Juliette and Elise: Exposing The Prim Plaything

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

Sixteen year old Juliette Miller always followed the rules. Why wouldn't she? They were there for a reason, right? She never got in trouble, she was the model student. Of course, such a sense of obedience might attract some unwanted attention, say, from a veteran tormentor looking for a new obedient little toy, like Elise Davis.

This story is a slow burn, so it might not be for everyone, as Elise will draw out the stripping of her victim. As of now, I've written 5 parts and Juliette hasn't been exposed naked, so keep that in mind.

Note: The first chapter is a repost of my short story of the same title.

Table of Contents

Part 1

Elise Davis stalked her soon to be toy. The seventeen year old watched her schoolmate with preying eyes. Juliette Miller was a pretty... Read Chapter

Part 2

“I… I guess so…” Timidly said Juliette. “My, my, so quiet…” Elise teased. “Always so quiet, so obedient, so proper. T... Read Chapter

Part 3

Juliette Miller’s blue eyes widened in fear as the third period bell rang. Once again, it meant she had an hour to herself, as the math... Read Chapter

Part 4

“So, Jules, do you want me to lower your skirt?” Elise asked, her voice eager, almost seductive. “Yes!” The teen jumped at th... Read Chapter

Part 5

It was the third period of the last day of school before winter holidays. For Juliette, that meant it was the last period before the brea... Read Chapter

Part 6

Hey everyone, been crazy busy, but here's anew installment of Exposing The Prim Plaything! Read Chapter

Part 7

Well, this is as imposing as a door can be! Though Juliette as she forced her hand to knock on the big oak entrance. Her knees felt weak ... Read Chapter

Part 8

Juliette did as told, sliding her arms from her hips and clasping her attire, before tamely, she barely revealed any more skin pulling it... Read Chapter

Part 9

“Out…? What… what do you mean out, Elise?” Juliette’s voice was trembling as she put on the hoodie that had been given to her. ... Read Chapter

Part 10

Juliette prodded at her foamy latte with a spoon and looked at the table, her free hand protectively clutching the zipper of her borrowed... Read Chapter

Part 11

Small author’s note: Hi everyone, due to the fact that it caused problematic formatting, from now on, I’ll not be tabulating text con... Read Chapter