The Duke She Loves

The Duke She Loves The Duke She Loves

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


(Complete)Nora and her mother have hit rock bottom, she's lucky enough to meet one of the head maids who is hiring. The house she now works for is owned by an....interesting man, to say the least, if she gets lucky again, his love might become hers for the taking.


(Complete)Nora and her mother have hit rock bottom, she's lucky enough to meet one of the head maids who is hiring. The house she now works for is owned by an....interesting man, to say the least, if she gets lucky again, his love might become hers for the taking.

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Duke She Loves

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(I don't even know if I like this title :D)Nora and her mother have hit rock bottom, she's lucky enough to meet one of the head maids who is hiring. The house she now works for is owned by an....interesting man, to say the least, if she gets lucky again, his love might become hers for the taking.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 19, 2014



(I've wanted to write this story for a very long time, but I simply chose not to. That matters because this is set in England during the Victorian Era. I just know I'll mess something up. So there is your warning, this was written for fun because I can't concentrate on my other stories until I get this one out of my mind. So you aren't surprised, of course I don't have an all human cast. As always the story is mine the characters are mine any likeness to any person(s) living or dead is coincidental and unintentional remember that while this story is available for free it is not to be redistributed I am the only person allowed to upload this story to more than one site or earn money for it in the future.)






Nora ran down the crowded streets holding her skirts up just enough so that she wouldn't trip, she wore a plain black dress and had a white one underneath that covering her knickers, and worn out corset. Obviously nothing like those worn by the high society ladies made of expensive silk and ribbon.


Just a simple one made from flannel that her mother gave to her, she insisted she wear it no matter what. Her straight black hair was in a tight bun and she had pretty hazel eyes. Anyone who took a good look at her would consider her a great beauty. However, anyone who got to know her would know she was a rare breed of beauty; one that wasn't spoiled, self-centered, and heartless. Not that every good looking person has these qualities, she just happens to have had the displeasure of running into many that did.


She turned a corner and ran into someone, she fell backwards and landed roughly on her backside, the woman turned around and looked ready to curse her very existence until she noticed who it was. The pretty blond wore a colorful dress with a daring neckline that showed a good amount of her pale breasts.


“Nora! You should really watch where ya' goin' when yer on a busy street luv.” she said as she helped her up.


Nora dusted off her dress and thanked her.


“Sorry Cassandra, I'm running a bit late.” she replied.


“Well where are ya' off to wit' yer fancy speech and 'air all done up like the average old maid?” she asked.


Nora giggled.


“I'm headed to work.”


“Dressed like that?” she asked surprised.


Nora sighed, Cassandra was convinced that the only job for any woman worth looking at was a whore, unless of course some rich old man picked them up.


“I got a job, as a maid the master of the house is the Duke of the North.” she said.


“Ah yeah, Lord Dante, I say, ain't 'e the one that's one of those not quite 'umans or whatever you call them?”


“Yes he is, I heard he's noticeable because he has dark blue hair.” she replied.


“Blue 'air? For a Lord or whatever?”


“He isn't human Cassandra.” Nora said.


She shrugged.


“Well I suppose if that's 'ow one wants to get attention.” she mumbled.


Nora shook her head with a smile.


“Cassandra I have to go but I'll see you later.”


“Of course ya' will, but remember if ya' finds 'e 'as a thing for one of us “low class ladies” 'as we're called, snatch 'im up.”


Nora laughed and waved before she continued down the street, she didn't know what Cassandra was thinking being in this part of London dressed like that. The shops were filled with expensive items and many of the snobby owners would have her arrested just for looking in one of the windows. Dante's manor was located generally close to the city but was placed in an area with a lot of trees and open space.


She had planned to leave earlier but her mother was already awake with a list of chores that needed to be completed. She didn't want to get on her mother's bad side, if she lost her job she would need a place to go back to. There was a carriage that took servants to and from the manor that she had to find. She came to a stop just as a woman walked out of one of the shops, she wore a beautiful dress in pink, white, and yellow with lots of ribbon and lace. The hat on her head had a large bow, and she carried a parasol in the same color and design.


She is stunning, her light purple hair is in a decorative bun several curls frame her face, she's pale, and has deep green eyes. She is Dante's younger sister, Faith, she looked over as Nora curtsied quickly. When one first looked at the busy streets of London they would see truly pretty works of art, stores for only those who were rich, activities for the privileged families etc.


However, if a demon, or angel, any being that wasn't human looked around they would see a thin blue field, something like a barrier, separating the humans from their supernatural neighbors; the demon half of London has a variety of darker shops. Demons and humans have lived together for quite some time there isn't a single history book in the human library that doesn't include the demons and the barrier. Of course it isn't just London that is separated, the barrier is all over the world.


Many demons are civilized and even trustworthy these individuals were easily found among the humans. The barrier was put up to keep their dangerous and unpredictable cousins away from the humans they wanted to eat. There were some common areas where this barrier wasn't in place, like the town hall and some of the schools for example, dangerous or not they had to be controlled. This means they need to learn about the humans and understand why they can't just kill whomever they want.


In these designated areas it was easy to keep control of the group, they are not allowed to roam free where they become harder to find. This breed of demon has several sub groups and most of them are smart enough to hide their scents after all there are many women, and some men, who wear so much perfume it's easy to do.


“Your Grace.” she said.


Faith nodded to her and Nora continued to stare at the ground, she was only grateful she hadn't also run into the Duchess.


“Hey you almost knocked my sister to the ground!”


She looked up and stared at the purple haired young woman who looked like a younger version of Faith except she wasn't as pretty and her figure wasn't as attractive, her dress was darker and had less ribbon, she frowned.


“I....I'm sorry.” Nora replied quickly.


“Is sorry going to change anything?” she snapped.


“Constance you should learn not to speak to people so rudely.” Faith said.


“But sister..”


Faith shook her head.


“Come this way to the carriage Constance.” Faith said.


Constance gave Nora another dirty look and turned to follow her sister, Nora sighed, late for work and already on the bad side of her boss's family this day couldn't get any worse.




“You know I would not have hired you if I knew you were not reliable.” Prudence said.


Nora was sitting in the servant's carriage with the head human maid and two other maids who were also human, Prudence wore a dark green dress under a plain gray coat with a hat to match. She has gray hair always in a bun even when she slept, watery blue eyes, and pale skin. Joanna wore a dark blue dress under the same jacket , she's a blond with, brown eyes, and has sun kissed skin. Next to Joanna was Marie, a pretty red head wearing the same blue dress that was the uniform. Prudence frowned when Nora didn't say anything.


“Well speak up young lady, what do you have to say for yourself?” she said.


“It was an accident.”


“ Why were you late?”


“I had chores to take care of ma'am.” she said quietly.


Prudence seemed satisfied, she thought Nora would say she had been with a man or something pointless like that, she made a noise.


“Be sure it doesn't happen again or you will lose your job and be replaced without a second thought.” she warned.


“Yes ma'am.”


“And where is your coat? It is still cold during Spring.” she said.


“I don't have one.” she said.


She shook her head.


“Honestly, you girls never have anything when you come looking for work, perhaps you should be looking for husbands that can take care of you instead.” she said.


Nora almost said something but Joanna gave her a look that said she better keep quiet.




The manor was a stone, and oak work of art with fourteen rooms ten of them had separate dressing rooms, every room had a personal water closet and bathroom, the kitchen was large and nicely decorated, throughout the manor you'll find art and a few family portraits, the royal blue and black dining room has the same color theme as the drawing room, next to the library on the first floor is where the billiard room is located. Through the pantry and down the steps is the room where the eight human staff members sleep, the head maids and butlers have their own rooms upstairs as they have more work to do with the family.


The other head maid, Madelina is a demon she has blue-gray hair but her pale skin and gray eyes look very youthful. The human butler, Gunther. is always dressed in a black and gray suit, his salt and pepper hair is cut short and kept neat like his mustache, he's also fairly pale. The demon butler Desmond has short dark red hair, green eyes, and a light tan he's far more friendly than Gunther is. In fact he would probably prefer to just do his job and not talk to anyone.


After Nora changed and put on an apron and simple bonnet, Prudence sent her to help Marie clean and took Joanna with her to another part of the manor. There are also six demon staff members that sleep in the attic, with the barrier up humans went through everyone and everything as if it didn't exist. Marie told Nora that is why she should be careful with her words.


The demons that worked here were safe enough to be around but that still didn't mean they felt the need to protect a human with a big mouth. The demons handled the hard work like cleaning expensive chandeliers, or taking care of the prized horses or any other animals kept in the backyard. The human staff, aside from Gunther and Prudence normally didn't interact much with the Duke's family, which would mean serving them in any way.


“ So, we really won't know if we are alone or if we are surrounded by demons?” Nora asked a little nervously.


“Well yes but these demons have already been cleared if they want to come to this side they can, but don't you worry as long as you work and don't do anything stupid you'll be fine.” Marie said.


“Well I can handle that...”


Marie patted her on the back.



While they dusted in the drawing room near the fireplace Marie started sneezing and coughing. Nora grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the room just as Prudence came toward the door, she frowned.


“What are you doing just standing around?” she snapped.


“She's sensitive to dust.” Nora said.


“So why are you out here? Surely she can remove herself from the room if she needs more air.”


“I was simply trying to help.” she said quietly.


Prudence frowned.


“Go hurry and get water, and you go to the library and clean up.”


Nora hurried back into the room and grabbed her feather duster then made her way to the library, there were books all over the tables. She couldn't be bothered with worrying about that she loved to read, her father was the reason she spoke the way she did. He taught her how to read and write, how to take care of the finances, she was skilled with archery and sword fighting because those were things that were passed down on his side of the family.


Aside from that he taught her to be independent if she didn't know something she looked it up in books, he passed away when she was thirteen before her arranged marriage was approved. He told her that he wasn't cheap, but was frugal because his family never approved of his marriage to her mother, and disowned him. She never met any of her family members, so she didn't have any reason to question this. As soon as he was buried her mother moved them to London and started living lavishly. Just her mother, she didn't care how Nora lived.


She quickly burned through his money, savings and all, they lived in a small cottage if you could call it that, it seemed they were always selling something to get food if only for a couple of days at a time. Her mother is a lush and is good at finding any money Nora put away. Nora did odd jobs for their older neighbors but the money she made from that was never enough.


Nora wasn't always able to leave her mother, who she had to take care of quite often, their luck really had changed when she managed to bump into Prudence. The old woman wasn't so bad, she had cared at least a little about Nora's situation, her only problem was that she had a large stick up her ass most of the time.


Before she forgot her place and picked a book up to read she moved to clean up the mess, just as she did someone grabbed her wrist. She turned and looked up, the man who grabbed her was much taller than she was, and he was gorgeous. She noticed his deep purple eyes first, he had rosy skin, a strong jaw, a neatly trimmed mustache, an amazing body, and of course long dark hair. He wore simple black pants, no shoes, and a plain white shirt, she almost asked him what he was doing until she realized his hair wasn't just dark. She moved away and curtsied.


“Your Grace.”


He eyed her for a moment.


“You must be new.” he said, his voice was deep, seductive even.


She looked up at him.


“Yes Your Grace, this is my first day.” she replied quickly.


He shook his head.


“Perhaps then I must explain a few things to you.”


She nodded.


“Firstly, do not shrink away from me as if you believe I am going to strike you, secondly do not curtsy, and lastly it's not 'Your Grace' my name is Dante.” he said, he spoke with a smile on his face.


She cocked her head, surely he was messing with her.


“B...but I can not treat you with respect....”


He shook his head.


“I do not want to be feared or respected just because of a title, actually I would prefer not to be feared at all, I want to be respected for my decisions and the actions I take.” he said rather passionately.


She found herself smiling, he ran his fingers through his hair.


“I'm sorry I startled you.”


“It's fine You......” she paused.




He smirked then looked at the books.


“You weren't going to put these away were you?” he asked.


“Well yes, Prudence told me to come in here and clean up.”


“In that case, one more thing, never clean up a mess like this, I'm the one who made it I'll take care of it.”


She stared at him in disbelief as he picked up bookmarks and slid them in the books before closing them, she rubbed her head. He looked over at her as he started putting books away.


“I suppose you find me odd.” he said.


“A little....” she covered her mouth.”I'm sorry.”


He laughed.


“One can hardly expect you to apologize for sprouting the truth, so don't, are you too busy or shall I make a list of all things I do not wish for you to do?” he said with that same smile.


She smiled a little as he winked at her, a loud voice got their attention.


“Young Master!”


They turned and saw Desmond making his way toward them, he sighed.


“Desmond how many times have I told you not to call me that?” he asked.


“More times than I can count....Young Master.” he said, the smirk on his face made it clear he was picking on him.


Dante shook his head and sighed.


“What is it you need?” he asked.


“I was simply wondering why it is you are roaming around dressed like that, it is not time for you to retire so you ought to be dressed in one of your suits.” he said.


Dante turned to Nora.


“You see what I have to deal with? I get scolded every other day, it would be every day if Gunther wasn't afraid of me.”


She giggled, Desmond rolled his eyes.


“And who is this?” Desmond asked.


“This is Nora.”


Nora's smile faded.


“How did you...?”


“When I touched you, you'd be surprised what someone like me can learn with just a few touches.” he said slyly.


Desmond stepped in-between the two of them.


“Young Master cease this foolishness at once and go get dressed your sisters will return soon and their bringing your bride-to-be with them.”


“Yes yes, I'll see you another time Nora.”


Desmond shooed him out the room and Nora looked down when he turned to her thinking she was about to get scolded too.


“How old are you child?” he asked.


“Nineteen.” she said.


“My, you are just a baby compared to the master.”.


She looked at him.


“Am I?”


He nodded.


“Do yourself a favor little one, always avoid his gaze as an incubus hybrid he has a very....insatiable appetite for pretty young women he will surely to pounce on any little lamb that is too trusting.”


Her mouth fell open and she couldn't believe he just said that about his employer, he grinned and patted her on the head.


“Welcome to the manor my dear.” he said.


She smiled, it was rather hard not to she was glad she got the job and curious about Dante and his family.


End Prologue


(I think I got it how I wanted it, I know I know people behave differently in this sort of setting in this time but I wanted to have fun with it.)

© Copyright 2018 SweetDreamer92. All rights reserved.


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