Atop Of A Mountain

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A powerful warlord is homebound on top of a snowy mountain. I am Temptress Healer in training and I have a secret. I have broken the oath and I’ve opened my heart. I must do something; I must save my lover even if it means my end.

Atop Of A Mountain


I wander up the overgrown path and I know exactly what to expect. The snow is falling hard and we will be trapped, alone together at the top of this mountain. In this storm the town will not hear my screams in this storm I will most likely be facing my demise. You will not resist me because you are hungry for me and your body has been in withdrawal for to long. Even though my mentor tells me I am not ready, my love for you shall conquer all, I hope.


The room I enter is darker then ever and I hear your footsteps in the distance. This time I will not leave I will get what I want. I have learnt a great many things and I want you to tremble on top of me once more I want to empower you and rescue you. No rut can stop my love. I hear your wild voice call out to me “get out of here before I take you where you stand”.  I know you really mean it. I must move slowly because fast movements excite the predator instinct and knowing this I lock the door and break off the key inside it. “I cannot leave” I call as I carefully, but frantically, rush around the house. I am locking all windows and preparing for the storm.


I feel warm breath creep up my neck and all of a sudden it is quite clear to me that I am in grave danger. “Don’t offer any kind of resistance” says the words of my mentor, in the back of my mind. My heart is racing and fear sweeps over me, I realise I am not ready. You hands flow over my body caressing me softly a vicious temper lurking not far below the surface, I must not resist but I am afraid. You turn me to face him, long dark hair flows over your wild grey eyes with skin as pale as the snow itself. Then a dark terror washes over me as his eyes turn to a vicious gold and an inhumane power fills the room.


Temptress healers caught in a rut usually die. Even the most skilled women have not been able to free warlords inflicted with the rut. Here I am, trembling at just his stare, I am easy prey. He licks, nibbles and caresses me to the bedroom then leaning himself against the wall he presses me tightly against his chest. Shock washes over me as I feel his hard cock against my thigh and this excites him.


He kisses me long and ferocious over and over like there was nothing more to want, nothing more to need. I obey him like a puppet. “If you want me take me” I say carefully, even though on the inside I’m begging for him. He bites down hard on the base of my neck, my pulse throbs against the tip of his tongue. He grips me firmly by the waist and guides me onto the bed.


While removing my clothes he pins my arms to the bed where phantom restraints hold them still. Vanishing his clothing he stretches out beside me. This is unlike a rut usually the victim will just take his prey but within my subject, my lover, something is just not right he wishes to torture me. Being quiet and passive is the only way to survive but as he begins touching me my uncontrollable moans declare that tonight I will surely die. He begins nibbling my neck with his hands ravaging my breasts he touches me caresses me but does not pleasure me how I want it.


His hands flow over my body like the wind over mountains and his tongue rolls over mine. He gives me plenty of time to resist, he is daring me to resist. He slowly moves downward and his nibbles turn to soft biting on the inside of my thighs. My back arches and I’ve finally given in. I want him inside me I need to climax the suspense is much too painful. His mouth brushes between my legs and his fingers are delicately stroking my wetness. Slowing down and speeding up he makes me stumble around climax but will not let me come. Beads of fluid trickle down my thighs and my sweat makes my hair stick to my neck.


My vicious love tortures me with intense pleasure, without ever tiring, and no intention to stop. Finally he sheathes himself inside me quickly, forcefully and as deep as it can possibly go. I make a weak yelp in pain as the sudden action sends an electrifying jolt up my spine. Just when I feel like I will have my release he stops, pinning me down with his hips denying any movement. He leans closer his whole body pressed up against me restraining all movement and he teases me further.


I cannot hold on much longer I’m cursing at him to take me I have lost complete control and in an instant his hands are around my throat. He is choking me, his eyes flash red and the life within me begins to flee. The man I once loved is no longer within these red eyes, I am bedding with a monster. He lets go of my throat and arches his back letting out a terrifying snarl.


I’m distracted by warm blood dripping onto my body, his back is bleeding. His temperature rises and batlike webbed wings tear through the skin on his back. His blood is boiling and it’s getting too hot to have his skin pressed against mine. I scream as my life flashes before me and this is it, I know I am going to die. I watch as blood drips from all the walls around me and he begins to ride me hard and deep he pulls me through climax time and time again but I am growing tired.


My training teaches me that I must not sleep I must not tire a man in a rut; he must do it on his own. I must endure it and try to stay awake. But I fear this battle is futile because this is no longer a man, this is a monster. My moans chill the air because I should not be moaning at all; the more I moan the more brutal my death shall be. Strangulation upon climax is the usual treatment but I have moaned way beyond any kind of remorse I will be punished. He thrusts into me strong, deep, and hard. Over and over never once stopping or slowing the motion. Never showing any signs of fatigue.


I am growing weak and then one deep thrust throws me over the Abyss my body frantically withdraws deep within itself his hot liquid burns my insides like hot oil this is like nothing ever written in text books. No amount of training could prepare me for the slaughter but here I was feeding his hunger calling for him to come back for me.


He laughed as the dark pleasure exploded all around us. He rides me again and again and again and again and I am limp with pleasure and he is laughing. Over and over he explodes, hot liquid, inside me and as the energy leaves my body I begin drifting to sleep.


Right just before I doze off a bead of sweat lands on me. I gaze up to see the look in your eyes, there is nothing in the universe as magical or wondrous as you. Your eyes are the windows to your soul and your soul is beautiful. You lean into me collapsing all your weight on top of me and I hold you just like I would if you were mine to hold forever. We have few minutes of peace and time is ticking.


It’s almost like you are here with me although we are far apart. My body is panicking I’m convulsing beneath you death is just around the corner and I’m due to be tortured.


My soul escapes my body and watches you as you beat me, slap me, shake me  and scream at the top of your lungs. I am lying there lifeless and limp hardly a breath escapes my brittle little lungs. Fear draws me back into my body I am helpless lying like a child in your arms with sadness surrounding me. Barely any life is left in me but there is just enough to hear you wailing. I have done it I have won.



Submitted: June 28, 2013

© Copyright 2022 SweetEmily. All rights reserved.

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