Should Be Off Limits

Should Be Off Limits Should Be Off Limits

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



(Yeah I traded out a story for this one hehe) It's one thing to wake up alone and confused in a hospital, and another for limited options to leave you with a guy you don't trust, like, or want to be around. Considering she doesn't know why she feels that way when she knows he's her boyfriend it leaves plenty of nervous days. So meeting an old flame could make it better or worse.


(Yeah I traded out a story for this one hehe) It's one thing to wake up alone and confused in a hospital, and another for limited options to leave you with a guy you don't trust, like, or want to be around. Considering she doesn't know why she feels that way when she knows he's her boyfriend it leaves plenty of nervous days. So meeting an old flame could make it better or worse.

Prolog (v.1) - Simply Liz

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 27, 2017



(Funny enough I am doing another story that I didn't post I'll see how it goes, then this one came to mind.


I own the story and all the characters, any likeness to any person(s) living or dead is coincidental and unintentional. While this story is available for free it is not to be redistributed in any way; I am the only person who can post this on more than one site or earn money for it in the future.)

Prologue – Simply Liz



Liz looked down at her hand absently at the gold band and heart shaped diamond that was pretty but was an eyesore at the same time. She sighed to her self. She didn't want to think about it like that but that is how it was, she woke up in a hospital dazed and confused, after a while she could stand and move on her own and she was practically pushed from the hospital because the bill wasn't being paid anymore.


No one talked to her or told her what happened though she had no idea. She knew who she was, her family, that she's 35, lives in Portland, OR.... but there were random blocks in her memory she couldn't sure what they were. She didn't know why she was being treated like this...they just let her go free so she assumed she must not have done something the cops would want her held for.


A spotless silver car pulled up it was a bit chilly and all she had was an old tee shirt that had been washed for her with her jeans and flip flops. The window rolled down and that was when she felt panicked. It was her boyfriend and she couldn't remember why she was scared of him but she didn't feel the need to run.


He told her to get in and absently she did as he said, though the driver didn't go. It was simple she was on her own that's why she had no visitors he gave her the paperwork from her family to show the restraining order she'd been completely disowned and she didn't know why though all he said was that she had two choices, take some money and the jacket he offered her to live however she could on the streets or marry him and give him a reason to help her.


She couldn't be sure if she ever turned down a proposal or not but she didn't consider her options much in her confused state she didn't want to be alone and said she would. She still felt out of it she had taken the paperwork to the first courthouse she could hoping they would tell her something but there was nothing they would give out. It was like someone just wanted to cover it up, she knew they had money and wouldn't willingly just send her off for nothing. Really she'd never been close to any of them she was different from them. Though it wasn't a hate filled sort of thing there had to be a reason but she was free to go on with life if she left them alone.


It hurt but there was little she could do...well without risking her freedom.


She wondered if she was just being silly missing them but she was lonely anyhow, if she offended them then maybe it was understandable and if she did nothing did she need to miss them at all? Terry is a handsome guy with deep caramel skin tone head kept shaved with a neat goatee. Generally he's busy he owns a car company and always likes to be busy so while he had the condition they didn't just sit and plan anything. It's been a year but still nothing, she wasn't in a hurry but she thought he'd just spring it on her and she wasn't ready to just take time off work.


She worked at a coffee shop but it was simple something to keep her busy she often felt nervous busy was better. He didn't let her work for the first nine months she hadn't had the job long.


As she walked out of the storeroom having finished cleaning up she almost made another mess seeing the customer at the counter he looked up and his light smile faded. He looked exhausted but still he was handsome..well more than that. He had neat shoulder length sandy blond hair, icy gray eyes, and masculine plumpness to his lips. She frowned looking down at the teenager next to him a girl with his hair though she was paler than he was her curls in a ponytail tail she wore glasses and had green eyes she was focused on her phone. Her younger brother was playing a game, though he had dark curls and a deeper tan, hazel eyes...he looked like his mother.


As he was waiting he moved to go wipe down the mix area, he watched her walk off and sighed as the beautiful, plump mocha skinned woman took his money. She had dark eyes and curls and looked up as his gaze shifted.


Though some were still particular assuming life was over after thirty she had been well taken care of she had a nice figure, pretty almost flawless sun kissed skin, long wavy auburn hair and honey hazel eyes. She did get plenty of attention when her age came up there was always the same question..did you have work done? Are you real? Did you just never have fun and take drugs? That one really irritated the most, as if that was the only way to have fun. She learned to ignore the idiots slowly.


She'd be old and gray when she was damn good and ready, those that could just appreciate her natural beauty..she would turn down but it was at least nice not to be asked stupid questions.

He shook his head.


"Cassandra, Ray go get your drinks."they put their things away having already thanked him and walked over to wait for their order he already had coffee liked it black hot or with cream and sugar cold nothing else the menu was ridiculous but they liked it and it wasn't out of the way to pick up for them.


“Now honey, do yourself a favor and keep your eyes far from that one.”


His head snapped up as he looked at the cashier her name tag said Rudy.


“I wasn't...”


She shook her head.


“That's what they all say, I'm doing you a favor she's got a man and he's a crazy bastard you want to keep your babies here away from him she barely keeps friends as it is with him.”


He sighed his mood shifting a bit.


“Right, well I do know Liz she'd never let her self be controlled.”


She cocked her head.


“Then you must have known her before the accident, and don't ask me for details because that's all I was given she still has amnesia and she's real jumpy.”


He frowned as he nudged his kids.


“I'll have to talk to her later wouldn't want to bother her on the job,.” 


He glanced at his kids, glad they weren't hearing more than they should.

He found it funny that people who didn't try were convinced it was impossible to teach a child to focus with electronics he was firm but fair his kids respected him and what he said went. After all he let them test themselves and one could really only walk into a glass door so many times while not paying attention to know when their parent isn't just blowing hot air where their rules are concerned.


He would stop by soon alright they had things to discuss, namely why it was she simply disappeared.


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