Husband's Fantasy Realized

Husband's Fantasy Realized Husband's Fantasy Realized

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A husband's fantasy was to watch his beautiful wife being serviced by another man. This idea originally rejected by his wife, but with the help of understanding friends, and an enthusiastic stud, his fantasy is brought to fruition. The erotic scenes are secretly viewed by husband and friends-consequences ensue. An exerpt from


A husband's fantasy was to watch his beautiful wife
being serviced by another man. This idea originally
rejected by his wife, but with the help of
understanding friends, and an enthusiastic stud, his
fantasy is brought to fruition. The erotic scenes are
secretly viewed by husband and friends-consequences
ensue. An exerpt from


Submitted: June 18, 2012

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Submitted: June 18, 2012




Whatever got into me? I can’t believe the discussion 
that I just had with our hostess! 

It had progressed from an innocuous talk about such 
mundane things as the weather, what was playing at the 
theatre, what we would do tomorrow, to some very 
personal issues. Karen very skillfully steered the 
conversation to where we were talking about sexual 
activities in detail. Terri, my wife and Tom, her 
husband, were splashing each other in the pool while we 
were sitting and talking.

I wondered where this was going. My wife and I were 
friends of theirs for some time-friends, but not great 
friends. We enjoyed visiting them, and usually had a 
good time.

They were a good looking couple, fun to be with, and we 
always looked forward to our getting together.

We knew they were sexually adventurous, and had enjoyed 
some swinging in the past, but Karen said they were 
more comfortable with each other at this stage. They 
had hinted to us in the past that they would be open to 
changing partners, but we had never agreed, mainly 
because Terri was opposed to it. She didn’t waver, even 
when I indicated that I would be willing to experiment. 
Further coaxing was to no avail.

We were feeling mellow on our third drink, and Karen 
continued to talk about the sexual things that they 
enjoyed; and she said that Tom especially enjoyed 
watching her having sex with another man-that he really 
got off on that scene. Once he came clean on his 
fantasy their sexual activity really took off.

Glancing at me, she asked if I ever fantasized about 
watching my wife having sex with another man. I blushed 
at the question, looking guilty, and she knew she was 
on the mark. Finally, with her persistent questioning, 
I admitted that I had this fantasy, something I had 
never told anyone else. 

She just smiled and said, "You don’t need to be 
embarrassed about it-a lot of husbands besides mine 
have this fantasy, wanting to watch their wives getting 
screwed by some stud, but a lot them are too afraid to 
let there wife know about it, or they have asked them 
and been rejected. What about you? Have you talked 
about this to her? You never know, she might be 

"Yes, I asked her if she would consider it, but she got 
angry and refused to discuss it."

"After asking her once and getting a refusal shouldn’t 
turn you off-if you talk about it some more, maybe that 
will get her thinking about it."

"It’s no use; she just wouldn’t go there. She’s never 
strayed in our five year marriage. I know she has had 
opportunities that she has been approached at times, 
but she always rejected their advances; and also she 
told me about these attempts."

"Of course she’s been approached, a wife as beautiful 
as yours has clearly had many opportunities to stray. 
But you know, in my experience, there isn’t a wife that 
can’t be had under the right circumstances. If you get 
the right man to be alone with her, one who is skillful 
with women, add a romantic situation, add a little 
alcohol, and pretty soon she is on her back with her 
panties off, and it is show time; especially if she is 
approached when she is ovulating- many women feel 
sexier at that time." 

"That all sounds very logical, but I don’t believe 
Terri would go along under those conditions."

She just grinned at me. "I know a handsome stud, a very 
skillful lover, who would welcome the opportunity to 
make love to a woman as beautiful as your wife."

She was right - Terri was very beautiful, and 
desirable, with curves in all the right places. She was 
tall, lovely breasts, firm but not large, a waist 
tapering to lovely rounded hips and ass, and her long 
perfect legs caught many a male gaze, especially as she 
wore skirts that showed these to perfection.

The more she talked about some stud servicing my wife, 
the more aroused I became. To my chagrin, my arousal 
became evident to Karen, and she smiled as she noticed 
my erection. I was embarrassed, trying to hide the 
evidence, to no avail.

"Look! Why don’t I think about how we might set up a 
situation, and then we can talk again, is that 
agreeable with you?" 

I agreed, and then our spouses were coming out of the 
water. If they only knew what we had discussed - but I 
was sure that she would tell Tom. This would be too 
good to keep to herself.

We all drank a little more, and then had dinner, and 
the next day Terri and I left for home.

Not much time passed before Karen called me at the 
office. She and Tom were free much of the next month, 
and would like to have us visit for a week. "And guess 
what? I talked to Bill-the person I told you about, and 
he is free to come almost anytime for a visit. I told 
him what we planned, and he was thrilled at the 
opportunity, especially after I showed him some 
pictures of Terri. He loves these kinds of challenges; 
I would just introduce him as my cousin." 

She asked me if I had kept track of Terri’s periods, 
and I said that I had. I told her that she was as 
regular as clockwork, and that her next one was due in 
ten days. We talked about dates, and selected the week 
when she would be ovulating.

When I got home I told her about the invitation, and I 
said it would be great to spend a week with them. She 
said, "We were just there not long ago." 

"Well, they are great fun to be with, so why don‘t we 
go? Also Karen said her cousin Bill would be visiting 
them, and he is very entertaining." Finally she agreed.

I was in an almost constant state of arousal, thinking 
about the possibilities-thinking and picturing what 
might transpire. But I wondered if I should have agreed 
to this plan-maybe it would backfire on me. She had 
never been with another man-she was a virgin when we 
were married - and I didn’t want to lose her to 
another. I was torn by doubts, but at this stage I was 
determined to go through with the plan. And maybe he 
wouldn’t be successful! I seriously doubted that she 
would succumb to another man, even a handsome and 
talented one.

Then I was struck by another thought! We hadn’t wanted 
children, and she didn‘t want to take birth control 
pills for ever, so I had a vasectomy. When we planned 
the week when she was ovulating (that was the time when 
Karen said that women were more easily aroused) I never 
thought about the possibility of pregnancy. But our 
plans were made, and it was too late to back out now.

We were greeted warmly on our arrival, and were 
promptly introduced to Bill, and then introduced to a 
lovely young women who Karen said was Bill’s sister, 
Gail. I later learned that this was not true-she was a 
friend of Bill’s who came along to round us out to 
three couples, and Karen said she understood what we 
planned, and she was thrilled to be a part of it.

After we unpacked, showered, and dressed, we joined the 
foursome for cocktails, which was followed by a 
delicious dinner with appropriate wine selections. Bill 
was charming and engaging, and paid particular 
attention to Terri, who seemed to enjoy his interest in 

Finally we called it a night, and as we were 
undressing, I remarked to her that Bill seemed to enjoy 
talking to her. "Well, he certainly was quite 

"And also good looking," I replied. "He certainly 
admired you."

We seemed to be off to a good start. The next day was a 
lovely warm summer day, and we spent much of it at the 
pool. Wearing a swim suit gave him a opportunity to 
show off a very muscular physique, and he was smiling 
and very attentive to my wife. He wasn’t pushing too 
hard, just letting her know that he found her very 
interesting and attractive.

After dressing we had cocktails again, and then off to 
a club for dinner. A band was playing after dinner, and 
there was a dance floor with a few people dancing. Bill 
was smooth, first asking his "sister" to dance, then 
dancing with Karen, and finally with my wife. He was 
smiling and chatting as they danced, and he was a very 
good dancer. 

I danced with Terri again, and later Bill took her to 
the floor. This time as they danced a slow one, he 
began holding her a little closer. The evening 
continued and we danced with each other, still enjoying 
our after dinner drinks. The last dance that they had 
together, they were again dancing closely, and it was 
clear that my wife was attracted to him. She was 
flushed, looking lovely when they returned to the 

When we were alone in our room, I said, "He seems very 
attracted to you. He was holding you close enough when 
you were dancing."

"Yes, he is very attractive, and I enjoying his 
conversation and his dancing, but that is as far as it 

We got into bed, and taking her in my arms and 
caressing her, I found she was wet. She was very 
responsive, and we had some of the best sex ever, and I 
knew why.

I said, "I think that Bill got you very aroused 

"I admit it, but you’re getting the benefit of it."

I thought she would be resistant to anything serious, 
but nevertheless she had responded to his charm. Would 
this go anywhere? I wasn’t sure, but I was certainly 
aroused at the possibility, and I was ambivalent - did 
I really want this to happen? How would Karen set it 
up? I was soon to find out, but not before some further 
exposure to this handsome man.

We had another great day, some shopping, some cocktails 
around the pool, with Bill still very attentive to my 
wife, and she was responding to his practiced approach. 
They frolicked together in the pool, having a very good 
time. When the day ended, it was obvious that very much 
enjoyed each others company.

At bedtime I mentioned again that he obviously found 
her very attractive. She blushed, saying "yes, I do, 
but again that is as far as it goes."

Karen and I were alone for awhile the next morning, and 
she said, "This is the day. I think it’s tonight or 
never, and this is what we will do. I learned from 
Terri that she hates boxing, and tonight there is a 
match. The four of us will go after dinner, and Bill 
will be alone with her. But we will slip back in the 
house, and position ourselves so we can watch them."

"How are we going to watch them without their knowing 
about it?" 

"I haven’t told you yet, but we have some hidden 
cameras around. We had them installed when Tom and I 
were having some great parties, so we have really 
enjoyed the pictures. There are a couple in the living 
room, and in the bedroom, where we hope he will be able 
to bring her, we have a large one way mirror-also a 

This was a surprise, and I said, "You never told me 
that you had those installed!"

"We didn’t want to advertise it." 

I thought that’s a revelation. Again I wondered if I 
wanted to go through with this. I didn’t think she 
would be seduced, but the excitement of what might 
happen was overwhelming, so I agreed with Karen’s plan. 
Also I was strangely stirred by the possibility that 
she could become pregnant, and this was surprising to 

I said to Karen that if he was successful, I would want 
him to wear a condom. She said she would ask him, but 
she knew from the past that he hated to wear them. 

Then she said, "Wouldn’t it be a lot more exciting to 
watch if there was the possibility that he would 
impregnate her?"

She knew me perfectly, and reluctantly I agreed that it 
would it would be more exciting to watch her being 
taken, shooting his sperm into her, and risking 
pregnancy. She smiled, once again noticing my arousal. 

I said, "I still don't think he's going to succeed."

"I think that there is a very good chance, not many 
wives have been able to resist him, and he is very 
skillful. Also he loves to seduce a wife as beautiful 
as yours, especially when the husband is watching her 
being taken-he really gets a rush out of that! There is 
nothing he enjoys more than making a husband a cuckold, 
planting horns on his head.

"You’ve watched him do this before?" 

"Definitely, and we really enjoy the scene, and he is 
nearly always successful. And it is a real challenge 
for him to seduce a faithful wife like yours, one who 
has never experienced sex with another man." 

Karen discussed out plans, and as expected, Terri 
declined to go. Bill also said that he wasn’t 
interested, and would stay and read. A special dinner 
was planned by our hosts, and after our swim in the 
pool, we showered and dressed for dinner. Terri loved 
sheer lacy underwear, and she always preferred garter 
belts to panty hose, saying she just felt more sexy. 

After hooking a satiny garter belt, she rolled sheer 
stocking u p her legs, attaching them to her garter 
belt. Sheer, lacy white panties with wide legs were 
pulled up her legs to her waist. Then she pulled a 
matching camisole over her head-she didn’t need a bra 
to hold up her firm breasts. This was followed by a 
lacy matching half slip. 

Watching her dress-looking so seductive and beautiful, 
her body outlined in her sheer underwear, and 
contemplating what might happen, I got an instant 
erection, and moved to take her in my arms.

"No way! I’m not going to get messed up just before 
dinner. Just hold that thought till we're in bed."

After making up her face, and pinning up her long 
gorgeous brown hair, she slipped into a beautiful 
clinging white dress, and I pulled up the zipper for 
her. The dress came just above her knees, giving a good 
view of shapely legs.

We entered the living room where the rest were seated, 
and the men gave a little whistle, admiring her beauty. 
A round of cocktails was served, and then another. By 
the time we were seated for an exceptional dinner, 
everyone was very relaxed. Some very good wines were 
served with dinner, and after we had drinks in the 
living room. 

We all had a nice glow on, when Karen announced that it 
was time to leave for the fights. Obviously she had 
carefully planned the drinks so Terri’s resistance 
would be lowered. We all left the house, driving and 
parking the car a short walking distance; then 
returning to the house, quietly entering by the back 

As planned, Bill took my wife outdoors to the pool, and 
while they were looking at the moon, we slipped into 
the bedroom which was next to the one where we expected 
the action. There were two monitors for the camera, and 
Tom removed the picture covering a large mirror, giving 
us a great view of the large bedroom, which was of 
course, Bill’s room. 

Soon they returned from outdoors, and he turned on the 
disc player where a stack of romantic music had been 
placed. They sat on the large sofa, talking for awhile, 
and then he asked her if she would like to dance. She 
hesitated, but then agreed, and he took her in his 

At first he was holding her loosely, but soon he was 
bringing her closer to him. She resisted being held too 
close, but by the next dance, he pressed her even 
closer. She was flushed, both by the drinks, by the 
romantic music, and especially feeling his body against 

Leaning down he quickly kissed her. She broke the kiss 
saying, "Please don’t!" but before long he held her in 
a longer kiss, and she was responding, becoming very 
flushed, but again protesting, and turning her head 
away. Not to be deterred, he continued kissing her, my 
wife becoming more and more aroused. 

He reached up, grasping the zipper on her dress, and 
quickly lowered it to her waist, her dress falling 
open. She gasped, and attempted to raise the zipper, 
but he pushed her dress down, below her waist, sliding 
it over her hips till it fell at her ankles, exposing 
her in her sheer underwear.

"No! Please! I can’t do this! I’ve never been 
unfaithful to my husband." Karen said, "I think that is 
about to change." 

Gail’s eyes were shining with anticipation, loving the 
unfolding scene. A thought occurred to me, and I said, 
"I’m not going to let him force her!"

Karen said, "He never takes a women by force, he 
doesn’t have to, that's not his style."

"Well, I still don’t think she will give into him." But 
he was certainly making progress, even though my wife 
was protesting. He held her in a long kiss, my wife 
trembling in his arms, then lifting her up, the dress 
falling off her feet, and carried her into the bedroom.

Now she was really alarmed. "No! We have to stop! I 
can’t do this! I can’t betray my husband! Please don’t 
do any more, I’m begging you!" But she was flushed and 
trembling with her arousal, moaning after he set her on 
her feet, kissing her again.

He didn’t push, slowly taking his time, not wanting to 
her to become frantic. Relying upon the light kisses on 
her lips, on her cheeks, her ears, and on her neck. 
Meanwhile he hands were roving over her shoulders, and 
back, then lightly stroking her just below her waist, 
on her satiny hips. He was gradually wearing down her 
resistance, even though she was still protesting. She 
seemed to want to enjoy his caresses a little longer, 
probably thinking she would stop him from going to far.

But she was moaning to the kisses and stroking, aroused 
by this stud to a level that I had never seen, her 
trembling body seeming to sag. God! he was really 
arousing her, but I thought she would still stop him 
before they went too far. But that wasn’t what the 
others thought. Tom was grinning, the two women smiling 
in anticipation, licking their lips, Karen saying, "I 
think he is going to get her on her back with her legs 
spread. I think you are going to realize your fantasy."

He eased her sagging body onto the bed, pushing her 
shoulders down while he was kissing her. Her feeble 
attempts to rise up were ineffectual, as he continued 
stroking her, covering her with his kisses, pulling up 
her camisole, revealing her beautiful firm breasts. She 
gasped as his he planted his mouth and tongue on her 
breasts, on her nipples till they were stiff, pointing 
straight upwards. While doing this to her, his hands 
were busy, tugging up her lacy slip till her naked 
thighs and garter straps were exposed, his fingers 
lightly caressing those thighs.

"Oh God no! I can’t let you do any more! You have to 
stop! I can’t give myself to you!"

"I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do. You are 
so lovely, so beautiful; I just want to hold and caress 
you a little. I will stop whenever you want."

"I don’t think so," Karen said. "She’s getting very 
close to the point of no return."

We could see everything so clearly, and hear every word 
they spoke. I think she was reassured by hearing Bill 
say that he would stop when she wanted, because she 
allowed him to tug her slip up under her hips and ass, 
completely exposing her sheer panties. You could see 
the outline of her very bushy pubic area, and her 
garter belt. She looked incredibly erotic exposed like 
that, her long beautiful legs held tightly together, 
her thighs naked between her stockings and open legged 
lacy panties, her slip bunched at her waist, her 
beautiful breasts, her camisole pulled above them. 

By this time he was stroking her naked thighs, sliding 
his fingers up to the edge of her panties, slipping his 
fingers under the open leg. She was quivering, gasping, 
as he touched what I’m sure were the very moist lips of 
her vulva. She resisted as he attempted to slide her 
panties down, holding the waistband tightly. So he 
continued stroking her thighs, caressing the lips of 
her cunt, his tongue working on her erect nipples, my 
wife very aroused, whimpering now, trembling and 

Gail said, "I think she is going to lose those panties 
pretty soon. I love this scene."

Even though I was very aroused watching this stud 
steadily seducing her, I was having second thoughts, 
and I voiced these to Karen. She said, "If you try to 
interfere, she will know you set her up, and you’ll 
have a very unhappy wife; so why don’t you sit back and 
enjoy the show. I think you will see your faithful wife 
serviced by this stud.

As he resumed trying to remove her panties, she 
protested again, but he said he just wanted to kiss her 
there. Reluctantly she lifted her hips enough so he was 
able to slide her sheer panties down her thighs, below 
her knees to her ankles, where he pulled them off, 
along with her shoes. There were tears in her eyes as 
she saw how she was so erotically exposed to his gaze, 
and she pressed her legs together.

"He seems to be making a lot o progress," Karen said. 
"I think you are going to see those legs spread wide, 
and watch that very large cock of Bill’s going into 

Watching him now, continuing his erotic caresses of her 
thighs, gently easing her legs open enough so he was 
able to bring his fingers between her naked thighs, and 
then hearing her gasps as his fingers pressed against 
her vagina, he was thinking Karen was right- he was 
going to watch this stud service her.

Gradually he was able to spread her thighs more, and 
she gasped again, as his fingers invaded her, groaning 
when she felt his touch on her clitoris. He was sliding 
down, and eventually had her legs and thighs spread 
enough so he could move between them, bringing his 
mouth and his tongue against her lips, looking very 
pink and moist. 

She began moaning as he worked his tongue into her, 
gasping and crying out when he found her clitoris, 
arousing her more and more-this stud was expert. Her 
groans and cries continued as she became more and more 
helpless. She was on an erotic plateau, as waves of 
pleasure that she never experienced before, were 
washing over her.

Timing the moment when her eyes were closed, and she 
was quivering with pleasure, he lifted from her, 
rapidly removing his clothes, exposing a very large, 
very thick, and very hard cock. When she opened her 
eyes, seeing him naked, seeing his cock, she said, "Oh 
my God, no, I can’t do this. Please! Please don’t! You 
said you would stop if I asked you to." She was 
alarmed, trying to rise up.

"I still won’t do anything you don’t want me too-I just 
want to hold you, feel my body against yours, and then 
we can get dressed." 

She was anxious, but she was reassured. Maybe she just 
wanted to experience more of this forbidden, erotic 
pleasure before they stopped. Then he put his mouth on 
her nipples again, then moving down and pressing her 
legs open once more, he again brought his mouth down to 
her cunt, and began pleasuring her again with his 
tongue, continuing till she was moaning, her body 
writhing, her legs spreading wider as she enjoyed the 
intense pleasure that was sweeping over her.

I knew now that I was going to watch him fucking her, 
that there was no way she could halt her seduction by 
this skillful stud, and I was more excited than I could 
believe-It was as if I was watching another woman being 
seduced, not my own wife. 

Karen was exultant, saying, "It’s show time! Now you 
are going to watch this stud have his way with your 
wife! She’s going to squeal when he gets that cock into 
her. I love it." 

All of them were enjoying the show. Gail, eyes still 
shining, said, "I think your going to watch your lovely 
wife get thoroughly fucked." Karen, looking at my 
tented crotch, and seeing my arousal, said, "Yes, it 
looks like you are going to become a cuckold." 

All thoughts that she might still resist his invasion 
of her body were gone now, hearing her moaning, her 
little cries, watching her become more and more 
helpless. Her stocking clad legs spread wider, her 
knees lifting as she was experiencing the intense 
pleasure his mouth was providing.

Sensing her surrender, her helplessness, he raised up, 
mounting her, directing his hard cock against the wet 
open lips of her cunt. She gasped when she felt it 
touching her, saying "no! no! you promised. Please 
don’t! I’m begging you!"

But it was too late for my helpless wife, as he began 
pushing into her, the lips of her cunt beginning to 
stretch with the insistent pressure, opening wider as 
he pressed more powerfully, my wife crying out, then a 
shrill cry as the head of his cock stretched her fully, 
entering her, her body jerking. 

Then I remembered. No condom, and I spoke to Karen, 
"You said you would have him wear a condom."

"Yes, I did. But he refused, and said he never wore 

All this was forgotten as I watched him pushing further 
and further into her defenseless cunt. Her groans and 
cries echoing through the room, till he finally impaled 
her fully, her cunt stretched widely as he filled her 
with his cock. He held his cock still, till she got 
used to his size, and then began to move his cock 
slowly back and forth, wet with her juices. 

We had a perfect view of his cock sliding in and out of 
her, in long slow strokes, taking his time with her. 
Her knees lifted further, and her cries became louder, 
as he began to stroke more powerfully into her, her 
body moving to his thrusts. Then she remembered, and 
she said, "Don’t come in me!" 

Karen said, "I think he will come in her. He’s fucking 
her pretty good. She’s never going to forget this 

And she was right, as this stud was moving her closer 
and closer to an orgasm, as her cries became more 
shrill, her body finally shaking, her legs folding over 
him and clutching him, as she wailed in the throes of 
her climax. This triggered his orgasm, as holding her 
tightly, he began spurting into her, filling her with 
his semen, emptying his cock into her. 

Finally he withdrew, leaving her with her legs spread 
wide, their juices leaking from her stretched and 
gaping cunt. She began sobbing now, tears on her face 
at having been taken like that, and responding to him, 
and feeling his semen spurting into the depths of her 
vagina. As he held her close, her tears finally ceased.

Gail said, "What a rush! I’ve never seen a women so 
thoroughly fucked!" She was too weak to get up, as he 
held her, stroking her still trembling body. He was 
smiling, obviously pleased at seducing such a beautiful 
women, and cuckolding a watching husband. It was 
incredibly erotic, looking at her spread like that, her 
stocking clad legs opened wide, her vagina filled with 
his semen, her breasts rising and falling, her camisole 
still pulled up.

Karen said, "Well, you can join the list of cuckolds 
whose wives have been fucked by him. And I don‘t think 
it’s over yet. He is usually good for another one." And 
looking, we could see him hardening again. Feeling his 
erection, she said, "Oh, no! I can’t take any more. 
Please! I can’t do this to my husband again-this was a 

Karen was smiling as he rolled my weak and helpless 
wife onto her stomach, getting up and lifting her hips 
and ass to the edge of the bed, standing behind her. He 
released her hair, letting it fall along her face. She 
was still protesting, and trying to move away, but he 
held her hips firmly as he directed his cock into her, 
easily entering her wet cunt again, to another loud cry 
from my wife.

This time he took a lot longer with her, thrusting into 
her, penetrating her fully, fucking her with long 
strokes, as she began responding once more, groaning as 
he worked on her. As we watched his cock moving fully 
in and out of her, I began to get hard again, and this 
time Karen unzipped me, and pulled my fully erect cock 
out, stroking me as he was thrusting faster into her. 
To the amusement of the rest, I came almost 

Her breasts were swaying to his thrusts, her body 
jerking as he punished her with his cock, her cries 
becoming louder, as finally she cried out in the throes 
of her orgasm. He held his cock still, waiting till it 
was over, and then began moving into her again.

"No! I can’t take any more!" But he was heedless, and 
he continued till she was moaning again, responding 
once more. As he increased his thrusts, her cries 
became louder, and with a squeal, she came. 

At this point, he pulled her fully onto his cock, and 
spurted into her again, her orgasm going on and on as 
she felt him coming deep in her vagina, filling her 
once more, my wife gasping, feeling his swollen 
throbbing cock ejaculating into her. He held her like 
that for awhile, completely draining his cock into her, 
finally releasing her, and she dropped to the bed, 
tearful again at the way she had been ravished on her 
hands and knees, her body betraying her, as she was 
shaken by her violent orgasms.

She lay there for awhile, still flushed and trembling, 
before she finally rose up, reaching for her clothes. 
The dark bushy hair of her cunt was matted with their 
fluids. As she stood up shakily, semen was draining 
down her naked thighs to her stocking tops. 

She pulled her camisole down, put her panties on, then 
her slip, and finally her dress, saying, "I can‘t 
believe I let you do this to me. I have never been 
unfaithful before. And this is the worst possible time, 
as I know I ovulate around this time." Then she said, 
"I would like to get pregnant, but my husband had a 
vasectomy. After it was done I regretted it, as I 
wanted to have at least one child. If you made me 
pregnant, I don’t know what I will say to him. I’ve 
never been taken by another man before."

"She certainly is not going to forget how she was taken 
by this one!" Karen said. "He really did it to her; I 
never saw him perform better. You’ve got some major 
horns planted on your head. How does it feel-realizing 
your fantasy, being cuckolded, watching this stud 
servicing your lovely wife?" I didn’t answer. They both 
left for bed, then we slipped out of the house, and 
entered through the front door, calling hello.

Entering our bedroom, I found her facing away from me, 
but still obviously awake. As I reached for her, she 
turned towards me and began sobbing, gripping and 
holding me. I asked, "What’s wrong?" 

She said, "I’m so sorry! I was unfaithful to you; I 
couldn’t help myself," and she related what happened. I 
pressed her for the details, wanting to hear what I 
already knew. Sobbing, she continued, telling 

I became hard as she talked, and I lifted up her night 
gown, spread her legs and mounted her. She was still 
wet and I entered easily, and thrusting into her, I 
came immediately. She was wide-eyed, amazed at my 
reaction to her infidelity, but she was relieved that I 
wasn’t furious with her. Then she said, "You’re excited 
by what happened!?" She remembered that I wanted her to 
experiment with another man. Well, I did what you 
wanted, but I’m not happy about it, but I did enjoy it.

Then she said, "It was the worst possible time! I know 
I started my fertile time, and he didn’t not use any 
protection. But in one way, I’m not sorry, because I 
really wanted a baby, and I was sorry you had a 
vasectomy. But now there is a good possibility that he 
impregnated me. I said that I was sorry too, and I 
said, "If you had a baby, I would be happy for us, even 
if it was another man’s child."

She was obviously relieved, and then a thought occurred 
to her, and she said, "what if I let him take me again, 
just to make sure I get pregnant?" 

I hesitated briefly and said, "If that’s what you want, 
it is alright with me, but how will you manage it?"

"I will speak to him. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind." While 
she was dressing in the morning, I went downstairs and 
told them everything, and they were delighted, 
especially Bill, who clearly would like to service her 

We made a plan to go shopping, leaving them together 
again, but first we made sure Terri had some time alone 
with him, to ask if he would do it to her again, and 
telling him why, that she wanted to get pregnant. He 
readily agreed. While she was showering and dressing, I 
told her we were all leaving, but we positioned 
ourselves again in the next room.

When she came down, Bill didn’t waste any time, taking 
her in his arms, carrying her to his bedroom. Standing 
her up, he began to strip her; she didn’t protest this 
time, and he slowly removed her dress, then her sheer 
underwear, till she was naked except for her stockings 
and garter belt. 

She was flushed and trembling as he moved her onto the 
bed, spreading her thighs, moving over her, mounting 
her again, moving his cock up and down between the wet 
lips of her vagina, then pushing into her, my wife 
crying out as she was filled again by this huge cock. 
It was incredibly erotic, seeing her penetrated again, 
seeing him thrusting his thick and hard cock into her 
defenseless cunt.

He carefully paced himself, fucking her steadily and 
powerfully, till she was groaning and crying out once 
more, clutching him as she came, her convulsions again 
setting off his orgasm. He groaned as he pushed fully 
into her, releasing his semen into her uterus. 

Finally they were finished, and when he lifted off her, 
she raised and closed her thighs, keeping his sperm 
deep inside her, increasing the chance of conception, 
if she was not already pregnant. We slipped out as they 
were dressing, but not before Karen released my cock 
again, stroking me till I exploded. Returning later, we 
found the sated couple resting on the sofa.

Tomorrow was our last full day, and that night Terri 
asked me if they could do once more, just to sure she 
was impregnated, and I agreed. The others, especially 
Bill, were thrilled that she was going to be fucked 
again. While my wife was upstairs, we pretended to 
leave, again moving to the bedroom to watch. 

She came down stairs, looking lovely, her hair falling 
around her face. He took her hand, leading her to the 
bedroom, where he began making love to her, again 
taking delight in stripping my wife, knowing we were 
watching. After removing her sheer blouse and skirt, he 
stood looking at her in her sheer underwear, enjoying 
the view, now stripping off her bra, her slip and 
panties till she was naked again, blushing as he looked 
at her nakedness.

After kissing and caressing her till she was wet and 
aroused, he placed her on the bed, lifting her hips and 
placing a pillow under her ass. He spread her legs and 
mounted her, directing his cock at her now wet lips, 
and pushing firmly into her, my wife crying out again, 
moaning as he filled her, then groaning as he began 
fucking her powerfully.

Soon they were in the throes of another orgasm, and he 
pulled her fully onto his cock, my wife crying out 
again, shuddering as she felt him swelling and 
throbbing, releasing his sperm into her uterus, 
groaning as he emptied himself.

I was all over-never had I seen such and erotic scene, 
and the image of him thoroughly fucking her with his 
huge cock was going to be with me a long time. Seeing 
my own wife getting stud service like this was so 
erotic that I came without touching myself, to 
everyone’s amusement. 

After they left the room, we "returned" again, and I 
went straight to our room, finding Terri laying on the 
bed with her legs lifted, and pressed together, holding 
his semen in her. She looked at me for a reaction, and 
I smiled and lay beside her, holding her as she 
described what happened, all of which I knew. She 
thanked me for being so understanding.

Next day we left for home, saying goodbye to our 
smiling friends. We were both on pins and needles, 
waiting to see if she was pregnant. She missed a 
period, then a second one, and the test confirmed that 
she was pregnant.

Gradually her pregnancy showed, and with each passing 
week, she grew bigger and bigger. As she approached 
delivery time, I was constantly bombarded with images 
of her being fucked by that stud, images of her 
beautiful stocking clad legs spread and lifted, his 
cock thrusting into her, and hearing her moaning as she 
was being taken, then groaning as her climax started, 
shrill cries as his swollen, throbbing cock spurted 
into her uterus, impregnating her. 

I wished I could tell her how we all watched her 
seduction by this stud, servicing her so completely, 
and filling her with his sperm, but I knew I never 

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