Lara's Lariat

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

The devious 19 year-old Lara has her way with a new victim: goody-two-shoes nerdy Bobby. We are lucky enough to hear their tale!

Lara caressed bobby’s cheek. The boy flinched at the touch, but didn’t manage to pull away far, tied as he was. His arms were strung up high as they would go to a vertical beam that stood firmly behind him, forcing him to stand on his tippy-toes. Lara had made sure the knots were far from easy to escape, and the wimpy boy had had not a chance against them. She was sure her touch had made him open his eyes wide as plates, too, but she couldn’t see them: a white blindfold lay over them, ruining the sight of a perfectly adorable, nerdy face. Round his neck, a short piece of decorative lace was tied. It didn’t restrain him at all, Lara simply liked the look of the lacy blue silk wrapped around her victims.

“What’s that, bobby?” She asked mockingly. “Are you nervous?”

The boy remained quiet at first, but a less than gentle pinch on his earlobe made him babble soon enough.

“Yes, La-…” He begun, but quickly corrected himself. “Yes, miss Lara.”

Miss Lara. Would she ever tire of hearing wimpy boys say that name in fear? Of course she wouldn’t. Her humiliation career had started when she was young, just fifteen years old —that was three years ago, now—, and it had been mostly an accident. By happenstance, she had found herself alone, with a boy completely to her mercy, and her hormonal desires and curiosity had taken over. That afternoon she found out about her wicked instincts, and how she was a natural for humiliation. Ever since that eventful day, she had not stopped.

As the years went on, she practiced her trade, humiliating boys and girls alike, though she always preferred boys. Her taste evolved as well as her techniques. She developed a liking for the stripping of nerdy, geeky boys. The goody-two-shoes type, who never did anything wrong. The ones who didn’t have a humongous group of friends, but a small, closed one. She didn’t like the total loners. For some reason, those didn’t react as well. One thing trumped all the others, though, she liked victims who had done absolutely nothing to deserve what she put them through.

Bobby checked those boxes almost to perfection. The lanky teen, only one year her senior, was as nerdy as they came. Shaggy curls that were uncared for had fallen over a pair of round, crystal clear glasses before she’d removed them and replaced them with the blindfold. His frame was a slight one, though he was not too short. His complexion was pale and his features small. He was the living image of the word unimposing, even before she’d had her way with him and her ropes.

The boy wasn’t hot, per-se —she liked her men more powerful… well, in-control, might be a better way to word it—, but he was cute, adorable. He had carried himself with the typical slouch of those who lack of self-confidence before she’d forced his back straight via the ropes that held him. And too, his hands had been fidgety before she’d forced his wrists together and hoisted them up and over his body. He wore a plain, short-sleeved light blue shirt, buttoned up all the way, and a pair of jeans too baggy for even last season’s trend. Aside from that and his undergarments, she’d removed everything else in the process of tying him.

“I love it when you boys are nervous,” she whispered in his ear, sliding her fingertips through the side of his neck. She felt him get goosebumps at the touch. Or at the words. She smiled a dangerous grin. “Tell me, little slave of mine, what happens to boys tied with Lara’s Lariat? I’m sure you’ve heard, by now. Everyone our age knows.”

“You… um… I… No, you…” He stammered. He seemed on the verge of tears already. “You… Embarrass those in your lariat, La- miss Lara.”

“That’s awfully vague, little Bobby. What do you mean by embarrass?” As she spoke, she let her fingers drift down his neck toward his chest and dance there, grasping at his shirt and what was underneath.

She had adopted that seductive style of humiliation rather soon on her career. She quickly realized that her nerdy little victims had little to no experience, physically speaking, with the other sex, so being a turn on for them as she humiliated them caused a terrible, delicious confusion that heightened their perception of their own shame.

That femme-fatale idea went for her clothing, too. Though Bobby could not see her now, she had seen her —one might even say she’d gawked at her— as soon as he’d arrived, before she’d put on him the strip of cloth to blind him. Lara wore what had turned into a rather conventional outfit for her little stripping escapades. On her were a pair of dark, tight jeans that were ripped at her knees, cuffed at her ankles and most importantly did her outline wonders, making her round, firm little butt even more attractive. She paired that garment with a deep red top. It was form-fitting, particularly round her breasts, and had a neckline low enough that left a tantalizing little to the imagination. The cherry on top, though, was her choker. It was a little leather thing that clung to her neck uncomfortably tight at times. It had a small, metal circle at the front, which joined the strip’s ends. That little accessory would come into play later.

“I…” She was snapped out her thoughts, little Bobby having apparently found it in him to reply. Obedient boy, you’ll do nicely, she thought wickedly. “I don’t really… I don’t know, miss Lara. The boys I know who have been through… um… miss’s Lariat, well, they…. They don’t talk much about it.”

“Don’t they, now? Maybe they forgot, you think?”

“M… maybe miss?”

“Well, maybe I’ll have to freshen some of their memories, don’t you think?”

“I… You’ll know best, I think, La- miss Lara.”

“Yes, I think I will, thank you for the idea, Bobby.” She said, her hand dancing over his abdomen now, sometimes a daring move took it dangerously close to his crotch area. Every time that happened, he let out a small wheeze of air, or a slight, high-pitched fearful whimper. Oh it was delicious. He was already beet-red and she hadn’t even taken his clothes off. “I’ll be sure to tell them all about you as I put them through the Lariat again, Bobby. Oh yes, I’ll tell them how we chatted while you were here tied up and you suggested I… what was the word you used? Embarrass them again.”

His face went ashen pale, and Lara couldn’t help but let out a roar of laughter. Oh, what a pathetic little thing I’ve found myself. He won’t even ask me not to say it was his idea, she thought. I bet this will make it far, far harder to forget our little experience, Bobby. I wonder how many of those boys will look for revenge? Maybe they’ll even bring you to me all tied up as you are now as payback. Oh, possibilities, possibilities, possibilities…

“But enough of the future, let’s focus on the task at hand,” The wicked teen added before the boy had time to find it in him to complain. “How exactly do you think I embarrass them, Bobby? Be specific for me, you look nerdy enough to be very good with words, so use them for your miss.”

“Well, Lara- Sorry, I mean, miss Lara. What I’ve pieced together is… I… I think you s… you stri…” He seemed to have trouble saying the word strip, adorable. “You strip them naked, miss.” He added that as a long string of characters, instead of as a coherent sentence. His tone belied the immense effort he had made to put that last bit out.

“And tell me, Bobby…” he fingers made one last sweep toward his crotch, this time reaching it. With a wicked sneer, she cupped Bobby’s member and his balls through his too-baggy jeans and squeezed. It was not a grip so tight it hurt, but it was also not loose enough that he’d be able to wiggle out of it before she let go. Much to her pleasure, the boy whimpered and nearly screamed. His moans and cries sounded like those of a girl, high-pitched and ear-piercing. To Lara, they were as musical as sound could get. “… Is that what you think will happen to you today?”

The nineteen year-old seemed to be waiting for her to ease her grip before replying. A quick tug downwards and a tightening of her fingers put him in his place. My submissive little thing. I’ll let go if you give me a good enough answer, and not a moment before that, she thought.

“I…” His voice was as high as his whimpers now, and barely any air seemed to come out when he spoke, his tone was so slight in volume it was barely audible. “Yes, miss.” He finally conceded. She relented her grip and felt him sigh in relief. She considered adding a remark the likes of: What’s that, little boy, never had a girl touch you there before? But she decided against it. There’ll be more than enough time for that later, I’d say. Besides, I surely know the answer to that, she smirked at her own silent quip.

“Well, you are right, Bobby. I will strip you naked. You’ll be exactly as when you were born before I’m done with you. Yup, not a stich of clothing will remain on your person,” She let it all out in one fell swoop so he couldn’t react until she was done, her cadence quick, but practiced so he understood every word. The she demandingly added: “Say it for me, Bobby, what will I do?”

“You’ll… strip me naked, miss.” He said. Ah, that sweet, innocent tone of incredibility. Logically, he knows he’ll end up naked before I untie him, but he hasn’t internalized it, yet. Not truly, at least. Oh, all these nerds are the same. It’s lovely, she was beaming as she thought.

“That’s right, Bobby. Naked you’ll be. Now, let us not waste more time. Ask me to begin.” Even with his blindfold covering a good portion of his upper face, she saw him taken aback. Every. Single. Time, she giggled. “C’mon little slave,” she urged. “Ask me to begin.”

“I… Uhm… Miss Lara would you… could you… uh, begin?”

“Begin doing what exactly, my tied up boy? And say please, you’re talking to your mistress, not just another girl!” Her tone was playful, much more so than before. She liked to keep boys guessing as to what exactly pleased her. They never figured it out, of course.

“Miss Lara would you please… please could you begin striping me, miss?”

“Very well, Bobby. I’ll do just that,” She said pleased.

Lara could not keep her grin off her face as her hands darted towards Bobby’s jeans. After all that teasing him verbally, she all but needed to start taking his clothes off to satiate her growing lust. Finally laying her hands on the metal of Bobby’s zipper and starting to work on it felt to her like finally getting railed after long moments of teasing foreplay. She smiled at the memories of it, more excited than she would’ve liked to admit.

Lara dexterously unbuttoned and unzipped the baggy pair of jeans —catching an… interesting glimpse of the boy’s underwear of choice in the process— and when Bobby realized what was happening, she felt him squirm and fruitlessly struggle against his bonds. What’s that, boy? Were you expecting me to take your shirt off first? You silly little nerds always do, she half-thought half-mumbled. Heedless to his struggles —she knew Bobby was too much of a wimp to actually break free of her expert knots—, she dug her thumbs in between the cotton fabric of the boy’s undergarments and the denim of his jeans. She did it at the front at first, one finger each side of the zipper, and she slowly slid them to his sides.

With Bobby’s legs weakly dancing about in a futile effort to stop her, Lara began to wiggle the waistband and pull downwards. She accompanied the movement with a flirty shake of her tightly-clad butt, but realized the boy was blinded a moment later. My talents are wasted with you, Bobby… she stopped pulling and shook her head for a moment. There was barely any effort to her movement, which caused the jeans to oh-so-slowly peel off her victim’s skin. It took long moments before they were bunched up at his ankles. With graceful care, Lara removed them from the boy’s nearness and stuffed them in her bag.

Her tied up Bobby was a sight to be seen, Lara decided as she inspected the closer-to-naked boy. Bobby’s face was beet-red, practically shinning in and of itself, which made an amusing visual, paired with his white blindfold. His blonde-brown curls, at first as properly styled as  a boy like him could manage now were ruffled and disorderly, falling almost defeated over his face and cloth. Both his arms were hoisted high up over his head, tied firmly by the wrists, which caused his pale, light-blue shirt to rise just a smidge. It still covered a good part of his underwear, but it gave Lara a better view of the embarrassing pair of boxers. Still, she didn’t pay particular attention to the boy’s undergarment yet. She wanted not to spoil the reveal when she took his shirt off and got a completely unobstructed view, so instead she diverted her attention to her victim’s legs. Long and slender —and completely naked now—, the teen’s legs were milky-white pale, and smooth as any girl’s. His bindings forced him to stand on his tippy-toes as if wearing an invisible pair of Hollywood-worthy stiletto heels, which added to the comedic visual of his half-naked body.

“One step closer to being, naked, Bobby,” Lara teased, breaking the tense silence. After a moment’s hesitation, she let her fingers rest over Bobby’s inner-thighs. He flinched but was unable to pull back. Lara delicately slid her hand up and down, daring even to reach the cloth of his boxers sometimes. “What pretty legs you have, my little toy. They are soooo smooth. I know a lot of girls that would envy you, Bobby. Truly, not a hair here. I wonder if it means I won’t find any hair at all when I remove more clothing...” She let that sit for a moment and giggled then, hoping that would add insult to injury.

The boy didn’t reply. In fact, he didn’t even whimper. Save for the rustling of the ropes, there was silence between the two teenagers. Lara shot Bobby’s face a glance. It was still shameful red, and his mouth was agape, as if he wanted to say something, but didn’t dare. What a pathetic little thing I’ve found myself, she thought satisfied.

Slowly, Lara let her fingers dance their way up Bobby’s body. She let her hand slither from his smooth inner-thighs, passing tantalizing close to his privates which made the boy breathe heavily for a sexually-tense moment —and she thought she even caught a glimpse of his eyebrows rising rapidly—, diverting last second and choosing a path that lead them to tracing his hipbone. The girl’s lithe fingers went up, sliding firmly over the cloth material of his shirt, drawing a teasing path full of loops and other geometrical figures as they did. Eventually, they arrived at their destiny: Bobby’s collar button.

“Plop!” Lara giggly said as she unbuttoned it. The boy let out a short high-pitched surprised whine as though he’d been pinched. “Plop!” She added again, as she undid the next one. Bobby once again gave her a little cry. She repeated the process, rhythmically undoing the buttons, exposing bit by bit the boy’s chest and stomach, and giggling all the while. When the shirt was completely unbuttoned, she rounded the beam to which Bobby was tied to. Now behind her victim, Lara slowly slid his shirt upwards, so much so that it covered effectively nothing. The light blue garment hung bunched up against the white rope that bound Bobby’s wrists.

“Now, Bobby, I’m going to take this shirt fully off you, so you’ll be in just your underwear for me. Is that clear?” She whispered in his ear.


“C’mon Bobby, you should know better than to address your mistress like that,” she demanded grabbing at his earlobe, but not quite pinching yet. “I said, is that clear?”

“Yes, mistress,” he offered meekly.

“That’s better, my submissive little toy. But not quite good enough. Tell me what I’m going to do, Bobby.”

“You’re going to… You’ll… Take my shirt off, miss Lara.”

“Yes, and…” She demanded.

“And you’ll leave me in…” His voice was but a whisper, and she’d stripped girls whose voices had a lower pitch than what he had now. “In just my underwear, miss Lara.”

“That’s right, Bobby! You’ll be a little boy in just his little undies for me!” Lara’s overly-excited, giggly tone was —a little to her surprise— not completely fake. ”Now, in order to take your shirt off, Bobby, I’m going to have to untie your wrists. I’ll do it one at a time, and I expect you not to struggle. Or else…”

“I… I understand, miss.” The boy said timidly as ever.

“Yes you do, Bobby, but I want you to say it again to me, in terms better fit for you. Say you won’t struggle because…” Lara paused, working out how to phrase it exactly. “… Because you are my tiny tame toy. Go on, Bobby, say it for me.”

“I…” It was more a sigh than a word. He took in air again and tried to go on. “I won’t struggle, miss because… well, because I’m your… your ti-… because I’m your tiny tame toy, miss Lara.”

Lara, smirked satisfied. True to her word, stood on her tippy-toes and stretched to untie Bobby’s right wrist, and to guide the armhole of his shirt past his unbound hand. Then, she repeated the process with his left wrist. Bobby, true to his word, stood rigidly still as she undressed him. It took only a few moments for the boy’s shirt to drop to the ground, and an even shorter time for Lara to snatch it up and hide it alongside Bobby’s baggy jeans.

With his clothes far from him and his hands re-tied, Lara took a few steps back and, hands on hips, with a sultry look, took in the sight of her work. You are as all nerds should be, my little Bobby, she thought biting her lower lip for a moment. She looked at him up and down: Bobby hung, in all his wimpy glory, in a state of near-nakedness. She admired his skinny frame —fully on show, now—, and the oh-so-pale tone his newly revealed skin had. She snickered at the sight of smooth armpits, exposed because of the holds the ropes had, but barely noticed how there was not a speck of hair on his milky-white chest, for it was hard not to stare at his underwear.

Bobby’s underwear, Lara decided, was the most embarrassing she’d ever come across so far. It wasn’t that the garment by itself was embarrassing —Well, maybe just not that embarrassing…—, so much as the way it clung to Bobby’s crotch. The red boxers were tight, and were covered in a pattern of different super-hero faces. Super-man here, Spiderman there and The Incredible Hulk over there too. The undergarment was beyond childish, and the way it fit so snuggly against Bobby’s privates, and the slight frame of the teen, made him look humiliatingly younger. Funniest of all, though, was Green Lantern’s face, distorted by the barest, littlest suggestion of a bulge.

“My, my, my…” Lara teased, extending each word musically. “What a little boy I’ve found myself. Little being the commanding word, don’t you think, Bobby?” The wicked teen giggled almost uncontrollably after that. She knew the humiliating power of a well-placed giggling fit, of course, and she usually timed hers carefully to optimize the embarrassment she caused, but that time, she really couldn’t help herself.

Lara slowly walked circles around Bobby, taking in every inch of his exposed body. She liked the way his back looked, what little muscle he had on his upper back was stretched enticingly by the way his hands were tied over his head. And he had the most adorable bubble butt, too. The red cotton clung just as tightly to his well-filled behind as it did to his little bulge, so she got a delicious view of the outline of his cheeks, sadly interrupted by the thin beam he was tied to.

While walking once again in front of Bobby, she noticed how the shinning red color of his flush face had extended to the past his jaws to sides of his neck. His face a grim mask of fear and white-hot shame. Someone’s really scared about what comes off next, isn’t he? So much so they don’t seem to talk to his mistress... That’s boring, time to change that. As if that thought had been a trigger, she managed to control herself and replaced the giggling with a devilish grin. She walked a moment more, settling herself behind her captive and removed his blindfold, letting it fall to the ground.

When she walked the last bit of distance to face Bobby again, she found him still blinking rapidly, his eyes adjusting to the sudden intake of light. This will get you babbling soon enough, I’m sure. You nerds are all the same after all…

“You’ve ever fucked anyone, Bobby?” Hands on hips, slightly leaning forward to make the best of her low neckline, Lara put extra emphasis on the f-word, even adopting a sultry voice for a moment and subtly biting her lower lip as she enunciated it.

“I…” The boy stammered, half-blinded by the light and half-dazed by the question. When he looked at her, still struggling to speak, she thought she saw the battle between his wits and his dick regarding her exposed cleavage. She’d succeeded in catching him as off guard as she possible. “I… Well, I haven’t really… No, miss, I’ve never…”

“You’ve never… what, Bobby?” She pushed on.

“I’ve never… been a relationship like that.” He meekly put out. “…miss!” He desperately added at the end. That obedient detail made Lara’s grin deepen.

“So you’ve never had sex Bobby? And to think you’re even older than I am!” She snickered, a wicked, practiced smirk on her face.

Bobby’s mouth was agape as if in the middle of a justification, his face shining even a brighter shade of red than when she’d taken off his pants. He stood rigidly still, even more so than his bindings forced him to, and he stared at his tippy-toed feet, seemingly unable to raise his gaze.

There was nothing that embarrassed a nerdy teenage boy as rubbing in his lack of sexual advancements. That was something she’d found out throughout her humiliation career. It worked especially well if he was already in a scandalous state of undress. Well… Maybe there is something to further that same shame… She thought, deliciously humiliating situations developing in her mind.

“Oh, I bet you must be dying to do it then, my little virgin boy.” She continued her mocking barrage in that sardonically sultry tone. “Tell me, Bobby, am I right?”

“I…” He hesitated, his voice almost cracking. “…yes, miss Lara.” He managed to put out.

“I knew you would, Bobby, you little boys are all the same. Have you fantasized about it? Oh, who am I kidding I already know the answer to that, of course you have.” She giggled, though in a more childish way, breaking her sexy facade. Keep’em guessing, keep’em off guard… She went on: “What I should really ask you is what have you fantasized about, my waiting-till-marriage victim? Is there a special girl? Maybe a special position you want to try out oh-so-badly?” Lara’s voice had regained her unsubtly sensual tone, and she accentuated her words with suggesting gestures of her chest and hips.

“Miss, I…” Bobby started, but quickly trialed off. His lips looked dry, and his face was as red as it had ever been. The shame of hanging near-naked as he was, compounding with the constant reminder of his virginity and the forcing out of these private answers proving to be simply too much for him to form coherent sentences. Overwhelming situation or not, Lara managed to catch a glimpse of a barely-there stirring in the boys underwear, much to her satisfaction. Getting a little turned on by your captor, Bobby? Flattering, but I won’t go easier on you.

“You will answer me, Bobby. And you will do it now.” Lara could barely contain her desire to walk up to the tied boy and yank his underwear down once and for all. No, she reminded herself in a blissfully cruel thought. I can still embarrass my little tied-up nerd even further. Bobby’s humiliation, she realized, was becoming her masterpiece.

“Yes, miss. Sorry, miss. I’ve… I’ve always wanted to try…” He took in a big breath and let it out, shaking his head, curls ruffling this way and that. He was just so red! Even his collarbone had taken a pinkish tone. He shone as though his body was a lampstand and his head the bulb. Lara couldn’t even begin to comprehend just how humiliated he was, and she loved that. Finally, he let it out. It was quick, meek and barely-audible: “I want to try doggy-style, miss.”

Lara grinned a wicked grin at the answer. Now, she thought after letting the silence between them grow tenser, she took two long strikes with which she covered the distance that separated her from the very embarrassed prey, elfin though she was.

With her body almost pressing against his, Lara stood on her tippy toes, her mouth at level with Bobby’s neck, so tantalizingly close she was sure he could feel the heat of her breath. With great grace, she placed a threatening index finger on a pink nipple. She let herself play with it, tracing this and that form on the soft areola, making the boy whimper and wheeze in humiliation. Such a simple gesture, yet it showed just how much power she had over her little Bobby.

Once satisfied, the tormentor moved on to caressing her victim’s hairless, bare chest, and finally completed the journey, sliding her hand down and digging it into the superhero-patterned waistband of Bobby’s last item of clothing. Dexterously, with a hooked index finger, she gave a teasing tug, which didn’t move the garment, but made the boy moan a soprano cry. When she looked up, she saw her victim’s cringing expression and smiled.

“Do you know what I’m going to do after I’m done with you, you pathetic little boy?” Lara whispered into his ear, her tone the one a peasant would expect being addressed by royalty; the tone of someone who knew they were better than their interlocutor. She tugged slightly at his underwear and felt the fabric start to slide down ever so slightly.

Bobby offered no reply save for the fast rhythm of his anxious breath.

“I’m going to go over to my boyfriend’s…”


“I’m going to strip completely naked, much as you’ll be…”


“I’m going to kneel for him…”

Tug. He garment covered nothing now, she knew, but Lara didn’t peek.

“And I’m going to ask him nicely to fuck me, because for him, I am a little submissive slut.”


“I’m his little plaything, because he is a man, not a boy. I obey his every wish even when he’s not around, you know. That’s why I wear this choker. Master’s orders.”

Tug. She lost her grip on the cotton, the boxer’s freely sliding down Bobby’s smooth legs, leaving him naked.

“And when he’s feeling me up, roughing me against his bed most likely, naked as I’ll be, I’ll moan his name and ask him —maybe even beg him, depending on how cruel he’s feeling— to take me doggy-style. Just so you’ll know he banged this pretty little piece doing what you always wanted to, but never managed.”

Lara had to suppress more than one moan throughout that speech, and was even breathing heavily at the end, barely able to contain her excitement. She was sure she was soaked down there. The power rush of humiliating Bobby combined with the helpless feeling she imagined whilst begging for her master’s big, hard…

Hoping the boy didn’t notice her hormone-driven state, she let herself fall back a couple of steps —eyes still fixed on Bobby’s upper body—. Her victim was in a humiliated-and-sexually-frustrated shock, it seemed to her, for he was as rigid and taut as he could be in his bindings, yet completely still. His gaze was fixed on a random point in the ground. His face a crimson shade even deeper than when she’d made him admit he was a virgin. So my speech worked, right Bobby? For a boy like you it’s somehow worse to be dominated by someone who’ll openly admit she’s submissive, is it not?

Satisfied with Bobby’s humiliation, then, and only then, did Lara allow herself to lower her gaze. Down Bobby’s bare chest, past his flat tummy and all the way down to his exposed privates. She let out a satisfied little laugh that settled into a taunting smirk when she saw it.

Bobby’s crotch was almost as smooth as the rest of his body, the slightest hint of a peach fuzz surrounded the littlest, most adorable penis Lara had encountered in her humiliation career so far. It hung freely —as much as its minute size allowed it to hang—, completely exposed to the elements, and because of its size, it seemed almost to press against her victim’s ballsack. It shook this way and that with the soft struggles Bobby put up, dancing to the rhythm of his exasperated cries.

“No! Please! Don’t look, Lara! Pleaaaase!” He begged. It seemed utterly exposing him was just what he’d needed to break through the shock. It was music to her ears, the perfect soundtrack to accompany such a pitiful sight.

Lara reached for Bobby’s penis as it were a toy —Well, I’ve been calling him plaything all this time, I guess it is my toy—, pinching it between her thumb and her forefinger, slowly lifting it from its place nestled between two equally as small balls. She rubbed the covered head and delighted in the sounds her victim made, a mix of pleading and crying out, it seemed to her, though her attention resided on her minute knick-knack.

“Cheer up, my little virgin boy, a girl’s finally touched you in that special spot!” She giggled and gave him a pause before adding: “little as that spot might be!”

Pulling a little 5cm ruler out of her back pocket —she hardly ever needed a longer one, for she liked to measure her boys while soft— she put the marked plastic alongside the length of the boy’s shameful secret, and was astonished at the result.

“Oh wow, Bobby. I knew it’d be as small as they came when I saw it, but seeing this number every time you measure your puny little manhood must sting!” She accompanied that last word by delivering a… stinging hit to the boy’s balls with her ruler. It was more of an adlib to her little taunt, than an attack on the boy’s body. It was meant to cause humiliation, not pain. And that it did, she thought content. “By far the smallest in my collection! You’re making the record books today, Bobby!”

“Please, Lara, miss, I beg of you, pleaaaaase, stop looking at it!”

Once bored of womanhandling Bobby’s tiny little dick, Lara let go of the thing rather dramatically, pinching it up as high as it would go before starting to stretch and letting it fall, delighting herself in the way it bounced once… twice… three times against her victim’s hairless crotch. It took a bit of work to get her eyes off of it. It’s just so tiny! She thought over and over again, unable to wipe her mocking smile off her face.

“Please miss! Let me cover, please!” Bobby’s lack of success did not seem to make him any less eager in his begging, which pleased Lara suitably.

Lara gawked at Bobby’s naked body for a few more moments, musing to the beat of the older teen’s begging and crying, but she’d decided playtime was over. Methodically, and still almost shaking with lust and excitement, periodically teasing the boy’s lack of growth, she undid the knots of her lariat.

“You know, Bobby…” she said whilst she finished her work. Her victim now stood stiffly, but fully of his feet, not on his tippy-toes nor stretched by any bindings. The one knot that sill held was the one that bound his wrists together and rendered him docile and unable to dress until the very last moment she was done with him. Lara pulled at her Lariat, making the teen stumble forward a few paces. She leaned into him and whispered:

“I think it’s a good thing you haven’t fucked anyone yet, my pathetic little virgin. I doubt any girl will feel that puny little thing if you manage to get one to do doggy with.” He stared at her, face still red, body still bare. She pulled the last string just so, liberating him. “Now go, little virgin boy, get dressed. I’ve got a man to please.”

Submitted: April 28, 2021

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Callum white

Wonderful story from my favourite author

Thu, April 29th, 2021 4:12pm


Loved how Lara proceeded so slowly and methodically. I would have preferred for Lara to continue his torment before releasing him. Get him erect and even see if he could come. Maybe transfer her lariat to his package (with hands tied), and use it as a leash. Maybe passing it through his legs, forcing his rigid member to point down and towards his crack as she tugged the rope, making him walk backwards fearing pain and perhaps injury if he could not keep up and fell.

Sat, May 1st, 2021 11:12am


As always, I thoroughly enjoyed your slow buildup and meticulous descriptions of the humiliation scene, including (and especially) the thoughts and feelings of the victim and of his aggressor.

Thanks for posting another exciting humiliation tale.

Sun, May 2nd, 2021 6:45pm

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