my blog PRIMAL SCENE : The Christmas that turned out to be Halloween

You will come to know how I related the facial expressions and the noises made by my mum to the fact that she was punished by my dad.

I was confused and curious so I even spied (through keyhole)on them later in my life . But that’s a story for another day.

My today's blog deals with my parents making love at a motel ( Best place to make love since you don’t have to clean up the mess later when you are done)

When I was young around 8 years old my parents used to make love during road-trips in motels in the belief that I was asleep. Sometimes there would be 2 separate single beds in a room, so I would initially bunk with my dad and listen to stories till I fell asleep.

While in sometimes , rooms with 2 beds were not available so we had to get a room with one large bed, and at night my mother and my dad and I would have to sleep in the same bed.

I would always sleep sandwiched in between my mum and dad but strangely enough I would always wake up either on the couch that was there in the room or on the extra mattress that my parents would order the room service to bring after I fell asleep.


It was during one of those times when we were on a road-trip halting at night at various motels.

Since my dad was a sales man , my mother and I would tag along whenever there was an opportunity .My mum and I joined him for longer trips when I had vacation/holidays at school , this was also the time when I got to see a lot of action (read as the wild side of my parents).

During one such road-trip ,the motel we stayed was a small room with nothing but one large bed , the room had an attached bathroom to the right side of the bed and to the left there was a large sliding window . There was no space in the room to move around due to the large bed.

After having dinner at the food joint at a nearby gas station we went to a shop/store near by. My dad asked us if we wanted to have chocolate candies and I readily agreed , the moment he turned around to get away from us I insisted to accompany him to buy the candies.

But my mum held my hand tightly and explained that if I stayed with her while dad was gone to buy chocolates ,she would buy me whatever toy I chose from the toy section the shop had and I was distracted by toy section.

My mum bought me a toy Robot .

My dad returned without chocolate candies (by now the readers should have guessed that chocolate was code for contraceptives), and as soon as he came back my mom started hurrying up to get back to the motel and get me some sleep as I was awake past bedtime.

I wondered why he did not get me candies but anyway who cares I was happy with my new toy Robot .

I wanted to spend more time in the toy section so my dad bought me a toy car on a condition that I would step out of the shop and head back straight to the motel without any tantrums.

I got a new toy car from my dad.

Little did my parents know that since I was asleep in the car during most of the daytime on our road-trip,I would be wide awake . I was busy playing on the bed with my new toys as soon I came back to our motel room.

While my dad was playing with me with my new toys , he called the Room Service on the telephone and asked for something (I did not hear the conversation)

A few moments later the room serviced arrived with fresh Towels and a pair of wine glass.

Soon my mum lost her cool (since I was not falling asleep)and said that if I don’t sleep right now, she would be left behind in the motel when I would wake up late in the morning.

I was not sleepy at all but I slept in between my parents as my my dad told me a story that involved a car and a robot .

My mum switched off all the lights and the room went dark (this was done in the attempt that I would fall asleep faster), however the night lamp besides the bed was turned on which mildly lit the entire room.

Some time had passed and I was still awake , I heard my folks whispering something softly.

The next thing I felt was my mum crossing over me towards my dad’s side and I was lifted gently and shifted to the farthest corner of the bed by my dad. My mum made sure that my head was turned away from them and gently placed a pillow under my head.

At first I could not see them but I heard them both kissing and giggling, the sheets also rustled.

What was happening and why was mum in my place in the bed ?

I had to find out so in a sleepy manner I turned casually to face my parents .Now my belly was facing downwards and my head facing towards my parents .

My instincts told me not to open my eyes wide open to see what was going on (always trust your instincts) . However I did open my eyes a bit so that it looked closed to people who saw me. However I could see slightly what was going on in the dimly lit room.

Seeing the movements I just made in the bed ,my mum became alert with her finger on her lips .She looking at my dad and pointed towards my direction . Then she conveyed by facial expression in some silent language to my dad to remain still and not move. She had sensed that I was awake but that’s when I saw my dad reassuring her and pulled her closer and passionately kissed her all over.

She hesitated and resisted at first but my dad looked adamant to change her mind.

They then seemed to roll over while taking turns in being on top of one another while still snuggling.Meanwhile my dad pulled her closer to cuddle and kiss her as many times he could while my mum seemed to shy away (maybe her instincts were telling her that I would wake up any time and interrupt them).

My dad suddenly got up and pulled a bottle of wine from the bag (must have bought wine along with contraceptives) and poured it in the wine glass. He then carefully handed the glass to my mum and tip toed into bed next to mum and covered themselves with the the blanket.

They kept necking and talking and occasionally in between refilled the glass, I was thinking this would happen all night so I shut my slightly open eyes and went to sleep.

But I could not be more wrong .

A few minutes must have passed by and I heard some murmuring and more rustling of sheets .

I opened my eyes again and the sight made my heart skip a beat.

The liquor had started affecting my mom and her inhibitions seemed to have suddenly vanished, much like her night gown that also came off.

With a leg on each side of my dads pelvis she was sitting astride him . Their genitals were aligned and and I could not see what was going in that region, however I could not help but notice how my dad reached out and constantly fondled and kissed her pert breasts .

She cooed and purred like a kitten and arched back closing her eyes.

My dad now lit a cigarette and started smoking (this was also the first time I had ever seen my folks smoke a cigarette ), she leaned forward to get the cigarette and puffed and coughed before handing back the cigarette. (Ironically ; now I know that my mum hates any type of intoxication or people who smoke )

While my mum was suggestively moving her groin over my dad’s , she tied her hair that kept falling over her face every time there was motion meanwhile my dad finished the cigarette and before extinguishing it offered the last puff to my mum, she readily took it and after the final drag she put out the cigarette.

The mood was set for the action that was about to happen.

She then took his hands and guided them towards her, the sheet which were still covered my dads legs and he fumbled for a wrapper and tore it with his mouth (it appeared to be some sort of candy to me at that time but it was the “chocolate candy “ that he went to buy that evening at the stores)

His hands vanished beneath the sheets , she leaned forward and put her lips on his lips.

As she went back to her normal position (read as cowgirl)a soft shriek escaped her mouth making her facial expressions change from drowsiness to a slight pain that may happen because of sudden pinch.

My dad’s hands surfaced again from under the white sheet and went straight to her hips, my eyes followed them (there was so many things going on at a time I did not know where to keep my focus).

My mum now had her hands up in the air that later were placed on her head. My dad slowly started to push and pull her hips which slowly transformed into gentle rhythmic to and fro motion, while this was going on my mom’s facial expressions changed too with every stroke.

By now she was making the motions on her own and my dad was cupping her breasts .

Then she moaned as her motions gathered pace and rhythm. She bit her lips and pursed them together to avoid letting out a shriek .

Suddenly my dad bellowed, my mum put her hand to cover his mouth and kept going at it with out disturbing the momentum of the strokes, she giggled and then frowned because of the pain.

She started slowing down the pace but did not stop moving , instead she leaned a bit forward , pinned down my father with her hands on his hands and started making long motions . In between she would also move her loins in a churning motion .

She seemed to have stuck to my dad and wanted to get separated (that was not at all true).

The action continued …

They paused for a while but their loins did not separate , her gyrating pelvis now started making quicker motions vigorously.

Now both of them were puffed and panted and seconds later my mum collapsed over my dad.

She kissed him and held him tightly and rested her head on his chest.

It was clue for him to finish the unfinished business, now it was my dads turn to prove his prowess

Dad pulled her closer , his hands went back again in the sheets made some adjustments and resurfaced. Then his hands held my mum’s head close to his heart .

Was it all over ? Did they finally get separated at their loins , which they seemed to have been trying for so long? What will happen next ?

I did not wait long to find the answer to all the above questions

She was motionless and seemed resting peacefully on him.

He filled her up and started pumping her in quick jerks, which soon gathered pace .

With every motion he groaned louder and she moaned wildly, till both their voices merged like music into a crescendo.

They seemed to have forgotten that I was there in the bed too right next to them.

Once he had finished she got off him . Heaving and panting they both lied next to each other .

Both looked spent and by now were sweating profusely.

That night there were three people in the room with their hearts pounding heavily.

Dad lit the cigarette again and shared with mom .

Then they must have fallen asleep and I know I did as it was very late.


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