The Jones's Anniversary

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Just a short story written for an old flame..

Peering through those glass doors I recognise the authoritive posture as he walked into arrivals.


Amongst all the lovers and friends embracing, he looks up catching my eye, his face softening to a smile.


Usually I wouldn't have to wait this long for our next sinful weekend, yet business had picked up.


Lustfully I wrap my arms around him, burying my face into his neck. Breathing in his smell of Ralph Lauren and honey. 


Just before our bodies react to the warmth and pressure we part, both of us looking mischievious and excited.


On the drive home he asks. "Now did you remember to turn the stove off before you left dear?".


"Not the place or the time my love." I reply in jest, amused at the gesture.


Even after months of separation he still teases me for my forgetfullness.


Self-aware I straighten my skirt and sit taller in the drivers seat whilst I feel his eyes following every breath I take.


It's warm in the car and as the tension rises in my muscles, my pussy moistens in anticipation.


Listening to his deep yet oh-so familiar voice relaying his trip, I struggle to be interested by the numbers.


"Okay my darling, now tell me how much you've missed me" I interrupt.


Vexingly, he replies "just a little"..


Ending my suffering, with a wink and soft kiss to my hand, the wetness of the kiss lingers on my skin.


Yesterday I would have been on my own, probably eating a microwave dinner, drinking cheap wine and watching House.


Only yesterday, I was alone and wishing for this day to come sooner, to be lost in his strong arms once more.


Unconsciously I place my hand against my chest, calming my breaths, slowing my beating heart.


Soon I would touch, taste and breathe this fantasy man in, whilst we make heavenly love in the moonlight.


Over the next few days we'd be locked in a hotel room, enveloped in each other and barely coming up for air.


Moist from love, sweat, cum and kisses, we would pet, play and push our limits.


Utilising every tool, trick and fantasy of each other to stretch every orgasm to lasting pleasure.


Carefully I turn into the hotel entrance and park the car near the revolving doors.


Has he remembered? Has he remembered what this place means to us?


Yearning for his touch after the conversations on the phone, the delicious texts and beautiful first kiss.


Our first weekend away together was spent here, in this very Holiday Inn.


Unbeknownst to him, it was the first real seduction I had encountered from a man, as he explored my curves over my clothes.


Ready. I parted my legs to bare my smooth snatch, wet with the warm juices he had stirred with his fondling.


On top of me, he ran his hand down the groove of my toned inner thighs, the soft tickles carry me into another land.


Concerned that I may not be ready for him to take me, he asks, "is it time?" as he chances upon my slippery opening


Kindly he waits for me to recover from the swoon and answer "yes, Definitely"


Moist with juices and burning with lust, he thrusts his thick hard cock into my eager hungry pussy.


Yes, YES! I feel small and vulnerable under the weight of his body, the hairs on his chest tickle and tease my nipples.


With certain desperation I take him, all of him, as his firm dick spreads my wet lips, sliding deep inside me.


Only this man's cock has ever filled me to satisfaction.


Rolling me onto my side he pulls back the need to come and slows his thrusts forcing me to feel every inch.


Luscious and full my breasts dance to the rythmn of his body rocking back and forth against me.


Desperate not to fall in love with him, I close my eyes and let go, flooding all my senses and body with a rushing orgasm.


Helpless, I succumb to all of my rushing emotions.


Against my every wish, he has caught me, trapped me if you will, in this heat, this moment of passion.


Pressing his teeth into my shoulders, I feel the sharp pain, mixed with a dangerous pleasure.


Perhaps I was weak and foolish, perhaps it was those beautiful eyes that carried a hint darkness to them but, I was taken.


Years have passed and here we are once more. Unloading the new wife, in Wellington's finest.


Another rush, I feel the tension in me build once more, as he grabs my hand and pulls me close, to kiss me full on the mouth.


Now I know he remembers. How could one forget such a whirlwind.


"Nicely done.." he says that gorgeous grin rocking me, as it did the first time he cradled my face in his hands.


I'm yours my love, from the moment I met you, I was yours...


Voluntarily I let myself relax into him. I feel his body and warmth through our clothes.


Everything is perfect in this moment. I had planned this all year and we are about to relive that weekend.


Relive the sins of lust, greed, sex, hedonism at it's peak.


Staring up at this picture of perfection, I see history, love and contentment in those eyes.


A lifetime ago, I stared into them with wonder, questioning his intentions, his feelings for me. His heart beats for me now.


Releasing my gaze and embrace I turn to walk into the hotel with our luggage. I know he's watching my cupcake arse as I do..


"You are in for a treat dear..." I purr..


Submitted: October 30, 2014

© Copyright 2023 TahitianPrincess. All rights reserved.

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DrecoStar Productions

I was confused through most of it but I assume that they are a couple at this point right? It was short and to the point something that sometimes eludes writers. Sadly to say I'm one of those writers. Feel free to give us reading request we are open to them currently

Fri, October 31st, 2014 2:31am


Thank You for your comment. It was just a wee poem written for my ex husband years ago. It spells an anniversary message down the margin when printed. I'd recommend trying out "One and Only" depending on what you are looking for?

Sat, November 1st, 2014 1:31pm


very well written. Good command of grammar and description. Hot!

Wed, November 19th, 2014 6:01am


Wow thanks a lot!! :)

Tue, November 18th, 2014 11:20pm

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