Succubus Addiction

Succubus Addiction Succubus Addiction

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance




(As it says at the end I might add another part just not right now :D) Brandon is a kind man, still he has spent most his life taking care of his sick mother and his sister. Some time after her group graduates he finds something even more special about one of her friends.



(As it says at the end I might add another part just not right now :D) Brandon is a kind man, still he has spent most his life taking care of his sick mother and his sister. Some time after her group graduates he finds something even more special about one of her friends.


Submitted: July 07, 2016

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Submitted: July 07, 2016



(Was kind of tired and bored so wasn't really thinking of anything then this popped into my head, just a little story.


I own the story and all the characters, any likeness to any person(s) living or dead is coincidental and unintentional. While this story is available for free it is not to be redistributed in any way; I am the only person who can post this on more than one site or earn money for it in the future.)



I stared up at the ceiling mostly just frustrated I didn't really want to think about the same things anymore. My thoughts drifted downstairs instead, my sister and her friends had just graduated from high school. Most of them eighteen I had known her friends a long time just because she brought them home a lot. My sister, Amy, plus the others makes seven all together there was one that I was closer to than the others, it's sad but I didn't always have time for my sister and she didn't call me into her room or come to mine.


Her friend, well she missed a lot of school when she was younger getting sick fairly often she'd always been frail. Then in her Junior year she started getting better, so she decided to stay back to try and learn more. Nicki is nineteen and ever since she turned eighteen last Spring she had changed, around me anyways. If mom asked me to drop them off at school she mostly wore jeans and shorts, hoodies, typical for a teenager fine. However, when she came to the house, she wore short skirts and tight tops, more than willing to help me around the house or would wander into my room as if she was more my friend than my sisters.


Some might call me pathetic for that as I'm twenty-eight but I never judge people by their age I have friends who are older and my own age. Never the less I didn't mind, they were going to spend the Summer hanging out as they did when they were younger for the most part leading to a lot of sleepovers. Both her and Clarissa were undecided about college, I wasn't in charge of her or anything but she was the smartest in the group always top of her class, constantly getting awards she was the type who should go to college but if she needed a break then that was fair too. She didn't need to stay back, it was her choice. I think part of her was afraid to leave her friends behind which I understand, it worked out for her as she had far more scolarship offers now than she had before.


I tried to leave it alone as I knew sometimes it was like I was living through her telling her to live life to the fullest but here I was living at home never doing much. I had to, we didn't have much money so I couldn't just get a caretaker for my sickly mother. She had always been sick practically wasting away, dad left when was thirteen at the time mom was bedridden, she could walk around a little with assistance. I had gotten sick of hearing that the useless doctors didn't know what it was. It had been years they never knew anything and she always got worse. Guess that's how I got close to her in the first place, she needed help now she was strong enough to stand on her own, hospital bills left us fairly poor we'd been saving up mom really wanted to see Amy go to college.


It was hard but we made it, Amy is smart too struggles a bit I'm proud of my little sister so much more than me already.


Thinking about Nicki while I was feeing stressed my thoughts shifted again, she came in tight jeans and a belly bearing top, then went to bed in a nightie. I guess I was a typical pervert lusting a little over someone so freshly legal but it was hard. I shifted I hadn't started masturbating to her or anything, though seeing how high her nightie was just barely covering wasn't going there.


Still the image was in my head again I took a breath I was just directing my frustration my self help books said. She had spent quite a bit of time lounging in my bed with a magazine I shouldn't have looked at her, the nightie rose up showing she had on a thong when she went to bed she put some clingy sweats pants on underneath it. I swear she was teasing me but I was probably reading too much into it she could just be comfortable around me.


I sighed.


Oh but I wanted to I was really crossing a pathetic road this time, wanting to masturbate while lusting after my younger sister's friend. Still my hands drifted in my basketball shorts for a moment just as I'm grabbing my cock I jumped hearing the knock on the door I moved to hide my arousal I was on a king sized mattress on the floor ,I had a dresser and a desk but didn't need much, there was a lamp next to me but I didn't bother turning it on. The girls were fairly used to the bare space and they were fine on their sleeping bags in front of the two small couches and television.




The door was opened and I just barely saw the nightie Nickie had worn to bed a few hours ago.


“Can't sleep?”


“More like I won't be able to.” she said, not really annoyed just tired as if she had been woken up.


“What happened?”


“Jade had way too many beans for dinner.”


I laughed quietly.


“It's not funny...her “brand” is really strong the others all moved further away from her leaving me the one she cuddles”


I still laughed.


“Alright come in.” she came in closing the door and walked over I moved as she bent down to climb in bed next to me. Good thing it was dark I couldn't hide what was just on my mind.


“Now I know you're off tomorrow so entertain me until I fall back asleep.”


I shook my head with a grin, I worked at a book store, helped elderly neighbors and did what volunteer work I could. With mom's disability check to help with bills and groceries it was just good enough to keep things going paycheck to paycheck.


“How should I entertain you...and don't say you want a story.”


“What if I want to hear about what happened after the three bears found Goldilocks?”


I sighed, mostly amused but picking on her, I could just feel like she was pouting.


“I'm sure they kept her as a maid since she came in stealing food and breaking things.”


She laughed, she had a nice laugh.


“I'm kidding, we could talk, how have you been?”


“You ask...”


“I asked you earlier and you said 'fine' before locking yourself in your room.”


“I am fine though.”


“Yeah, well that doesn't tell me much.”


I didn't say anything, she nudged me, yeah that's why she was a friend always one to listen, could see right through me so 'fine' was never enough of an answer. Which I admit I liked, having someone to talk to...was nice sometimes.


“I'm just stressed, no big deal.”


“Did you get behind on one of the bills?”


Right through every time I sighed.


“Had a couple of emergency room visits this week, just set us back a little bit...don't worry about it.” which was why I was frustrated I hated seeing my mother suffer, with no one to help her I also worried about taking care of my sister with less money.


“I'm worried about you, how often do you just lay in here and stare into the darkness?” she poking my side like my mother would.


I sighed and shook my head.


“It's fine..”


“She worries about you too, your mother.”


“I know...look I don't want to talk about this anymore...everything is fine.”


“Okay I get it, how about a massage though? You could relax a little.”


“You don't...”


“Don't argue, move.” she pushed at me until I rolled on my stomach, I sighed though I wasn't really fighting it she was a gorgeous girl, pale, a neat black pixie cut, deep blue eyes with a curvy figure.


I doubt there were many who could turn her down, I felt her climb behind me to rub my back at a better angle. I groaned feeling her hands on my back she was rubbing carefully, I guess since mom was fine now...I had a baby monitor in her room to let me know though she couldn't hear from my end...and my sister didn't need anything I could relax a little. Just this once.


Nicki's POV


I couldn't really see but I didn't really need to for this I could hear him when he really liked something, I'm not sure if he really noticed that I was trying to get his attention but I was. He looks a little tired like he needs some more rest but he's very handsome. His sister looks more like their red haired father, which I'd only seen a picture of because their mother, Leila had one to show to me. He has short dirty blond hair, a thick goatee, hazel eyes, and a strong build. He is a little slim but nicely built.


I massaged him slowly, taking my time I didn't like seeing him so down, but he rarely accepted help, in fact the only reason I got to pay for their mother's surgery was because I donated “anonymously” and she was “chosen” for the assistance. I told the nurses to take care of her, Leila is so sweet and she's had it hard eventually she will have to reach her end but if I can help make things easier then I will.


Reaching his hips I moved down he didn't really respond to me though I tried, I wish I could tell if he was interested or not. I moved down to his thighs when he shifted his breath picking up a little I grinned I had a few lessons at this massage parlour that was more for adults. I knew where to rub to get a body going without touching the obvious places.


“Hey Brandon.”




“Why don't you turn over?” he glanced at me.

Brandon's POV



I wasn't sure I heard her right at first and stared at her.


“Come on I have to do your front.”


I almost told her it was fine but I still wanted her touch, my body felt more relaxed than it had in a long while I closed my eyes feeling her stroke my chest, down my stomach my abs weren't anything to brag about but I was glad I'd lost the extra weight as she looked at me now. I don't think she's shallow I just didn't like it and wanted to get in shape. I yawned I didn't want to sleep but slowly I felt a lot less aware.



Coming out of a deep sleep as I opened my eyes I saw that daylight was spilling into the room I turned my head and saw Nicki next to me awake and laying on my chest I was holding her close to me, I don't remember the last time I slept peacefully with a woman.


“...Sorry I grabbed you.”


“It's okay, you're warm.” I smiled at her though she didn't do the same, she frowned.


“Brandon, what's wrong with me?”


“'re a great girl, er young woman.” she shook her head a slight smile on her face.


“Is that so?”




“Then why do you act like I'm not attractive enough for you? I tried out so many clothes...I only come see you when you're free and I don't think I'm too bad a friend.”


I stared at her as she pouted.


“...There is nothing wrong with you, I'm just dense I wondered if you were trying to tease me but I didn't believe that you wanted me as more than a friend.”


She huffed, frustrated probably.


“I still want you to be my friend, just so happens you could really have more titles if you wanted them.”


I was surprised to say the least, she could have anyone, she came from a family that had money though she insisted on working for her father another talent of hers. Making computers, games, various programs she earned every cent she was given. I was hardly good enough.


“Don't give me that look, like you have anything to be insecure about.”


“...Stop reading me.”


“Stop being an open book.”


I sighed but smiled at her pulling her closer.


“Have you been interested since you turned eighteen?”


“I always had a little crush on you, I told my mom and she saaid that it was just a little girl crush and it would fade. I'm still rather childish but I'm no little girl and I only like you more, it's no mistake I ended up in your room instead of Amy's all the time.”


I chuckled.


“Well I noticed you more since then, I'm a pervert but I think on an acceptable level.” she laughed.


“Well then that's fine, so how much did you notice me?” she asked pulling her nightie up I shook my head.


“Plenty..but you don't have to do that...” I said looking at her lacy bra.


“I want to though didn't you want to see my body?”


“Of course....”

Nicki's POV



Mom didn't like Brandon since I liked him, she always said that humans don't make good long term lovers and since I refues to sleep around like common succubus I need a relationship. Getting energy from sex keeps me going, but I always liked Brandon, he was reliable, sweet, I could trust him his happiness was important to me. I kissed him, I heard him groan demons like me always know who has known pleasure and who hasn't really I moved on top of him moaning as his tongue rubbed against mine. I really only masturbated when I figured out what I like I was no easy tramp, though I always felt a connection with Brandon.


“Nicki.” he said absently I knew he was going to be consumed, there were some sex demons that only took partners for their own gain but humans could feel the power behind the sex..the same as we did when it was my kind who slept with them.




“...You're wearing too much...”


I smirked seeing he had been completely effected.


“Yes sir.”


Brandon's POV



I don't know what it was but my mind went blank I only saw her for the moment, noticing the familiar ache of not getting relief as I kissed her deeply what left of our clothes were on the floor in this position I could feel the heat from her wet pussy against my cock. Her curves tight against me I gripped her plump ass pulling away only to kiss and suck on her neck or nipples she moaned my name I rolled us over so I was on top breathing heavy.


She raised her legs.


“...You can..take what you want Brandon..”


I shook my head just barely able to.


“I don't think..I'm going to last like this.”


“You will.”


“...Nicki I don't want to dissapoint you but I've never had the time for a girlfriend, or the money to waste on a hooker...”


“So you're a virgin, so am I, I just a dirty mind filled with every porn video I've ever watched take your time.”


I didn't want to defile her feeling like this wasn't my place with her but staring down at her tight body with legs spread as she told me to go. I groaned my cock was starting to harden to the point of pain, my body felt hot if I left now I don't think masturbation was going to do anything for me for a long while. I reached in the drawer to take out made masturbation a little better.


She knocked it out of my hand.


“I'm wet, please we can go slow next time just get your release...” she purred.


I groaned looking down at her before I slowly started pushing it I groaned fuck she was tight I had to be careful I didn't want to hurt her I paused she wrapped her legs around my waist willing me to keep going, I pushed in further I really didn't think I'd last long but I'd try.

Nicki's POV


I moaned feeling his cock sliding in, I know he was worried about hurting me and we would have to have a talk about what I really was however there was no concern. Succubi were made for sex, it didn't hurt I felt filled to the brim. I could also control his release, let him enjoy himself or make it quick, he's worried about lasting but I'll make it so it's no concern. I rocked my hips as he started moving thrusting in harder and faster. He kissed me deeply as he moved making my pussy tingle all the more I knew he was riding the sexual high I could provide for him. I clawed at his back rocking against him, he kissed my neck.


I was so lost in him at some point we rolled over so I could ride him his moans were deep as he picked up the speed hitting the same weak spot over and over.


“Br..Brandon do it harder...”


“...I don't...”


“You won't hurt me.”


As he honored my request I wrapped my arms around his neck, I bit his neck his whole body should be sensitive by now he groaned in response.


“What are you two thinking?!”


Startled, the mood broken a little I kissed him again releasing the hold so he could cum with me I tightened my hold on him for a moment feeling him gripping my waist before the mood passed. I looked over and sighed seeing Amy in the door way glaring at me , though I'm not sure why.

Brandon's POV


I didn't look toward the door at first still catching my breath, I did feel relief, relaxed but I was still hard in her I would have gone again. I glanced over and saw Amy glad that we were covered by a blanket, I sighed as I pulled out of her.




“Don't you even start you dirty fucking pervert, you should be ashamed.” I was more surprised she slapped me.


I frowned and looked at her my anger fading seeing her crying I rubbed the back of my head feeling guilty now.


“Don't cry, it's fine...”


“No it's not! I love her.”


“You do?” we asked, I stared at her.


“Duh you idiot, I wouldn't sleep around if you would give me the attention I want.”


“I'm sorry Amy you should have said something a long time ago, but you know I can't be with you now.”




“Why do you think?”


“You're not even human what does it matter?!” I thought she was overreacting, just insulting Nicki, until I saw her eyes glowing, her skin onyx, silvery hair I backed up as she stood up.


“Now I'm really not interested, get out!” she shoved her out and closed the door she sighed and turned to look at me.


“Don't be upset...”


“What the hell are you?” she crossed her arms a pout on her beautiful face, I shook my head she wasn't...but she was.


“You keep yelling and you won't get any answers....I woke up earlier and checked on your mothe, so you only have to shut up and listen.”


I glared at her but stayed where I was, she looked down which made me feel bad seeing she was upset.


“It's a long story...”



She was born here and abandoned by her mother who wanted her to learn about the world on her own...that explained while she was always going without or hungry in the past. She worked for her father now but whe she was younger she didn't know who he was. I sighed heavily staring at the floor as she told me the rest. She needed my energy but she would share what she felt...she cared about me, still I was on edge I knew so little about women as it was and now I'd fucked one that wasn't even human.


“....Why won't you be with my sister?...I feel like a third wheel.”


“You aren't... it's not my place to say really though.”


“Just tell me I won't say anything to Amy, I need to know I feel bad enough as it is knowing what she feels about you.”


She sighed.


“I was with her when she went to planned parenthood...she has some diseases and she doesn't know which partner she got them from. A demon like me...well we can prevent them from spreading from us to other humans but we still have to live with the discomfort forever since we don't have cures for things like that.”


...Well that made sense actually, knowing that my sister slept around so much she caught something from an unknown face made me uncomfortable. I shook my head.


“I see...”


“You're not scared of me are you? I've known you so long I'm really harmless just stronger than a few people is all.”


I looked at her, shoulders slumped, a sad expression on her face as she avoided eye contact, I shook my head absently.


“.....No...I'm not scared.”


She looked up and smiled.


“Good...I promise I'll only be a slut for you...if you'll accept me as I am.”


Hard to argue with that, I guess a little crush went a little furthe than I thought I just didn't have control with her.


“You don't have to be a slut for me....”


She smirked, she said she knew my desires and I sighed heavily but smiled none the less I really don't know what's going to happen with us and I have to talk to my sister but I guess knowing her as long as I had. Getting to know the woman behind the demon in front of me I found myself accepting more and more as I pulled her closer.


“...Okay...maybe on the weekends.” I heard her laugh as she hugged me back.


(Mmmm might do one more part but it's about done, I hope it's not confusing I changed this part by part so many times lol I did check it yes but I do miss things you know.)

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