Tale of a Dragon

Tale of a Dragon Tale of a Dragon

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



(no sex just a story) How a dragon, multicolored, brought peace to as many as he could in what time he had left.


(no sex just a story) How a dragon, multicolored, brought peace to as many as he could in what time he had left.


Submitted: January 26, 2019

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Submitted: January 26, 2019



(This was just for fun on request and old fairy tale I guess I would call it.

I own the story and all the characters, any likeness to any person(s) living or dead is coincidental and unintentional. While this story is available for free it is not to be redistributed in any way' I am the only person who can post this on more than one site or earn money for it in the future.)

In a forest as wide as a canyon was deep there was a little town full of life and ease. Big and tall, short and round, those thin and average between the people came, most were happy but those that weren't often learned to be. With food to the table, a safe place for children, enough money for the proper country life it was hard to stay negative. Walking over cobblestones, between the stone and finely detailed wood cottages there were shops to see in different sizes. A bright Sunday accented with the banners of color.

Today was no simple day, stands that wouldn't normally be there stood tall children in neat blouses and pressed pants, or light flower rimmed dresses, were given colored sticks to draw on them as they saw fit. The sound of a fiddle, accompanied with the clicking of finely polished heels with every thud of the fellow's boots. Rather than a solid dance floor the once plain wooden tables were tied down with freshly dyed table cloths, the old ones were cleaned and used by the fishermen. While others could be sent out and sold it was an enjoyable past time to make them. 

Young children were taught how to and it carried to their adult hood, though for something like that...one had to understand why things were....different. Yet it didn't matter any less.

By the light of the moon the celebration changed the candles, casting a warm light to well seasoned food, illuminating trinkets sold as they only enjoyed the company of another. For tonight, they enjoyed a birthday.

Not of a mayor, traveling salesman...well known celebrity of sorts but for their king, to some he was a father, to others a father in law...and to most just a loyal friend.

Though they lived a humble life, some men and women sharing the work in the bakery or diner, farmer families keep up well with food supply...simply no one went hungry. Winters were no harder than any other time of year as they were always prepared, it was a simple life still there was one prized possession. Made for their king, as the light touched the statue the colored sticks were tossed in painting the water as it was once again released from the statue inside. It only ran on this night the seventeenth of April.

A woman, known by most as Mother Staris moved toward the fountain graying hair a wild halo around her as a kind smile graced her face. Eyes long since white as the dress she wore, with a tap of her cane she found her seat  even without her sight she still carried a fondness in her gaze for the king.

She took a breath, signaling it was time to quiet and listen well.

“So....we're at this time once again...daughters...sons...beloveds we have welcomed here and every young lad and little lady today we remember one of the finest to ever join us in life.” she spoke slowly, with purpose as the children settled at her feet.

“Though our newcomers wouldn't know of him...when you come to our home and you see handsome faces and beautiful grins with shades to their eyes one could only imagine. You know they are our princes...our princesses...though that does not mean their partners are any less. Only those with good will, peace of mind...sweet value can find us and looking at you all now I am proud of everyone that stands before me.”

It warmed her so seeing the happy smiles that sparkled to life at that....though her sight was different there she felt it, that was just the same to her.

“Our king...not like any other, no castle...no gold to make him happy instead it was quality of life, tonight is his birthday and if you don't know him...we call him Delafir..”

With that she allowed for applause, before she spoke.

Once upon a time, beyond the trees, past a clearest blue waves one could find he sat not just a man but a work of art. The colors that came with..came to him wrapped around one another a touch of black, green, purples as dark or as light as you could imagine. Though that was just the beginning, there were few colors from the liveliest pinks to the mellow beige that did not make it to him perhaps a robe...or silken blankets, maybe make up...not the case. Some colors stood out more than others, because they were scales changing in hue as they brought him to light.

Delafir, a dragon forever determined to be more than the monsters humans came to hate.

As he spread his translucent wings vibrant yellow green eyes full of life, while the crunch of his claws digging into the stone he prepared to leave with a huff. For his size, he shot through the air, an acrobat on the wind. His home wasn't particularly hidden so much as he chose one that would leave most tired before they could complete their quest of finding him. There hadn't been a challenge in some months as he knew not that it mattered he preferred not to fight but he had reason to no matter his personal opinion. He lowered hearing the laughter coming through, for him it was a quick trip...for a human nights and days ought to blend together as the forest offered confusion as the last line of defense.

He lowered himself  to a small clearing  only the a well....a small patch of vegetables and a broken cottage there. Hanging his heavy head he sank, almost mimicking a dog at rest before the laughter came again. With the door tossed open the girl ran out having noticed him she was a poor girl, only her mother beside her his teeth expanded as his mouth set at a slant...awkward but then a dragon's grin often was.

Tossing her self at his nose she patted freely, no need to fear him.

Dragons, in two forms they came, the unknown demons that could transform freely and the animals he wished to separate himself from. He was no animal but she seemed to so enjoy this view.

“Melanie! Don't just run out on your own...!” the door flung open again, much like her daughter's sandy curls while the hazel replaced her daughter's green...they were so much so alike.

She smiled as she walked over warming as he shrunk Melanie's curls waved with his  as the hazel of her eyes turned yellow watching the colorful creature shift to a robed figure. He brushed his hood away  opening his arms to let her run to him. Her mother's gentle smile touched him so, the hug from his innocent girl put him at ease all the more. 

His only problem being he couldn't say so himself.

He wasn't sure he'd ever had a voice  but tried his best to show all he could for his family they knew enough. Often times he would remain alone for hours know they were safely shielded only to return, standing tall accepting the same affection from his dearest. When he reached in his robes pulling out a scroll she thought it could be anything, but it only held a picture, a young man, even with the messy ink offering a smoky, determined look to his face and eyes.

“Who is this?” she asked, examining the short waves in his hair, different from her husband's now alabaster locks.

He tapped his chest and nodded at Melanie  who didn't seem as impressed with the man, preferring her father play with her like he always did. 

“....He's a father too?” she asked.

With a nod he pointed at the patch.

“...Oh! You found a farmer...that's wonderful...you hear that Melanie we'll have some new friends.”

“..What's a friend?” she asked, the light six year old didn't have many experiences outside of the safe field.

To some that wouldn't know better it would be a sad question, but the untrained child of a dragon needed proper training so they did not accidentally kill their friends. It was a learning curve and as she could watch her own strength now, with her fiery temper dulled it was time to move on in her lessons he was pleased she even stopped biting.

“It's someone that...cares about you, it's not romantic, and you can trust them as much as they can trust you.” her mother explained.

“But I have mama and papa.”

He tapped her chin making her look up at him his kind stare as he winked made her giggle as she waved her head excitedly.

“Yes papa...I'll try..but I'm not sharing my dolls!” her mother laughed kissing her cheek.

She knew, it would be good for her and that was all that mattered.

From then on he brought more people they worked together building more houses, anyone that might be a threat...even the weak willed that might lead another to them for the same reason. This growing town expanded there were new faces brought in, they were given a touch of life, maturity began for five years only his child seemed to grow at a normal rate. Eventually they reached ages where they no longer needed to age, there were times...when the sky would light up and they saw what anger rested below the gentle wall that broke for each new addition. 

Flames of blue, orange..and yellow burning anyone that would hide out hoping to catch his people, he found them all the same way he saw their stories with a glance. He wanted to bring them together as they grew with his family they became important to him.

He wouldn't allow one to use them as they pleased, he kept roads clear, brought them supplies to keep building food when things ran low, he took the role of doctor. Where other kingdoms might fall his grew for his ways. 

Sometime after Melanie found her husband in the crowd...he no longer visited, she thought to go to him instead. She took flight for the first time the wild orange of her scales challenging the rising sun as she moved she only hoped to bring her mother good news.

She sighed after a moment, brought back to the present.

“What happened grandma?” she smiled, the light voice of her little deer as she called him, pale, so much like his grandfather.

“I can't say my grandmother told me that story and she knew Melanie did not come back she lived on in her daughter who brought this statue back. Ever since, we have lived in peace some say he got sick, but others....who know better say he finally had to leave us to make sure there would never be another threat.”

“That's sad....”

She shook her head.

“The most important thing to him was family and the life they had from what he could and couldn't help with, he took broken men and worked with his chosen farmer to teach them to live. He took the sick, healed them with potions he crafted....lead us to water. Stood by to train those who lost a limb to appreciate what was around them...made sure that if the barrier ever fell we were taught to fight. His greatest achievement....was life as perfect as he could promise for those society gave up on.

That, is a happy story and we honor him for it.”

She pushed up slowly as a cup was brought to her as she raised it the color changed matching the fountain as the family...their family stood to join her she could feel once again smiles returning. Children in their own way understanding the good of it all, perhaps if they were all human it would be different.

That wasn't the  case she only wished he was here to see every grandchild he ever got.

“To Delafir.”

As they chorused around her she turned her gaze, her mind eye in the direction she could in fact see...a wave between the trees, skipping over fallen logs while flying over the waters only to end at the well known mouth of the cave.

Where...like a phoenix...a dragon would raise again.

He always did prefer to call his daughter by his mother's name as the fountain..was their last connection to him only the water pouring freely spelled a proper end to the story. He heard her name on the wind...it was her time to go....for when she passed and returned once more he would rise again.

To join the family the pair never truly lost.

© Copyright 2019 SweetDreamer92. All rights reserved.

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