The Start of a Sexy Relationship

The Start of a Sexy Relationship The Start of a Sexy Relationship

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


(I don't know why it just came to me to mark this but this is the second part of A Secret Worth Sharing.) Eric and Alexia have an evening he's been dying for.


(I don't know why it just came to me to mark this but this is the second part of A Secret Worth Sharing.) Eric and Alexia have an evening he's been dying for.


Submitted: January 20, 2016

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Submitted: January 20, 2016



(I actually wanted to write more but cut off teasing is so much fun hehe. Although I of course don't write things that are too long and I know there is suppose to be a cut off limit anyways not sure at what point that comes up though lol. I gave them POV switches cause it fits in this situation.


I own the story and all the characters, any likeness to any person(s) living or dead is coincidental and unintentional. While this story is available for free it is not to be redistributed in any way; I am the only person who can post this on more than one site or earn money for it in the future.)


Alexia's POV


I guess I can come somewhat easily when I want to, but usually that's just me getting curious about a man's body of course I've experimented with other girls but I can't help that I need dick in my life. I have seven half siblings, none of which really know me I only met them one year at a family picnic. Safe to say I'm not interested in just sleeping around wildly but I can be very interested in simply fooling around, I have birth control and I always remember it but it's not just those siblings I come from a very large family we're very fertile I don't like to risk things I also would rather not catch something from being too easy. Though sometimes I can let loose a little bit Mr. Royce or rather..Eric is just number 3 so really I'm not that bad not that it matters too much I just want to have a good time.


I went to the course and enrolled as a student not because I need help but that gave me more freedom than a professor. I think I might end up being a teacher myself I enjoy it, I may not be the most intelligent as there are still many things that just go over my head but what I do know and understand I can spread to others. When I first saw Eric I was immediately attracted, it's only a month into the Summer but since I spend the most time in his class talking to him I feel like we've known each other forever. Not in some silly little cheesy way but I'm comfortable around him, the other guys I've seduced I was just horny. Eric however is a nice guy, he's very smart and reliable, he's fun to talk to and he's really good at what he does.


He helped out when they were short a life guard at the pool in the gym and it just so happens he has a nice body. He's like a slim swimmer sort just enough definition to show he's all man but not so much that he looks weird the way he is now. Some men just have that androgynous look and he's definitely one of them. I wasn't going to go too far in the class room but I wanted to tease him a little, when I first caught him staring it wasn't too obvious he was at the water cooler talking to one of the secretaries. I came by to drop off some papers for one of the other teachers and the way a person's eyes move? You can always tell when they're checking you out. I started noticing more often that he would look at me from time to time.


It's pretty hot in Cali especially around this time of the year so I was dressing loosely already I just started picking clothes that showed things off properly. I was just giving him a hard time...pun totally intended, I didn't think he actually wore panties. Though it really does suit him just because of how his body is shaped. I told him to lay on the bed and spread his legs just so I could get a look I know he's older than me but he doesn't look more than a couple years older he knew how to take care of himself just fine. His cock was straining against the lace, he had a nice 8 inches for me, I got close and looked into his eyes I can appreciate a man with a good set of bedroom eyes.


I reached in the drawer to pull out his vibrator it was a small one sort of shaped like an egg and covered by a thin plastic cover. I had seen one like this that was something like a filter so the vibrator itself could be kept clean, it came with several changes. I took the cover off and pressed the slider on the remote it had four settings. I didn't say a word I just moved to touch him.

Eric's POV


We didn't say much as I showed her my room but then I didn't have much to say, while a month isn't that long when you think about it I'd been lusting after her for a while and now she was here. She wasn't bothered by my fetish, I don't know any man who wouldn't be even more turned on by that. As she watched me I wondered what she was thinking about, I told her which drawer I kept my things in the text she turned on the vibrator and started tracing my nipples with it. They aren't that sensitive but I imagine I feel more from them than most guys might, but then what would I know I only do the ladies. She trailed it down to my cock, she stroked up and down the shaft and near the tip Carrie taught me to control myself but it was hard not to arch it's just how I am.


Panting a bit I tried to stay still then she bent forward and kissed me I tend to mock porn stars who say they could have cum from a kiss but now I understood. Maybe because I've been lonely it felt like more but as her tongue played with mine while she teased my cock I came pretty close. She pulled back and smirked.


“About what you said about being prepared to obey, do you have a mistress?”


I shook my head.


“Haven't had one since I was a teen....” I tried to remember my old training some habits were stuck but it was hard to talk clearly and sit still in this situation.


It was difficult but I used to be able to do it.


“Well maybe I could fix that.” I moaned at the thought.


She smirked wider, she removed the vibrator just as I got close, evil and delicious...


“” she had left the toy in place so long it still sort tingled making me crave release.


“I could be a mistress, maybe not a “complete” dominatrix but I do like being in charge.”


“What do you mean by...that?”


She shifted and pulled off her tank top and bra showing me those perfect tits, they were reasonably sized and she bent forward again so I could take one of her nipples in my mouth I was glad to suck on it. She gave a pleased sigh.


“My friend showed me a porn, she called it torture porn, I don't know how a man can take being kicked in the balls like that but it didn't look sexy, I don't want a twisted bdsm sort of deal.”


Thank god for me, I can obey a lot of things but I had seen those videos too I'm submissive not fucking crazy. She pulled away so I could take the other nipple, her soft tits were a favorite...real. When she pulled away again she got up completely so she could get rid of her panties I saw she was wet, I wanted to taste more of her so badly. I winced, the strain was starting to hurt, she took pity on me and pulled my cock free. Licking the underside of my cock and around the head a bit pushed me over the edge her mouth was warm and she moved her tongue quickly I can hold it for a while but I have a limit. I came hard and she swallowed. As she massaged my balls and shaft she looked at me.


“See I could have let you suffer but I didn't want to.”


I panted heavily as I watched her, holding back an orgasm always made for better release later but with her it was a lot more intense I was already hard again and desperate for her to keep going. She pulled the lube out and I gripped the sheets I didn't play with myself enough to need lube but I had bought it when was drunk and horny I woke up with a receipt, a hard on, and a hang over the next day. I spread my legs she shook her head.


“On your knees and put your butt in the air.”


I did as she said and I felt her pull my panties down a bit before going back in the drawer to get the latex free gloves, I had them just in case I got curious. I felt her pour a little on the ring after I spread my cheeks for her then she started massaging. I bit the pillow, she was gentle and applied just the right amount of pressure.


“You're going to make a sound for me aren't you?”


I could only moan in response, she slipped her finger in further.


“Tell me, do you like it rough?”


“Do whatever you want.”


She continued at the slow pace.


“Now Eric, that wasn't the question.” she purred.


She stopped moving her finger and I tried to steady my breathing.


“A little rough...” I pushed up on my hands as a second finger was added, moaning like a trained slut which I guess I am.


“So you do like it rough, I'm surprised you don't like dildos.”


I shivered.


“...It was shoved in roughly, that was my old mistress's way of breaking it off...she said she didn't care anymore.”


She stopped for a moment.


“I'm sorry.”


I shook my head.


“It's been years, it's fine now.” she moved her fingers again.


“It doesn't bother you to talk about like this?”


I shook my head and I heard her giggle.


“You'll have to answer me with words you know.”


“...No...I'm only focusing on you.”


“Are you sure?”


“Y...yes...” she reached between my legs to pump my cock at the same time, which I couldn't handle like I used to be able to.


I gripped the sheets as I came hard, I know it's not for everyone but with the proper movement I've always had more intense orgasms when played with like this, I panted against the pillow heavily she pulled her fingers out and threw the used glove in the trashcan by the bed. I was glad I was laying down I couldn't have stayed standing. She slid off the bed, I was going to have to change the sheets after that, we went to the bathroom I had an arm around her as she kissed and bit on my neck, it was easy to bend enough to turn on the water. She didn't stop me from gripping her ass as we kissed. When the tub was filled up I got in and she settled on my lap she reached for the body wash and stroked my cock under the warm water not that she needed to I was ready for whatever she sat up and grabbed my hands she let me massage her breasts as she lowered herself on my cock.


I gritted my teeth, she was nice and tight she moved herself up and and down no matter how much I wanted her after cumming just then I could hold it more easily. Still her erotic moans made my cock twitch I groaned.


“Your pussy feels so fucking good.”


“ like it huh? You'd call it a treat wouldn't you?” she teased breathily.


“From my mist..ress?” Oh I was hopeful.


She nodded I moved my hips I was relieved, I'd do my best to please her if she let me, I didn't want to get so far into this only to find it was just a one time thing. I'd only known her a short time but all that mattered was that she was more for me than Samantha had been after six years. If I didn't have to give her up then I wouldn't. This didn't mean it was exclusive on her end I know well how it works being the submissive granted I don't need to look for anyone else.


She moved teasingly, she did it quickly, sort of clenching that sweet little pussy on me then she would just stop. She moaned but had no problem teasing me, where had she been all my life, I don't know how long she fucked me but she put off release for a good while. As she moved up and down quickly and her pussy clenched I knew she was close I held it back but fuck it was hard to do we came together I gripped her wet body to mine as she kissed me again, we rested for a moment but we had to go a few more times .


Against the wall and on the floor, we collapsed on the floor and just laid there for a bit, not that my cock was worn out or anything.


We slept in the guest bedroom, I really thought this was going to be some unfortunate dream but I woke up behind her, it was Thursday, one of the off days for the course I was in no rush. I looked over at her she had her back to me and was still asleep I moved to pull her close. I know she agreed last night but that was in the moment she could still change her mind. Which I hoped she wouldn't, she shifted in my arms after a moment and rolled over while rubbing her eyes.




“Hey.” she gave me a soft kiss, though it brought back visions from last night.


She laughed as she felt my erection against her.


“Always ready to go? Or maybe you just like me?”


“I'll always be ready for you because I like you.” I said.


“Oh how convenient, why don't we shower? Then you can make me breakfast in your favorite panties and stockings and I'll see if I want to help you with that.”


My cock twitched in response.


“Yes mistress.” I said with a grin.


This was going to be fun.




(You know I say it's the end but I don't know I could add one more part who knows.)

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