What The Heart Wants, It Earns

Status: In Progress

What The Heart Wants, It Earns

Status: In Progress

What The Heart Wants, It Earns What The Heart Wants, It Earns

Book by: SweetDreamer92


Genre: Romance



(Replacement for a story just finished hehe) Camara is working a very regular job one that doesn't seem to be much but she tries her best even while disappointed. A rare case thrown in her lap takes her through so much more she's not always sure if she can handle it, but she'll be damned if she just gives up.


(Replacement for a story just finished hehe) Camara is working a very regular job one that doesn't seem to be much but she tries her best even while disappointed. A rare case thrown in her lap takes her through so much more she's not always sure if she can handle it, but she'll be damned if she just gives up.

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Submitted: June 13, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 13, 2016



(So part of this story was inspired by Kitty Hall's Tramp, you can read it on the site of course it's very sweet and got new ideas mixing with some loose ideas I had already that didn't quite have the glue to them yet so to speak.


Also, it includes werewolves again so you know...:D


I own the story and all the characters, any likeness to any person(s) living or dead is coincidental and unintentional. While this story is available for free it is not to be redistributed in any way; I am the only person who can post this on more than one site or earn money for it in the future.


Hope you like it.)

Prologue – A strange case...


Camara sighed as she was called into the office it was her first real case as a social worker, she could laugh calling herself that really. She always wanted to see that children taken from their homes were placed in safer areas with only the best. She remembered growing up in fostercare always placed in poor homes with angry foster parents that cared more about the money than the kids. Oh yes they were taken care of just enough to not be put in a new home constantly but she'd never gotten that happy go lucky foster home she wished for when she was little. They didn't have to be rich, they didn't have to spare every second for her, she would have just been happy feeling at home. The only saving grace was the online classes her social worker paid for. When she was nineteen she got the job, it was very strange as most had to work a while longer but the secretive company had a different set of rules.


While she had been excited for the oppurtinity she found that her department was a joke, they were mostly brought into difficult situations with older kids that had already had a hard time in their homes. As in juvenile hall was where they were headed there were no more chances. The person in charge of the office told the Mayor that they were going to hire the best they could find to do the most meaningful work. Though she didn't feel like she was really helping anyone in fact sometimes she felt like her department was only there to be the villian ripping kids out of homes that could be saved,with counseling.


A lot of the kids...well there was little hope for them, she didn't believe they were really bad so much as they were just acting out. No home wanted them usually, and being locked up or hidden in center from a young age didn't do much for them.


It was a broken system, though at least those that weren't complete lost causes had a chance to get simple jobs and stay at centers that were nicer....after they proved they were under control. Now she was going to get introduced to a different situation, at least that's what her boss told her.


She stood in her simple but nice four bedroom apartment the building was put up along with several others just like it to clear up some under developed land near Aurora, CO. The apartments were very nice, not really modern, not really country styled, just a nice pretty mix of smooth stone and brick in a simple shape, it was surrounded by a large park, it was gated so that families could freely let their kids play on the play ground. There was a golf course, and a massive pond fine for fishing or boating.


It was a pretty area and Halloween was approaching there had been some nice early snow. It hadn't messed with the roads just gave everything a nice snowy cover it wasn't often that they got snow early but when they did it could be a lot or a little. Everyone was out having a good time, there was a large communial area with a pool and grills though the balconies had space for small grills for smaller parties. Everything was covered now but it was there. The basic set up for the buildings was beige carpet and white walls, she used brown, red and gold to pull it together her red and gold throw pillows rested on a brown couch she had a glass coffee table on a fluffy rug, in front of a large television and the doors to the balcony. To the left was the closed kitchen and down the hall were the bedrooms and their bathrooms.


It was a community sort of project to build the apartments, when the area was cleared for construction they started taking bids from those that wanted to live here. Every week another floor was created, the company wanted more recognition . Camara was still in the system but was about to be released on her eightenth birthday, a relative, a sister of her grandmother left some money to the youngest family member and as their small family was really nothing to brag about it came to her, there were no other kids...at least none younger than her that needed the money. When she got it and heard about what the company was doing she put a bid in. The company owner accepted her after hearing that she didn't have many options fresh out of foster care, there were centers...shelters but she didn't want a temporary home she wanted her own.


She was one of the youngest that lived there at twenty-six, it hadn't taken them long they had so many builders some of the best constantly working day in and day out to get this building moving. Not much was known about Newray....the company but a lot of people knew their name and they were getting a lot of business.


Camara didn't do much to the other three rooms leaving them with a desk, a dresser, and a bed, with simple sheets. She smelled a familiar scent of cinnamon and sighed as she walked into the room next to hers, seeing a mostly empty bag on the floor she sighed and crossed her arms.


“...Dillon I know you're in here.”




She sighed hearing the voice from the bathroom.


“Dillon what have I told you about breaking into my apartment?”


“Don't do it unless you're here? You were sleep when I got in.”




“Okay I'm sorry it's cold outside.”


“Why aren't you at home?”


“No reason....”


“Come out of the bathroom and talk to me.”


“You're going to do that....thing you do.”


“What? Look you over make sure nothing is wrong? Your social worker should be called before you run off you know that....” she gasped as he finally peeked out.




“Don't call her she doesn't understand anything, I always have to be the problem...but I'm innocent it was that drunken bastards fault.”


Dillon was a cute kid...well teen, kind of pale, with ice blue eyes, midnight black hair he kept shaggy that covered one of his eyes and he normally wore baggy clothes. He was wearing pants as he'd been changing but he was shirtless and covered in bruises of various sizes, a thick bandage on his right arm and bottom lip was split, slightly purple, his face a little swollen on the right.


“That...that right there, you're going to worry, don't do that...I'm fine.” she jumped and walked over to him he was only fourteen.


The first time she met him it was her first year here, she was twenty-two, and he was ten he was so small and frail for his age that she ended up inviting him in and feeding him. Of course his social worker, Tammy called his cell looking for him. She was bored of the job didn't watch him too closely, not like she was supposed to. He tended to come over by picking the locks. She didn't know how it would look to give him the key to her apartment but she still would rather he just call if he needed to come over, his situation wasn't the best but Tammy was in charge of him, they worked for the same company and until she signed him over then what she said was how it was going to be. Still Camara couldn't help but try and help him.


He didn't know why he ran to her for safety every time he was safer here he knew it, no one hit him, there was always food, she didn't treat him like shit. He didn't want her to worry he wouldn't say it to her face but she was the only mother figure he knew, his own mother....well she was a prostitute and cared only about how she lived. His father bounced between girlfriends, and when they left him he took it out on Dillon he didn't tell Camara that not wanting to be a complete burden but now it was sort of hard to hide.


“..I'm fine...”


“No you're not!..I'm calling Tammy..”


“So she can give in and move me to another home without even checking to see if I'm safe there?” she paused.


“You know how it is...fourteen isn't a welcome foster kid, don't call her...I'll clean and hide in the closet please.” he begged.


She sighed.


“Oh there is something in my code as a social worker that says this is definitely not okay...”


“Yeah? What's it say?”


“I don't know I never read it must be why I'm agreeing.”


“Thank you!” he hugged her and she sighed and patted his back.


“Did you go to the free clinic?”


“Yeah, I'm fine, I didn't hit my head or anything.”


“What happened?”


“He was drunk and pissed off at me.”




“He said I look too much like my mom...”


She sighed, she knew she should call someone about him but couldn't do it at least here he was safe, she shook her head.


“I see, look we will talk after I'm done with work help yourself to the fridge, television, and computer just don't leave or do anything illegal.”


“I would never...” he said, pretending to be offended.


“Oh really? How did you get in here again?”


“Okay fine I wouldn't...do more than that.”


She shook her head a laugh coming, he was a good kid just a mess really, and never once had he betrayed her trust. She left him and hurried to the office she couldn't be late or some idiot that didn't care would get the case instead.



The building was a plain brick building, she went inside to one of the meeting rooms, white walls and ugly blue carpet everywhere except the bathrooms...which had white tile. She saw her boss, Jim Rogers, JR an older man with graying hair, pale skin, and watery gray eyes. He wore a gray suit and sat next to a beautiful red head with brown eyes, a short hair cut, and a nice curvy shape she was evenly tanned. Between the two of them it was hard not to smile at least a little...as far as JR was concerned, Camara's mother was Italian and her father American. She had a soft caramel complexion, long black hair that fell in waves down her back though she kept it in a bun, pretty olive green eyes and a bouncy figure her pant suits barely did her justice.


“Cam this is Melissa Haven, Ms. Haven this is Ms. Camara Frays.”


They nodded at each other.


“Have a seat Cam we'll get to this quickly.”


He was especially casual today she wondered what it was about.


“What is it?”


“Melissa's children, a boy and girl have been abducted by their father.”


She immediately froze.


“Excuse me...? Why am I here and not the police?”


“I think you can help.”




“Since you won over that boy...Dillon, Tammy said he's pretty fond of you.”


“Well yeah...but he wasn't kidnapped.”


“No but like Melissa's ex husband and her kids, he's not human, it's hard to get to his kind.”


She stared at him.


“Just because he's a little rough around the edges doesn't mean...”


“Relax Cam, it's not an insult I mean it literally, and if you want to keep him in your home where it's safe you'll listen.”


She swallowed nervously.


“How'd you know he was at my place?”


“I can smell it my dear, you see I find myself in the not so human category myself.” he said, his eyes glowing red.


She stared at him frozen, not sure what the hell she'd just walked into.


(You know I kind of write from my own experience I wasn't in care when I was young I was with someone other than family then when I was older I was in a group home and they aren't all roses and happiness. Your team...usually including a lawyer, social worker, and a few others aren't always very caring even when you are the victim. Stay tuned. Some obvious questions I'm sure will be answered very soon.)

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