Undying by Ted Gerard

Undying by Ted Gerard Undying by Ted Gerard

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


This is the unfinished version of a longer story called "Husk". It's my first attempt at Erotic Horror. Tagline: "Be careful of the one you love most. they might just drain you dry and leave the husk behind." This started as Undying but is "From the Diary of Meghan Courtright: Demon Hunter."


This is the unfinished version of a longer story called "Husk". It's my first attempt at Erotic Horror. Tagline: "Be careful of the one you love most. they might just drain you dry and leave the husk behind." This started as Undying but is "From the Diary of Meghan Courtright: Demon Hunter."


Submitted: July 07, 2012

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Submitted: July 07, 2012



from the diary


megan cortwright:

demon hunter



Monday, July 26, 2010



Last night my mother died.  I know this with every fiber of my being because I was the one who killed her. There is real evil out there in the world, most people are lucky enough to never see it. But then there are people like me who aren’t so lucky. Not because we are the witnesses to such evil but because we are the survivors of it.

I guess I should start at the beginning. This is a lot harder than I thought it would be.

My mother is a monster.  Her verbal, mental, and physically abusive behavior notwithstanding she is an actual monster.  She is what’s called a Shum-bie, a being that can inhabit just about any living person with just a touch.  Last night was the seventh time this month that I killed her host body.  My name is Megan Cortwright I know it sounds like something out of a spaghetti western but that’s what it is.

My mother on the other hand her name is unpronounceable in the English language or just about any other language for that matter. You can call her Val, everyone else does. Anyway, I guess the closest thing that would describe her is a succubus or maybe a vampire although neither really describes what she truly is.  I don’t know maybe she’s an incubus.  I’m not sure; all I know is that she is pure evil and not that corny bitchy vampy evil you see on “True Blood”.  My mother is evil in the truest way because she has the ability to manipulate people; mostly men. She “charms” her victims into falling in love with her. That’s the abridged version. The reality is that she secretes a pheromone that chemically coaxes a person to love her with all their heart and then she feeds off of that love; that energy. 

The hunger that drives her is only satiated when she feeds and feeding makes her exquisitely beautiful; ageless. She doesn’t have to eat, drink or sleep anymore.  Kim K., Angelina, Beyonce, Jennifer those bitches can all eat their hearts out; because as far as looks go Val got those bitches on STOP status. But her price for beauty is high she plumps her victims up with her love and then she feeds; sometimes for days.  I know this for a fact because the first time I saw her use her evil powers was on New Year’s 3 years ago, I was fifteen.

She had just put my brother Danny to bed and my dad had fallen asleep on the sofa.  Everyone had either left or were passed out somewhere throughout our two story five bedroom home...everyone except for me and Brian.  Brian was the new handyman. He was tall with dark hair and handsome with eyes filled with intelligence. He’d been working for us for about a year but it was more than enough time for him to fall head over heels for my mother.

He doted over her like one of those lovesick fools you see in the movies. It was pathetic. Val didn’t even have to try. After a few weeks around her he was willing to do anything she asked.  I’m a woman and it made me sick to my stomach to see how much control she had over that idiot. I guess he had it coming my father God bless his soul tried to warn him.

“Brian...” he said, in a drunken stupor.“A man is only as good as the sum of his parts. Y’see a man has two heads and sometimes he lets the one in his pants take control at the wrong time.”

Brian had no comment at the time except to say that he only saw my mother as a good friend, y’know someone to talk to almost like a sister but that changed.

“I know my wife is a stunningly beautiful creature. And I know you wanna fuck her, most men do. But I’m tellin’ you from experience the moment you lay hands on her you won’t live to regret it.”

Brian foolishly took what my father said to him as a veiled threat. Like I said the man was an idiot. He was already head over heels in love with Val. And she had already started to begin draining him.  Within six months the man started to look 20 years older within a year he become so incredibly sick and emaciated that he had to be admitted into Squires Hospital, where Val visited him every day. The man was so in love that he didn’t realize that the only reason why she was there was to finish her meal. She feed of his blind lust, love and adoration. Val tried to mask her daily feedings with concern for a “true” friend. But my dad and I knew the truth...we knew that once Val got her hooks into a person she didn’t let go until she drained them dry of everything they had.

Brian was dead by Christmas.

Since he didn't have much in the way of a family my dad put up the money for the funeral. I can only assume that it was my father’s attempt at alleviating any guilt he had so it wouldn’t get the better of him. There was a small funeral for that idiot. It was quiet, but it was nice, at least as nice as one can be considering. My dad ordered enough sunflowers and cherry blossoms to line the small funeral parlor with a pungent sweetness. Brian’s mother said they were his two favorite flowers she gave a small eulogy and spoke briefly about her life as a botanist and how, as teens, both her boys would travel with her every summer to the Amazon basin or the Yucatan. She ended the eulogy by placing a Lucifer orchid in the casket with her son’s remains. Val was nowhere in sight during the eulogy. She was not particularly fond of flowers for some reason. At the burial site, after the service, my father and I looked on in dull terror as Val played the role of the grieving “friend” to the handful of attendees, which included a small group of people who said that Brian was not only a cosplayer but a member of their Legion.

Val shook the hands of Brian’s mother and younger brother, Phil. Val licked her lips as she shook young Phil's hand tasting his life force for the first time. She looked like the cat that was about to eat the canary as he thanked her for helping put together his brother's funeral.  As Phil and his grief ridden mother walked away Phil turned back and smiled a brief lustful smile at Val. My father lit a cigarette and said a small prayer for the young man who would be my mother's next victim. That was around the time I realized that something had to be done.

You're probably wondering why she didn't have this affect on my dad or me.  It's a good question and I honestly have no answer. My best guess is that she can't feed on me because I'm her daughter so we share the same type of cursed blood and as for dad it seems that he's partially immune. I say partially because he's forty-one but he looks like he's in his mid sixties with one foot in the grave.  I think it's because his love for my mother is genuine.  It's something that was born out of acceptance instead of lust and Val feeds on the lust and admiration of the men she kills. I think his love for Val is the only thing that protects him from her; otherwise he'd be as dead as a doornail.  He knows exactly who and what she is and he loves her anyway.  And although he won’t hurt her he refuses to help her.

“The definition of evil is when good men are witnesses to the darkness of the world and refuse to do anything about it.” He would say with a look of disdain.

Anyways, like I said Val can inhabit...no that’s not right it’s more like she invades the bodies of her victims.  I am not sure how to say this but she doesn’t have to lose her body to do it. I didn’t understand the full extent of her powers in the beginning. But it seems that she can eat her victims in different ways.  The first is like I said where she is more like a succubus where she drains the life force out of her victims which are mostly men.  But when she feeds on women she’s a totally different beast; literally.

I learned from my dad that in ancient Sumeria there were these creatures that were called skin takers they were like ancient alien parasitic body snatchers. They would invade a victim and over the space of a few weeks their bodies would eat the host from the inside out. But this was the crazy thing there was a period of time that host body could reject the parasite but once the parasite got to a certain point the host would start looking like the parasite. I know crazy right but it’s totally true. I saw my mother do it.



After Danny died my mother lost it. That’s when I realized that even monsters love their children. Val couldn’t handle losing the only thing she cared about more than herself; my baby brother was her whole world and after he died, in a way, so did she.  I don’t really wanna talk about it but long story short “officially” he drowned in our pool.  Truth be told he was drowned by Brian’s “cosplay” legion. It turns out they did it as payback for Brian’s death. It seems that Brian was more than he let on. His “Legion” was called the Brotherhood of the Right Hand, as in God’s right hand, on the surface they appeared to be a small band of cosplay nerds but in reality the members of “The Hand” were demon hunters. I really should’ve known something was kray kray now that I think about it.

That one chick in the legion had the coolest spiked boots she kept eyeing me during the service. She wore heavy eyeliner and dark eye shadow that made her eyes look like they faded black holes in her head whenever she blinked. It created this weird look the made her lavender eyes even more pronounced. I’d never seen anyone with violet eyes besides Liz Taylor.

Where was I oh yeah...Brian! He was an apprentice hunter and when he came to us it was under the pretense of spying on my family.  I can only assume that Val found out. That’s why she took so much time and pleasure in killing him.

Soon after Danny died a woman came to the house. Her name was Amelia. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.  She smelled of sea salt and exotic perfume, like Chanel.  No that’s not it; she smelled like sunflowers mixed with honeysuckle and sea salt. She smelled like home. I don’t know it was strange almost comforting. That’s the closet I can come to describing her. I thought it kinda odd at the time seeing the way she was dressed, all plain and country. She wore a plain fitted t-shirt, Capri jeans and Keds you know the original ones made out of canvas. She sorta looked like a low class white trash ‘bama just a lot neater and prettier. She said was a researcher investigating some of the town legends for some article she was writing. Weird!!!

That night when my father came home Amelia introduced herself almost as if she already had met my Dad.  My father looked at her smiled and then went pale. But Amelia still smiled at him as if she hadn’t noticed. She had this warm toothy smile that looked like it could light up anyone’s day. I immediately thought of a super imposed photo negative. I wondered what was behind that smile.

Val took to Amelia immediately. They became close almost like sisters. They even started to look alike. I think I know why, I think Amelia is a succubus too or at least...something close to one. I don’t know. But as soon as she arrived she and Val started going out together almost every night. At first I thought they were just partying until my father came to me one night and said that this wasn’t the first time Amelia had shown up. He said that she didn’t look the same but she had the same mannerisms as a woman who had shown up once or twice before but she looked a lot younger now and more exotic. He also said he could not mistake the scent of sunflower & honeysuckle perfume mixed with sea salt.

He said that Amelia was here to make sure that Val feeds. Dad said that they were hunting and building their strength for the J’Dram-fra. I asked him what a J’Dram-fra was. He told me all about it almost like he was in a trance. Then all of a sudden he snapped out of it.  He looked at me oddly.

“I’m not sure.” he said flatly.

“I just know that it was some kind of rite of passage.” he continued.

“Rite of passage...for who?” I asked.

My father eyed me with a hard look and said, “I don’t know!”

Soon after that Amelia and Val disappeared for a few days; when they returned they were...different somehow. They looked vibrant they almost glowed with a distinct energy that everyone could feel but no one could see. Val had gotten a complete tan in a few days, her skin was no longer a light olive tone it was now a deep bronze. Her hair had grown about six inches and crept down her back in dark luscious curls. Her breasts had doubled in size and were now perky DD cups and her ass looked like you could bounce a dollar off it and get change back. I know I’m vulgar right. Fuck it I might as well be. Yolo bitches and all that, right.  Whatevs...

I don’t care anymore. I’m about to turn eighteen and my stomach has been fuckin' with me. Anyway, so the part to where I kill my mom. I’m sure that’s the part you’re really wondering about.  I don’t know it’s all kind of funny really. Everything seemed to happen in a haze. Wait but before that I have to tell you about this guy I met recently his name is…



Pause for a second. Let me just say this, you didn’t think that I was gonna let those fuckers get away with killing my baby brother did you, I bet you did. On the contrary, I learned sometimes the best way to get what you want is to “pretend” to be friendly with your enemy. You know get them to trust you or better yet get someone they love to trust you. Lessons learned from a broken heart.

I had a friend of a friend kill his wife for sleeping with her “best friend” actually kill is not the word because he never actually laid a finger on anyone...I think destroyed would be more apropos. Ya see this girl Nicole, she had been with this guy Tyler for 8 years but was with the other guy Joey for about four years. Her husband, Tyler, that idiot, trusted her and never had a clue that she had been sleeping around and going to family functions with Joey for years. And when Tyler found out you would think that he would've killed the both of them and anyone else who smiled in his face knowing what was really going on. But on the contrary he did absolutely nothing...he just cried. I know pathetic right...way too emotional. I hate emotional men but y'know love will do that to you. But the worst part is Tyler really loved her and did everything he could to make sure she was taken care of, he even sacrificed a dream or two. But y'know most people are selfish assholes...so Nicole couldn’t care less.

Personal Note: Jesus, I fucking hate bottom feeders...anyway diary back to my story...where was I oh yeah Tyler...

So here's the sweet part to the story the husband, Tyler, he was a hot mess after he found out.  Not so much because his wife had cheated, they’d both had their lovers, but because she had allowed this other man to use her to hurt him. He’d said that he would’ve been fine had she just been honest and told him. But what he realized was that cowards make the best liars. He said that he destroyed her and everything she loved because of the level of disrespect she had shown him after everything he had done for her and her family. Because she not only disrespected him and his family she but sought to destroy his name and tried to take everything he had worked so hard for his business, his friends, the promise and expectation of a family and his dreams. Whatever, his problem right!

The thing is he didn’t let his bitterness or his hatred consume him, and this is the important part, what he did instead was he used it to make himself a success. He focused all that pain, anger and rage and...smh...I mean 10 years had passed and this guy had become a multi-millionaire but that was not where his power lay.

He gained his power and stature from the fact that he had become a legend in the underworld of angels, demons and hunters. Everyone knew of him but no one knew who he was or how to find him, he had become a ghost, a myth that everyone knew of and feared including Val. So he built a name for himself and was known only as the man with the sunflower tattoos. He'd waited until his name...his reputation had become as big as he always felt he was inside and that’s when he struck. When Nicole and Joey had become comfortable and forgotten about the shit they had done.  They were no longer together of course which was a lesson in and of itself.

But he knew that was the best time to pull his Kaiser Soze routine, unbeknownst to either one of them Tyler had done what Joey had done. He had learned that the best way to hurt someone is through the people they love. By using those people as a weapon you could destroy a man’s confidence, his heart, his love, his courage and his ideals. It is a method of mental and spiritual warfare that has been used for eons and it is capable of destroying even the strongest of individuals. But instead of crumbling this man took that new found knowledge and covered himself in it like it was a new skin; he turned his wounds into weapons and his scars into shields. He’d told me that was when he understood that God doesn't care about good or evil. God only cares about balance. Long story short this man, this loser, this husband who was branded a monster and a savage by the love of his life finally submitted to the darkness that was born from the pain of what these people had done to him.

Then he said "The worst thing the devil ever did was convince the world that she came in the form of a man."

Jesus, I'll never forget the look in Tyler's face, it was filled with a clarity and a constitution born from the pain of being misunderstood and misused. He had a focus in his eyes that could pierce through granite. It was the look of a man that was willing to do anything to get what he wanted. He said in a way the experience only made him stronger. He said that because of it he'd learned to be selfish and to never trust anyone.

That’s when I realized that sometimes, many times, that even the best and sweetest of people can be made into monsters because of the evil the is placed in them by selfish and uncaring people.  And in all honesty if even a fraction of what he told me that night about his ex and her boyfriend were true they both deserved to die.

But like I said he didn’t kill them. What he did was far worse he waited for each one of them to be at the lowest point in their lives at the very moment that they need someone to trust and depend on. He waited until they were weak and when they needed help and then he took away the things and the people they valued the most. He took all of their loved ones away from them and left them to suffer the way they had left him.

It usually happens that the people who are quick to hurt someone else and disrespect others will do anything not to face the same kind of treatment that they are so eager to inflict onto their victims. Many of these people consider themselves courageous even righteous but the reality is they are all cowards. Like jackals that enter the lion’s den to feed on the cubs after the adults have left to either protect or hunt for the pride. So this man destroyed his enemies without even lifting a finger against them. He simply told the truth to the right person at the right time about the wrong thing.

And then he disappeared back into shadows like a forgotten memory. Neither Nicole nor Joey was prepared for what happened and neither survived nor did any of their family.

I know that’s some cold-hearted shit right and that’s exactly what I did, I befriended the Legion of the Hand. I got them to trust me and then I got them to turn on each other...it was glorious. But I think I will leave that story for another time it’s been a few days since I murdered my mom after she jumped in to Amelia’s body it took about this long for her to revert to her true form and I still have to find somewhere to depose of the body. But I’ve been so hungry no matter I much I eat can’t seem to get full. A funny thing happened when I went for a jog this morning. I bumped in to Zachary from down the street. He’s always had a crush on me and when he touched my shoulder I got the sensation of a warm peachy wine flowing down my throat. His essence was so visibly sweet after that touch. I think that saying “We all eventually become our parents” is true.

I'm so fucking hungry...

I think I’ll invite him over for dinner.



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