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Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



There are many that can take a break up in stride and move on, some hang on, and even still some are mostly fine until they see the other person again. He understood, she did what she thought was best, he wasn't over her but he let her go so she could take care of what was important. Seeing her again his only thoughts are claiming her again, if she'd only let him, no matter what his wife might think.


There are many that can take a break up in stride and move on, some hang on, and even still some are mostly fine until they see the other person again. He understood, she did what she thought was best, he wasn't over her but he let her go so she could take care of what was important. Seeing her again his only thoughts are claiming her again, if she'd only let him, no matter what his wife might think.

Prolog (v.1) - Lost...

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 04, 2017



(Now see I did good I finished a story first I'm able to do that...though don't know if that will happen again I mean really my attention So just going to go ahead and get started I feel a little down about yeah so moving on.


I own the story and all the characters, any likeness to any person(s) living or dead is coincidental and unintentional. While this story is available for free it is not to be redistributed in any way; I am the only person who can post this on more than one site or earn money for it in the future.)


Lost in a memory





I shifted as I opened my eyes I was laying in that same pale cream and white room, it looked clean felt home-y. Looking away from the view outside the large windows I turned my attention the woman between my legs. It didn't take much to harden when I looked at her she had a natural handful when it came to breasts. Not too big, and no where near small. She had a flat stomach not as though she had abs or needed them she had a soft build. Curvy and then there was the soft light mocha skin tone the thick curls that framed her face were tight and I always wanted to grab them. Though she didn't mind as a smile appeared on her beautiful face, plump lips, she looked at me with those light honey eyes of hers.


I sat up as she stroked my cock, she had something special in her touch I kissed her lips.


Though no matter how I talked about her or how she looked I knew, and most importantly she knew that I loved her more than anything in this world.


She brought me peace.


Took nothing...though I was anything but poor, I could give her whatever she wanted but that's not what she came to me for. I started to need her more, even when we weren't able to be together long we took what we could. If I couldn't meet her we chatted through the night always her worries came over, hoping I was taking proper care of myself I would to put her mind at ease though I hardly ever worried about myself.


As she moved spreading her legs over mind she opened her mouth, the sound of an alarm going off just as she hovered over me.


Kieran moved to sit up he rubbed his eyes as he moved to put his frameless wire glasses on he turned off the alarm clock. The room he was actually in a simple but richly decorated oak, blue, and silver theme. The curtains were open letting light in. As he moved to sit up and looked over at the empty space in bed. It was April eleventh, and he knew because he always had the same dream on her birthday. He moved to get up running his hands through his dark auburn hair as he walked into the bathroom. It was fairly large with a reasonably 'deep' circle bathtub and a large shower with his and her sinks.


He passed by his wife as she curler her hair, where he stood it was clear how different they were her hair was a pale blond, his eyes were blue hers were dark, she had a nice tan and he was pale he kept some shadow on his face. She wasn't particularly fond of the rugged look but it didn't matter so much. It wasn't like she was jumping to kiss him or anything.


She looked at him..


“I was wondering if you'd join us this morning.”


“It's only seven.”


“Your father wants to meet for breakfast remember?”


He sighed.


“Right...breakfast, well I'll grab a quick shower we'll get there in plenty of time.”


“You had better move it then don't want to be late darling.” she cooed.


He rolled his eyes as he turned away from her and she was fairly thin looked healthy, had a slight curve though with the tight suits, pencil dresses, or flowing shirts she wore her figure vanished. He stepped in the shower it was built into the wall a little differently the steam remained in the shower so the mist wouldn't mess with her hair. They were in a hotel, one made with the help of demons, there weren't many demons compared to humans. Yes there were still several hundred pure bloods but that was peanuts compared to the humans.


There were many demons that were able to mate and have children with humans providing at least half demon children but there just wasn't much. After the war bred through infighting sprouted in the demon world many lost their lives it took a lot to get the sensible demons left to band together and save what they could. This was many many decades ago and Kieran was one of the few royal members left. He'd been young then though most demons, his kind anyways, aged until thirty before they stopped aging and merely existed.


He had a brother and a younger sister, his mother was lost in the war it was his stepmother that gave him the sister. Though demons had taken a hit from the witches that had been dragged into the war, there was not really natural tension between the two groups as there was more than one sort of witch and the remaining demons knew better.


Though there were still many that had used them as test subjects, while they tore one another apart their spells from the sky hit bit by bit. Some making them weaker, some instant kills, and some just damaging. One spell, or curse in particular didn't discriminate, many demons couldn't reproduce as they once could, some not at all, some had a much harder time. In many ways they were like stronger, longer lasting humans. In others they were still the demons their ancestors meant them to be.


He had two kids with his wife though they weren't actually his they got a donor, in normal cases that didn't matter a child was a child that belonged to their family. Though he was demon, a demon prince at that and he naturally felt a little differently around them. He made sure they were well taken care of, spent time with them sure, but his demon soul just didn't latch on to them. He couldn't always read them and they weren't rushing to him either.


Eliza was a half demon and she had come from a higher end family, they would be the equivalent of a Duke's family, historically. She was suitable as a wife but they found that even with tests taken prior to the marriage it just wasn't working. They were the children of another demon they didn't know who the donor was it was completely anonymous, he was paid handsomely to be left out of it though. Kieran was sure her parents still kept his bank account full knowing that demons were naturally protective of their own children. He could blend his blood with his wife, keep her going though they had nothing else. Both were naturally tan while Eliza's was from a tanning salon, they had her eyes and hair though, twins.


Lissa and Jordan they were ten.


He finished in the shower and moved to get ready before heading out with her no matter how long she took getting dressed she would always complain about him first. Grabbing the twins from their room, attached to the suite of course, they moved to leave. The Blue Thorn was a high ranking, five star hotel in Beverly Hills their lands were still in the demon world though they had a home in a few places.


He was known for his luck with the stocks as some called it, investing as he should, though he wrote and was fairly popular he used a pseudonym until he built up a following. He liked to know that people bought his books because they liked them. He had started painting, he supposed he was feeling a little sentimental he hadn't picked up a paintbrush in a while but his skills had hardly changed and he sold those.


His family was old, what history they held, he was worth a lot of money and had access to his share he just liked having something to do that kept him paid, work for what he wanted he enjoyed doing it that way but he was also free to do his work as a prince which kept his father satisfied. Lucien was very duty bound, he cared about his new wife...he needed someone by his side as a King in charge but he lost his real love when his mother died.


Kieran looked just like his father though he wore his hair a little longer and had his mother's eyes, his brother Camus also took after their father in a lot of ways though his hair was black it came from their mother of course. His sister Paulina had dark brown curls and dark eyes, just like her mother Diane, she was sixteen and a sweet girl in most cases though she could be moody just as many unpredictable half demons. They weren't dangerous with training and even without they weren't as bad as they could be it was just the fact of having unclear emotions.


That and how many acted without thinking.


Not always wise with a princess but she kept it together.



They headed to a nice bakery that was recently expanded it looked as high class and modern as any place. Chocolate floated in the air, the theme was Neapolitan...the ice cream that is dark floors, light furniture and even lighter cushion it was cute really in an odd shape. It was pretty warm many demons and humans alike knew their family. Most of the high profile families were known, everyone was waiting for them when they arrived, he smiled at his sister as she greeted her niece and nephew. Camus had brought his new girlfriend Leila she was a pretty brunette with lighter green eyes, he'd been seeing her a while though it was the first time they had met her.


Lucien looked up as the waiter came over a mocha skinned man with dark hair stood he was handsome and had pretty dark eyes.


“Morning, I'm Greg and I'll be your waiter today what can I get you to drink?” he asked handing them menus.


As there was an order of coffee, hot chocolate, tea and milk he hurried off giving them time to look at the menus.


“So, running late again.” Lucien said to Kieran.


He shook his head.


“It happens.”


“It shouldn't but as it's vacation I'll let it go.”


He frowned but ignored him he looked out the window as they chatted rolling his eyes at his brother's smirk. He resisted the urge to flip him off, they got along just fine but Camus liked to give him shit he didn't realize how much he was off in his own little world until Lucien cleared his throat. He looked up as Paulina tried again.


“Big brother?”


He looked over still ignoring his father realizing he had completely missed a question.




“I said, are you coming with us to the beach tomorrow?”


“Yeah I'm not doing anything.”


She smiled.


“Good, now what has you as such a space cadet today?” Camus asked.


“Nothing, don't mind me.” he said simply.


“Ha, there is never 'nothing' when it comes to you being distracted.” Paulina said.


“I'm sure he was just up late, enjoy it while you can.” Diane added, he smiled at her but shifted in his seat they did get along she was a good woman.


“Yeah that's all it is, I'll probably be out earlier tonight, anyways...Leila is just meeting us make sure to talk to her.”


“Oh sure give my girlfriend the spotlight.”


Before he could comment Eliza took over for him, he glanced out the window again he stared at the taxi that arrived the windows weren't very tinted and with his sight he could see in more clearly anyways. When the door opened blue haired girl hopped out, she was a cute, curvy beauty with brown eyes wearing the same pale pink uniform the others wore. She wasn't who had his attention he sensed the same he used to. As the other woman stepped out, her curls had been straightened cut leaving angled bangs and a cute pixie bob that suited her all the more. It was still her, the girl who plagued his mind for fifteen years. She looked in and her smile faded as she lowered her sunglasses and brushed her bang out of her face before she came around the other side paid the driver and yanked her co-worker inside and to the kitchen the heels chosen for the uniform clicking as they moved. Camus laughed after a moment.


“What was that? Are they late or something...” Paulina wasn't really asking doubting they would know.


“Looked like she was spooked by Kieran, were you glaring at her or something?”


He could only shake his head.


“Maybe they really were late.” he said absently.


“Or maybe she didn't realize who she was staring at and thought you were cute, you do have a fanclub.” Paulina said.


“As if.” Eliza said, obviously offended he really hoped the topic would change as he waved it off, she stayed in his mind, not because they were specifically tied in anyway but they had a rare bond. Most demons didn't just have issues having children, they usually didn't find their mates or one that could fit the bill. Seeing her run away cut him deep, as she had already done that once before.


He just couldn't hold it against her.


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