A College Affair

A College Affair A College Affair

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Romance/Erotica set in a college setting...just an exerpt from http://funerotica.mobi


Romance/Erotica set in a college setting...just an exerpt from http://funerotica.mobi


Submitted: June 18, 2012

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Submitted: June 18, 2012




Susan was a hot young thing. She was one of those girls 
who wasn't holy-cow gorgeous the first time you looked 
at her, but instead she had a beauty that emerged 
slowly the more you saw her. At first, you wouldn't 
think much of her hair, but then you'd find yourself 
thinking, "wow, that's a really great shade of 
blondish-red and so soft, too." 

Well, maybe you wouldn't think that in so many words, 
but trust me, you'd like her hair. And her eyes. She 
didn't have those Donna Mills or Bette Davis eyes, but 
the more you stared into them, the more you would 
notice those flecks of gold swimming in the most 
amazing shade of green. Her nose, well, right away 
you'd say her nose was cute. There wasn't any other way 
to describe it. It just sat there in the middle of her 
face and fit and looked cute. It didn't point up, it 
wasn't too thin, it just was.

But by the time you got to her mouth, man, you'd want 
her. Bow-shaped and just pouty enough to be sexy 
without being overpowering. She had beautiful teeth and 
when she smiled, her cheekbones seemed to sit up higher 
than you thought possible and her eyes seemed to shine. 
Susan was skilled in putting the best spin on her 
appearance. She wore makeup without ever looking like 
she was wearing it. 

You didn't know if that glow on her cheeks was natural 
or something else. And those lips -- I know, I keep 
coming back to them -- I could never tell when she was 
wearing lipstick, she put it on so perfectly. She 
dressed better than most college girls because she took 
pride in her appearance. 

There wasn't much chance of her ever jumping out of 
bed, throwing on a baseball cap and sweats and dashing 
off to class. Not a chance in hell. Personality-wise, 
Susan was well put-together. She had moved around a lot 
as a kid, so she knew how to make friends. She loved to 
flirt, but she never led you on. Any blue-balling 
involving Susan was done by the guys to themselves. Her 
personality was lively, bright and full of energy. 

She loved to dance, loved to act and could take a 
ribbing and dish out more to the other guy. Dirty talk 
didn't make her blush; she wasn't a prude, but she 
wasn't promiscuous. Susan didn't give it away to just 
anybody. A guy who wanted her had to earn it -- she 
didn't want to be wined and dined. You earned it by 
showing yourself to be classy and interesting or else 
you went home horny. 

Guys and girls alike came on to Susan, because she was 
open-minded. She took this communications class one 
time and when the class was divided into small groups 
everybody had to tell something about themselves. Most 
people told the usual stuff: "I like country music," 
"I'm a vegetarian," "I love reading romance novels." 
One chick that had too many piercings, bad skin and a 
weird haircut, surprised everybody by announcing that 
she was a bisexual. 

That spooked a lot of people in their group, but not 
Susan -- who was most assuredly not bi. She stood up 
for the poor girl -- remember, this was the late 80s 
and alternative lifestyles were still outside the norm 
-- and said what the woman did behind closed doors was 
nobody else's business. 

Well, Pierced Grrl got turned on and over the next few 
class periods found herself fantasizing about very 
straight Susan. Getting up her nerve, she offered Susan 
a ride from class one day and as they were driving, she 
made a pass. "So," Pierced Grrl said, trying to sound 
casual. "Are you afraid being alone with a girl who 
likes girls?" 

"Nope," Susan replied. 

"I think you're really attractive," PG said. 

"Maybe we could go out sometime?" 

"Thanks, that's really nice. I'm flattered," Susan 
said, trying to let Pierced Grrl down easy. "But, I'm 
not into girls." 

"Darn," Grrl said. "Well, have you ever tried it?" 

"Nuh-uh," Susan said. "I really don't want to, either."

"Oh, well," Grrl said. "I know you'd be great."

"Well, sorry."

"Not the least bit curious?"

"Not the least."

"Do you hate me for asking?" Pierced Grrl asked.

"Not at all," Susan said. "I appreciate the offer, I 
really do. But I'm sorry. And I don't mind being 

"Can I ask again later?"

"I don't think that would be a good idea," Susan said. 
This is a true story and it would be breaking the rules 
to go off on how Susan was seduced and ended up trying 
lesbian sex, no matter how much I would like to. 
Susan's a dyed-in-the-wool hetero, about a 2 on the 
Kinsey scale. 

So this story isn't about any girl-on-girl action. In 
fact, it's about Susan and Mike, and how Susan got her 
first -- and to my knowledge only -- pearl necklace. 

Mike was a sex machine. He had the libido of a bull and 
the cock to match. It must have been more than 9 inches 
long -- remember, this is a true story -- and as wide 
around as, well, as an Italian sausage. It was bigger 
than average and Mike liked to make sure that people 
knew he was well-endowed. He was known to step out into 
the dorm hallway naked and show off his semi-erect 
unit, saying something like "Hey, guys, look at this. 
Can you believe it?" 

He loved to fuck and he knew how to get a woman. He 
danced and talked and was willing to put in the time 
that it takes to get a good woman into bed. Mike liked 
sex a lot, but he didn't like cheap sex. He liked 
heavy, man-I-can-barely-walk-afterward sex. If you went 
to bed with Mike, you had better be prepared for an 
evening of lovemaking. The first time he and Susan 
screwed, she was mighty uncomfortable afterward. 

"Don't worry," Mike told her. "You'll get used toit." 

"Yeah, right," Susan thought to herself. "This SOB's 
gonna stretch me out!" 

But Mike was a good, patient lover. He loved foreplay, 
he loved the oral stuff, both giving and receiving and 
he would even cuddle afterward if it meant he was going 
to get another chance to play hide the salami. Susan's 
first pearl necklace came about after a football 

They both worked on campus and were especially busy on 
football days. As a result, by the time they got back 
to Mike's dorm room, the rest of the crowd was gone, 
most likely partying at the local bars. The first thing 
Mike did when he got back to his room -- if he was with 
his girlfriend of the moment -- was get naked. He never 
wore clothes around the dorm, which explains why he had 
a single room. 

This time, he and Susan came back to the room with a 
couple of wine coolers and Mike, as usual, got naked. 
They started kissing and Mike's cock was soon standing 
at attention. Susan was lying on her back; Mike was on 
top of her. He was feeling her just-right breasts 
through her cashmere sweater and she was getting nice 
and hot. Not hot in a temperature sense, hot in a 
sexual way. 

Mike reached down and started rubbing Susan's pussy 
through her khakis, and she spread her legs wide to 
give him better access. It was warm and soft between 
her thighs and his fingers were working their magic. He 
unsnapped her khakis and as he pulled the flaps apart, 
the zipper surrendered and revealed a really sexy pair 
of white satin panties. Her bush was just visible 
beneath the fabric, where it appeared as a shadowy 
nether region that just begged to be explored. 

Still kissing the excited girl, Mike pulled off Susan's 
pants and slid his hand up her shin, over her knee and 
touched her thigh. With the back of his fingers rubbing 
her soft flesh, his fingertips sneaked into the leg 
opening of the panties. Susan lifted her legs up and 
locked her ankles around Mike's lower back. 

He began to rub his cock against her panty-clad pussy, 
dry-humping her through the thin material. She brought 
her arms around and stroked his back, pulling him into 
her as their tongues wrestled. Still clad in her 
panties and sweater, Susan gave in to her feelings. She 
was a little buzzed from the wine coolers she had drunk 
and very turned on from the hard cock rubbing her clit. 
But she thought about that huge cock and how much it 
had hurt the first time he fucked her and she decided 
to try something different.

She slipped down and started kissing Mike's chest. He 
was in good shape; Mike was no Adonis, but he kept fit. 
She took a nipple into her mouth and licked it. For the 
briefest instant, Pierced Grrl's face popped into her 
mind as she suckled on Mike's nipple, but the vision 
was fleeting. She turned her attention to the other 
nipple and lapped at it, nipping softly, teasingly. 
Back to the center and then down, Susan traveled the 
light path of hair which covered Mike's chest 
connecting his chest and pubic hair.

As she scootched down she was confronted with Mike's 
hard-on, which dripped precum. She wasn't a big fan of 
semen -- she never swallowed -- but she took the organ 
into her mouth and sucked firmly. "Uhhh," Mike groaned. 
"Yeah, that's good."

Mike loved a good blow-job, and he let the feeling of 
Susan's warm, wet mouth roll over him. Susan knew how 
to give head, and even if she wouldn't let a guy come 
in her mouth, most of the guys she went down on -- and 
there weren't that many -- loved her technique. 
Licking, sucking and stroking all combined to send 
shivers down Mike's spine. 

He looked down at the girl beneath him and slowly 
fucked her mouth as she reached up and ran her fingers 
over his muscular chest. His sack was brushing against 
the cashmere sweater and that felt really good to Mike. 
He got an idea.

Mike pulled out of Susan's mouth and sat back a bit, 
spreading his legs apart so his cock was resting 
between her firm breasts. She wasn't a large girl; she 
wore an A-cup, but what she had sat up nice and high. 

Mike reached down, cupped his hands over her breasts 
and pushed them up and together over his cock. He began 
to move back and forth between her breasts as Susan's 
hands came up to rest on his own. 

"There's not much there," she said with a smile, 
excited by this unusual turn of events. No one had ever 
tried this before. 

"But it feels really good, hon," Mike said. He took his 
hands off her breasts, leaving her to push them 
together, and reached for the headboard of the bed to 
steady himself. 

Susan held her breasts together and with her fingertips 
rubbed the top of Mike's cock. She looked up at him, 
but he was lost in the sensations he was feeling. Back 
and forth between her tits, Mike pumped his cock toward 
orgasm. Then he slowed down a bit and sat back again. 
He reached down and unbuttoned the soft cloth buttons 
of the sweater and pulled it apart to reveal a sexy, 
white lacy bra. 

The fabric felt really good on his cock, but he wanted 
to feel the softness of her skin, so he unfastened the 
front clip. The flimsy cloth fell aside and Susan's 
coral tips were revealed. Her nipples were hard and her 
chest was flushed with desire. The milky white skin was 
incredibly soft to the touch and Mike pushed the bra 
out of the way. He took Susan's hands and returned them 
to her breasts. 

She pushed the soft mounds together again and he 
resumed fucking her tits. Pre-cum dripped from the tip 
of his cock, leaving little shiny strings on the sides 
of Susan's breasts. Mike was sweating now, and so was 
she, but the sweat only served as a lubricant for this 
unusual excursion. The moistness helped Mike increase 
his speed and soon he was moving back and forth like he 
was fucking a pussy. 

It felt really good and he had never done this kind of 
thing before. For her part, Susan was really turned on, 
watching Mike get off this way. Lying there in her 
panties and with her sweater and bra open like that was 
exciting and dirty and fun. She had always bemoaned her 
lack of breast size and never thought something like 
this was possible for her, but it was! Mike was pumping 
away and Susan could see that he was going to come 
soon. The head of his cock was engorged now and precum 
flowed out from the tip. 

She urged him on with quiet words of encouragement. 
"That's it, baby," she said. "You got it now."

"Uh-huh," was about all Mike could say, since he was 
really close now. God, it felt good. He was going to 
blow his load all over her and it was going to be big. 
"Here it comes," he said, breathlessly.

Susan turned her face up and away and hoped that he 
wasn't going to shoot it up her nose or something. 
"Don't get it in my hair, ok?" she said.

"Uhhh!" Mike replied, not really hearing. Then, with a 
grunt, he shot his load. The first burst hit her under 
her chin and flowed along her jaw line up to her ear. 
The next load pooled in the little depression in the 
middle of her collarbone. The fourth dropped between 
her breasts and was quickly followed by a last little 
glob of white thick fluid which dripped onto her right 
breast and ran down into the valley between them. Mike 
slid back, wiping the cum from his dick softly on 
Susan's breasts. "Hey!" she said, giggling. "How about 
a towel or something."

"What? Oh, yeah, sure."

Mike went into the bathroom and returned with a warm, 
wet washcloth. He gently wiped the sperm from the side 
of Susan's face and got the pool that had accumulated 
between her breasts. The warm water felt nice on her 
chest and she purred like a kitten. "Mmm, that was 
nice," she said. "You think?" Mike asked.

"I never thought I'd do something like that," she 
replied. "Me neither," he said. "Now there's only one 
more thing that I want to try someday..." Mike looked 
hopefully at Susan. "Oh? What?" she asked, rising up to 
snap her bra and button her shirt. "I really want to 
try anal sex," he said. "Ab-so-lute-ly not!" Susan 
said. "Not with that thing!"

"Being huge ain't all it's cracked up to be," Mike said 

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