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The Lady's Vampire The Lady's Vampire

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



Sometimes a little luck can mean the most, and Sterling was definitely lucky to catch the eye of a Duchess well trained in hand to hand combat.


Sometimes a little luck can mean the most, and Sterling was definitely lucky to catch the eye of a Duchess well trained in hand to hand combat.

Prolog (v.1) - Saved by the lady

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 02, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 02, 2016



(So yeah cleaned up some stuff have a little more space, still racing the other two but LtBK appears to be winning :D. I don't know what it is about the generic ideas but I can't say enough that I just like to see if I can still keep them interesting my way.


Anyhoo this is like The Duke She Loves and it's re-make My Precious Duchess, however the other way around. Which I realize I don't really do, it's normal for the main male to have the money lol just happens. Which is that bit of generic, the servant and the master, not in the bdsm way but very literal I don't know I just like it.


I own the story and all the characters, any likeness to any person(s) living or dead is coincidental and unintentional. While this story is available for free it is not to be redistributed in any way; I am the only person who can post this on more than one site or earn money from it in the future.)


Prologue – Saved by the lady


In the massive wood and stone manor of the Burgess family, the sound of heels clicking as the older maid ran through the polished halls was deafening. She held her black skirt and apron up as she ran, her graying curls bouncing under under her bonnet she passed several other servants looking through the richly decorated rooms before running into one of the older butlers he grabbed her around the waist to steady her she looked up at him her blue eyes staring into his white ones. The younger maids adored the demon always commenting on his somewhat curly short dark teal hair and light olive complexion. She however was happily married to another butler, Vincent and only let out a frustrated wail he patted her shoulder carefully smiling slightly.


“There there Florence, what has you so upset?” he asked softly.


“Alois! Her Royal Highness is coming and I can't find her daughter anywhere she's slipped out again.


He chuckled slightly.


“Florence I do not know why you allow yourself to be so easily riled, did you know Gyan is also gone.”


She sniffed as wiped her eyes, Gyan was a tiger a gift from the Malhotra an Indian demon family, Princess Amala was a close friend of their missing Duchess. While their rules are somewhat similar to their human 'cousins' they have several rules that only apply to demons. Amala has plenty of freedom with guards and travels often her grandfather the Maharaja(?) is over protective and is fine being in charge while enjoying his time alive with his family. However he is hoping she will meet her mate while she travels marriage is only allowed once because of mates, there is no room for divorce though when a demon meets their match it's not needed anyhow. Gyan was properly trained and only wears a collar so as not to alarm the local law enforcement team.


Amala had once brought tiger cubs and without collars they ran freely, it was more about training than a collar but if something so simple put them at ease around the animals roaming freely then so be it. Gyan didn't actually mind his collar, Amala gave him to Lady Margaret on her sixth birthday and they had been attached ever since. He hardly ever held back when she was ready to go he listened to her and sometimes Amala but will definitely ignore anyone else.


He'd protect his favorite Lady no matter the danger.


“You know how her mother can be Alois...please go find them, I'll lose my head in every way if she's not here and properly dressed by six.”


He nodded and told her to go have some tea to relax, finding her would be no issue for him, he had been there since she was just a babe after all.



Margaret smiled to herself pleased with her escape, she wasn't so much a troublesome young woman as she was simply bored. She never left her home when she had lessons or other obligations, however her mother had called long after she was already gone. She thought it would be fine to come out for a little while she looked down at her large companion who lazily waved his tail as a group of school children came to pet him. Margaret looked up seeing she had not only caught the eye of children but of several men. She was used to that, while not being a vain girl growing up seeing her mother lose it over the tiniest things she always prided herself on being the more level headed of the two.


Still there was always a gentleman or two trying to talk to her, she was the only Duchess with a tiger that she kept with her. Everyone who was anyone knew who she was and her connection to their current Queen. Though like Amala who was also eighteen, she hadn't met anyone that caught her eye and no one was rushing her down the aisle.


Though her admirers call it a shame, she's a pale beauty after all, she looked down as Gyan growled low then up as a man approached he was very skinny with a thick beard and he looked fairly nervous. Gyan was not very fond of the men that got too close to his mistress, some he didn't mind but he was protective all the same.


“Ah good afternoon Your Grace, I am Ronald Benford we met at your father's gala some weeks ago.” she smiled at him as he kissed her hand politely.


“Nice to see you again Mr. Benford, did you come to join me for tea?”


He shook his head quickly watching Gyan.


“I just wished to say hello, and marvel at your beautiful honey eyes.” honey eyes, that was something many commented on hazel yes but very light just like honey.


Being she spent little time in the Sun they were her darkest feature, her pale blond curls fell around her face always set just right. Today she wore a pink dress that stood out with her feathered hat she did have a weakness for dresses and silks.


“You're too kind Mr. Benford.” she said.


She could barely pay attention as he spoke, just like when they met his main focus was talking about what he would do if he could marry her and have access to her father's account. She didn't see her father much as he was normally busy with his work and traveling. His mother was aging and had many obligations she simply couldn't fill, yes she was able bodied enough to handle her affairs here but traveling for sickly woman was out of the question. She was too easy a target as her demon guards would say. Margaret adored her grandmother and would visit when she was sure the Queen wouldn't be too busy and was well.


Then there was her sensitive mother, she could be more than a little difficult preferring the more social work, attending balls and going out for lunches to show their family's way of mixing with those alike and beneath. It was simple but the Queen wanted her for it, she wasn't all that close to the Princess they got along but they were very different. When her grandmother was younger she was much more likely to be out joining in the hunt than shopping for dresses. She hardly cared what others thought of her while Vivian cared a great deal and pushed many of her ways on her daughter. Margaret though was still very much her own person, a decent mix of the two.


She didn't care for status but Ronald made it perfectly clear that while he thought she was attractive he was more interested in money than anything else. She didn't want to marry anyone like that, she hardly wanted to be friends with anyone like that. As she glanced out the window of the pale tea house she noticed in shadows as dusk set in a man stumbling around though none of the well dressed individuals on the street seemed to notice him as he stumbled along. She frowned as he grabbed a side of the wall leaving blood behind realizing he was injured she then smiled at Ronald.


“Excuse me Mr. Benford but I remember I have a prior engagement you must get in touch with my father I'm sure he'd very interested in your...what was it again?”


“Oil cakes.”


“Right of course.”


As Gyan stood up he was quick to stand back most children were fascinated by Gyan they would politely pet him and walk off silenty without a word like the group had done just before Ronald walked over but grown men that certainly had no chance running away from him were always put on edge.


“Thank you again for your time Your Grace.”


She smiled at him and moved to walk out with Gyan behind her, she patted his head when she looked around and noticed the man was gone, he looked up at her.


“Smell that dear?”


He sniffed then cocked his head to the right in understanding, left for no right for yes, she smiled at him.


“I think he needs help, follow the scent.”


He sniffed again then did as she said she walked behind him holding up her parasol she didn't want anyone to be alarmed she often trailed behind him. There weren't that many demons that lived in this area though it was fairly popular there were more humans than anything. Demons and humans had always lived together, not always peacefully like most did now but it was a part of life. However that didn't mean that demons taught every single human how to handle themselves when scared. Panic would do no good and seeing her tiger running through the streets chasing after a bloody man would do no good.


She smiled and nodded at people as she passed them following Gyan around a corner and inbetween a pair of stores. Until he found bloody foot prints, he growled she reached in her bag and pulled a small tube, it looked rather harmless but gave a shock to those not so human and demons of course, and for human threats there was a button for them, demons tended to attack more quickly leaving less time..if any to think about defense. He inched forward until they could peer around the corner she covered her mouth, she could barely see the man as there were others kicking him and laughing. She was frozen for just a moment as the tips of their shoes had knives sticking out.


“You're a pathetic excuse for a vampire, have you nothing to say?”


She shook her head and tapped the back of Gyan's head giving him the okay, he darted forward landed on the the first startling the others he ripped off one arm well taught as demons preferred animal guards in most cases. They didn't give off a strong enough scent and could be trained to move even better than humans who were bred for stealth. He growled holding up the arm they backed off nervously all she really had to was give one more command and he'd give in to his basic instincts of simply removing the threat.


“One command is all it takes.” she called from her hiding spot.


“What makes you think some woman and her pet are going to do anything to us?”


“One last warning, six on one is hardly fair don't you demons have any deceny if you must fight do it like men not scared little boys.”


“Why this bitch is a bloody moron.” called another, he ran toward her she punched him in the face the tube adding an electric charge to it, harmless of course to her because she was the one using it. Caught by surprise he fell back clutching his broken noise and twitching.


She smiled slightly thinking of her beloved grandmother, always saying if she enjoyed things her mother did that was great but there was no harm in learning anything beyond that. She hit plenty hard one shouldn't let her delicate appearance fool them.


He spit out the arm and moved as she came into view looking at the other four she smiled.


“It's not really my business so you'll have to forgive me but I can't just ignore you attacking a man that can't fight you back in his state, please leave.”


They charged at her, Gyan easily took down two pouncing on them hard enough to crack their spines in no need of a command as four was too much and he really did question her ability to handle four. Raising her leg to kick one just under his chin while swinging her arm to hit the other with the same punch in the gut she had given his friend she moved out the way as they both went down. Amala taught her several weak spots that were best from human to demon combat.


She brushed off her dress and moved toward Gyan ignoring the groaning demons, they were weak she knew and she worried only if they had stronger friends. She bent next to the vampire and reached to touch his shoulder.




She jumped and looked over her shoulder as Alois landed next to the three that could get up and walk away.


“Alois! I'm fine, but help me get him back to the manor these men were trying to kill him.”


“Absolutely not, he could be any sort of thug vampires are so rare near here now a days do you even know why they went after him?”


“No but if he really is evil then I'll make amends by....letting Gyan eat him or something just come help he's bleeding out.”




She pouted puckering her lower lip as she would to get her way when she was a child he stiffened it still worked on him he had a hard time seeing her as a woman when he used to change her diapers. He sighed.


“....Very well Your Grace.”


She patted the groaning man's back just barely noticing his slightly opened eyes as he looked up at her.


“Don't worry you'll be alright.”


Alois sighed as he picked the other up, he looked at his Duchess and smiled slightly, wreckless she may be but she did have a heart of gold. He didn't actually sense danger from the man but then again as banged up as he was he probably wasn't even a threat to a kitten. Though he wondered why they singled him out.


He supposed they would find out.


(Just a note I think I'm a little confused the info is so scattered I think it's Maharaja but could just be Raja. Anyhoo stay tuned.)

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