The Angel Next Door

The Angel Next Door The Angel Next Door

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


(Completed)You can survive being cheated on, especially if you have a support system like Jolena does.


(Completed)You can survive being cheated on, especially if you have a support system like Jolena does.

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Angel Next Door

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You can survive being cheated on, especially if you have a support system like Jolena does.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 28, 2014

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 28, 2014



(Hope everyone had a good holiday :D I finally got the idea worked out that was intended to replace the story I recently deleted. Hope you like it.


I own the story and all the characters any likeness to any person(s) living or dead is coincidental and unintentional. While this story is available for free it is not to be redistributed in any way; I am the only person who can post this on more than one site or earn money for it in the future.)






“You're such a whore...I can't believe you did that to me.” Jolena snapped.


Heather looked down.


“I'm sorry Jojo...we were drunk, it just happened.”


Jolena glared at her, she met Heather when they were in the first grade, and now that Heather was twenty-four and Jolena was twenty-three they were still friends. At least Jolena thought they were friends. Heather had been hanging around her during her pregnancy and now that she was seven months along she had just told her that she was pregnant with her fiance's baby. Jolena shook her head and got up.


“Jojo don't be mad obviously he's a dog if he would cheat with your best friend.”


“Yeah, so what does that make you?”


She turned to walk out of Heather's apartment.


“Jojo we've been friends for years how can you just toss our friendship out the window like this?”


“How can you? Of all the men you told me that beg for your attention you had to take mine? Really.” she said.


“Look he's nothing, I'm your best friend.”


Jolena shook her head.


“No you're not, look maybe I can't slap you, but I don't need to keep you in my life either.” Jolena said.


A lot of men and women that get screwed over said they did a lot for the whore but Jolena really had done everything she could for Heather. Heather was sick a lot and Jolena always skipped school to go to her house and take care of her since she only had her alcoholic step dad who couldn't be bothered. She was always there for when she cried even if her tears were over something stupid, like a dress not fitting. She's donated bone marrow to her, when her father left the house locked and went out drinking she went and brought her to her house so she wouldn't have to sleep outside. Aside from the average true friend protocol Jolena had been the best friend she could be.


Jolena stormed down the hall and Heather went after her.




She ignored her and made her way to the stairs she breathed heavy and sniffed. Heather had shown her the DNA test and even rubbed it in by showing her the sex tape they made.


“If you just gave it up more he wouldn't have slept with me!” she reasoned.


Jolena clenched her fists and hurried down the steps, she heard Heather coming after her.


“Jojo there are worst things that could happen, don't you want to be in my child's life?” she yelled.


She made her way outside and got in the car and took off. She gripped the steering wheel at the stoplight, she looked at her engagement ring. She couldn't wait to throw it at Kent, she couldn't be bothered with someone like that she watched her aunt deal with a couple cheating bastards sometime after her husband left her. She was a good woman and didn't want to be alone, Jolena didn't understand the thought. Of course she herself wouldn't understand she wanted security in a romantic relationship, she didn't want to have to worry that just because they had time apart that her lover was cheating. She swallowed the lump in her throat, and turned down the road heading for his house.


They lived in Los Angeles, today it didn't seem as sunny, when Jolena reached Kent's she saw him near the window with some other woman. They were focused on a passionate kiss and he was practically humping her against the window pane. She sighed and honked, they jumped and looked her way, Kent came out and she examined him for a minute. Kent was the average good looking guy with short brown hair, blue eyes, a nice tan, and a perfect body. Heather was beautiful in her own right with green eyes, a large fake set of tits, rosy skin, and curly black hair. She was a heavier girl but Jolena thought she could have anyone she didn't know why the bitch had to reach out to her man.


“Hey baby girl, that's my cousin she just flew in out of nowhere.”


“Save it, I saw you making out, you shouldn't do that in front of an open window if you don't want to get caught.” she said.




“I know about Heather and I know she's having your baby.” she said, interrupting him.


“What?! That fucking slut told you?”


She stared at him.


“Look baby it was all her fault, I didn't even want her.” he replied.


She shook her head and slipped the ring off her finger.


“Good for you, now you're free for your friend there.” she said nodding toward the half naked girl standing on the porch.


She tossed the ring at his head and started to roll up the window.


“Wait Jolena just give me a second.”


She stopped and huffed.


“What?” she snapped.


“I just think that you're at fault here too.”


“Oh really? And how did you come to that conclusion?”


“If you just showed off a little more skin or became a stripper to please me or something then I wouldn't need to look anywhere else.”


She chewed on her lip.


“I'm here to please you?”


“Of course, that's all women are here for.”


She pulled out of the driveway and almost ran over his feet, she didn't have time to waste with him.


“You know what Kent, I'm glad you got what you wanted if you hadn't I wouldn't have known the sort of man I almost settled for.” she called out the window.




She pulled into the driveway of the simple white house that was given to her in her grandmother's will, it still had the tire swing attached to the tree in front and the pretty garden her grandmother had worked on. It had every piece of country style furniture that was left in it. The cherry wood and marble kitchen was an upgrade, her now brown, beige, and black bedroom had been fixed up but mostly the four bedroom, four bathroom, two story house had been untouched. She rested her head on the steering wheel, she was strong, supported herself, was almost always the shoulder to cry on for her friends and family. However she had been wronged by two people she thought loved her.


She was hurt to think that she apparently hadn't done enough to gain Heather's loyalty and she couldn't believe that Kent, who had been in her life for five years, finally decided she wasn't good enough. She didn't cry for them, she cried because she was frustrated and had been betrayed. Sniffing she got out and wiped her eyes. The sound of barking caught her attention, she looked up as a large white dog came over to her. She recognized it as a Great Pyrenees, she knew better than to run from a dog but she still stepped back and tripped. The dog stopped near her and licked her face, her tears quickly faded as she laughed.




The dog barked and wagged his tail excitedly as a man came into view, he had an olive complexion, shaggy, shoulder length sandy blond hair, deep hazel eyes and was really the embodiment of male beauty. He had a nicely built body that was obvious by the tight white shirt and plain blue jeans he wore. She shook her head so as not to stare and reminded herself she just got out of a relationship. He bent next to her.


“Is everything okay miss, did he knock you over?”


She shook her head.


“No he's just big and startled me is all, I'm fine.” she said quietly.


“Good.” he said as he helped her stand.


“He used to be a service dog and he must have thought you were in trouble, are you sure you're okay?”


“Yeah...just a bit of drama.” she said as she sniffed.


Stephen whimpered, and she smiled.


“He must be very sensitive.” she said stroking him behind his ear.


The man smiled.


“A bit, as far as women are concerned.”


She laughed.


“So he's a ladies man.”


Stephen barked again and wagged his tail as if confirming that information, the man held his hand out.


“Rydir Gredar just moved in.”


She shook his hand, he was the new neighbor she hadn't yet seen, the movers had been at the empty house next door for the past few days. There had been a fire one year and the original house had been a mess, bit by bit workers came and destroyed the house and built it back up. Like most of the houses in the neighborhood it was white, had a fence, a pretty backyard with a pool and nice patio set with a matching grill, and it had four bedrooms and three bathrooms. The pretty suburban neighborhood belonged on a postcard, it had been built from the ground up a long time ago a lot of the houses were already paid off they had been occupied so long.


“Jolena Carson, welcome to the neighborhood.”


He smiled.




“Oh look at you!”


They turned and saw one of their other neighbors coming over, Tammy Blake is the type of neighbor you either love or hate. She's the mature woman who is heavier, often wears curlers in her hair, she's a mother of two, and has no problem sharing her thoughts on every little thing. She will often talk you to death if you let her. She has pale skin, deep brown eyes, and graying blond hair, she cooed as she finally reached them.


“Well would you look at this handsome young man, is that your natural hair color honey?”


“Yes it is ma'am.”


She waved him off.


“Oh no call me Tammy dear, isn't this the most handsome young thing you've ever seen Jojo?” she asked.


Jolena didn't comment as her smile grew and she blushed.


“Oh that smile tells me what she thinks, and look at that blush, nice to meet you, you met my husband this Rydir right?”


“Yes, and your husband's name is Roger?”


“Yes it is, and who is this beautiful ball of fluff?”


Stephen cocked his head as she cooed at him.


“This is Stephen, I've had him for a few years now.”


“Oh well he's precious, Jojo how's the wedding preparations going? You know Rydir she's getting married to this man and he's such a character I don't know what she sees in him.”


Jolena shook her head.


“Uh actually Tammy the wedding is off.”


“Oh really? What happened?”


“Well he decided he wasn't ready to settle down.”


“Oh honey come to Tammy.”


She hugged Jolena and looked at her.


“Now don't blame yourself, he's probably just one of those closet homosexuals.”


Jolena snorted in her effort not to giggle.


“Rydir do you know this house belonged to her grand parents and she got it when they passed away, this girl knows everything she was with her gramma so much. She can cook like a demon, she cleans perfectly, she is just so sweet, and look at her she's beautiful, no straight man turns down a woman like this.”


It was true she had been her grandmother's little girl, and she was beautiful, stunning really. She had short black hair in a nice pixie cut, fair skin, gray eyes, plump kissable lips, pretty cheek bones, and a healthy but curvy shape she got from playing sports and working out often.


“Tammy stop it.” she said, a little embarrassed.


“Oh shush there is nothing wrong with spreading the truth, unless you're spoken for Rydir.”


“Uh no Tammy I'm not.”


She clapped her hands together.


“Excellent, so Jojo honey you don't worry about that loser, you were too damn good for him.”


Jolena smiled at her slightly, Tammy was a bit older than her own mother and had been a friend of her grandma, she was like a second mom.


“Well I have to go but I must have you all over for dinner, Jolena can bring the ribs and you can bring your appetite and a proper engagement ring.”


That was it, Rydir laughed as she waved and headed back toward her house, Jolena leaned against the car.


“Oh I'm so sorry, Tammy has an intense personality.”


“It's okay, I have an aunt a lot like her.” Rydir said.


Stephen nudged him and whimpered.


“It's okay buddy she's was nice meeting you I'll see you around.”


“Yeah you too...sure.”


“And for what it's worth I'm sorry the engagement fell through.”


She nodded.


“Thanks, but it's okay.”


They parted ways and Jolena absently made her way into her kitchen, it was fine, she'd be okay she was sure of it, especially with Rydir and Stephen next door.



Later that night...


Jolena got a visit from her mom, Gretchen always looked like a slightly older supermodel, she only wears the nicest clothes and considers herself to be the ideal woman. She has red hair, blue eyes, a light fake tan, and wore more make up than the average female clown.


“Jolena I'm sorry I wasn't home when you called, what's all this about the wedding being called off?” Gretchen said.


Jolena poured coffee for them.


“That's okay mom, I won't marry a man who cheats on me.”


Gretchen sighed heavily.


“Jolena, you must marry him, we have everything planned and I finished the guest list.” she replied.


“No mom, I can't marry someone I don't trust and I won't.”


“But that's so inconsiderate, he was perfect for you.” she whined.


Jolena shook her head, her mother also focused on the smaller picture for most situations.


“How is a cheating man whore perfect for me?”


“Well he was experienced.” she offered.


“No sell mom.”


She sighed.


“People cheat sometimes dear.”


“So you're saying I should marry him anyways?”


“Of course, I mean you're not getting any younger and you wouldn't want to be a spinster.”


Jolena rolled her eyes.


“Mom I just turned twenty-three, I'm hardly retirement home material.”


“Could have fooled me granny Jo.” Gretchen murmured.


Jolena ignored her mother and sipped her coffee, she heard barking and went to her door, of course it was Stephen. He wagged his tail.


“Hey boy.”


He jumped up and put his paws near her chest as he licked her face, Gretchen let out a scream as she walked in the room. Stephen trotted over to her to give her a sniff.


“Jolena! Where did this mutt come from??” she yelled shrilly.


Jolena laughed.


“He's not a mutt, he's my new neighbor's dog, relax he won't hurt you.”


“Get him away from me!”


“Come on boy let's get you back home.”


He barked on his way out, she walked him over and she could see Rydir in the living room through the window, it was clear he was looking for Stephen. She knocked on the door, when he answered it Stephen sort of jumped a bit behind her as if he was playing a game. Rydir sighed.


“Stephen honestly...”


He barked and darted inside.


“He ran to get you, right?” Rydir asked.


“Yeah, he did.”


“I'm sorry about that, he's playful but I don't think he's ever taken a liking to someone so quickly.”


“Well you know, some dogs can just tell a dog person when they see one my grandpa on my father's side had a dog that used to chase me around all the time, Lucas. My grandma thought it was because I was the only one that would play with him all the time.” she said.


He smiled.


“Well you'll have to come over and play with this one, maybe he'll listen to me more afterwards.”


She nodded and waved as she turned to leave, he closed the door and watched her until she went inside, he turned around and crossed his arms. His home had a more modern white, black, and dark blue theme the dark wood floors were nicely polished and his kitchen was mostly wood save for the tile counter tops and floor. Stephen cocked his head.


“What did I do?” he asked.


“Stop harassing her.”


“I wasn't, I just wanted to say hi, see? She remembers me and everything.” he said firmly.


Rydir shook his head.


“That's not the point Stephen.”


“And she was crying earlier and her mean old mom was over there annoying her and making it worse I'm much better at making her laugh than you are.”


Rydir frowned.




“Didn't you say she was your destined? You won't go over there but I have no shy problems what so ever.” he stuck his tongue out at him.


“Stephen she just got done with that asshole Kent, she doesn't need me pushing my way into her life right now.” he said.


Stephen groaned and fell back on the couch in a dramatic fashion.


“See this is why everyone should be like dogs, you see the one you want sniff her, give her a hump and that's it.”


Rydir raised an eyebrow as Stephen jumped off the couch and went upstairs.


“Night Kill-joy.” he said.


Rydir shook his head and smirked, it was an interesting thought, but he wasn't the sort of person that would do that. He looked out the window he could see her with her mother, she couldn't fool him he knew she was heart broken and he would give her the time she needed. No matter what her dog thought about it.


End Chapter


(So how was that? A bit of drama, a bit of fun :D Okay so don't judge but I watch Jerry Springer when I get bored and so many women and men get cheated on and always taking the bastard or bitch back or keeping their whore in their life...get's old for a story I think. That doesn't meant that Heather and Kent are out of the story it just means I feel Jojo will handle it how she feels right. I bet you thought this would be a human cast story I should try that one time but not just yet. Again hope you liked it bye guys. Also if you don't know what a Great Pyranees is their beautiful fluffy white dogs, I met one once he was so sweet and was happy with a little belly rub :))

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