Out of This World Lover

Out of This World Lover Out of This World Lover

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


(No I don't care if the title is bleh my brain went blank dagnabbit lol. Warning: Hermaphrodite element and this is technically just part 1) Ever meet a woman that could make you change completely just from the thought of losing her? Esmerelda did.


(No I don't care if the title is bleh my brain went blank dagnabbit lol. Warning: Hermaphrodite element and this is technically just part 1)

Ever meet a woman that could make you change completely just from the thought of losing her? Esmerelda did.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Out of This World Lover

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(No I don't care if the title is bleh my brain went blank dagnabbit lol. Warning: Hermaphrodite element and this is technically just part 1)<br /> <br /> Ever meet a woman that could make you change completely just from the thought of losing her? Esmerelda did.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 14, 2016



(Just another little side story, just cause, as it says in the tag there is an hermaphrodite element. So if you don't like that then you won't like this story.


I own the story and all the characters, any likeness to any person(s) living or dead is coincidental and unintentional. While this story is available for free it is not to be redistributed in anyway; I am the only person who can post this on more than one site or earn money for it in the future.)



Esmerelda stared at the crowd of people in the club she was the sort of woman that most would hate or envy. Hate because she turned them down by publicly humiliating them, or envy because she had men and women eating out of the palm of her hand. She had long silky black hair, green eyes that seemed to look through you, and smooth pale skin. Her friends forced her out, Amara was a pretty blond, Candi is a slightly tanned red head, and Madina is a dark skinned beauty with short hair. They were all dressed in bright mini dresses but Esmerelda chose a clingy leather skirt and a black shirt that showed off her impressive cleavage and toned stomach.


“Don't be such a party pooper girl.” Amara said poking her arm.


She stuck her pierced tongue out at her.


“I didn't want to come, you do the partying.”


“At least get us drinks.” Candi said.


She rolled her eyes.


“Of course that's why I'm here.”


“You're here because we love you, now your wallet is here for drinks.” Madina teased.


She smiled at them while flipping them off, and got up to walk to the bar as she got close she quickly ordered their usual drinks and told the waiter where they were sitting. She looked around again and grinned as she saw another woman that looked like she didn't want to be here. She had long legs, a short black dress, she had pale skin, long pink hair, blue eyes and pouty lips. Most didn't know Esmerelda preferred women, not that she was a lesbian she would sleep with men and women, though ladies were a favorite. She hung out with her girls because they were just friends she wasn't attracted to any of them. She walked over to sit next to her, she didn't say anything though it was all part of the game. She wanted her to make the first move, if it was no good she could walk away without a concern.


She looked over when she noticed someone had sat next to her, Esmerelda knew she was checking her out and smirked as she looked over. The woman finished her examination then smirked she didn't say a word but seemed as though she liked what she saw. She hadn't found a strong silent type in a while, in fact it had been awhile since she let someone into her bed. Which was strange for her kind, yes her kind the beauty wasn't human. Nobody knew that though, she kept it a secret, she was cast out for refusing to mate with her parent's choice and they didn't interfere. It was all about what was best for the family and she was nothing to them if she wasn't going to listen.


She frowned as the bitter memory floated in her head, they loved physical contact when they hit puberty the desire changed a bit but it was always the same. You didn't abandon someone you cared about, she jumped a bit as she felt a hand on her thigh. It was the woman next to her, she didn't want to come but at the same time she was lonely and now she was glad she was here. Ignoring her own thoughts for once she spread her legs. The other got close.


“Not very shy are you?” she whispered into her ear.


“Life is too short.”


“I suppose so, what's your name?” she moved her hand to stroke her clothed pussy.


Esmerelda shivered, the woman was just what she needed she had been denying herself lately she'd been a little depressed. It became so natural to have a one night stand here and there and now she was starting to get tired of it, the single life. That wasn't to say that anything would come from this, she shook her head she had some standards but she just wanted the other to move her fingers again. She realized it was out of her character which meant she denied herself for too long that never worked out well for her kind.


“..Esmerelda...yours?” she moved her fingers slowly until her panties were wet, she bit back a moan, no one could really see what was going on at the crowded bar but it wouldn't have mattered if they did.




“...No comment about how easy this is?” Esmerelda muttered.


“Not really, I could be considered easy to, I saw what I liked and you didn't stop me from taking that's all that matters.” she slid her hand to rub her lips.


She swallowed thickly she liked to be in charge but she could be on bottom too, she felt Violet gently fingering her moving her fingers in and out. She was having a hard time focusing, she tilted her head back and Violet kissed her. There was no fighting for dominance their tongues moved together equally. Violet rubbed her breast through her shirt leaving her with hard nipples. Soon she grabbed her wrist and pulled Violet was too good with her fingers.


“Please...don't tease me here.” she panted, not caring how desperate she sounded.


“Where should I take you?” she teased.


“Anywhere private...”


“My car is outside.”


Violet stepped back and Esmerelda got herself together before grabbing her hand to follow her out, she was never concerned about leaving with strangers. If they turned out to be creeps she put them to sleep and left without having to defend herself. If they just wanted to fuck then by all means, she had a plain black car, it was pretty dark out this part of Denver didn't have much around it except for the club that was built to attract more people. The parking lot was mostly full, she opened the back seat and Esmerelda got in she slid in after her. The windows were a little tinted not that it mattered, she locked the doors and crawled on top.


Giving Esmerelda another deep kiss she pushed her shirt up to massage her breast further, she reached down to rip open her panties and pull her skirt up. Violet pulled away to kiss and suck on her neck.


“It's been a while hasn't it?”


“A bit...touch me.”


Violet slid two fingers in again and teased her again she moaned freely she sucked on her nipples her tongue was just as skilled as her fingers were. She wriggled her hips a little, Violet stopped moving and smirked.


“Violet...don't do me like that.” she muttered in frustration, if it wasn't enough that she threw her pride out to show how desperate she was.


“You make an awfully cute face when annoyed.”


She moved her fingers again allowing Esmerelda to lose herself, she closed her eyes and rocked her hips, she was starting to feel close. Violet stopped again just before she could cum, in fact she stopped touching her altogether. She opened her eyes and saw that the other looked curious, she sat up and looked down, her clit had shifted, replaced by a throbbing nine inch cock. Her kind accepted everyone because they were all built a certain way, both could reproduce as they saw fit, though when she first got here she ran into humans that just couldn't accept that part. Normally she wasn't completely sated because she hid it, but Violet made her body forget. She had never felt shame on her own planet, here she did. Before Violet could sat anything Esmerelda put her to sleep and got out of the car to fix her clothes. She slammed the door behind her and went home, forgetting that she kept her purse with her and now it was in Violet's possession.


She stopped for a moment feeling an overwhelming sadness, her eyes widened and she looked over her shoulder. It hadn't been obvious at first but now she realized, of all the people and her own kind that she had gone through that woman was supposed to be her mate. Her kind did branch out all over but it wasn't an immediate reaction when you were destined for someone outside of her race. She swallowed thickly as a tear slid down her face.


“Figures the one who stopped...the one who couldn't get past all of me is the one I'm supposed to be with.”


She continued walking not interested in calling her friends, she felt ashamed and embarrassed as she hugged herself. She didn't blame Violet for being confused she touched her clit and was inside of her then all of sudden there was a penis.


“I'm so stupid...it doesn't matter how desperate we get...I should have known I wanted her so badly because...because.” she huffed, she felt her heart breaking.


It didn't matter if she was rejected by some stranger, but her mate, the only soulmate she would ever have, that was too much. She continued talking to herself as she made her way home, truthfully she was freaking out part of her wanted to go back and talk to Violet but the other part knew it was pointless she was still aching for her mate's touch and knew she wouldn't be getting it again. She was prepared to go home and cry until she could pretend this never happened.



Esmerelda walked up the steps of her apartment her throat was dry, her feet was aching, and she felt even more lonely. She went upstairs, as the Sun was coming up she realized she didn't have her purse, she had a spare key under her welcome mat she sighed. It was such a long walk and Violet wouldn't have woken up until she was far away enough, there was no chance she would just run into her, sighing heavily she got the key and let herself in. She had long since lost her hard on but she still wished she had release.


Stepping into the shower for a moment she considered just getting herself off but the shame of chasing her mate away removed that thought from her mind. She settled for sitting in the corner of the shower and washing up, not one Maidrek, her kind, could handle losing mate it killed them more as time went on.



Violet went to her own apartment she was so confused, Esmerelda had forgotten to erase her memory so as far as Violet knew she had been drunk and ran off. She rubbed her head she was sure she saw her with an erection though she didn't feel it before. Her place was nice and clean, in modern colors nothing like the simple mostly beige tone of Esmerelda's home. She didn't see the small clutch in the back of her car. She sighed she hoped she hadn't hurt her or anything she was just surprised, how could you finger and stroke a woman and find nothing then just as she clenches there's a penis she didn't even know where it would have come from, she only had one opening.


“Maybe I had too much booze...”


A week went by and Violet was getting ready to go out but first her car was mess and she had to clean it out. When she heard a phone ringing she stopped, her cell was in her pocket. Esmerelda didn't use typical technology from Earth though it looked that way. Her battery life was perfect, she looked back and moved things around, when she found the clutch under her coat on the floor she picked it up and took the phone out of it to answer.


“Okay Esmerelda, we don't know what's wrong but we let you mope for a week, we are coming over again and you better answer the door.”


“Hang on, I'm not Esmerelda.”


“Who is this?”


“This is Violet...I met her a week ago, I just found her purse in my back seat.”


“It's not like her to leave her purse behind...I'm Candi I'm one of her friends.”


“I remember her being upset but I don't know why.”


“Well she should have her address in her wallet, take her things to her she won't let us in.”


“Are you sure that's a good idea?”


“Yeah, if she trusted you enough to leave her purse she must want to see you, she's one of those types she won't tell you how into you she is she expects you to know....Look I'm at work and I'm almost done so we'll meet you there.”


“Well alright...”


Esmerelda cleaned her apartment absently she was depressed but refused to live in filth, she jumped when she heard a knock on the door. Assuming it was her friends she ignored them, they were friends sure...but not close friends. They were sooner to make fun of her being upset over a fucked up one night stand than to actually support her. Normally she could ignore that but she didn't want to deal with that, she was going to turn on the music loud like she always did when they came to check on her to show that she was alive and well...and didn't want to see them. She hated it when they acted all concerned just to rub her emotions in her face in the end. That was why she wasn't attracted to them, she didn't have anyone else, that's why she kept them around.


“Esmerelda? It's Violet.” she paused.


“I found your purse in my car, your friend called your phone, wicked battery you have there she said they were coming and she asked me to bring this to you because she didn't think you would have left it you know..for no reason. Open up.”


Esmerelda rubbed her hands together she really didn't want to face her, she thought she erased her memory. She walked over and opened the door a crack, her hair was messy, she wore a plain gray tee shirt and yoga pants she didn't even bother with make up. Violet stared at her, not believing that was the same person she met the other night.


“I didn't hurt you did I?”


She just shook her head, mate or not she didn't see how could blame Violet for her confusion just as Violet reached up to touch her shoulder Madina came up the steps.


“Damn, you look like shit Es.”


Esmerelda sighed, she was all for straight forward honesty but considering how she felt she didn't want it, she knew she looked a mess she wanted Madina to leave and for Violet to hold her again. Annoyed with her conflicting emotions she took her purse and went to her kitchen, Madina was followed by Candi and Amara. Violet greeted them and followed them inside closing the door behind her she was silent for a moment while they talked to her she was surprised that Esmerelda's “friends” were so harsh. Clearly she was having a hard time they didn't need to be bitches.


“So this is the little piece you went home with, you should have told her that your purse was in her car before you left. It makes it easier for people to find you.” Amara said.


Violet frowned, Esmerelda shrugged.


“..Did you guys need something?” she asked.


“Yeah, we want to know what's wrong with you, like I said.” Candi replied.


“Nothing, I just wanted to be alone.”


“Ugh you sound so whiny perk up and let's go out dancing.”


“I don't want to, you guys can go.”


“Look, we were worried about you, stop being a bitch.”


Worried but it took them a week to call her phone, Violet crossed her arms.


“If you think I'm a bitch then why are you here?”


“I don't get it, you're acting all weird, you don't hide in the house like this, what did Violet here leave you high and dry?” Amara asked.


Violet stared at Esmerelda as she shook her head, obviously bothered by the question.


“She left me in a hurry, that's how she forgot her purse, I woke up in my car alone, thanks for that by the way.” she said.


Esmerelda stared at the ground, feeling shame again, Violet felt a little bad for giving her a hard time she wondered if it wasn't booze if she had actually seen a penis and Esmerelda left because she didn't take it well. She'd be depressed over that too.


“A bad one night stand huh? Don't be so fucking pathetic, get over it.” Madina snapped.


“Had Mad don't be mean.” Candi said.


“Oh shush, if that's all that happened then why is she crying over it, stop being a moron.”


Esmerelda only thought about how she chased off Violet in her mind and settled on going back to her room.


“Hey don't do that, we're trying to help.” Amara said.


Violet shook her head.


“Maybe you guys should go, you aren't helping.”


“Oh you touch her once and you think you know her?” Madina said.


“No, I just know how to treat people if she's your friend then support her when she cries don't get bitch-y.” she walked by them and went to Violet's room to knock on the door.


“Just go away, I'm not in the mood.”


“Fine, look cry baby why don't you just kill yourself if you're going to be a bitch for no reason.” Amara said.


“That was uncalled for.” Violet said, pissed.


“We're just being real, come on Candi, she's not interested in being helped so fuck her, no wonder you don't have anyone bitch.” Madina said.


Amara and Madina left, Candi shrugged at Violet and turned to leave like the little sheep she was, Violet felt bad, she heard Esmerelda crying. She was crying partially because the same words that her family threw at her were used so easily by the only “friends” she had and mostly because heir lack of bond was physically hurting her. Her kind took mating seriously and it was deeply part of their life. No human could understand the misery she felt humans don't connect on a level like that. They didn't break down and get over powered by physical pain at the first sign of losing a lover not like this anyways. Her body felt like it was on fire, she pulled the blanket over her ready to sleep through it.



Later that night hunger won her over, she got up and opened the door she had left the television on and she walked over. She paused as she look on the couch, Violet had dozed off...but she hadn't abandoned her.


End part 1.


(Got a little long so I had to cut it here, I say part one because this could be considered an end and I could add on to it.)

© Copyright 2019 SweetDreamer92. All rights reserved.


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