Neighborhood Watch

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

The world needs looking after. Abner was determined to be the one to do it.


“There! Another one!”

“Another what, Snookie?”

Abner cringed at the endearment. Maybe, he thought absently while peering surreptitiously through a gap in the blinds, if his wife actually came through with a bit of ‘snookie’ every now and then he’d be more inclined to see it as an affection term. As it was, it just seemed like taunting. “Another strange car pulling into the driveway across the street, Gladys.” He started a timer on his phone. Then, using his binoculars, he read the license tag and wrote it down  in his notebook.

“Well, Snookie, it’s not a crime to have company.”

Abner grunted, annoyed by his wife’s naivety. “Having company may not be, but dealing drugs is!”

“What does Mr. Simmons’ having company have to with dealing drugs?”

“Company,” Abner said, “stays.” “Company,” he stressed, “doesn’t arrive, spend thirty minutes or less, and then leave.”

“Abner, maybe you’re just jumping to conclusions. And, after all, it’s really none of our business.” As soon as she said it, Gladys knew precisely what he’d say in response to that.

“As Neighborhood Watch Captain it is my business. We can’t have the tone of our neighborhood being dragged down.” She kept the sigh of exasperation from escaping. He had become obsessed with a sense of self importance ever since he’d won the neighborhood election. It was her own fault for encouraging him. But the bright side was that it kept him from being underfoot on the weekends. “Yes, of course dear,” she agreed, and then retreated to her craft room for a bit of scrap booking.

In the living room Abner continued his vigil until the car drove away. “Forty-two minutes,” he murmured. “Definitely suspicious.”
That evening after supper while watching “So You Want To Be On Broadway” Abner heard the distinct sound of a car pulling in across the street, followed by the slam of a car door. Gladys remained caught up in the dram of the show as a group of uncoordinated amateurs attempted to execute the choreography from “A Chorus Line,” and Abner leaned toward  the window and peeked through a gap in the blinds. He was just in time to see someone disappearing into the house.

“I’m going out on some Watch business,” he announced.

“Shhh…,” his wife hissed, ignoring him in favor of the disaster unfolding on the screen.

Abner slipped out the back door of the house and ran half a block down the alley until he came to a cross street. He hurried along it until he reached the next alley over and then doubled back until he was behind the Simmons house. He hesitated in the alley for a moment. As soon as he stepped into the yard he would be trespassing. But, the burden of his position as Captain weighed upon him. He knew his obligation to the neighborhood outweighed petty property rights laws, and he steeled himself and pushed on.

He crept cautiously through the darkened yard, on guard against any unseen obstacle that could trip him up, until he reached the back of the house. The windows at the back of the house were dark, and a cautious peek around the north side showed no lights, either. He quietly made his way to the south and saw light from the side window at the front of the house. There was a large clump of pampas grass at the corner that would conceal him from being seen from the street. Heart pounding, he slipped in next to the window, already planning his call to Law Enforcement. It would be awkward explaining how he came to be peering in the window, but he was sure that, in the light of what he would report, all would be forgiven. The curtains at the window had been left conveniently open, Abner noted with scorn. Just like a dumb criminal, not taking precautions against being observed in the commission of their felonies. He grinned, thinking of how the call would go, “Yes. I’d like to report,” he peered into the room, “There’s a drug deal going down…” Roger’s internal monologue faltered. “Going down…” He couldn’t make sense of the scene. Why would Simmons be kneeling in front of the man seated on the couch with his head pressed into his lap? It was so unexpected, so completely out of variance to what he’d expected to see, that it wasn’t until Simmons raised his head, revealing the other man’s erect cock, that realization dawned. Abner’s tongue was dry in his mouth as the scene unfolded. Up and down Simmons’ head bobbed, rising to the very top of the stranger’s cock before he plunged back to the base, completely swallowing the rigid member. The sounds of enjoyment from the stranger could be heard though the closed window, and as Abner watched the man shuddered and shouted, “Swallow it!” God, Gladys never swallows, Abner thought with a sudden sense of jealousy.

And then the stranger was standing and pulling his pants up, saying something inaudible and heading for the door and Abner broke free from whatever spell had been holding him. He quickly escaped back into the alley and retraced his steps to reenter his home by the back. He called out that he had returned and got himself a glass of water for his dry mouth. After a moment’s thought he got a couple of glasses down and poured out some Chablis, and brought them into the living room as Broadway’s closing credits began to run. As they sipped their wine during the local news Abner hinted at retiring early for some bedroom activities.

“Now Abner,” she admonished, “we’re past that stage in life, and getting too old for that nonsense.” I’m only fifty-two, Abner protested to himself, and you’re only fifty. My God, we could live until we’re ninety. No more intimacy for the next forty years? “Besides, you know how The Menopause made it painful for me.” There were no arguments that he could make after that, without feeling like an unfeeling cad. For a moment the picture of a mouth eagerly swallowing cock invaded Abner’s thoughts, and he almost blurted out the request, before grim defeat washed over him before the battle even began.

“I guess I’ll just go take a cold shower,” he snapped. “I’m feeling a bit,” sticky, “…sweaty after my patrol, anyway.”

Abner ran a hot shower instead, and beat off angrily. He tried picturing himself and Gladys fucking and, when that didn’t do the trick, pictured the much desired blow job. But there were limits to what she’d do, even in a fantasy. Thinking of it brought back the memory of what he’d seen that evening through the window. That did the trick and in no time his load mingled with the water running down the drain. “Wasted,” he muttered.



Abner spent Sunday dealing with increasing feelings of agitation and restlessness. Where before he could distract himself with his Neighborhood Watch duties, now he had a sense that, perhaps, he wasn’t defending the neighborhood form lawlessness, so much as indulging in fantasies of power. He cringed at the thought of the hours in self defense lessons and working out at the gym to get in shape for the job he thought he was doing. All for what? His biggest accomplishment would have been in bringing down a drug ring. Instead, he’d become a peeping tom, spying on his neighbor’s sex life.

Sunday morning stretched into afternoon. He sat in the den and tried to work on budget predictions for the coming quarter. There were weeks before they were due, but he was desperate for a distraction. Gladys must have noticed his mood, popping in during the late afternoon and announcing brightly, “Mr Simmons has company, dear. Don’t you want to log it for your book?”

“No,” he snapped, more harshly than he’d intended. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to bite your head off. I’m just feeling very foolish about that. I did some investigating and found that you were right all along. There’s nothing illegal going on.”

“Well, I’m glad to hear that. But I’m sorry it has you so down. I’m sure you’ll catch some bad guy sooner or later.”

“I don’t really think there’s much chance of that. I just let myself get too caught up in fantasies of being a hero, I guess. The real work of Neighborhood Watch is in just being vigilant and keeping an eye out for your neighbors.”

Gladys left him to his work with a sense of relief. She’d been worried about how Abner had been losing his sense of proportion. It was nice to know his feet were firmly planted on the ground once again.

Somehow Abner made it through the rest of the day. Dinner over, he and Gladys settled down for an evening of television. But as nine o’clock rolled around, Abner’s restlessness returned. Aided by the fact that the show coming on was not only a rerun, but not one he really cared for. He fidgeted for a time and then decided he needed to get out of the house. “Feeling a bit cooped up,” he said. “I think I’ll take a walk before bed.” He grabbed his keys left by the front door, carefully locking it behind him. Just because the neighborhood was a safe one, there was no sense in taking risks.

The night was cool, but pleasantly so, the only sound disturbing the tranquility of the night being the faint sound of traffic on the freeway ten miles away. He found himself walking the perimeter of the neighborhood out of habit, but decided there was no harm in it. He might not be the stalwart defender of the peace that he’d been last night, but it was still a duty he took seriously. He looked for anything out of the ordinary, and was pleased to find nothing. The Millers were obviously still out of town, and a couple of copies of the local paper were lying in the driveway, advertising it. He picked them up and dropped them in recycling bin next door to them.
A block later he ran into another member of the watch, also out of a late evening stroll. “Evening Jim,” he said.

“Abner. Nice evening for a walk.”

“Yes it is. I noticed you’d cut back that oleander by the side of your house.”

“You don’t miss much, do you,” he chuckled. “Yeah, it was getting to be a bit scraggly. Blocked the line of sight from the road to the side door of my garage, too.”

“Security risk, then. Probably would have been fine, but it pays to be cautious.”

A car turned the corner onto the street and shot past them, a loud bass-line shattering the peace of the night. “Never saw that car before,” Jim observed. “Vanity tag, “BGCK69”.”

“Probably using this as a shortcut to Madison Boulevard avoid the traffic. Next HOA meeting we should bring up a motion about installing speed bumps. That should cut down on that sort of thing.

“Well, this is where I turn back, anyway. I’ll keep an eye out for the car on my way back home, but it’s probably nothing.”

“Probably. Well, see you around the neighborhood.”

Abner nodded in agreement and started back, setting a brisker pace and thinking about speed bumps. It would be an inconvenience, and didn’t they do something to the car’s alignment? Still, he didn’t relish the idea this street becoming a shortcut between two high traffic zones. It wouldn’t take a lot of added traffic to make evenings as peaceful as this a thing of the past. Coming up on his block he saw the car, parked in from of the Simmons house. “Revolting,” he thought to himself. “Imagine inviting strangers to your home. It’s just asking for trouble. Well, none of my business.”

“Gee,” he told himself, “I wouldn’t mind just a bit longer outside. Maybe another half block before going home?” He turned at the corner and, while spinning an increasingly unlikely stream or rationalizations, turned down the alley when he came to it. Perhaps I’m being unfair to Simmons.” Odd that his heart seemed to be pumping so strongly. “It could just be a friend dropping by to visit.” The backyard was as dark as before, and he slipped silently through it to the side of the house, pressed up against the wall by the window. He made an effort to ignore the feeling of tightness in his pants. He heard a cry from inside, succumbed to the temptation, and peered within. As before, the scene took a moment for him to comprehend. Instead of sex, he was viewing an assault. The only similarity being that Simmons was on his knees again. This time, though, there was a man standing over him, a clutch of hair wrapped in his fingers as he pulled Simmons’ head painfully backwards.

“No, no, not my problem,” Abner told himself as he walked around the pampas grass into the front yard and toward his home. “He’s pretty much asked for it by inviting strange men into his home,” he rationalized. “Besides, how could I explain to the cops when I call? He noticed that his feet weren’t taking him home, and instead seemed to be approaching the house’s front door. “I happened to be looking in my neighbor’s side window,” in another example of carelessness the door wasn’t locked, “because I’m the Neighborhood Watch!” Unexpectedly he found himself shouting the last part as he charged into the living room and cold-cocked the stranger. He wasn’t sure who was more surprised by that. He assumed that the stranger was pretty surprised from the expression that had passed over his face just before he hit the floor like a rock. Simmons certainly looked astonished at the turn of events. But, Abner was pretty certain that, of the three of them, he was the most surprised. He stood there breathing heavily, wondering just when he’d decided to intervene. There never seemed to be a conscious decision, it had just happened.

“Mr Green? How did you know what was happening?”

“Ah. That.” Abner thought quickly. He was an intelligent man. Certainly he could come up with some reasonable sounding explanation. “I saw him through the window.”

“Oh, good job, Abner,” he thought. “No one’s going question that.”

“But the curtains are drawn? You’d have to be at the side window to…why would you be in my yard looking in through the window?”

“I’m not a peeping tom!” Abner protested. “I mean, I looked last night, but only because I…

“Oh, God. My life is over. When the cops get here to arrest that guy and they hear this story, it’s going to be all over the Internet. My live is over”

“Hold on there! Ain’t nobody calling the cops.”


“I don’t suppose you’ve thought about it, but cops aren’t exactly going to be on my side. Guy invites some stranger over for sex and gets assaulted isn’t something they consider a crime. From the way I’m looking at it, you’re a hero! You saved me from that asshole, who was going to rob me, and beat the shit out of me on top of it all.” Relief swept over Abner and, in addition, being called a hero made him swell with pride.

“Besides…well, looking at you, I get the feeling  understand why you were at the window.” Abner realized that not only his pride was swollen, and he tried to cover himself. Simmons chuckled at his shyness. Don’t worry about it, Daddy. You’ve got nothing to be ashamed off. Nothing at all!

“Now, let’s get this guy tied up before he regains consciousness, and figure out what to do with him.”

That mission was accomplished with surprising ease. Simmons had rope with slipknots already prepared, and the stranger was soon trussed up and Abner could relax. He wasn’t entirely certain he’d have been able to take the man if he didn’t have the element of surprise. It was an admittedly strange thing to be doing, but he found himself taking it in stride. Any awkwardness that he’d been feeling had pretty much gone away by the time they had him secured.

“Now, I can relax.” Simmons sighed. “Not sure what to do with him, but we can figure something out later. Right now, though, I want to thank you properly for coming to my rescue.” Abner realized with shock exactly what he meant as the the man knelt before him and reached for his belt.

“No. No, it’s not necessary,” he stuttered. “Besides, I’m not gay.”

“Oh, Daddy,” Simmons laughed, as he undid the belt and unzipped his pants, “You don’t have to be. I’m gay enough for the two of us.”

Abner knew he should be protesting more, but somehow he found himself unwilling to stop what was happening. His cock, which had finally begun to soften as they had secured the stranger, seemed entirely disinterested in Abner’s hesitation, and when Simmons pulled it free from the underwear confining it, it was more than ready. “Abner, you have a stunning cock! I’d never have guess what you were hiding under there. It’s as heroic as you are!” And then, before Abner knew it was really happening, Simmons had taken his cock in his mouth. He hadn’t known what to expect, but he certainly didn’t expect his legs to nearly collapse beneath him. If he hadn’t been standing near the couch he would have ended up on the ground. Instead, he dropped onto it, and sprawled back with a pleased groan.

In moments Abner realized that he’d never had a good blow job before. The sensation was so different than he’d expected. Somehow, he’d expected a man to be rough and in hurry. Instead, Simmons took his time. To start Abner had screwed his eyes shut, not wanting to see the man’s mouth on him. But the feelings were so intense he found himself unable to resist looking, trying to understand how this was being done to him.Simmons went down deep, taking all of Abner, down to the root where he would pause and do something with his throat that Abner couldn’t identify, but sent spasms of pleasure through his body. Then, in a change of pace, Simmons would release his cock, and kiss his way up and down the shaft, tonguing the tip and nuzzling his balls. Now and again Simmons would look up, into his eyes, and Abner saw something like hero worship in them, and it felt as though his cock growing larger than it had  ever been.

At first Abner had been passive, trying to be a spectator, but soon he found himself joining in. He began to thrust, rising up for every down stroke, in an ever increasing tempo. Then, with a suddenness that crashed into him, his cock spasmed and he orgasmed more strongly than he could ever remember.

All in all, it had been a better end to the weekend than he’d expected. When he was able to stand again, and it took a while before his legs felt like they would support him, he and Simmons moved the still unconscious man to the backseat of his car. Then, with Simmons following in his own car, Abner drove the man to an industrial park, where they left him. Abner took the man’s car keys, phone, and wallet. Several misdemeanors, at the very least, but he was feeling bold and felt that the man needed to learn a lesson. There was some debate back and forth about whether they should untie the man before they left, and Simmons was in favor of taking his clothing as well, but by that time the man was beginning to show signs of waking, and they decided that they’d done enough and should get out, while the getting was good.

On the way home Abner was feeling more relaxed and, well, just in general, good about life. Nonetheless, he felt it his duty to tell Simmons, very firmly, that his behavior was dangerous. This time things had worked out, but bringing strangers into his home was risky, and next time he might not be so fortunate.

“I know. I’ll be less impulsive in the future. Maybe, if I had someone to make sure things didn’t get out of hand. Someone watching over me.”

“Someone like the Neighborhood Watch?”



Submitted: January 26, 2020

© Copyright 2022 T. R. Kaley. All rights reserved.

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Amy F. Turner

Wow, that was well written and a very hot blow. Ladies could certainly take notes with your prowess in description. Very nice read! Love the name you used which made me think of a reversal of Bewitched.

Wed, January 29th, 2020 11:16pm


I loved the story and the dialogue. I'm wishing my name was Abner right now with my hard cock in my fingers squeezing and .stroking it.

Sun, February 2nd, 2020 4:39am

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