You'll Always Belong to Me

You'll Always Belong to Me You'll Always Belong to Me

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


(Complete)Sequel to Because You Belong to Me. Vanessa is having a hard time, depression, a damaged claim, and pregnancy are a little much for her. Deep deep down she knows Sean cares about her, but she's afraid to accept that, perhaps he'll get her to see the light before it's too late.


(Complete)Sequel to Because You Belong to Me.

Vanessa is having a hard time, depression, a damaged claim, and pregnancy are a little much for her. Deep deep down she knows Sean cares about her, but she's afraid to accept that, perhaps he'll get her to see the light before it's too late.

Chapter1 (v.1) - You'll Always Belong to Me

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Sequel to Because You Belong to Me.<br /> <br /> Vanessa is having a hard time, depression, a damaged claim, and pregnancy are a little much for her. Deep deep down she knows Sean cares about her, but she's afraid to accept that, perhaps he'll get her to see the light before it's too late.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 15, 2015



(See? Not that evil, it's ready already.


I own the story and all the characters, any likeness to any person(s) living or dead is coincidental and unintentional. While this story is available for free it is not to be redistributed in any way; I am the only person who can post this on more than one site or earn money from it in the future.


But you knew that because this is the sequel :D)



Prologue: Moving on?


Three months later...


Vanessa ran a brush through her hair, she had cut her hair and now it was very lightly curled and fell just a little past her shoulders. Of course she was all healed so her pale skin didn't carry a single mark.


Aside from that she was certain her breasts had gotten larger along with her stomach, she looked large, about ready to have the baby, but she still had time to go. She leaned against the wall rubbing her stomach. Sean told her that the advanced growth rate would continue even after the baby was born, granted gargoyle children grew and learned faster than human children.


She was actually staying with Sean, his kind didn't really group together royalty tended to split up, he had chosen to stay among the humans. He told Vanessa that he wasn't out to control her but he was worried about her being too far away with Lucian close by. He also wanted to help her through the pregnancy.


Before she could think up an argument he put his foot down, there was enough concern as it was, she needed to be away from Lucian and with an older gargoyle who knew about children at the same time. At the moment they were the only two options, he had already spoken to the council. The council was more in charge of the lesser gargoyles, so he only talked to them to tell him his decision.


Vanessa hadn't heard from Lucian, Sean kept him away as he wanted but he knew that Lucian would get to see his son or daughter. Unlike with human babies, there wasn't much of a need for doctors, there would be a midwife to help with the birth, but mostly she would be asleep. She sighed heavily, she didn't want to be a burden but she knew Sean was right. She didn't know much of anything about gargoyles, let alone their offspring. He had let her pick out a room, and hadn't hit on her once. She looked at the ground, though he'd been nothing but nice, he held her when she cried, kept his word, hadn't hurt her. She sighed.


After their history it was no real surprise that she would think she was just a fling but he really pulled through for her. She blamed the pregnancy hormones, but part of her wished this was Sean's child, she could trust him, she hadn't even seen his demon form yet. She wondered what it looked like, she heard him call her name and she went down stairs. The roast stew she had in the slow cooker had filled the downstairs with a pleasant scent.


“You know you don't have to do anything right?” Sean said as she came into view.


He was stirring the pot carefully, she had learned a little about him, mostly because they had been friends just as much as they had been fuck buddies. She talked to him, she knew he liked to cook a few things, that he was fond of swimming, of course she knew that he had been with a few other girls, it was something that didn't bother her in the past. She was aware they weren't official, it was mostly about the sex. Though even if she was the jealous type he never strayed when she came to visit. He was good with her, if they had always been just friends she wondered if she would still feel anything toward him. She shook her head, willing the hormones to go away.


“I'm not a free loader, I can cook and clean just fine, oh and I have rent.”


He sighed and gave her a look, he didn't like her over working herself but she did find a position to be a waitress and she was tipped well.


“I asked you to stay so I could help you, not the other way around, I can pay for a house keeper if I want one, and for the record I don't pay rent I bought this house in full. I also use my powers to keep it going so no bills either.”


She stared at him, that was the first she heard that he owned the house.


“But I paid you...”


He shook his head.


“No, you weren't feeling well and gave me money to put in the baby's bank account.”


Her mouth fell.


“You opened an account for the baby?”


“I set aside a college fund for the little one, but since his or her stubborn mother is working herself to death I made sure the money was put to good use.”


Vanessa was dumbfounded.


“You...didn't have to do that.”


“Yes I did, we'll call it a gift, and don't fight with me about it, it's already settled.”


She smiled at him and sighed.




He covered her mouth.


“And stop thanking me for everything, like you think you don't deserve some help.”


She backed away so she could easily stick her tongue out at him.


“You thank people when you appreciate them.”


“I don't want to be thanked, it's not about me.”


He stroked her stomach gently.


“It's about this little one having the best, right?”


She smiled slightly and patted his hand.


“I suppose you're right.”




Later that night, Vanessa was on the phone with her father, of course he understood why she needed to stay with Sean. He missed seeing her around the house but he wanted her safe, he actually liked Sean and wasn't afraid of him. He was worried about Vanessa, he knew there was a chance the baby could be too much for her. As a father he wished she would get closer to Sean, the responsible one, the one that didn't hurt her, and supported her. Though as a therapist he was thinking that she had finally become too damaged after what her mother and Lucian had put her through.


Even a soft hearted woman like Vanessa could only take so much.


“So, how's the grandbaby?” he asked.


“Fine, though apparently it's too much for me to ask for some peace, non stop kicking and cravings.”


He chuckled softly.


“Have you found out the gender yet?”


“Not yet, Sean said the mid wife who will help with the birth will come by soon to find out.”


“Are you hoping for a boy or a girl more?”


“Not at all, I just want a healthy baby.”


He smiled slightly, damaged or not she was nothing like her mother, she always spoke lovingly about the baby. About how she wanted to be the best mom she could be.


“That's a good thing to hope for sweetheart, just eat right and get rest.”


“Sean watches me like a hawk, I promise I'm doing everything I need to.”


“Good, tell me, what do you think of him?”


She stretched on her bed a bit, the room was in white and several shades of blue, it was nice and calming.




“I'm just asking sweetheart.”


“He's a friend you know that.”


“But is he really?”


“What do you mean?”


“He's a good man no one would argue that, but isn't there a limit to just being a good man? Don't you think he cares about you?”


She stared at the wall, she really was having a hard time accepting that as a possibility.


“Well I don't know...he hasn't tried anything with me.”


“You've had quite enough go on lately, wouldn't it be selfish if he put his needs first?”


“I guess so...but I am living here free of charge.”


“Vanessa... any man who would trade help for sex isn't worth shit, remember that.” he said sternly.


She stared at the phone.


“I suppose you're right.”


“I'm completely right, get some sleep, okay?”


“I will, night dad.”


“Good night sweetheart.”


They ended their call and she stared at the ceiling, part of the claim was was making her want to talk to Lucian but she wasn't going to put the baby in danger by following through with the want. If it wasn't for that claim she could make the decision to push him away for good. She rolled on her side feeling depressed. Vanessa didn't see her self as good enough for her supposed master, she didn't think she really deserved Sean's affections either. She cursed as the water works started again.


Damn hormones.


End Prologue


(Hope you liked it, Sean really is a dear man me thinks, so is Lucian still your favourite?)

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