The Twin Kings

The Twin Kings The Twin Kings

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Lana needs money, and the fastest way to get several thousand in a matter of hours is to sell yourself to the angels that have taken up their place around the world. Luckily she finds herself at the hands of a pair of men, though not related have always been seen as twins for the many similarities between them. If they have their way, they'll never let her go and she'll enjoy every minute of it.


Lana needs money, and the fastest way to get several thousand in a matter of hours is to sell yourself to the angels that have taken up their place around the world. Luckily she finds herself at the hands of a pair of men, though not related have always been seen as twins for the many similarities between them. If they have their way, they'll never let her go and she'll enjoy every minute of it.

Prolog (v.1) - The pleasing

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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(Okay so I had my groups set up one way now they have been rearranged, WTHW,IE, TSH, WB,CBF, IEH, BoTW, and DH are group one all of which I wanted a tiny break from. Now I'll write out group 2 lol The Light We Share, Clean Slate, and now this new one. I set it up like that because that keeps me a little more motivated this organized chaos in my head with all my stories. I'll have my break go back and double check a few things to get into the swing of things and it'll be fine heh. Can't do a long break, don't want to :D.


I own the story and all the characters, any likeness to any person(s) living or dead is coincidental and unintentional. While this story is available for free it is not to be redistributed in any way; I am the only person who can post this on more than one site or earn money for it in the future.)


Prologue – The Pleasing...



In The Cities, a cluster of cities once only occupied by humans, one would find the many cities once separated by plane or bus jammed together. Being destroyed where they once stood and rebuilt to suit those who were now in charge. This went for The Countryside, The Tropics, The Arctic, and The Inferno. There were other generic areas that didn't specifially fit all the requirements and were just parts of the areas like small towns with tiny populations, or places with extreme weather conditions. Mostly changing quickly and not easily tracked.


Things didn't end as those who were insane thought, in fact some humans weren't effected by the change. Those that had earned their riches fairly or those that were born into a wealthy family they were left alone, some that weren't useful for various reasons, being too elderly, or sick they were left in peace as well. Some asked to be kept safe instead and willingly offered themselves.


Today, was one of those days, women and men that were down on their luck were making their way to the noble houses. There were positions for simple servants, cooks, personal attendants many normal jobs but there was only one that attracted an audience.


The pleasing brought men and women that were attractive were brought into the main living area surrounded by some of the rich to please them. They weren't humans with humans, they were being paired with angels. Were there pure angels that only watched and kept an eye on humans? Yes, but those angels had never taken a taste of what the world had to offer. As the angels would say on Earth anyways. Humans that didn't please one had the option to try for a pleasure role with other nobles just in case.


If they pleased no one they could apply for a different job or come back the following month after practicing. Between humans and angels there were no diseases or unexpected pregnancy, some lived with their master or mistress enjoying time with them, some lived with them but still took payment, and some only took payment. After a bath women were put in pasties and thongs with transparent wraps around their waists and men only wore the wrap.


Not quite a sarong just a bit of cloth.


Ten were led in by the servants and they saw twenty in room some already being serviced, angels, dark and light..they were all tall, beautiful with thick wings and completely naked they just liked the slight dressing for those here. In the center were the main nobles, most of them had families that were pure that either went without real feelings or simply didn't enjoy life freely though they were fully aware of what they could enjoy on Earth and stayed where they were born. So it was more common for there to be angels with little to no relatives.


The main nobles, as there were in all the territories were the ones who first showed up using the strongest magic to take over. The pair for the cities was a pair of twins, they had an older and younger sister as well though neither was glad just enjoying their time freely they weren't in charge of anything. They had other siblings but they weren't here. The twins, as they weren't actually related though they looked very much alike having a simiar jaw build and the cut of their eyes they were raised as brothers though. Light and dark angels couldn't breed with one another, they were gorgeous though. The eldest a light angel with a nice bronze complexion, long silver hair, and bright silver-blue eyes large white wings hidden with magic normally were out and free, Vylis, he looked bored.


Next to him his brother Elvane, a dark angel with pale but rosy skin like a perfect painting, dark auburn hair, silver-green eyes, and large black wings. Both had a strong builds wash board abs, impressive cocks and sly smirks that could tempt anyone.


“I'm beginning to wonder why we come here.”


“Ah Vyl don't be grumpy it's just a bit of fun.”


He rolled his eyes.


“I'd rather get drunk.”


“Yeah alone in your room.”


“I'd rather that.” he stood up.


“I think I'd rather leave.”


“We have five more.” called one of the guards, they turned toward the door really Elvane didn't see anyone he liked until the very last one.


She looked nervous, she had a flat stomach though a thicker build, full curves, a nice ass, a reasonable breast size and she had chosen to cover her face. Some did that feeling embarassed about it though they usually got used to it Elvane waved over the guard curious why the woman with the best body in the room seemed to be insecure. She really only had the healthy shape of a woman one that obviously had his attention.


His and Vylis's.


She was led over and Vylis turned her around she was lightly tanned as if she sunbathed just right, her hair was shorter then their hair was but still past her shoulder, light brown, he pushed up the bag her eyes were closed but she had smooth kissiable lips, thick eye lashes, nice cheek bones.


“Open your eyes.” he said firmly as Elvane moved to stand next to him so he could examine her.


She did as she was told having been explained the rules for applying, a beautiul honey-hazel gaze, she was a stunning woman. She immiedately blushed seeing them in front of her, and attempted to look away but surrounded by naked beauties, all watching her she didn't have much to look at aside from them. Looking down made it worse she'd never seen cocks worth worshipping before.


“Well look at those eyes, now beautiful tell us your name.” Elvane said.


She'd never been called beautiful and wondered if they were teasing her.


“I only tease in bed babe.” he said.


She stared at him.


“Reading your eyes.” he explained.


“'s Lana.”


“Well Lana, what has you so nervous, surely you see you're the highest quality woman in the room.”


She frowned.


“It's the truth.”


She shook her head though the blush on her face darkened a bit.


“I've only slept with a couple guys....but I need the”


“What do you need it for? Don't cut anything out now.”


“My grandmother needs a few operations but they're going to kick her out of the hospital tomorrow morning if they aren't that they added on the debts from my grandfather's time in before the burial even though insurance was supposed to pay for it..even with savings and my paycheck this week I'm short...several thousand...and.” she said trailing off obviously she couldn't get that kind of money in a few hours anywhere else, her pretty eyes glistening with unshed, and frustrated tears. Though she wouldn't let anyone see her crying here.


They frowned, preferring to enjoy their immortal lives freely didn't mean they were evil and uncaring and pure didn't mean the angels above didn't enjoy other things behind closed doors. They were still touched by things that would make them help had they remained in the light. Dark angels weren't evil either they just handled more corrupt humans if needed. Light angels were usually just more mentally delicate is all.


You couldn't lie to either kind though.


“Well what do you know we're a team and we're not quite in the mood, we'll get dressed and go handle the payment but tonight you'll be between us hmm.” Vylis finally said.


She finally smiled, that only made her more beautiful as they left with her, she became the first servant of pleasure that didn't have to fuck first to get what she wanted. Though the thought that she was going to be with both with them for it, sent a shiver up her spine.


(Hope you stay tuned :D. )

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