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Ride With Me Ride With Me

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



(First book The Twin Kings...in case you don't read the notes.) Vylis and his brother have a friend in another ruling angel. One that isn't doing so well and hasn't been for some time, perhaps a new maid and friend to their beloved is just what he needs. Though he could chase her off without knowing for sure.


(First book The Twin Kings...in case you don't read the notes.) Vylis and his brother have a friend in another ruling angel. One that isn't doing so well and hasn't been for some time, perhaps a new maid and friend to their beloved is just what he needs. Though he could chase her off without knowing for sure.

Prolog (v.1) - His majesty

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 26, 2017



(So after some time away from this story I have thought up some more to go within the...well wouldn't call it a series but I had another book with adequate details to go from there. Will some of those characters be returning for a bit, well of course heh. I don't know what made that story more popular I can never tell what some like more but it's nice to see a raise here and there. Especially when I hit writer's block again...ugh in case you were wondering why I started a new one.


The first book was called The Twin Kings, will this story have a threesome focus I don't know, haven't decided that far but I have decided enough for another book.


I own the story and all the characters, any likeness to any person(s) living or dead is coincidental and unintentional. While this story is available for free it is not to be redistributed in any way; I am the only person who can post this on more than one site or earn money for it in the future.)


Prologue – His Majesty


Five years slid by like nothing, though that was normal with the angels in these times any how news traveled fast of the twins and their family. Some found it fascinating as there was really only one common way of looking for the missing soul to an angel. While it could be managed keeping one of the light and one of the dark together, that is to avoid having an angel go mad from a lack of balance. Some were wondering if it was a more common thing to find a missing half with the humans. It wasn't something they could just fine, the angels that didn't live among the humans hadn't had exposure to look and the angels that did well they weren't known for their sense of smell like demons it was worth checking for though.


Though as for the twins they had little say in The Countryside, weren't as popular, certainly weren't disliked but as they weren't in charge people were interested and then moved on. This area was far more of a mutt in a way, and also why there were generic areas mixed in with the main groups as they fit. While the grass had grown where it fit there were chunks that didn't make it normal there were some parts of Texas, some bits of city, the beautiful lands Ireland, farm lands from various corners of the world mostly small towns, small families one came here for peace in most cases.


The pleasing was performed differently those that were at home here enjoyed their privacy more often than not. The leader here was a rare breed, an angel that lived alone, he wasn't always stable though he had more control than any. Another thing for other angels to talk about a dark angel with no light to bring balance. Though he generally kept to himself anyhow, King Stefaren kept the title, he made sure the people were well taken care of just like the twins it kept them busy.


He lived in a rather old castle, though it was smaller than some kept dark though it had electricity he didn't need much. In fact the castle had an electric fence keeping people out, none had even seen servants going in and out though some could live there and never leave it was unknown, all the people knew is that they were free as long as they obeyed the rules, his eyes were everywhere he always knew when anyone had fucked up where they shouldn't have.


Stefaren hadn't been seen many times but he was remembered. It was pale skin, and long pale fading blue hair still it stood out against his solid black wings and generally black wardrobe. The color to his hair wasn't dye though his eyebrows and goatee were black as the shadows he kept to. It seemed to be from his lost twin the angel that used to carry his light but was stillborn. Some thought that was enough to keep him sane enough though it was clear in his solid gray eyes, with a snake like slit to his pupils, that madness still remained. When they spoke of him they couldn't say he wasn't giving into madness. They couldn't say he had proven he was mentally right where he needed to be, or even that he had broken down and recovered.


When you saw him it was from a distance most feared what he hadn't done or was simply capable of they didn't know the man just the face that was in charge.


He personally would say he's doing a hell of a lot better than any crazed angel before him.



He looked up he wasn't particularly blind at least not yet he could see in blur which was just good enough for an angel. He noticed staring out at the mess of green the car arriving and sighed to himself as he pushed from the window and walked toward the steps. His senses were much stronger he knew when he would be in danger from walking down the steps.


Though he had gotten used to his poor vision it was easier to make out shapes in the dark for him. Which was for the best anyways, the light brought far too much pain. He started to hate the light, it wasn't emotional no his eyes couldn't take too much light at all. Though he was generally drawn to bright colors and as he normally reminded himself, they didn't dwell in the shadows.


He made his way to the door frowning when his wrist was grabbed, he did have a couple servants that lived nearby in a small cottage just a walk away, they weren't human or really demon either. He no longer saw the pale, graying man or his aging wife he simply recognized the aura they carried when around. Jenkins and his wife Serina.


“I'm not feeble.” he snapped.


“Of course not sir but you stumbled, you've forgotten your cane.”


He sighed, he had become more forgetful lately he supposed it was part of the decline you slowly became nothing but a living form of your own mad thoughts. He was sure he held it, a plain black cane with a black jeweled center for him to grab on. It wasn't just his mind, or his sight his body was weak he normally didn't even fly though he had the room and time for it. He shook his head as Jenkins opened the door and he heard a familiar voice though the shift in the darkness a glimpse of white told him who it was first.


“Vylis.” he said simply.


Vylis had given in and given his hair a chop though it was still shoulder length, he was happier, something that had been obvious even to those that didn't really know him. Life with his son, and niece was good. Many talked about Lana who helped them as she could the little angels got to see a lot of The Cities with her keeping by their side. His brother was in just a good a place he was concerned though and sent his brother to check on their friend knowing it wasn't really helping for him to shut people out as he did. He offered a smile though he was sure that the stone faced man couldn't see it.


“Ah you don't look happy to see me at all, now that hurts my feelings.”


He sighed.


“Not something I care about...what do you want Vyl?”


He shook his head.


“I thought I would invite you....”






“Stefaren, don't shorten my name.” he said heatedly.


“Fine fine, but you don't even know what I was going to say, how do you know you don't want to do it?”


He grit his teeth as his eyebrow twitched though Vylis wasn't one to give up that easily, he took a breath and stared hard into the darkness in front of him.


“Okay then, what is it?”


“Dinner, at the house....”


“Hell no then.”


“Stefaren you can't just hide out here forever.”


“Angels don't tend to die from old age, not normally anyways, so in my case I actually can if you're done bothering me, get out.” he said moving to walk back to his room.


“Oh come on, leaving will do you some good.”


“I don't want to, I'm fine here.”


“I know you're under control it won't stimulate you too much to have dinner with a friend or two.”


He said thinking about how easily one could make an angel like him snap, he shook his head gripping his hands tighter. Vylis watched him, his decline hadn't always been so bad though it was clearer every time he stopped by. He didn't really have to but they were friends, he worried about having him around the kids at first though they were perfectly safe having met their grandparents though he knew he could only push so much before enough was enough.


He sighed heavily, he didn't even want to step into the dusty castle. It was fairly cold seemed to be falling apart even if it was livable, Stefaren made his way to the stairs carefully then went up not bothering to say anything more he felt as though he was being consumed by hives at the thought of leaving his sanctuary to see Vylis's family. He looked at Jenkins who only shrugged sure it was hopeless.


“Jenkins I have an idea to help him...well it's possible it could help, though I'd need you to pull it off.”


“What would you need?” he asked.


“I don't have a use for The Pleasing anymore but they do have some overflow there.”


“You want to bring one of those people here..? He'd have a fit, you know how he gets around those he doesn't know.” he said his tone firm.


“I know I know, though the people that go there always need help they're not looking to piss off the person that helps them someone that would follow all the rules and be here for more. The way he is I bet he wouldn't be up for anything less.”


Jenkins wasn't so sure but he shook his head absently.


“I suppose, but not just anyone.”


“It won't be just anyone, Lana saw someone he might like to talk to at the very least.” she had only met him once and it was for a short time. Though she often said he simply look tired at the end of his rope though it could be madness creeping in she wasn't sure.




“Her name is Piper, she's just a maid perfectly harmless, and of course my dear Lana likes her.” Lana met her when she was between jobs. She didn't really need help with the twins when their fathers were out but she gave her something to do remembering how tough times got from her time on the streets she wanted to help. Piper was happy to when she finally met Vylis and Elvane they knew what their beloved was up to and were glad to see she made a friend.


“And I suppose you want me to go get her?”


“No she'll be around on her own I told her there was an open position here.”


“And you want me to hire her..?”


“Yeah, that way it won't be a lie when you tell him you did.”


He sighed.


“Very well I suppose.”


“Not to mention that handy ability if you see anything that he wouldn't be able to handle she can work elsewhere no harm done.” he said, saying clearly why he would be the best to bring her on.


He nodded in understanding wondering if he would click with her at all, if not having a new face around wouldn't be so bad.


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