Unintended Gift

Unintended Gift Unintended Gift

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



When your father owns a company, known for it's place in many areas to many different sorts of people he can pick up interesting friends you may never get to meet. If you need to in the first place, though sometimes that can bite him where it counts.


When your father owns a company, known for it's place in many areas to many different sorts of people he can pick up interesting friends you may never get to meet. If you need to in the first place, though sometimes that can bite him where it counts.

Prolog (v.1) - A big little

Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 03, 2017



(I'm in a bit of a funk, not that I don't have an idea but that I'm at a point where I don't want to work on my other stories. Like I don't like where I'm going now I don't like to spam as in I prefer not to keep stories just taking up space, if I don't get out of this mood I'll get rid of the other stories.


This story is just to get out of the mood I'm in, hope you like it.


I own the story and all the characters, any likeness to any person(s) living or dead is coincidental and unintentional. While this story is available for free it is not to be redistributed in any way; I am the only person who can post this on more than one site or earn money for it in the future.)



Prologue – A big little favor



Most people look at Michelle for being the long legged beauty she was, always with her pink smiles and bright blue eyes just slightly covered by glasses. Long blond hair blew behind her as she walked quickly down the streets of Port Angeles they still looked at her as the streetlights bounced off her face though some would look just for her dragging another woman behind her. Laciana went willingly thinking they were going to a club as she was asked. Michelle mentioned when they arrived what they were really heading out for. It wasn't too late people were out but they only looked and ignored it, mostly likely expecting it was a set up for a video.


Lacey was shorter her inky hair in a short sort of shaggy haircut her icy blue eyes watering, she was the more tanned of the two preferring her time on the beach while her friend would stay in shopping. That or in this case why they were out tonight.


“ I said no dammit.”


“Don't be such a pussycat Lacey, you said you'd help.”


“Yeah with a loan, I thought you wanted to go out to get your mind off your idiot.”


“I still do, but first the money for him.”


“I'm not fucking one of your customers.”


As much attention as she got it was never really enough she wasn't a well known prostitute, which sounds like the opposite of what she wants but she has a select group of people who she knows aren't cops that will pay plenty for a chance for her. She's the one that gets away, time and time again. Her newest boyfriend wasn't the clingy sort, he wasn't even the normal sort when it came to dating when you saw them in public you wouldn't assume they were a couple. That being said he wasn't aware of how she pulled money in though he didn't care enough to ask, he was perfect for her. At least as far as Laciana knew that was the case she wondered if he really liked her at all.


Though she wasn't looking for commitment so it hardly mattered to Michelle.


Dennis, he was supposed to be out with friends and she got a late call that he'd been arrested he wanted to be bailed out. It was late though she didn't have a meeting tonight she didn't want to keep too regular that made it all the easier to hide where it counted.


“He's not one of mine, he's a new guy I risked a lot searching for him you know how much harder the cops are lately, one too many stabs related to hookers they can't find.”


More recently it was less about needing a leg up and more about getting a victim there were reports of a few men and a few women a very small group but there wasn't much on it. Most of the information was in a state of press black out there was no reason for anyone out and about to assume anything dangerous was around them. They didn't want the group alarmed and running into hiding while they looked simply put.


“....Still...can't he just spend a night in jail why does he have to be out tonight it was just drunk in public disorderly conduct or whatever..” she didn't pretend to know the law but if he didn't do anything worth holding more then he'd be fine.


“He just can't, come on.”


“But why can't you do it?”


“I don't want my face out.”


“But it's fine for me?”


“That's what the mask is for.”


“I don't have a mask.”


“I have one for you, and I'd do it myself but I have to get more birth control okay? Enough answers for you?”


She rolled her eyes yanking her arms free she sighed and moved to fix her tight green mini dress, it wasn't so much she was worried about sleeping with someone she didn't know she was no where near as free as the other was. Still she'd slept with a few guys to be used to it, lately a vibrator was enough...though Michelle didn't understand how. She didn't push she really was a friend, never went after her guys or anyone in her family she didn't cross lines or treat her like shit for not having fun the same way.


“Ugh....I don't know what if he has something?”


“He doesn't.”


“How do you know?”


“He's a dom, he's registered and keeps his records up to date peace of mind for his subs I said my girl was just the one time and that it was to help out so he couldn't push for more. He might be satisfied with a blowjob to agree to that, dom or not they push more when they have to pay for limits.”


She rolled her eyes, that was how she met a few guys, she'd never tried bondage but people were more than willing to flash a profile if it was for sure going to get them laid. The site wasn't on the dark webs so to speak but it was heavily monitored to keep as quiet as could be, it wasn't so much sugar coated as the money came from the rich that didn't want to risk stains on their reputation. That didn't want a trail of untrustworthy lovers behind them trying to screw them out of child support, or otherwise. It was questionable enough but Laciana didn't feel so worked up over that it wasn't a place to meet if you were looking for a willing baby daddy.


“But I thought that place was safe enough....someone found you didn't you? Managed to slip up?”


“Oh hush, just please him get the money and I'll pay you back.”






“I will run off right now.”


“Fine fine, dad is just watching more closely you know how he is.”


It wouldn't be the first time her father paid more attention and got someone following her easily enough. He didn't look too deeply he'd rather catch her in the act and she was driven to stay in the secret so she didn't lose her trust fund. Whatever he said went usually she could work around things but when daddy dearest was bored and lonely he didn't always find a younger wife to keep him company he made sure his daughter was behaving as she promised she would.


“I'll be back to pick you up but I have to check in with him, you'll be with him for an hour okay?”


She shook her head still considering just leaving before she shoved the mask at her pointing toward the small motel they were heading toward.


“Fine...but never again.”


“Just this one time, hey maybe you'll have fun then you'll be thanking me.”


“....Yeah right.”


She wishes.



Walking into the dark room of the motel Laciana still thought about leaving people kept their heads down here. It was pretty a plain white motel with clean carpet, attractive flower arrangement nice art music playing which was great to not attract attention no reason to question what this place was used for. She wore a plain half mask in purple covered in glitter, the hostess smiled and gave her a note either way Michelle wanted her to wear the desk as that was what they were looking for. She signed in and sighed hearing it had been paid for already.


She knew she shouldn't let Michelle push her around but because of her normal ways and often being there without being the typcial bitchy alpha type she gave in.


Michelle must have been counting on it.


The door closed behind her and she jumped turning quickly backing away from the figure against the door she blinked wondering if she was seeing something. Though the glow of purpled slit eyes in the dark were visible enough. Watching her slowly the blink of a large cat..one on the prowl she backed up there was a bit of light coming from the window but it wasn't much only resting on the armchair. She heard him move and saw him sit though his face was still eerily covered he smirked.


“Don't be afraid luv I won't hurt you.” he had a rather soft voice, though as if he was holding back the bite that was waiting to come.


Firm but not, if she could describe it.


“You can say that....but you could have spoken when I walked in the room.”


He chuckled.


“Forgive me kitten I was simply admiring you from afar just enough light for that.”


“....I...” she trailed off.


“I won't keep you long, come over here.”


“But you..didn't tell me what you wanted.”


“Well there's this chair, a nice bed and a clean wall not to mention the floor I'd like to fuck you in every spot that clear enough?”


Her mouth went a bit dry as she only saw the smirk, there seemed to be something off about him and instead of setting off red flags she only walked toward him.


“Well....we have an hour let's see it happen.”


(It's no surprise I'm not showing the sex I love to tease...and know I still suck at those scenes this story will have them I promise.)

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