Across the Living Room

Across the Living Room Across the Living Room

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Imagine my suprise to find my best friend seducing my wife not more than eight feet from where they thought that I was sleeping...for thousands more please visit


Imagine my suprise to find my best friend seducing my wife not more than eight feet from where they thought that I was sleeping...for thousands more please visit


Submitted: June 20, 2012

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Submitted: June 20, 2012




My name is Dan. I am a professional working at a large 
accounting firm in the Midwest. I had remained unmarried 
into my thirties partly because I didn't want to give up 
the variety of different women that I bedded and partly 
because I couldn't find a women that I was willing to 
wake up next to for the rest of my life.

I met Sharon at a party about two years ago, and was 
immediately captivated by her looks as well as her 
personality. We started dating and fell in love. Soon 
after, we got married. She was well worth the pains of 
being separated from my male friends and the bevy of 
beauties that we kept in tow.
Sharon is a living doll. She is petite at about 5'-2" 
tall with full firm 36C breasts and a beautiful heart-
shaped ass. Her face is beautiful with full lips and an 
impish smile framing perfect white teeth. She has large 
oval shaped green eyes that hypnotize me and most other 
straight men. She has long wavy black hair that shimmers 
in the light. At twenty-eight, she is six years younger 
than I am. 

She had married right out of school to her high school 
sweetheart before she realized that he was a real idiot 
trying to screw everything with two legs and a skirt. 
She dumped him unceremoniously per her account. She is 
independent and very intelligent. She is a good and 
compassionate person and a great lover.

She becomes very aggressive in bed after a few drinks. 
Alcohol makes her loose all inhibition. It doesn't take 
much considering her size. She likes to dance at the 
local nightspots. The drinks would flow and she usually 
attacked me when we got home. She isn't into fellatio 
but she does it for me to keep me happy. She always 
spits my load in the sink and brushes her teeth 

She fucks like a mink, however, and rides me like a 
cowgirl on a bucking bronco until my balls are drained. 
She seems happy with my seven inches and lovemaking has 
been a nightly (and sometimes daily) event.
Gary and I had been friends for about the last ten 
years. We were inseparable before my marriage and kept a 
large group of ladies happy for many years. He worked in 
sales and transferred to Texas shortly before I met 
Sharon. Gary had always been a ladies man. He was good-
looking and a little taller than I was. The women always 
chased him and he made it a point to not let any one of 
them get their hooks into him.

We shared an apartment early in our friendship. He 
seemed to make the girls happy considering their screams 
of ecstasy from his bedroom. I once walked in on him 
while a pretty, young coed was feasting on his dick. She 
was naked from the waist up and was well endowed to say 
the least. She stopped when she heard me enter and her 
mouth left his dick with a plop. He was hung like a 
horse! His cock was at least nine or ten inches long and 
two and a half inches in diameter with a handball sized 

She turned and smiled at me in embarrassment. She made 
no move to cover herself and neither did he. She 
sheepishly said "Hi!" and she went back to work, 
mesmerized by his meat. He laughed as I apologized and 
left the room. I finally realized why the noise was so 
loud coming regularly from his bedroom. He had enough 
dick for both of us. I felt a little inadequate.
I hadn't seen Gary for a couple of years. He called to 
tell me that he had been transferred back to town. He 
wanted to visit and meet the girl who finally tied me 
down. He came over the next evening. I was glad to see 
him. He seemed to like Sharon and she was equally 
friendly to him. She was like that to everyone.

After a few drinks, I caught him staring at Sharon's ass 
but wrote it off to a good buzz and after all, she does 
have a great ass. Gary said that he had met a great girl 
and wondered if we might go out together. Sharon readily 
agreed. Gary liked to dance so we made a double date for 
Saturday night.
Gary showed up at our house at about 6:30 PM with a drop 
dead gorgeous blonde named Debbie. She was a tall, leggy 
girl, with a large well-formed chest. She had a 
beautiful face and smile that could melt an iceberg. 
Gary offered to drive his new Lincoln and said that it 
wouldn't be a problem. 

Both girls were wearing low-cut hot-looking dresses that 
really showed off their tits and legs. We went to dinner 
first and started drinking wine. By the time dinner was 
over, we were all feeling pretty good. I spent a lot of 
time with my eyes glued to Debbie's tits. Her brassiere 
barely covered them and every time she leaned over, they 
almost spilled out of her dress. Gary spent time 
casually checking out Sharon's ample breasts. After 
catching up on old times with Gary, we decided to leave 
for a local dance club.
While riding in the back seat with Sharon, she casually 
put her hand in my lap and gave my dick a good squeeze. 
I had wondered if she had noticed me checking out 
Debbie. From her look, I knew that I was in for a good 
time later in the evening. The alcohol was performing 
its desired effect. We got to the club about ten o'clock 
and got a table along the wall next to the dance floor. 
We danced, drank, and danced some more. The table had a 
great view. 

Debbie was fun to watch and it was evident that Gary was 
attracted to Sharon the way I saw him looking at her. 
Later, I danced with Debbie and Gary danced with Sharon. 
We had started dancing to a fast dance tune. I enjoyed 
the way Debbie's tits bounced to the rhythm. Sharon was 
the better dancer though. Gary must have enjoyed the way 
she moved her ass seductively to the music. 

This time I caught him staring at her body with a dumb 
look on his face. I understood the reason. Sharon's 
petite body with her full tits is eye catching. There 
are not a lot of women put together as well as her in a 
small package. She is a perfect "one-hander" (you could 
hold her tiny waist with one hand and a stroke her on 
your dick). When the song ended, a slow tune began and 
we continued to slow dance with each other's date. 
Debbie felt as good as she looked and smelled 
incredible. She rubbed up against me with those great 
tits of hers. 

Sharon danced close to Gary with her head on his chest. 
It was dark but I thought I saw Gary with a hand full of 
Sharon's lovely ass. The alcohol was playing tricks on 
me. He wouldn't do that with my wife and she would have 
slapped him if he did. Gary and I were hammered and it 
was evident that both girls were as well. About 1:30 AM, 
we decided to call it a night.
As we stumbled to the car Gary suggested that we stop at 
his place for a nightcap since it was close to the club. 
When we got there, Sharon went to the bathroom. She had 
been gone a little long and I decided to see if she was 
all right. I knocked on the door and she opened it and 
pulled me in! I had one hot little wife in that 
bathroom. She grabbed my buns and pulled me to her. She 
kissed me deeply and began to grind her crotch into my 
rapidly growing hard-on. I picked her up by her ass and 
carried her to sit on the bathroom sink.

I then decided to give her a little of what she wanted. 
I dropped to my knees on the bathroom floor and removed 
her panties. I quickly found her clit with my tongue and 
it didn't take long to get her off. I told here that I'd 
service her properly once we got home. Afterwards I 
pocketed her underwear in my jacket and went back to 
Gary and Debbie in the living room. They asked if Sharon 
was all right. I told them she was fine and she soon 
returned with a big smile on her face.
After a couple more drinks and some fine smoke, Debbie 
said that she was starting to feel bad. Gary decided to 
drop her off on the way to take us home. He walked her 
to into her apartment and came back after a few moments. 
He was obviously disappointed. No pussy for him tonight.

We arrived at our house after dropping off Debbie. 
Sharon asked Gary if he was interested in another 
nightcap. Gary was never one to turn down a drink so he 
accepted. It was 2:30 AM and I was running out of steam 
but I figured that I hadn't partied with Gary in a long 
time. If he was up for it then I was too.
We entered our living room and decided to turn on the 
television with the sound off and the stereo turned on 
like in the old days. We decided to keep the lights off 
because the television provided light more than 
adequately. In our wasted state, the bright lights would 
have made things uncomfortable. Sharon went off to make 
us some drinks. 

We have two couches that face one another and a coffee 
table in between. I laid out on one couch and Gary 
seated himself on the couch across from it close to the 
TV. Sharon entered the room with the drinks and sat on 
the couch next to Gary since I had occupied the entire 
length of the other couch. We drank and talked for at 
least an hour. I broke out some of my best smoke and we 
proceeded to get further wasted. It was very late and I 
was getting very comfortable. I soon fell asleep.
I don't know how long I'd been napping but it must have 
been a while. I woke to find my wife sitting closer to 
Gary than when I first passed out. They were both in 
quite conversation. Neither paid attention to me so I 
decided to play possum and listen. Gary told her how 
pretty he thought she was and how lucky that I was to 
have her. She slurred a thank you to him as she gazed 
into his eyes. He put his right arm on top of the couch 
behind her. He continued to compliment her about her 

She beamed like an infatuated schoolgirl. She was 
captivated by his good looks. She returned the 
complement telling him that she thought he was very 
sexy. He slowly dropped his hand to her shoulder, pulled 
her towards him and kissed her on the lips. She 
hesitated and then slowly reciprocated. She brought her 
hand to his chest and they kissed passionately.

They finally came up for air and she looked as if she 
was going to push him away then he kissed her again. She 
succumbed to the heat of the moment. After a while, his 
left hand went to her other shoulder then slowly down 
her back and circled it around to caress her tit. She 
made no move to dissuade him and I heard her moan 
I should have stopped this before it started but now I 
found that I was too excited to do anything but observe. 
My dick was as hard as a rock and I wanted to know how 
far she would go and how far my friend would take her. 
Through slitted eyes, I watched as his left hand drop to 
her legs while they continued to make out like she was 
his high school date. His left hand casually dropped to 
her lap and slowly began to fondle her exposed inner 
thighs. She made no move to stop him.

He continued to stroke upwards until he had almost 
reached his goal. Her dress was getting pushed up to 
where you should have been able to see her white panties 
when I realized she didn't have her underwear on. Her 
panties were in my jacket pocket! She parted her thighs 
slightly to accommodate his action and he soon found her 
naked pussy. The alcohol was providing the normal effect 
except she wasn't with me. He opened his eyes in 
surprise when he hit pay dirt and realized she didn't 
have her panties on.
After a few moments of contact, she moved her hand down 
to his and pushed it away panting, "We shouldn't be 
doing this. I'm married...."
Instead of a reply, he again brought his lips to hers 
and soon they were kissing passionately. She closed her 
eyes and thrust her tongue into his mouth like a snake. 
Then he did something I thought took real balls with me 
"sleeping" just eight feet across the living room. He 
slowly unzipped his pants and his huge semi-hard dick 
popped out. It looked every bit as big as before, maybe 

She was so absorbed in kissing him that she didn't 
notice. He then proceeded to stroke her inner thighs 
again. When she reached down to stop his advances he 
grasped her tiny hand and guided it to his manhood. When 
she made contact with his member she pulled her hand 
away and stared at his lengthy appendage in surprise. 
Suddenly the realization of what was in front of her 
broke down the curtain of reluctance. You could see by 
the look in her face that she was truly entranced by his 
semi-hard one-eyed meat cobra.
"It's amazing, I've never seen one that big," she 
"Touch it and see how much bigger you could make it," he 
encouraged her.
"We shouldn't be doing this. You should really put it 
away," she replied as she continued to stare at his 
organ. There was no conviction in her voice.
"You make me so hot. I couldn't keep my eyes off of you 
tonight," he cajoled her.
"We really should stop now..." she panted. Her eyes were 
still glued to his prick.
He reached down and stroked his meat making the head 
"We don't have to do anything..." he plied.
"I don't know.... What about him?" she motioned to me on 
the couch.
"He's out like a light. I don't think he'll wake up if 
you keep quiet," he told her, trying to be convincing. 
"Just hold it and see how big it gets. We really don't 
have to do anything if you don't want to." he continued 
to persuade her.
"We really shouldn't...." she stammered as if in a 
trance. Her willpower was weakening as she gazed at his 
impressive pecker.
For a long time she continued to stare at his dick 
trying to convince herself that she wanted to do as he 
asked and at the same time hoping that I wouldn't wake 
up and catch her. She couldn't keep her eyes off of it. 
She had been drinking a considerable amount of liquor 
and I'm sure that she was still aroused from our earlier 
"Curiosity killed the cat." I saw her resolve dissolve 
before my squinted eyes as she leaned against his chest 
and her small hand slowly reached for his monster. She 
lightly caressed the flared head and it resulted with a 
jerk from his cock. She tentatively slid her hand slowly 
down his shaft and grasped it just below the huge head. 
Her hand looked tiny on his huge dick. Her fingers 
barely circled his meat halfway around. She slowly 
pulled the foreskin up and covered the head. She gasped 
and began to slowly stroke it.
"How big does it get?" she whispered.
"Just keep doing that and find out," he replied.
I didn't think that it could get any bigger or harder 
but as she started to manipulate his organ, it did grow. 
This time she didn't resist when he ran his hand up her 
skirt to explore her exposed pussy as she stroked his 
cock. Her hairy snatch and engorged pussy lips were in 
full view as he fingered her. She kissed him again as he 
started to fuck her with his middle finger. He added 
another finger in her hole and she spread her legs wider 
to accommodate.

He was driving her wild with his big fingers inside of 
her. She was on the brink of orgasm when he backed off 
and removed his hand from her soaked snatch. He ended 
their kiss and commented how beautiful and hot her pussy 
was. He brought his fingers to his lips and licked them. 
He told her that she tasted as good as she looked. He 
said that he wanted her badly. You could see that his 
words had inflamed her desire. She was hot with lust. He 
was going to make her beg for it.
She gazed at the big dick that she held in her hand. She 
laid her head on his chest as she began to jack him off 
more enthusiastically. She had a look of fascination and 
lust on her pretty face as she stroked his huge cock. It 
had to be at least ten or eleven inches long. Had he 
been lifting weights with it since I had last seen it in 
action? It surely had grown since our last encounter 
years ago. She was clearly excited by his large stiff 
He started to run his left hand through her hair over 
and over to let her know that she was providing the 
proper stimulation. Little did I know that he was gently 
pushing and encouraging her to move her face toward the 
huge penis head. He was clearly excited about the 
prospect of her wrapping her luscious lips around his 
dick. Her head moved slowly, almost imperceptively 
toward the target as she stroked his cock. Her lips were 
only an inch away when a large drop of pre-cum appeared 
at the slit. She moaned and her tongue darted from 
between her pink lips to lick away the drop.

He took that as a signal that it was time to feed her. I 
don't think that she cared what I thought or did at this 
point. She had clearly lost all control. He gently 
clasped the back of her head and gently forced her full 
lips onto the head of his penis. Her lips lingered as 
she kissed the flared head wetly. She moaned again and 
shook with an apparent orgasm without being touched. 
Simply kissing the head of his cock had caused her to 
have an orgasm. He looked over at where I lay and smiled 
contemptuously. My wife had her lips on his cock and I 
was in the same room not more than eight feet from them. 
I never thought that I'd be this excited to see my wife 
in this position.
She kissed her way down the shaft and found his balls. 
She lifted them and kissed them too. She started to work 
on his rigid member with her mouth as I had never seen 
her do before. She had never showed this level of 
enthusiasm with me. She continued to kiss and lick at 
its length, really getting into it.

She then kissed her way to the top of his shaft and 
licked around the flared head of his manhood, capturing 
the pre-cum that leaked from it's slit. He squirmed and 
lightly moaned when she did this. Up and down his shaft 
she bathed his huge penis with her nimble tongue. She 
licked her way back up to the swelling head and swirled 
her tongue around and around the spongy gland making him 
squirm again. He obviously wanted to put his hard dick 
in my wife's hot mouth. 

Finally, she grasped his dick by the root and then 
proceeded to take his rigid member into her mouth. He 
had finally reached his goal. Sharon was going to blow 
him. He closed his eyes, threw his head back and his 
hips jerked upwards involuntarily. Slowly she began 
ingesting his pecker. Down she went, deeper and deeper 
sucking him like a real professional.

She really amazed me by taking even more of him into her 
mouth than I thought humanly possible. About half of his 
full length had disappeared into her mouth. She then 
moved down to swallow another couple of more inches. Her 
throat bulged but she didn't gag a bit. I wondered where 
she had learned to do this. She was hot for his dick. 

While still attached to his appendage with her mouth she 
quietly slid to her knees between his legs. She looked 
up at him with lusty eyes. She was ready to get serious. 
She went to work on his meat. She had become an 
enthusiastic cocksucker. I couldn't believe it. My wife 
was blowing one of my best friends literally right in 
front of me!
He encouraged her by running his hands through her hair 
and guiding her head up and down his spit soaked length. 
He was really getting into my wife sucking his big cock 
as I could see by the look of ecstasy on his face. She 
continued to stroke and suck his dick simultaneously 
with reckless abandon. She moaned softly as she bobbed 
her head up and down, over and over, gently sucking his 

He laid back and closed his eyes. Her ass occasionally 
shuddered in orgasm as she sucked his rod. His hand 
still toyed with her hair as he guided her head up and 
down his massive cock. 

I fully expected to see his dick pop out of her other 
end as she continued to swallow his meat. He must have 
had a lot of practice because his staying power was 
amazing. She had worked on his dick for at least ten 
minutes hardly coming up for air. I would have shot my 
wad in half that time.
Her work was finally beginning to receive results. He 
was moaning below his breath as to ensure that he 
wouldn't wake me. His hand clenched her long hair and 
began to jab his dick deeper into her throat. She moved 
her head up to where the flared head was just inside of 
her mouth, she began swirling her tongue around the 
spongy crown, and he lost control with an "Ohhhh!" He 
began to pump his jizz into her mouth.

I fully expected her to back off since she had always 
said that she didn't really like the taste of semen. She 
surprised me again by greedily swallowing all of his cum 
that she could. She milked his shaft for at least a 
couple of minutes after his orgasm had receded then 
proceeded to lick up all of his seed that had spilled 
from her mouth. She did it with apparent relish. It was 
a hell of a load that she took and she had swallowed it 
all. She wouldn't need breakfast with all of that 
protein that she ingested.

She lazily stroked, licked and sucked his still massive 
organ even after his load was completely spent. He 
smiled down at her as she continued her brazen act. She 
was in love with his dick. I just continued to play 
possum with an aching hard dick.
She looked up at him with a contented look and said, 
"That was wonderful, I've never felt that way before. I 
got off without being touched. I have to have that 
inside me before you can go." and went back to work on 
his long dick. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. 
She had sucked him dry and now she wanted to fuck him. I 
had trouble believing that she could get his thing into 
her tiny twat.
"It will take a little while, but with you doing 
that..." he chided. His cock was still at least a third 
bigger than mine was even after all of the work she had 
done. It was slowly coming back to life with her 
"We need to go somewhere a little more private. When I 
fuck you, you won't be able to keep quiet" he stated 
matter of factly.
She raised her head and told him that the family room in 
the basement would offer a good place. She immediately 
got up and guided him by the root to the basement 
stairs. She told him to go down and get comfortable. She 
told him that she wanted to use the bathroom and freshen 
up a bit. A few minutes later, I heard the water 
running. She quietly came to the couch where I was 
laying and gently shook me to check my state of sleep.

I muttered to her, faking deep sleep and then she 
stumbled towards the basement. She left the stereo 
blaring and the TV on to mask the noise that she would 
soon make as promised by Gary. She was dressed in her 
terry cloth robe. I couldn't believe that my sweet wife 
had sucked off one of my best friends right in front of 
me and was now going to our basement to fuck him while I 
was in the house. I could definitely understand why Gary 
would want to have her. She was truly a prize. Now he 
was going to have her. My dick ached in anticipation of 
what would happen next.
We had a large couch and a bed for guests in the 
basement in one large finished room. Along one wall, 
there are decorative mirrors that face the bed on the 
far side of the room. We also have a TV and a few other 
small pieces of furniture. From the stairs, you could 
see everything that happened on the bed by looking at 
the mirrors.
I waited a few minutes to allow her to get down the 
stairs and get settled without her seeing or hearing me 
follow her to her rendezvous. I got to the top of the 
stairs when I quickly realized that they were not on the 
bed as I had thought. I could see him sitting on the 
couch in his birthday suite. Because of the darkness in 
the kitchen behind me, neither of them could see me as I 
crouched at the top of the stairs. She had lit a number 
of her candles for light as well as mood.

Tonight the candles would provide enough light for me to 
see all. His growing cock looked bigger now that he had 
no clothes on. She stood in front of him still robed and 
her eyes feasting on his semi-hard cock. She untied the 
belt of her robe and allowed it to fall from her 
shoulders. He looked at her beautiful diminutive body 
with firm full breasts, tiny waist and heart shaped ass 
and smiled. In her nakedness, she stood there still 
gazing at his stiffening member.
"You have a beautiful body. You're an angel," he 
complemented her as he held his hand out to her.
She took his hand and kneeled between his spread legs. 
She looked into his eyes and gently grasped his cock. 
She began to lick it from the base to the tip. Over and 
over, she repeated this, occasionally stopping to swirl 
her tongue around the flared head. Every time she did 
this, he moaned. She worshiped his huge rod. The veins 
pulsed as she licked his dick. She looked into his eyes 
and smiled impishly. His dick was throbbing now. She was 
in love with his tool and I didn't know if I could ever 
get her back.
She got up, walked over to the bed, and sat. She 
motioned him to come to her. As he did, I slowly moved 
down the stairs for a better look. He sat beside her and 
kissed her deeply. She couldn't keep her hands off of 
his cock. She was clearly infatuated with it. He pushed 
her back onto the bed and began to kiss his way down to 
her firm breasts. Her nipples were stiff with excitement 
as he kissed and licked her round mounds. She moaned.

He continued down her belly and to the top of her bush. 
He then positioned himself between her outstretched legs 
and started to kiss and lick her inner thighs. He was 
teasing her and she was starting to get frustrated. He 
relented and his tongue found her hole. She moaned again 
and grabbed his head holding it to her pussy. He knew 
how to eat pussy by the way she was reacting. He slid a 
finger in and out of her hole while he licked her clit. 
This produced the desired effect. Soon he had two and 
then three fingers in her to "loosen her up". She was 
moaning, her hips gyrating above the bed.
I finally let my cock out of its prison. I was afraid to 
touch it because I knew I would shoot my wad 
immediately. She was moaning, panting, and going crazy 
on the bed. After about her fifth orgasm, he backed off. 
He slid up her body to where she could get his cock in 
her mouth.
"Lick it and make it good and wet. I want this to be 
good for you," he said.
She didn't have to be asked twice and wetly devoured his 
massive organ. After a minute, he removed his cock from 
her mouth and slid down between her parted legs. He 
placed his cock on her mass of wet pubic curls. He got 
up onto his knees and she bent her legs. He took hold of 
his pussy pleaser and rubbed it up and down her wet 
slit. I didn't care about anything but watching this 
scene. It was the best sex I could ever have dreamed of 
in a porno movie.
"Be gentle..." she said.
"I'll go slow. You're going to love this." he replied.
After moments of stroking her pussy with the head of his 
dick, he started to enter her. It took patience and 
perseverance. He slowly rocked back and forth. With each 
stroke, he gained a little more penetration. She was 
starting to go crazy under him raising her hips to meet 
his thrusts.
"Oh god, you're sooo big! You're filling me fuller than 
my husband ever has." she moaned.
"I'm only half way in. Just wait until I get it all of 
it inside of you." he replied.
He continued his short strokes opening her formerly 
tight twat to accommodate his huge cock. I didn't think 
that she could take it all but he kept filling her. 
Finally, his big balls came to rest on her ass. He had 
stuffed her full of his giant dick and she loved it. 

He continued to fuck her with short, slow stokes. She 
panted, gasped and moaned as he slid his dick in and out 
of her wet hole. Her ass wriggled and writhed as he 
started to screw her with longer, faster strokes. She 
seemed to have an orgasm with each stroke. She placed 
her hands on his ass and urged him to fuck her harder. I 
thought I would see his cock coming out of her mouth any 
second. He fucked her for what must have been half an 
"I can't believe you're fucking me sooo good...I could 
do this forever.... Ohhhhhh!" she panted.
He was starting to yield to my wife's tight cunt. His 
movements became erratic and he plunged as deep as he 
could, filling Sharon's womb with his hot seed. She 
wrapped her legs around him the best that she could and 
held him tight while they both came. He continued to 
shudder and finally collapsed on Sharon. She kissed him 
passionately and he returned the kiss. They stayed like 
that for a long time. His hose was still connected to 
her like an umbilical cord. She rolled him onto his back 
displacing his cock from her now dripping cunt. Her cunt 
lips were swollen and her hole was gaping. She 
immediately went to work on his dick with her mouth.
"What do you think you're doing"? he smirked.
"You're going to fuck me one more time before we're 
done," she demanded.
"I love your cock. I just had a half-hour of almost 
continuous orgasms and I want it again," she conceded.
"Easy girl. I think I can get it up once more if you 
just use that magic mouth of yours. You have to be the 
best cocksucker in the world," he said.
That must have been music to her ears because she went 
to work on him with a frenzy I'd never seen before. Soon 
his massive meat was at attention again and she was 
ready to use it. She crawled up to his mid-section and 
positioned herself on top of his organ. She slowly slid 
his entire length into her in one continuous motion. She 
rode him like she usually rode me but took him a lot 
deeper as he grasped her breasts. She was on a wave of 
orgasmic pleasure. He finally came again after about ten 
minutes. He told her he had to get home. He said he 
really enjoyed the sex and she said the same.
I went to my couch and positioned myself in the same way 
as when she last saw me. She kissed him passionately at 
the door before he left.
"I'll see you later," she told him.
"Certainly..." he replied.
She found a blanket and covered me. I heard the shower 
running and I finally came under the blanket after a 
couple of strokes. I will be seeing a lot of Gary in the 
near future and I think my wife will too.

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