Countess Monique Dubois

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: The Erotic Vampire

1476. Vlad Tepes, a vampire king rains terror on Eastern Europe. The Catholic Church worried by his murderous reign demand action from a group of Vampire Elders. Tepes, his family and his advisor Gregor are assassinated, but a sympathizer amongst the Elders saves Tepes’s and Gregor’s remains and also spirits away Gregor’s human bastard, a baby a girl he names Adele.

Centuries later, the Vampyre and Human world are on a collision course that can only be stopped by a group of Vampyres lead by Countess Monique Dubois.

Table of Contents

Bucharest, December 1476

This opening has gone through many drafts and sets out the beginnings of the problems vampyres are facing. I am more than happy to listen to comments/suggestions, ways to improve it, leave as is. Read Chapter


This is the story of Adele mentioned in the prologue. Read Chapter

Present Day Paris - The Wedding

We get introduced to most of the major players in the novel in this chapter. A High Society vampyre wedding. If you wish to comment, or see errors please feel free to share them. This is a work in progress, so any help is gratefully received. Read Chapter

The Wedding Ritual

In this chapter, we learn why Baron Turlemaine is invited to high society vampire weddings... Read Chapter

The Orangery

This is where we are introduced to the groom, and his extra curricular activity... Read Chapter

The Death Of Lord Ralston

The Death of Lord Ralston   He awoke to the sound of his bare feet, blooded and bruised, being dragged through freezing wate... Read Chapter

The Burial

The cast of main characters are being introduced, and the insightful moment happens..Monique is drawn into a plot to assassinate all vampyres...

I am concerned it's a short chapter, following on from another. As a reader, is that a problem? Read Chapter

the Massacre

I've toned down the violence in this chapter, but it's important to get a feeling for the evil Illuminati that are ridding the earth of vampyres in the name of God. Read Chapter

The Lear Jet

More character building in this chapter, and the bedevilling of a young stewardess. Read Chapter

The Sphere

Jessica has to be the Baron's sex toy to get his help. Read Chapter

The Fetish Ball

The girls have Fun at the annual Fetish Ball in Rome Read Chapter

Unexpected Liaisons

Charlotte enjoys a rough ménage à trois with Wilson and his wife, Jade Read Chapter

Dinner With Lemure

Monique enjoys a dinner with Lemure and Charmaine, his African Queen. Read Chapter