Paintings of Stetsons

Paintings of Stetsons Paintings of Stetsons

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Having just finished his time at college, with his best friend Derek's persuasion, the two end up going on a vacation for the summer before leaving the states for work. Heading out to a remote, nature filled area for their vacation, after a chance - and lucky - encounter with a local cowboy, Aleks finds that there's more to draw and paint than the landscapes.


Having just finished his time at college, with his best friend Derek's persuasion, the two end up going on a vacation for the summer before leaving the states for work. Heading out to a remote, nature filled area for their vacation, after a chance - and lucky - encounter with a local cowboy, Aleks finds that there's more to draw and paint than the landscapes.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Lost

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Having just finished his time at college, with his best friend Derek's persuasion, the two end up going on a vacation for the summer before leaving the states for work. Heading out to a remote, nature filled area for their vacation, after a chance - and lucky - encounter with a local cowboy, Aleks finds that there's more to draw and paint than the landscapes.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 06, 2015



I probably could have said no if I felt like it, but then again, it's Derek. When he's really set on something, especially if it involves doing something with me, there's little chance that I'll truly get a say in the matter, at least if it's me opposing whatever idea he's come up with.

Not that I mind really, considering my best friend is practically the outgoing, sex-crazed, directionally challenged other half I seemed to have never picked up on. It's not as though I don't try, at least on the first two attributes, but I've always been the shy, nerdy, bookworm of an artist from the moment I could draw with my food as a babe, all the way up to the point where I was receiving my college diploma. It was crazy that I had become friends with Derek all those years ago as toddlers, and even crazier that we found each other again in college after...well, after I transferred, and I'll leave it at that.

Still, despite all his quirks and seemingly strange habits, Derek's my best friend without a doubt, and that's why we're now just freshly checked into some little cottage in a town I had never even heard of before we drove into the city limits: Colwell, population 589. It's small, the town that is, but it's quiet, remote, and probably the perfect way to 'get away from it all' as Derek had put it.

I wasn't entirely sold on the idea of vacationing our summer away, especially when it could've been spent getting ready for the job I had landed over in Italy, the place we had decided to move to together for work. With my love of Europe and my family's roots being embedded in the country, it wasn't hard for Derek to realize how much it meant to me, and in result quickly agree to go with me when I mentioned it despite not entirely having his own plans for when we'd get there. It's natural for me to want to get a head-start on things, to have things planned long in advance, but after enough pestering, I gave in to Derek's 'demands' for a vacation, and now here we are.

Despite the town being as small as it is, the little cottage we managed to rent out is cozy and welcoming, and surprisingly up to date. For some reason, I was expecting no electricity and an outhouse to be the 'tech' available, but plumbing, light bulbs, appliances in the kitchen and even TV and wi-fi quickly tell me my preconceptions were entirely wrong. Probably just my nerves getting to me again, like they always do, making me expect the worst of new situations before I even come upon them. Doubt I'll ever be rid of such issues.

With a small shake of my head, the few bags I packed are finally plopped down on my bed in downstairs room, Derek having merrily ran upstairs to take the bedroom there after our initial inspection of the place. Pretty sure it's the only thing that could be upstairs considering how quaint our abode is, but since it's just the two of us, it's perfect really.

Neither of us seem to need that much space as is, given the smallish apartment we share back home, though on my behalf it's just because I like smaller spaces. Derek needs small spaces because anything large guarantees he'll get lost in less than a minute, and I'd be force to go find him and bring him back. It's quite the special talent he has, making our friendship thus far a long, figurative game of lost and found.

"Come on Aleks, lets go get lunch~!" Derek's voice suddenly chirps from behind me, pulling me away from my thoughts and causing me to turn towards the doorway he's in with a smile on my lips.

"Let me get a long sleeve on, it's colder here than I expected," I say firmly to make sure Derek doesn't just take off in his ever energetic way, opening up one of the duffle bags on my bed to shuffle through it a moment later.

While the town we're in is up in the mountains a bit, I hadn't expected the height change to really affect the temperature as much as it has, especially in the middle of summer. Then again, that's why I'm a art history major, not a meteorologist, or whoever would know all there is to know on climate changes and what have you.

Quickly tugging my t-shirt up and off my head, the whistle that comes from the doorway only causes me to roll my eyes as I fold the piece of cloth to switch it out for something warmer from my bag. Of course he'd do that, considering that, best friend or not, such a relationship between us has never stopped Derek from checking me out or touching me in 'inappropriate ways' at times. He's bisexual, I'm gay, and he's definitely made it obvious that he finds me attractive. Then again, he finds a lot of people attractive, plus he's practically a brother to me, and even though I'm an only child, I know you don't do those kinds of things with a sibling.

Still, by now, it's just banter. He knows my history, knows how I am about dating and physical interaction, being that I'm not for it. At all. No dating or intimacy. No thoughts of it even. Just, no.

Before those memories can come around to haunt me again as they so love to do, the light grey, long sleeved Henley shirt in my hands is unfolded and tugged over my head. Not too tight or too loose on my thin frame, and if I were to look in a mirror, likely causing my slate grey eyes to turn an even lighter shade of the color.

While I may not care entirely about it, I know what looks good on me - most of the time - and make adjustments accordingly when needed. It's all for comfort and good first impressions though, that's it. I already have a hard enough time talking to strangers, no reason for my outfit to make it even harder by having it scream that I can't take care of something as basic as dressing myself.

Checking my pockets to make sure everything I need is properly stored in them for our outing, looking back up to Derek's waggling eyebrows has me rolling my eyes. I do that a lot, but then again, Derek gives me a lot of reasons to do so.

* * * * *

A half hour later, we've finally made the five minute walk to the little cafe in town thanks to Derek's terrific sense of direction. He was just so sure he knew where we were headed on the map - up until we started seeing the same building three times in a row. That was when my stomach told me it'd had enough and had me 'pull over' for directions from one of the locals.

At least the town isn't some backwards, hick place that has no sense of social norms, considering the passing stranger was more than glad to point us in the right direction. In fact, the town seems pretty up to date, just like the cottage we rented out. Asphalt streets, well maintained sidewalks, street lights - the only thing that really catches my eye is how some of the architecture is telling me the town has been around for quite a while, despite how small it is. Can't help it, I always notice things like that.

As expected, it was only a three minute walk despite our getting lost, something that has me rolling my eyes at the ever so innocent look Derek's trying to shoot my way. He's such a damn dork, but it's what makes him so lovable in the end. At least that's what he says, I tend to agree only about ninety percent of the time.

Not a minute into our sitting down in the cafe, a whistle sounds from Derek's mouth, causing me to raise my eyes from the menu in my hands so I can roll them at him again. He's checking someone out, saying something about cowboys, what a surprise. Supposedly there's a ranch nearby, a quite successful and popular one at that, the 'pride' of the small mountain town we're in. I hadn't really been sold on paying it a visit, at least not right away, but now that there's potentially whistle-worthy cowboys there, I'm sure Derek will be dragging me along to a visit or two in the first week of our month long stay. He's insatiable, I swear it.

Considering the delay in getting to the cafe and the late start we'd originally had, it's close to dinner by the time we leave the building. That ends up with me taking the directions I'd gotten from the waitress to drag Derek with me to the local grocer. While it may sound fine to my friend, eating out for two months straight just isn't something I'm really up for doing. Hell, knowing me, I'll probably need the comfort of being able to cook at some point or another while we're here. Some way, some how, my social anxiety will come to haunt me way up here in the middle of no where.

While Derek complains a little at having to drag the bags of groceries back to our cottage, all I do is hip bump him and tell him to suck it up for five minutes. We're both fit, young men; we can handle a whole five minutes of carrying minimal groceries back to our residence.

Thankfully, he eases up on the whining once we're inside and have the items in our bags put away - they surprisingly had a decent selection of things, even allowing me to make purchases for my usual Italian dishes I'm so accomplished at. A tad expensive, but it's comfort food to me, and probably Derek with how much of it he's eaten living with me for half the last school year, making it all worth it in the end.

A light dinner is all we end up needing before making our way back to our rooms to finish unpacking. Not surprisingly, at least to anyone that knows me, at least half of what I packed are art supplies so that I can draw and paint to my hearts content. It's what I love to do most after all, and another way of calming myself down if that anxiety of mine rears its ugly head. I really hope it stays away for this trip, but me going over a week without it would be a god sent miracle.

* * * * *

Waking up the next morning, after a quick workout to get my body fully up and at 'em, then a shower shortly after, I'm putting together another light meal for both us of. If I make too much, Derek complains about trying to make him fat. I try and just tell him to work out with me, but then there's something about too much work, some whining, something about getting turned on, and I just eventually give up and make lesser meals.

After a fairly quiet breakfast, an idea hits me, something that I had seen in the little packet of info the owners of the cottages here had given Derek and I. Apparently, there's hiking trails nearby, and with how high we already are in the mountains, the view has to be utterly amazing. It just has my inner artist begging to do something with it, being why my messenger bag is packed with the appropriate art supplies and snacks shortly after lunch is finished a few hours later.

Derek is quick to give me a pair of raised eyebrows from the couch he's sitting on as I come out into the living room. "Going somewhere?"

A quick nod is given as I grab my coat from the back of one of the chairs in the kitchen. "Just gonna go on a little hike, do some drawing, maybe some painting, not sure yet," I explain, something he grins at. I see him wanting to offer to come with me, but we both know he'd get bored considering how long I can be out, going full geek on my sketchpads. "I'll be back for dinner though, promise."

That has Derek giving an overly dramatic, relieved sigh, clutching his chest for added effect. "Oh, thank god, I'd starve to death if you weren't here!"

Again, I roll my eyes at him with a small, only slight amused huff accompanying it. Though, the sad thing is that he's not entirely lying. The man forgets to eat so much that I've wondered how he functions some days, hence why I make him eat three meals a day since we started living together.

Giving the other a small wave as my jacket is slung over my bag - it's cool again today, though not enough to merit wearing the thing, making me bring it along just in case - one last check of my items is enough to have me leaving the confines of our cottage. Some days all I want to do is hide inside, away from the world and all the things that could get to me. Then there's days like today, where being indoors makes me completely stir crazy and practically forces me to go out. Thankfully, I was tested for pretty much every mental condition known last summer, and my greatly varying habits aren't born from being bi-polar or something. I'm just weird I guess.

With some guidance from the map of the area I'd brought along, finding and hiking up one of the marked trails is no issue. Been a while since I'd gone on a tried and true, good ol' hike, but then again, my physical endurance is pretty damn high. Comes with skating as much as I do - or, well, did. Haven't done much of it since last summer, but I've at least made sure I haven't completely lost my touch over the months since then.

Again, before my memories can come swirling up from the abyss I've suppressed them into so tightly, my eyes catch on a break in the trees, a small sense of relief falling through me at potentially having found a good place to draw. It can always calm me no matter what, being why I immediately turn to start walking through the small patch of trees. Of course, my little detour isn't on the map, but I'm not going that far - getting back to the trail won't be an issue, especially since I've become quite good with directions and the such since having become friends with Derek.

The moment I step out in the clearing, and the ledge of the mountain as I realize it to be, my lips turn up into a smile. It's no where near as beautiful as I'd thought, cause there's no way my mind could have come up with the gorgeous sight in front of me. Moving a bit more to find a comfortable place to sit, I plop down onto the grass, pull out my supplies, and happily let myself get lost in the world of art around me.

* * * * *

Only the sun setting on the horizon in front of me snaps me from my artistic stupor, causing me to blink a few times in surprise. Have I really been out here that long? I quickly fetch my phone out of my pocket to check the time on it, only to realize it's dead. Great, just great, I forgot to charge it last night, a tsking sound leaving my mouth as I put it back in its place. Derek's probably been calling me for a while now to make sure I wasn't doing what I just did, losing track of time.

Still, it doesn't feel like I've been out for as long as the sunset is telling me, but as people say, time flies when you're having fun, a thing proven by the four pages of my sketchbook covered in pencil, plus the single page of a larger sketchbook covered in swatches of watercolor, sitting next to me drying.

No matter the fun I'm having though, Derek will be expecting me back, and despite having gone through the snacks in my bag, my stomach is telling me it needs something a bit more substantial put into it. So, with my items packed up back in my bag, map in hand, I stand up, turn around, and-

Well, shit. Nothing looks familiar. The gap in the trees I'd come through is no where in sight. Did I really move that much while I was drawing? I swear I had sat in one place the entire time, but with another quick spin, that's obviously incorrect.

With a small groan of annoyance with myself, my map is slid back into the front of my bag since it'll be of no use without some landmark or trail to go off. Another turn of my body has me looking at where the sun is setting, telling me that has to be west. Or is it east? No, west. Rises in the east, sets in the west.

A small, shuddering breath takes into my lungs, causing me to close my eyes to make sure my anxiety I feel bubbling up doesn't get the best of me. I can deal with this, I know I can. If the sun is to the west, and that way is a cliffside, I just need to walk east until I either get to a path or a sloping area, in which I head down it in hopes of finding a path. God, it's such a flimsy plan, but it's really all I got. I'm smart, but when it comes to nature and directions and the such, without a useful map, I become fairly useless.

Of course, as it starts to become darker and darker out, the trees around me making that fact much worse than it actually is by blocking out potential extra light, my nerves start spiking no matter how much I'm trying to mentally chant myself into calmness. There's been no downward sloping, and no path for at least an hour, or so I think it's been. God, I have no idea where I am, up on a fucking mountain I've never been on before, as night time starts to threaten me with moonlight being my only way of seeing where I'm stumbling about.

Oh, and that's just great. As I reach a small clearing of the trees overhead, I realize why there's really no light what so ever - there's clouds, dark, menacing, storm clouds just waiting to completely fuck me over on getting out of this in any safe way. At least I don't have to be a meteorologist to realize that.

I'd been following a small, slightly beaten path - or at least I'd hoped it was that, it looked more worn down then the grass around it and that made me assume it was a path of sorts - but now, my anxiety is taking over. I have no idea where I am, a storm that would make Aeolus proud is looming overhead, and I have not a clue how to get the hell back to the trail I'd first been on when hiking up this god forsaken mountain. Plus, I'm getting ridiculously hungry, given all my extra damn walking I've done. Then there's the threat of some animal coming to attack me, or falling down a ravine if I kept going forward...

With a defeated sigh through the slight hyperventilation that's started up to accompany my ever increasing anxiety, I sag down to sit on a fallen log, resting my hands in my face to make a pathetic attempt at reigning myself back in. That's near impossible with my racing mind though. Why did I go off the path? Why didn't I charge my phone last night? Why did I lose track of time? Why in the hell did I get myself into this disaster in the first place?

"Well howdy there."

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