Unintended Desires

Unintended Desires Unintended Desires

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Alaina used to be a good girl, until she met....her mother's boyfriend that is.


Alaina used to be a good girl, until she met....her mother's boyfriend that is.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Unintended Desires

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Alaina used to be a good girl, until she met....her mother's boyfriend that is.

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Submitted: August 07, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 07, 2015



(So this idea drifted into my head, and wouldn't leave...so yeah.


I own the story and all the characters, any likeness to any person(s) living or dead is coincidental and unintentional. While this story is available for free it is not to be redistributed in any way; I am the only person who can post this on more than one site or earn money for it in the future.)



Alaina's POV



I stared at the sight in front of me with an open mouth, for starters I only came up here because I heard my mother blasting music and wanted to tell her that I was home. I had been on a long road trip because I couldn't for the life of me decide what I wanted to do with my life.


Her bedroom door was open and there she was on the bed on her knees giving some guy a blow job, at least she was trying. He was limp, my mother is not an ugly woman she worked on her figure for years after being an over weight kid and kept her blond hair dyed just right, she even had the same youthful face, barely a wrinkle to be found.


I had already made my way back downstairs intending to ignore the image in my head, the guy was gorgeous and I couldn't tell what his age was. He had that dark hair, dark eyes, perfect jaw, sleek look to him. His eyes had been open, mom never mentioned him when we talked but he didn't seem too interested in her, at least not what she was doing. My mother is lovable but tends to try too hard for guys that soon ignore her, she wasn't much for crying over a broken heart and was always with someone, after the divorce she just became a free spirit.


She was with my dad for four years, then I was born, and he only stayed around for a short time after, he hadn't grown up enough to raise a child or use protection. It was dark out so I turned on the alarm and went in the kitchen to grab a sandwich, I looked up as I heard some movement.


“I'm sorry I guess I don't really know what I'm doing.” mom said.


“I wouldn't worry about it.” he had a deep voice, not like porn star just authoritative.


“Mom I'm in here so I hope you put on clothes.”


I laughed as I heard her make a noise, good thing I said something, I really don't need to see too much of my mother...literally.


“Sweetie I thought you were coming back later.”


“It is later.”


I wonder how long she had been...wait no, I don't want to know or think about it, soon they came into the kitchen mom had put on a dress and hugged me tightly. Behind her came out her new guy he was wearing jeans but they weren't buttoned he was in really good shape, he looked me over as she introduced us. His name was Claude and he was quiet for a moment before kissing my hand, old fashioned or not there was still a naughty unneeded shiver that followed.


“Isn't he cute? I met him a week after you left.”


That would mean he's been here a few months, her longest relationship out of her list of beaus.


“You've been gone too long, no snacking before dinner.”


“Well you were busy so...”


She turned red.


“Tell me you didn't come up there?”


“You didn't respond when I called.”


“Oh for the love of...”


I laughed as she muttered to herself, I noticed Claude hadn't taken his eyes off of me, I looked away, something about his stare seemed off.



After lasagna mom had to run into work, she was a teacher and there was a last minute meeting, her school was small so the teachers devoted lots of time to the students and ended up having meetings at random. It had always been like that, though she took care of me as best she could.


Though that left me at home with Claude, he was actually living here at the moment, it had only been a few months but because of how quickly she changed lovers I wondered how serious she was about him. I went to my room and saw that mom hadn't touched it a bit, this was a four bedroom house, but I remember her mentioning that my room was the perfect size for an in-home office.


I sat on the bed and the power went out, I sighed, this area of Colorado had a lot of rolling black outs, I just got used to them when I was a kid. I jumped as I saw a candle in the doorway and relaxed seeing Claude, he set the candle on the night stand.




“Sure, you were quiet at dinner I hope you don't feel I'm taking your mother.”


“I'm just tired, no I'm past that age.”


“Good, can't say I'm here for her anymore as it is.”


I knew it.


“Yeah I figured, you didn't seem to like what she was doing.”


He smirked.


“No, but I'd like it from you.”


I stared at him open mouthed.


“You're bold.”


“I know what I want, the question is, do you?”


I should have gotten up, ran off and called my mom, I should have kicked him in the family jewels for even suggesting what I thought he was. Yet in a matter of seconds I was on my back and his tongue was down my throat. There are so many red flags going off, this is so wrong, as he pinched my nipple through my shirt and sucked on my neck I just ignored them.


“Claude...you're dating my mother...”


“And you're her only daughter, are we going to fight over it?”


He ripped my blouse open and kissed down my stomach he may have been limp earlier but his erection was present now. My jeans and panties were pulled off his tongue expertly ran over my clit, giving me little time to keep up my inner argument.


No it shouldn't be an argument but it was, I arched, I've never felt a tongue move like that against my pussy. He held my hips as he worked, he licked like his life depended on it and soon I was cumming harder than I ever had. I didn't get a break I heard shuffling then a hard cock was pushed inside. I came again he was just the right size for me, he kissed me again but this time it was different.


I opened my eyes and the lights came back, my eyes widened, he was violet, a deep violet, and his hair had grown so long it was like a curtain over us, he had a septum peiricing and dark almost ocean blue eyes. Another list of shoulds, I should be screaming, terrified of his dark claws and fangs, but he had the same cheek bones, those plump lips, he now had a goatee and I thought it was all sexy. What the fuck is wrong with me? First I'm a whore now I question nothing and just keep moaning.


Speaking of moaning I knew his cock had gotten bigger, I could feel it, he pushed my legs so I was balancing on my shoulders as he rammed in and out of my cock quickly hitting me deeper and deeper. I screamed his name really not caring in the slightest, it was like everything in my mind had gone on individual vacations I only knew, harder, faster, and of course...Claude. He didn't disappoint he did everything I demanded. I was turned on my side so he could fuck me side ways, as he thrust I came again, and felt him release inside me but he kept going.


He moaned a little, but he mostly showed his desperation with his movements, fuck me it turned me on that he didn't want my mom; yeah I'm clearly fucked in the head. Wrong or not she would wait a couple of days and move on to the next if she knew what was happening.


When he came again I was put on my knees, reduced to deep guttural noises I was lost, I'd never been fucked so hard in my life. The lights went out again but it didn't change anything, mom would be out for a few hours, and I'm guessing, Claude would be in here until she returned.




The next morning he acted like nothing happened, the following weeks after that though... he always came to my room, I helped my mother out but I wasn't a twit. I didn't do this because I felt guilty and wanted to make it up to her, I didn't feel guilty even though I should. I saw her making eyes at a few guys as it was, I sighed every time I intended to shoo Claude out of my bed he was all over me and I was begging him to touch me more. It was far too easy to be whore sleeping with my mom's boyfriend, I shook my head.


Mom was helping out with a bake sale at the school and I was at home, of course in bed and Claude was laying behind me. He was kissing my neck, I looked at him.


“This really has to stop.”


“You really have to stop saying that.” he mumbled.


I sighed as I rolled over to look at him, he wasn't in his human form as he called it, the first week of our little...game I guess he told me he was an dark angel incubus hybrid. He had never been pure of heart but he was like what the angels used to defend their home. He could be corrupted, addicted, and wasn't there to keep an eye on weak humans.


However, he'd mostly gone without sex until I got here. He had never been able to get hard with mom, now he was a sex maniac and was using me to fix his problems, he growled behind me. Supposedly he couldn't read my mind, but he always got pissed off when I suggested he was just using me.


He got on top of me.


“We've been over this.”


“You said you couldn't read in my mind.”


“I always know when you're thinking you're a toy, I love you.”


I stared at him, he had to be kidding, a few weeks of constant sex wasn't love, he cupped my face.


“I see that questioning stare, but I do love you, that's why I'm still here.”


“Then why are you still dating my mom?”


I frowned, after all of this, I was the one feeling jealous, he chuckled as he stroked my face.


“I need a tie to this realm to be able to stay, if you stop acting like this is a mistake and accept me as you should then I can find a new place and take you with me. I came here because I knew your mother was....adventurous, she wouldn't care if I wasn't here anymore I need you. Not her.”


I didn't know what to say to that.




“Oh Claude, Alaina? Are you home can you come help with the groceries?”


He gave me a long kiss and got off of me he snapped his fingers to clean up and changed back to the form she was used to, I wasn't sure which side I liked more. We went downstairs to help, mom pulled me aside and gave me a pregnancy test, my fuck did she know?


“What's this for?”


“Sweetie I'm not dense I know you're hooking up with someone, you always look so flushed, just take this and ease my nerves okay?”


I sighed and took it.


“Fine I guess...”


I went to the bathroom to take the test, I read the box and knew I needed to wait a bit so when I was done I washed my hands and helped them put the groceries away. Claude was watching me.


“So what's the verdict?” he asked carefully.


“I need to wait a bit longer.”


“If you are then you'll need to gain some weight.” mom said.


It's not like I was skinny, I got my curvy figure from her after all.


Soon enough I found that not only am I the worst daughter ever, but my mom's senses were right on point...I was going to be a mother too.




The End


(Quick and to the point :D Hope you liked this, I never give the spotlight to the whore really, but you know...first time for everything)

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