Savior Of The Wastes-A Legend Is Born

Savior Of The Wastes-A Legend Is Born Savior Of The Wastes-A Legend Is Born

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


The year is unknown. All that is known is that it has been a long while since the great war, when the sky darkened and generations lived underground. Returning to the surface, the remainder of the human race now live in small villages, trying to restore humanity, and to protect themselves against the wilds of the wasteland. One man; an Arcane - the warriors sworn to meet out justice, unwittingly becomes a legend.


The year is unknown. All that is known is that it has been a long while since the great war, when the sky darkened and generations lived underground.
Returning to the surface, the remainder of the human race now live in small villages, trying to restore humanity, and to protect themselves against the wilds of the wasteland.
One man; an Arcane - the warriors sworn to meet out justice, unwittingly becomes a legend.

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Tavern

Author Chapter Note

The year is unknown. All that is known is that it's been a long while since the great war, when the sky darkened and generations lived underground.<br /> Returning to the surface, the remainder of the human race now live in small villages, trying to restore humanity, and to protect themselves against the wilds of the wasteland. <br /> One man; an Arcane - the warriors sworn to meet out justice, unwittingly becomes a legend.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 02, 2012




The year is unknown, but it has been generations since the great war which drove the human race underground in order to survive. When the dark skies cleared, allowing the sun to thaw the ice and frost, the Earth slowly tranformed back to her natural state. Although much of her surface was scarred, and many parts barren, nature found a way to preserve itself and foliage began to florish once again.

It was at that time that Man ventured forth from the caves to return to the surface and reclaim the land. Much of the ancient society died in the great war and at first the return to the surface bred anarchy. Humanity was nearly lost if it wasn't for a group of elders; ancestors of former warriors who were trained as their forefathers. They came together to form the order of the Arcanes - new warriors who would wander the wastes and provide justice to those who need it, and to meet out justice to those who deserved it.

One lone Arcane, through his travels, unwittingly sets of a chain of events that will make him a legend.

Chapter 1 - The Tavern

Standing in the flickering dim light, cast from the windows above him, Malachi pulled his cloak tighter while the heavy rain beat against him. He peered from beneath his hood at the heavy oak door of the tavern, which promised food, warmth and a place to rest, and slowly began to pound his fist against the bare, unfinished oak planks. Pausing a few seconds and hearing no response, Malachi looked up and down the dark quiet street before pounding his fists, harder, against the door.

A slot in the thick door slid to the side and a pair of shadowed eyes looked upon Malachi. The tavern’s doorman saw a tall cloaked figure but deemed him to be harmless. The doorman quickly glanced around Malachi, and satisfied that it was safe, unlocked the door and pulled it open. Light flooded the door way and the doorman stepped aside and beckoned Malachi to enter. “Raw night eh?” the doorman said in his grumbled voice.

Quite” Malachi said as he stepped across the threshold, past the doorman who was a huge ogre of a man, standing at least six foot five inches with a slight hunch and weighing in at around 300 plus pounds. His large hands closed the huge door and slid the massive dead bolt securely in place before returning to the chair next to the door. After sitting, he promptly folded his arms, dropped his head and went back to sleep. Malachi crossed the floor, passing tables where patrons of all types were seated, eating, drinking, laughing and arguing, and headed for the bar. It was a loud and warm place, with a huge fire roaring in a pit against the far wall. Malachi continued towards the bar where an elderly man tended to his customers.

The bartender saw the stranger enter and cross the room. The stranger was tall, about six foot four inches and as the stranger lowered the hood of his cloak, he saw that he had light brown hair and deep blue eyes. The stranger’s rugged face had the looks of a man who was well traveled and knew how to handle himself. Although he had no facial hair, he did have the shadow of a few days growth upon his face.

What’s your pleasure?” the bartender asked in a deep voice, his hand taking hold of a towel and wiping the bar top before the stranger.

Ale will do nicely” Malachi answered as he hoisted himself onto a nearby stool. The man behind the bar placed a horn of ale before him. Malachi thanked him and asked, “Do you have any rooms available?”

Got a few left - How long you need it…an hour, two, three?” The bartender spoke will wiping up the ale that spilled from the horn.

A night or two” Malachi answered, taking a large drink of the ale.

Oh…I see” Said the bartender. “Yes, we can have one set up.” He then turned and hollered “MEG! Fix up number ten for this traveler right away.” Turning back to Malachi he said “Welcome to Millburn.”

Malachi looked down the bar to see a bar wench stop from washing horns and drams. She quickly moved from behind the bar, wiping her hands on her apron, as she headed towards the stairs that led to the rooms above the tavern. She was a fair woman, dressed as most tavern wenches, in a plain colored dress that is tight at the waist, yet billows around the legs, and low cut above, accentuating the breasts. She had long light-red hair that flowed out, in waves, from the back or her cap. Malachi noticed her light green eyes as she glanced at him while walking towards the stairs. She smiled as she passed, and Malachi smiled back.

It’ll be a little while before the room’s ready sir, would you care for a bite?” the man behind the bar asked.

Yes, thank you,” Malachi agreed and the man returned with a bowl full of some kind of stew. The bar tender then refilled Malachi’s horn with ale and even brought some bread to help soak up the stew. The food was hot and filling and the ale helped to wash it down. Malachi soon began to relax. It wasn’t long before his body warmed and he removed his cloak.

A few of the patrons stopped talking and some gasps were heard. This drew the attention of the elder behind the bar. He turned and saw Malachi and was gripped in fear for sitting at his bar was an Arcane.

Arcanes were the defenders of the realm. Their reputation was of fierce and merciless warriors whose strength rivaled that of giants. Their swords were said to be enchanted, having been forged by the elves of the forests themselves. Their skills as swordsmen were unrivaled and legends say they could separate the flame from a candle before it could flicker out. It was said that there was not a creature alive that could defeat an Arcane. Arcanes carried the rights of the realm; where an Arcane went, so also went the law.

Malachi gently placed his cloak on the stool next to him and continued to eat and drink. His immaculate forest green tunic and maroon pants contrasted greatly with the plain and drab of his surroundings. The gold trim accents of his tunic and the gold of his buttons cast reflections on the walls, as they captured and tossed the candle’s light. His sword dangled gracefully at his side and clicked against the bar each time he would reach for his ale. The gold and silver hilt, studded with rubies and emeralds caught many of the patron’s eyes.

Sir, I want no trouble please.” The elder behind the bar stammered at Malachi.

You’ll have no trouble from me kind sir. I just wish to eat and drink my fill, and rest before moving on.” Malachi stated between mouthfuls of stew and bread. “That is unless you wish to make trouble.” Malachi slowly drawled as his deep blue eyes peered intently at the elder behind the bar.

No! No sir, no trouble. No trouble at all!” The elder said, slowly backing away.

Malachi’s gaze softened and a smile spread across his fine features. He reached a muscled arm out and patted the elder on the shoulder. “Kind sir, you have no fear of me. I can see you are a good man.” The elder instantly relaxed and grasping Malachi’s hand, he kissed the large sapphire embedded in the gold ring, the emblem of the Arcanes.

Malachi returned to his food. Finishing his stew he drained the last of the ale in the horn. The elder returned and graciously refilled his drink. Malachi sensed movement behind him and turned to see a rather large man standing before him. The man reeked of ale and as he stood, he swayed from side-to-side. He was clearly drunk. “That’s a pretty dress you have on.” The man slurred at Malachi. Snorts and laughter emanated from the table behind the large man, where his friends were all seated.

Malachi peered past the large oaf before him to see a table of drunken men giggling. “You don’t want this friend.” Malachi answered. “I suggest you return to your seat before you hurt yourself.”

The intoxicated and befuddled man tried to stand taller as he took offense at what Malachi had just said. “Lis-(hic)-shin lil man, I’ll…p-p-put you down so (hic) f-f-fast, your head will spin.”

Malachi’s nose was offended from the drunkard’s breath. He looked over at the table where the man’s friends were and spoke loudly “Do really wish this to happen?” The table erupted with more snorts and laughter. It was a big joke to them.

The drunken man reached for Malachi’s throat, but to Malachi, it was as if the man were moving in slow motion. As quick as a flash, Malachi stepped aside and with lightning speed he stabbed the side of the man’s neck with the thumb of his hand. The result was instant. The drunken man collapsed.

With the room now silent, Malachi turned to the drunken man’s table and hollered angrily “Are you NOW entertained?!” No one responded. “YOU will pick this man up and take him to his home where he can sleep this off. You better pray he doesn’t remember what you all put him up to, for he will awaken in great pain.” No one moved.

Now” Malachi growled!

Each of the drunk man’s, so-called, friends sprang to their feet and as their eyes jumped from Malachi to their friend, they carefully picked him up and quickly left the tavern.

Malachi turned to the elder behind the counter, who stood frozen in awe and in fear. “My apologies kind sir,” Malachi said. “I truly did not wish to be a problem. I will take your leave and retire to my room. I thank you for your hospitality.” Reaching under his tunic and into his coin purse, Malachi pulled out a gold coin and placed it into the elder’s hand. He then gathered his cloak and quietly walked towards the stairs.

He could hear the murmurs of conversations slowly begin again as he left the room. “Why is there always some fool who wishes to challenge?” he thought as he climbed the steps to the rooms above the tavern. Reaching the top of the stairs he paused looking left and then right, down the hallway, in an attempt to discover the location of his room. Spying some light seeping from a door left ajar, down the hall to the right, Malachi slowly walked towards it. The number etched on the door was 10, and that was what the elder behind the bar had asked the pretty wench to fix.

Malachi slowly pushed open the door and saw that the wench, with her back towards him, was fixing the bed. He quickly surveyed the room noting that it was spacious, as Inn rooms go. The wench prepared it nicely and had a nice fire going in the pit against the wall and it looked as if there was fresh water in the basin. The bed was large and looked quite comfortable. Hearing the door creak behind her, the wench quickly spun around to see Malachi in the doorway.

Oh, I’m almost finished sir.” She said noticing that he was an Arcane.

Thank you.” Malachi said as he entered the room. He hung his cloak and sword on the stand located on the far side of the bed, out of reach from the door. He slowly walked around the room instantly calculating the size and burning it into his memory, as he had been trained. Confident he knew the room, he sat in a chair against the wall and while removing his boots, he watched as the wench finished making the bed.

Your name is Meg isn’t it?” he asked.

Yes sir.” She replied politely.

Interesting name; you’re not from around here, so where you from Meg?” Malachi inquired.

Finishing the bed Meg turned and slowly closed the door. “I’m from the hills.” She said as she slowly turned and walked toward Malachi.

Malachi watched her glide towards him and looked at her questioningly.

If you’ll stand sir, I will assist you.” Meg said, standing before Malachi, head down and arms folded before her.

Assist me in what?” Malachi replied.

Why…in preparing for bed sir. I am yours for the night.” Meg answered.

Malachi gazed upon her. She was quite lovely. He slowly stood up and Meg approached him. She gently raised his arms straight out from his sides and reached behind him to unfasten his tunic. Malachi could smell the scent of flowers in her hair and could feel her breasts press against his chest. Meg released the clasp on Malachi’s tunic, and gently removed it.

Meg’s eyes fell upon Malachi’s muscular form and she felt her body react. She reached out and gently ran her fingers across Malachi’s chest, then slowly moved her hands down to his waist where she unfastened his pants and slid them down to the floor. Malachi felt a twinge of embarrassment as he stood there clothed only in his under garment, but it quickly passed. Meg picked up his trousers, and along with his tunic, placed them neatly on the chair behind Malachi.

Meg moved towards the bed to lower the covers when Malachi gently took her by the arms. Holding her before him, he removed the cap from Meg’s head. More of her wavy hair spilled down about her shoulders. He dropped the cap on the floor. Never taking his eyes off of her, he slowly began to unfasten the buttons of her dress. Meg did not resist and the dress slid off her shoulders landing in a pile at her feet. Malachi gently lowered the straps of her undergarment and slid them off her shoulders where it too landed in a heap atop the dress.

Meg stood before Malachi nude. Her pale slender body excited him. Meg’s breasts were firm and as large as grapefruits. Her areolas were pink, as were her now erect nipples. The flower of woman hood was absent of any hair and her petals were clearly visible. Malachi lifted her chin and looked deep into her green eyes. He lowered his face to hers and their lips touched.

Malachi lowered his hands to her waist and pulled her close while Meg wrapped her arms around his neck and held each other as their kiss grew in desire and passion. Their mouths slightly parted to let their tongues get acquainted while Malachi lowered his hands further, reaching behind Meg and squeezing her bottom. Malachi then lifted Meg into his arms and placed her gently on the bed. Once there, Meg turned to her side, and reaching out, lowered Malachi’s undergarment freeing his fully erect man-hood.

Meg’s eyes widened at the size and immediately began to stroke his cock with one hand while gently playing with his balls with the other. After a few moments Meg leaned forward and slowly took Malachi’s cock into her mouth, pushing down onto his shaft as far as she could before slowly moving back up. Malachi gazed down and watched as his cock moved slowly in and out of Meg’s mouth. He reached down and started squeezing and kneading her breasts. He could feel her erect nipples press against the palm of his hand while he squeezed and massaged her breasts.

Meg lifted her lips from Malachi’s rod and began to run her tongue up and down the shaft, pausing at his swollen head to encircle it, several times, with her tongue before licking back down the shaft to his balls. Once at his balls, she laid her tongue out flat and gently pushed up on his balls while urging Malachi to open his stance a bit wider. As he did so, Meg slid a hand through his legs and gently laid her hand flat upon his bum while returning her lips to the throbbing and swollen head of his rod. With her hand on Malachi’s bum, she gently pulled him toward her, slowly driving his cock past her lips. Malachi knew he wouldn’t be able to take much more of this and slowly backed his cock out of Meg’s mouth.

Meg looked up at him with a playful pout, and slowly slid over to make room for Malachi on the bed. Malachi climbed in next to her and, side by side, they embraced and kissed passionately. Their hands explored each other’s naked bodies, as they pressed against each other. Malachi rolled onto his back, taking Meg with him, and with Meg lying atop him, Malachi reached behind her, taking her ass into his hands, and pushed her up. Meg’s body slid forward and Malachi’s cock popped out from beneath her belly to come to rest between her legs and against her maidenhood. Meg’s breasts were now dangling before Malachi’s face and he hungrily sucked one into his mouth. An audible sigh escaped Meg’s lips as he sucked on her erect nipple, while squeezing and massaging the other breast.

Feeling Malachi’s erect manhood between her legs, Meg began to slide her hips, effectively rubbing his cock against her bare pussy. The cleft of her pussy spread as Malachi’s shaft rubbed between her labia. Love juices began to flow from her pussy as Malachi’s shaft rubbed against her clitoris. Her breathing was loud and urgent as her body reacted to his ministrations at her breasts and his cock rubbing against her pussy. She began to quietly squeal as her orgasm began to build. Malachi alternated from sucking and licking at her tits, while Meg continued to pump hard, rubbing his cock against her, when Malachi suddenly felt Meg’s body tense and then spasm. Meg let out a loud sigh and a tiny whelp as she was wracked with a great orgasm. Meg’s body continued to jerk while as her pussy squirted a stream of her cum, wetting Malachi while he continued to hungrily suck on her tits.

As her orgasm peaked and finally waned, the spasms stopped and Meg slowed her humping to a gentle rubbing. Malachi had stopped sucking hungrily at Meg’s tits and started to gently lick and kiss them. He gently pulled her to him, burying his face between her tits as she lowered her full body onto him. They rested there for a few minutes before Meg gently rolled off him.

Malachi turned to his side and propped himself up onto his elbow. He traced Meg’s lips with his finger and then slowly moved towards her face and kissed her sweetly. He moved his kisses down her neck, and to her breasts. Repositioning himself, he paused at her breasts, kissing and licking each one several times before he moved his kisses further down. Malachi gently began to kiss her tummy and then further down to her womanly flower. Meg, anticipating Malachi’s actions, opened her legs to allow him full access to her love mound.

Malachi used his tongue to lick and lap and Meg’s maidenly flower while Meg quickly began to squirm beneath his actions, spurring him into licking deeper and faster. Meg reached out and urged Malachi to move across her body and straddle her chest. Meg was now looking directly at the underside of Malachi’s manhood. His ass, balls and cock were right at her face. She placed her hands on Malachi’s ass and gently spread his cheeks while simultaneously pulling him towards her. Meg could feel Malachi’s balls resting on her chin as she reached out with her tongue and licked Malachi’s anus while gently stroking his cock.

This surprise sent shivers through Malachi and he gorged himself on Meg’s pussy, driving his tongue deep into her hole before slowly pulling it up to flick at her clit. Malachi then placed his mouth over Meg’s pussy, and while kneading her mound with his lips; he sucked on her erect clit. This elicited a quick reaction from Meg and she immediately came, driving her tongue as far as it will go into Malachi’s ass, while stroking his cock.

While continuing to suck on Meg’s clit, Malachi rubbed his fingers up and down the cleft of her pussy, thoroughly soaking his fingers with her love juices. Once satisfied that her pussy and his fingers were wet, he pushed two fingers past her flower petals and into her love hole. Malachi moved his fingers in and out of her, prolonging Meg’s orgasm. She thrust her pussy up into his face as he continued to lick and suck at her clit while pushing his fingers in and out of her. Meg, in the height of her orgasm, pulled Malachi’s cock into her mouth and he began to move up and down, fucking Meg’s face.

Malachi gently eased a finger into Meg’s ass, while he continued to suck on her pussy. Meg grunted with sexual satisfaction as another orgasm washed over her body. Careful not to bite down on Malachi’s huge cock sliding in and out of her mouth, she hungrily slurped at his membrane while Malachi alternated from sucking on Meg’s clit to diving deep into her thoroughly wet pussy with his tongue while sliding his finger in and out of Meg’s tight puckered anus.

Malachi could feel his cock being licked from inside Meg’s mouth and his balls being lovingly caressed by her fingers. All this was just too much for Malachi to take and with a heavy grunt; he filled Meg’s mouth with his cum. Meg hungrily swallowed his cum and gently sucked on his cock, sucking the cum from within him. Meg simultaneously, squeezed his balls, gently, as they emptied their payload into her mouth. Meg could feel Malachi’s orgasm begin to wane and she eased his cock out of her mouth, pausing at the tip for a few last licks and a final suck, before releasing him.

Malachi slowly detached his mouth from Meg’s pussy and gently rolled to the side. “Mmm, that was great.” He heard from Meg.

Oh we’re not done yet.” He replied and slowly moved to the foot of the bed where he turned towards her. Malachi urged Meg to turn over and then, taking hold of her hips, he guided her to her knees. With Meg’s head lying against the bed, and her gorgeous ass facing him, Malachi slowly entered Meg’s pussy from behind. Slowly he slid his cock into her. Meg felt as if it would just keep on going, as he filled her so deeply.

Mmph…oh how I’ve been wanting this.” Meg whispered. Malachi smiled in agreement as he slowly filled her with his manhood. Meg released another satisfied grunt as Malachi’s hips finally arrived against her backside. Slowly he drew his cock out, eliciting more satisfied sounds from Meg before he pushed it back in.

Over and over he drew and pushed, harder and faster until the sound of his hips slapping against Meg’s ass filled the room. “Ugh…ugh…ugh….ugh” Meg gasped with each pounding thrust of Malachi’s cock. It didn’t take long before Malachi could feel Meg’s pussy begin to tighten. “Oh LORDS YES!” Meg exclaimed as yet another orgasm washed through her. “YES - YES!” she screamed as Malachi continued to push his cock into her squirting pussy. Meg continued to grunt and moan loudly until finally her orgasm slowly waned and Malachi could feel her pussy’s contractions lessen. He then slowed his pace, and brought Meg down gently, allowing her to return to reality upon which Malachi gently withdrew from Meg’s love hle, still oozing from her orgasm, and slid his wet, fat cock up towards Meg’s puckered anus.

Oh no” Meg panted. “I don’t think I can take any more.”

Oh course you can my sweet.” Malachi stated as he gently pushed the swollen head of his fat cock against Meg’s tight ass hole. Meg braced herself and tried to relax her anus. She’d never done this before but had heard the other girls talk saying, “…if you clench your ass, it will hurt. Relax your ass hole and you just might enjoy it” they had said.

Malachi watched as he gently pushed his cock against her pink and puckered hole. It was tight, very tight and he knew she was an ‘anal’ virgin. He would be gentle. He reached down to her pussy and pushed some of her still oozing love juice up to her tight, dry, hole before gently sliding his finger in her ass. It now went in smoothly. He placed his cock back at the entrance again and gently pushed. He could see Meg’s face concentrating as she braced herself. Malachi pushed his cock against the tight hole and it slowly began to open. Gently he continued to push and soon the head of his cock was in her ass.

Meg felt his cock move away from her ass and then felt his hand at her pussy. At first she thought he might have given up, but then she quickly realized what he was doing as she felt his finger slide easily into her ass. It felt good. Meg braced herself and tried to concentrate on relaxing her anus for she knew what was coming next. She felt Malachi’s cock return and push against her. Meg could feel Malachi’s cock slowly spreading her hole, stretching her sphincter. While it wasn’t pleasurable yet, it didn’t hurt. Slowly she could feel him pushing and felt the head of his cock finally enter her.

Malachi paused for a few moments to allow her ass to get accustomed to his cock being in it before he slowly pushed forward. Malachi pushed deeper, then paused, then pulled back, pausing again before slowly pushing forward again. Soon Malachi had his cock buried deep in Meg’s ass. Meg was surprised that she was able to take him in fully. Malachi slowly and gently began to hump Meg’s ass.

Mmm, your ass is tight. Am I your first?” Malachi asked as he slowly pushed his cock all the way back into her again.

Meg let out a satisfied grunt before answering, “Yes you are and it feels so good. I love having your cock deep in my ass.” Malachi slowly began increasing his pace and it wasn’t too long before his cock was slamming in and out of Meg’s ass. Meg rocked back in forth with each thrust from Malachi.

Malachi paused for a moment; his cock still buried deep in her ass, and eased Meg down until she was lying flat on the bed. Malachi then returned to his assault on her ass. Meg’s anus was even tighter now that she was lying flat, and Malachi continued to ram his throbbing cock deep into her, his thighs slapping her ass cheeks with each thrust.

Lords be praised you have a fine ass Meg! I’m…I’m gonna cum again!” Malachi stuttered as his body shook with a powerful orgasm filling Meg’s anus with the warm, white, sticky fluid shooting from his cock.

Malachi’s cock was buried deep in Meg’s ass as his balls emptied their payload, spewing the life giving fluid from his cock. His cum oozed out of Meg’s ass after he withdrew his cock from her “Meg, you are by far one of the finest fucks I’ve ever had.”

Thank you kind sir, and I must say, so are you!”? Meg replied.

Malachi rolled off Meg’s back to lie beside her. Meg snuggled up next to him and he kissed her sweetly.

Will you stay the night?” Malachi asked.

Only if you want me to” Meg answered.

I want you to.” Malachi said, as he held Meg close while they drifted off to sleep. Sometime in the middle of the night, the sole candle that lit the room burned out and left the two lovers sleeping soundly, atop the covers, warmed by the fire and embers crackling in the pit.

Malachi’s s senses woke him from his sound sleep. The room was dark save for a sliver of early morning light seeping through a crack in the window shutters. He could make out the lump, on the other side of the bed, which was Meg’s sleeping form. Something had stirred him from his sleep and he listened intently. The rain had stopped but he could hear the water still dripping from the eaves outside his window. He could clearly make out the sound of Meg’s steady breathing as she slept peacefully. The quiet and subtle cracking of the embers in the fire pit was also distinct. There was something else, something that didn’t belong. There, he could hear something now, just outside of the door.

Arcanes were tediously trained to hone all of their senses. They would sit for hours, day and night, listening and identifying the smallest sounds in the forests. Then they would gradually move to other areas, creeks, rivers, ponds, towns, and even larger cities. Once completed, it is said that an Arcane could identify the flapping of a fly’s wings from a hundred yards away.

Malachi continued to concentrate on the sound at the door. His body was tensed and ready for action. The door creaked softly as it was opened. Malachi, his back still at the door, continued to breathe steady as if he were still sleeping. He heard soft padded footsteps come nearer, and then stop. He felt a slight change in the air temperature at his back and in the blink of an eye, Malachi had sprung from the bed and had sword in hand just as the intruder was lifting his axe from the bed.

The intruder had struck with such force, that he sliced through the bedding and cut clean through the feather stuffed mattress to the wooden pedestal, luckily missing Meg still sleeping on the other side. The force of the blow awakened Meg, and screaming, she jumped from the bed to take cover at the far wall. The intruder, raising his axe from his strike, was amazed that he had missed. He turned to strike again, but Malachi was waiting for him. The intruder felt a ‘swoosh’ of air as Malachi’s sword flashed by him. Two distinct thuds could be heard as the intruder’s arms fell to the floor. The intruder, his eyes wide with horror at the realization that he had just lost his arms, fell to his knees is shock and blood spurted from the stumps where his arms used to be, staining the floor and the bed red.

In an instant, Malachi kicked the door closed and stood behind the intruder. Grabbing a bed sheet, he twisted it in his hands and gagged the intruder before he could start screaming.

Who sent you!”? Malachi growled as he kept the gag tight around the intruder’s mouth. The intruder’s arms, or what was left of them, were flailing up and down, spewing streams of blood all around the room.

Who SENT you!”? Malachi repeated.

The intruder looked imploringly at Meg who was still cowering on the far side of the room. She watched as the intruder, on his knees, was slowly succumbing to the loss of blood. “He’s my husband.” She softly said. Knowing she went unheard, Meg cleared her throat and spoke louder, “He’s my husband.” Meg looked into the intruder’s eyes and watched as his arms stopped flailing and his body went limp.

Malachi released his grip on the sheet and the intruder fell to the side, landing in his own blood with a ‘splat.’ “Your husband…you’re married?” Malachi asked stunned by Meg’s confession.

Meg looked at the pitiful sight of her husband on the floor before answering. “Yes. But it was not my choice. I was sold into slavery and this man bought me, and then married me...against my will” she answered, crossing to her clothes, still lying in a pile next to the bed. Meg began to dress. “He was insanely jealous.”

Malachi watched as she began to dress. “Jealous? Obviously he knew you worked in a tavern.” Malachi stated.

Yes, but only as a bar-maid. Look, I never spent the night with anyone, nor was anyone’s ‘Chamber-Wench’.” Meg said, getting emotional.

Malachi understood now what Meg was saying. “Did you love him?” he asked.

Meg pulled her dress to her shoulders and stopped to stare at the lump of flesh that used to be her husband. “No. I never loved him. He never treated me as his wife. I was his property, his sex slave.”

Looking directly into Malachi’s eyes she continued. “Legally, I’m free now. I’m no longer a slave, but a widow. I owe you a debt of gratitude.” She locked her gaze on Malachi for a few moments before resuming to dress. Malachi walked over to the washbasin and cleaned himself free of the dead man’s blood. Toweling off, he dressed in silence. Meg, already finished dressing, stood by and watched in silence until he was finished.

Malachi and Meg met with the local constable and explained what happened. Being an Arcane, Malachi was automatically immune to any local laws; however Meg was cast under suspicion, being the dead man’s wife, and his slave. However, after Malachi testified to her innocence, Meg was exonerated. Malachi and Meg went back to the tavern where Malachi apologized to the owner for the mess, and slipping him another gold coin for the cleanup, he left the owner and Meg to converse about Meg's future with the establishment, while he sat at a table and was served breakfast.

Meg came to the table and sat across from him. “So where are you heading now?” she asked.

I have some business in town, and then I’ll be off.” He answered.

Well, I’m free now and I don’t wish to stay in the town anymore. Do you mind if I join you?” Meg asked longingly.

Malachi finished his breakfast and washed it down with the hot grog they served with it before answering. “Meg, I’m an Arcane. I’m always on the move, and trouble usually has a way of finding me. Is that what you wish?”

Meg reached across the table and dipped her finger into the remains of Malachi’s breakfast. Slipping her finger into her mouth she sucked the mixture off her finger. Looking at Malachi from across the table she answered, “That’s fine, until something better comes along.”

Malachi looked hard at Meg. She held his gaze. Malachi’s mouth slowly spread to a smile. “Well, I guess I could use the company. Like I said, I have some business I need to take care of here in town. We’ll leave tomorrow morning. Why don’t you see about getting us another room? I would prefer to not spend the night in the same room.”

Meg smiled and stood up from the table. “I think I can handle that.” She then turned and went to go speak to her boss. She returned a short time later to inform Malachi of the new room number. They both strolled out of the tavern and once outside, they agreed to meet back at the tavern for supper. For a short while Meg watched Malachi walk down the street, with his cloak billowing behind him, before she turned and headed in the opposite direction.

Meg strode up the dirty street, past the stables and past the constables office to the outskirts of town before following a small path that led to a small, somewhat run-down, cottage that she once called home. Entering the small cottage she was struck by the silence. Normally the cottage was full of noises from her husband. He would either be sleeping, snoring loudly, or be waiting for her to arrive. Drunk, as usual, he would berate her once she walked through the door, but now the cottage lay silent and still.

Meg crossed the threshold and walked directly to a withered old chest against the far wall, hidden under several old rags and assorted junk. A loud creaking filled the room as Meg lifted the lid of the old chest to reveal its contents. She sat kneeling on the floor, before the chest, and gazed at her tiny inheritance. The chest was half full of junk; mostly remnants of tattered old clothes, some pottery, a wooden handle to an old axe that had slipped off ages ago, and a few pieces of tanned hides. Reaching in, Meg rummaged through the junk that lay on top, pushing her way through till her fingers touched what she was searching for. She could feel the cool smooth casing and quickly pulled it out of the clutter.

She held the small metal box in her hands and just stared at it. If her husband were still alive, he'd have whipped her to death if he caught her holding it. But he was not alive and Meg was not frightened anymore. She had watched him, pretending to be asleep, when he'd return late at night. He would sneak over to the chest, slowly and as quietly as he could he would lift the noisy lid. Meg now chuckled to herself at how stupid he was thinking that the noise of the chest would not awaken her. But she would lie perfectly still and keep her breathing slow and steady while peering through the slits of her eyes. She would see him lift the shiny metal box from the chest, then reach into the folds of his tunic and place something in the box. Meg was never able to see what it was but figured it must be valuable since he always kept it secret.

Meg's heart began beat hard in anticipation as her fingers manipulated the tiny latch securing the box. Sliding the latch up, she lifted the hinged cover open. Inside the box were several pieces of gold and silver. Meg squeezed her eyes closed, thanking the gods. She rummaged through the junk in the large chest and found an old leather coin purse. She counted out her inheritance as she dropped them into the purse, five pieces of gold and eleven pieces of silver. Not exactly a fortune, but she felt rich never the less. With this treasure, she could start a new life.

Meg pulled the strings of the leather purse tight, and concealed it within the folds of her tunic, just as she had seen her husband do, then continued to search the chest for anything useful she might take with her. Taking only the items she felt were of value from the chest, Meg searched the rest of the shack; grabbing whatever blankets, tools, utensils and supplies she thought she could use. She placed all she could into an old sack and headed for the door where she paused, looking back in for a few moments, then walked through, vowing never to return the tiny cottage

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