Status: Finished

Genre: Literary Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Literary Fiction


This is a story about a young girl who falls in love with a school teacher who has a history of preying on young girls and of abusing them and black mailing them....


This is a story about a young girl who falls in love with a school teacher who has a history of preying on young girls and of abusing them and black mailing them....


Submitted: March 08, 2013

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Submitted: March 08, 2013






As a young and beautiful teenage young girl at high school, Alicia already had a number of young men interested in dating her but she had spurned their advances. She was going to be nineteen that November.


That fall a new teacher joined the school whose name was Mr. Black. Of course he wasnt colored or anything that was just his name. On looks, he was pretty young and good looking with excellent skills in building a rapport with his students, male and female. However behind that good looking and serene calmness was a person given to many vices and flaws within his character and personality. He was given to impulse and desires. And his weakness was good looking women. He was a sexual predator unknown to the people about him. During his life he had lured many young underage teenage women to his home and had consexual sex with them. Of course he supplied young me with marijuana and alcohol as well. At times he suffered from serious mood swings and outbreaks of rage. However the school had no idea of this.



On paper, he was highly qualified, with a Masters degree in History.


Alicia was the type of young woman who had grown up in an environment which had been a little bit strict when it came to dating and having boyfriends. Her parents had tried to drum morality and discipline in her life but as a teenager she at times wanted to experience making love with someone and all the things that were forbidden in life.

She felt that her parents were infringing upon her freedoms. When Mr. Black had first walked into take their History Class, she had developed a crush over him and could not take her eyes of him. Of course, Mr. Black had noticed her roving eyes which reflected a deep interest in him. And Mr. Black had noted that she was excessively pretty. It had stirred his imagination and his lustful heart and the devil urged him to entice and attract Alicia. Of course, he could not openly make a show of his attraction for this girl.


In his personal life, Mr. Black had already used facebook and dating websites to hook up with young women, some as old as Alicia. He had had sex with many of them and one of his friends had secretly made movies of Mr. Black making sex with these young women. After having sex, those who felt guilty and tried to pull out were shown the movie made of them participating in sex with him. Therefore they were obliged to have sex with him or his friends whenever they wanted. Many of these women drank liquor and smoked marijuana at his place. Some of them enjoyed having sex and having their bodies explored by Mr. Black and a person known by his nickname Al. Others feeling ashamed and dirty did not know what to do and how to get out of his clutches. That one of them had committed suicide had not been linked to Mr. Black and his exploitation of underage girls and women for sex.



On learning about Susans suicide, Mr. Black did not suffer from any remorse or a guilty conscience. No, he was too busy stalking and preying upon young women. As a young boy he had grown up watching his dad have sex with his mother. And he had grown fascinated with this love making. He had been eight when one of his female friends who was the daughter of a friend had come over to play with him and he had taken her to his room where he had tried to kiss her and take her clothes of just as he had watched his parents. And her screams had brought both their mothers to the room. When the young girl related to what, Black had been trying, he had been physically beaten by his parents.


As Black grew up, his sexual urges and desires only grew more and more and it was the beginning of the development of a monster that preyed upon young girls and women for sex.





At home Alicia lay awake thinking of Mr. Black. She had strange feelings rushing through her body. Oh, how she would love to cuddle up next to him. He was so charming and handsome. Those large blue eyes, that perfectly shaped nose and those finely shaped lips of his along with those golden curls on his head made him a very attractive specimen. And it was at that moment that she received a call from a friend called Carrie. She was one of her closest and dearest friends. Of course she did not study at her school. They had been together at preschool and junior school. She seemed excited and asked her if she would like to meet a male friend who was much older and quite handsome.


Oh you have got to meet him. He is tall and handsome and he has a fabulous apartment. You can drink liqor and smoke marijuana. And the sex is free.”






It was the sex part that caught her attention and filled her imagination. So the following Monday, in the evening, she headed with Carrie to her friends place.


When she entered the apartment, it was tastefully furnished and decorated. A forty inch Sony television lay in a corner of the drawing room. Leather couches and sofas lay within it arranged in a L Shape. And between the couches lay a rectangular wooden table which had a glass vase with flowers within it. On the walls hung some paintings.


And then Alicia got the shock of her life. In walked her history teacher Mr. Black. Of course he too was shocked to see her and for a moment total silence pervaded the drawing room before Mr. Black welcomed her. However both of them feigned that they did not know each other. Carrie on the other hand introduced her properly to Mr.Black.





It was a strange coincidence that fate had brought her together with the person she had been dreaming off. Another gentleman appeared who took Carrie away. Carrie appeared happy and she giggled as she disappeared.


Mr. Black came and sat next to Alicia and said “ I hope that you keep discreet about your meeting with me.”


And Alicia had nodded her head in assent. He had then bent forward and kissed her softly at first but gradually the both of them were soon enjoying deep french kissing. Alicia loved the feeling and his touching her sent ripples of pleasure down her entire body. They then shifted to the bedroom where Black had undressed her and moved to kissing her and sucking gently on her small tits. As she moaned, he worked his way down to the space between her thighs and he had sucked hard onto her clitoris and licked her where it mattered. And then she fell his male hardness enter her over and over again. It had been painful at first but the love making became pleasurable later on.




Her entire body had been set on fire with pangs of pleasure filling her. When they were done, she had climbed back into her clothes. She looked towards Mr. Black and smiled at him and he had gently kissed her on her forehead.


When she emerged out of the apartment Carrie looked to be a little of color and Alicia tried to ascertain what had happened but she kept mum and they parted ways as they headed to their respective homes. She was about a kilometre away from Mr. Blacks apartment walking past a nearby park when she was accosted by a girl who was no older than nineteen or twenty. She looked concerned and worrried and asked her if she could have a few words with her. Of course Alicia agreed and it was in a nearby coffee shop that they both sat in a corner. She looked very worried with a tortured expression on her face. And then she sat down and related to her a story which had Alicia shocked and deeply perturbed.




The girl named Sharon told her that she had first met the man she knew as Mr. Black on face book. Of course she simply knew him as Ernest Rogers. She had added him as a friend. And she had found him to be witty, handsome and quite charming. They had later used video chats on Skype and she had fallen in love with him. After a month of chatting, she had first met him at a fast food restaurant. And the next time, he took her over to his place where he had prepared a marijuana joint for her to smoke and then he had made love to her. She had had sex with him on several occasions but one day he had been a little drunk and very violent and aggressive. He had slapped her and kicked her calling her a bitch. And when she had threatened never to see him, he had produced a video of her having sex with him on multiple occasions and pictures of her nude. He had warned her that if she did not comply with his commands and need for sex when he wanted, he would upload her nude pictures on the net and send the pictures to her parents.




She had not known what to do. Her life had become a nightmare. Every day and night the thoughts of being used and abused by Mr. Black and his friend had driven her half mad. She could not sleep or eat properly. There was only a lot of guilt and shame.


Even now, Sharon looked terribly distraught and her eyes were full of pain and agony. Alicia could not believe what she had just heard and it pained her a lot. It looked like Carrie had fallen or was falling into a similar trap. Alicia suddenly made her mind up and she took Sharon over to Carries house. It was about six in the evening. When she rang the door bell, it was Carrie who answered the door bell. When she looked at Alicia and Sharon, she instinctively knew something to be amiss and wrong. Soon they were seated in Carries bedroom and Alicia introduced her to Sharon and then Sharon told her about her experience with the man they knew as Mr. Black and his colleague.




Carrie looked away for a while and said that Mr. Blacks colleague Mr. X as she called him was pretty drunk and had boasted about how many young girls he had had sex with over the last year or so. He also bragged about how many of them were his sex slaves. And then for a while his tone had been quite menacing and he had looked quite sinister and evil. Now that she had heard of Sharons experience, she was sure that there was something very evil going on.


This has to stop” said Alicia.


Its easier said than done” replied Carrie.


Something must be done to stop these monsters” Sharon lamented.


I agree but what should we do” answered Alicia.


For a while all of them sat quietly before Alicia said quietly


We should all keep our wits about us. Its better to disclose the truth to our parents though the repurcussions of what happens later may be quite severe.”


All of them looked worriedly at one another. There parents may reprimand them and punish them but that seemed to be better than to be pushed around for sex. And it was Alicia who broke the matter to her parents. They could not believe what she had told them but it had deeply upset them. Soon the parents of the three girls all got together and they decided to contact the police. When the three girls told them about what they had been through they looked increasingly concerned and they hurriedly placed plainclothed policemen and undercover detectives in disguise about the residence where Mr. Black and his friend lived.




Chief detective Alan Smith took charge of the investigation. Soon he was placed in a van with darkened windows outside the residence of Mr. Black. Alicia was with him in the van to identify who Mr. Black was.


At her high school, she had kept calm not letting Mr. Black suspect that she knew what his game was.


But here she was sitting with a detective. It was about four in the evening when they saw a young girl of about eighteen making her way to Mr. Blacks residence. She wasnt anyone that Alicia knew but it was quite clear from her facial expressions that she was quite tense for some reason. And when she rang the front door bell, it was Mr.Black who had appeared and the girl had walked in.


The detective used his walkie talkie to ready the members of his team for action. They were armed and had warrants for the arrest of Mr. Black. After the girl had disappeared into the house for about twenty minutes they had picked



the front lock and stealthily made their way inside.


Mr. Black lay naked in his bed whilst the young girl that had walked in was performing oral sex on him. Was she happy? No she was sobbing and crying. When the door was flung open, he had got up with a start when he saw detectives flashing their badges pointing guns towards him.


Whats the meaning of this?” he had barked. Members of the detective squad checked each and everything in his house. Hidden within a bathroom cabinet was a substantial amount of marijuana. In a drawer of a cabinet, they caught hold of various Video CD's which contained porno material. Other video Cd's labeled by names of different women contained their pictures and videos of Mr. Black and his friend having sex with them. Videos of Carrie and Sharon performing various sexual acts upon them were also present.


Mr. Blacks friend Mr. X, was found hiding under a bed in the basement. Soon Mr. Black and Mr. X were handcuffed and taken away. In a short trial, both Mr. X and Mr. Black were found guilty of pushing drugs and of preying upon and blackmailing underage girls for sex.


It was a trial that shocked the nation. However both Mr.X and Mr. Black were put behind bars for thirty five long years without any chance of parole.

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