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Old Enough Old Enough

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Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



The thing about nineteen year olds...is that they're old enough.


The thing about nineteen year olds...is that they're old enough.

Prolog (v.1) - Savior

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 23, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 23, 2016



(So I have my reasons for starting a new story, and I won't tell you what they are in case they take longer than I'm hoping. Also this idea kind of came to me because it stems from a generic free for all type of plot that I've read a lot and I remembered how much I like it. So I hope you like it


I own the story and all the characters, any likeness to any person(s) living or dead is coincidental and unintentional. While this story is available for free it is not to be redistributed in any way; I am the only person who can post this on more than one site or earn money for it in the future.)


Prologue – Savior...



Phoebus sat up quickly hearing laughing and banging it was three in the morning and though they lived in a fairly nice neighborhood there were plenty of break-ins. Demons and L.A. didn't mix well they didn't care about most human rules and most humans couldn't defend against the ones that simply did whatever they liked. He was a simple demon by no means very powerful and his senses were weak, much better than humans in a lot of areas but he was only half demon which he got plenty of crap over, he picked up a bat there was the heavy scent of alcohol in the air and he couldn't tell who it was which pissed him off he moved here just because other demons in the areas generally left him alone with minor abuse thrown his way here and there. Usually breaking in to human owned homes, he was well enough but not nearly as rich as some of his neighbors he'd gotten the impressive seven bedroom home with his savings and as he wasn't a dangerous demon and his family influence his funds were mostly taken care of for some time until taking over at the computer company he currently owned.


He wasn't bothered by it though he wasn't an extremely rich man though his company made a good amount because he paid those back he didn't have to but he wasn't that sort of man. He needed assistance at first now he was starting to make it more and more on his own.


He lived here with his daughter, his ex still came over he could go off on her make her go elsewhere but he's not stupid, she'd love to turn his daughter against him and if she took her then he'd be on his own here. She had every right to according to the elders as she came from a much higher up demon family and could do anything she wanted at the moment she really just liked to fuck with him.


It didn't matter as much he'd fuck her use her for what she had in this arrangement it was better than nothing most didn't like his half demon state anyways putting up with her bitchy attitude while keeping things civil for their daughter...well it was good enough.


He used a bat, something for his black cursed flames to cling to one hit from this would knock out anyone just the right pressure and they would never get up again.


As he walked down the steps raising the bat he heard a scream telling him no, he flipped on the light and sighed seeing his daughter waving at him not to having tripped over the couch carrying another woman she had dropped when she slipped. He only saw her nice stocking covered legs as she had fallen behind the chair his daughter on top.


Sheria is a beauty at eighteen, a pretty pale demon with pale violet curls and icy green eyes. Also wearing one of the many mini dresses he hated that showed off her chest, she attracted everyone and as a succubus and a full one there was nothing anyone could do about it. He supposed he could be glad she took after her mother and wouldn't be bullied for only carrying half the blood like her father but still it was a bitter joy. If she was human he'd keep her in but eighteen or not succubi and incubi that don't get proper training and learn how to control themselves become a shameful mess having no control over desires and such.


“Sher what the hell are you doing?” he asked, ignoring the sound of her sniffling the giggling faded as she passed out.


“Sorry dad I had to bring her we were all by ourselves, then we tripped and well...”


He sighed as she pushed herself up.


“I thought you were going out with your friends?” he said putting the fire out and setting the bat down.


“I did, then they went home with a pair of twins and...you know I met her.”


He frowned hearing the change in tone.


“What happened at the club?”




“Sheria Alona Bennev.” he snapped she huffed.


“I got attacked by a stronger demon, he came out of nowhere and Melina purified him..he had me pinned.”


He frowned though nodded.


“Well getting your savior drunk is not the way to pay them back.”


“Oh but that's part of the fun, carry her to the guest room?...she's giving off the pure aura and I clearly had too much to drink to deal with it....kind of why I tripped.” she said.


He shook his head as he walked over he could feel it coming off of her but it wasn't so bad for him he was sure it was because he was just a half demon and no threat to a woman passed out she had on a tight skirt and a belly baring top showing her toned figure she was definitely attractive however he was no pervert he didn't go after women who couldn't defend themselves.


He scooped her up her make up was a mess hiding her face her thick dark curls and deep caramel skin suggested that she was normally a beautiful girl. Really at the moment though that hardly mattered she looked like a bad clown got hit in the face with a good splash of water and the paint was melting away.


He carried her upstairs to the guest room, really most of the rooms were guest rooms in simple pale blue and white, Sheria tossed a black blanket down as he set her down he moved to leave as she started to clean off the stray make up.


He was glad she was alright, he was curious what the woman was most of the smell came from her Sheria didn't smell quite as off as Melina did.



The next morning Melina woke up highly confused hearing her phone ring, she looked around the pretty modern room and reached in her purse that Sheria had been carrying and left on the bed next to her.


“Hello?” she felt a little sick and dizzy but it would pass quickly enough.


“Mel where the hell did you go last night?”


“Uh....I don't know...but I think I'm in a good place my clothes look how they did when I left and I don't feel the trace of touch.” she said hearing her brother's voice.


What she felt in her aura told her what happened a man had touched her, only to bring her upstairs though because she was drunk it was a bit of a fog.


“Mel what did I tell you about drinking when you were upset?”


“Something about...don't do it, shame on you...and blah blah blah.”


“Melina.” he snapped.


“I'm too dazed to be yelled at right now so I'll call you later.”


“Don't you hang...”


She ended the call and got up to use the bathroom she looked in the mirror seeing someone....Sheria she was wiping her face. She smiled slightly this must be her home after fixing herself up she hurried out of the room she knew she wasn't in a hotel and felt weird looking through someone's things. She did look around a little at the richly decorated house the smell of vanilla in the air as she walked over the white carpet she looked down the steps most of the house was modern but there was a much more cozy set up in the living room with the soft couches and dark wood coffee table with the simple matching decorations.


“Oh hey!”


She looked over toward the dining room there was a side table against the wall and simple silver art pieces against the wall the light on the table showed that was going into the kitchen. She smiled at Sheria.


“Hi, thanks for bringing me...I must have been a mess, sorry for the trouble...”


“Oh please it was no big deal but you're welcome, you were laughing then just went to sleep no trouble at all. Though you kept giving off an aura I had to have my dad carry you up drinking kind of limits my powers a bit he could handle it for the bit though.”


“Oh so that's what happened...sorry about that I have aura sense..it's just how I remember things when I'm out I was trained for it but it's not quite so strong as others.”


Phoebus looked up as they walked in the kitchen he stood at the stove cooking he blinked for a moment looking at Melina, she's a different sort of stunning those pale brown eyes were full and vibrant even slightly messy her hair fell around her pretty face making it stand out she had pouty lips he shook his head. Half demon or not he was still a good looking man in his forties he didn't exactly look his age mature yes but barely with the strong jaw and build his hair was naturally a dark green just barely in the light his wavy hair in a tight pony tail he was a bit pale and had deep opal eyes a bit of shadow on his face.


She looked at him a bit then looked down thanking him and apologizing.


“It's fine, you saved my daughter it was the least I could do...I'm Phoebus.”


“Nice to meet you, sir, I'm Melina Ramonas.” she couldn't help but hesitate to call him sir, it was his house but he didn't look so old...sexy even she quickly removed the thought from her mind remembering she wasn't here for that.


“She didn't give me too many details what made you jump in?”


“The demon was a lot bigger than she was his tail out weighed her..those demons the lackner are entirely sick and I don't know why he was even out on his own in history they warn you about those that like to behead and ra..” she jumped as Sheria covered her mouth, she looked at Phoebus as his eyebrow twitched.


He knew about those demons all too well.


“Well you didn't tell me that much you know I wouldn't have smelled one of those trolls on you.” he snapped.


“Don't mind him he's just over protective and don't give him too much information it'll make him even more over protective.”


Melina laughed as she pulled her hand away.


“Sorry...my brother is the same way, he only pinned her down though I found them way before he could do anymore. Even he won't be dumb enough to try again after that we just had drinks...way too much in my case.”


He nodded again though it was a little more than just helping her out, an old demon law she saved her life and would need a favor of equal value in return so she wouldn't be in debt to her. He wondered what she could possibly want after selflessly helping her he didn't sense she was particularly evil.


“Well I thank you for that and I'm sure Sheria will properly show her gratitude for saving her life I raised her to be respectful and appreciative.”


“Hey why are you looking at me, I know the law I was going to anyways.” she said before Melina could speak.


She laughed at them as she hit her father's arm to remind him to mind the eggs he was cooking.


“Oh no...I'm a white witch we help when we can and not for anything in return...I just wanted to help.”


“So that's what it was about you...well now that makes it even worse demons don't ignore debts to white witches most of us wouldn't exist without their assistance in the old war that brought us to peace in the first place.” Sheria said.


Melina still shook her head, though she'd have no say in it Sheria did appreciate it and the way she was raised she would pay her back anyways she didn't have to save her she didn't have obligations to protect her.


“Just you wait and see I'll be the best friend you could have.”


“I don't want you to be my friend for a debt you think you have.” Melina said firmly, that didn't sound like a good deal at all.


“How about a key to the house? We have direct access to the demon world from here, surely there has to be a lot there that any witch would love to have access to. Libraries, ingredients for spells, sparring partners...even the shoe stores are better.” she said quickly, realizing how it sounded to suggest she was only a friend because she saved her life. It wasn't like that but she couldn't help her natural instincts she saved her life just because she could.


It mattered.


Melina laughed though she was hesitant to accept that though it was true, the human world had rules against a lot of things that weren't traded so her training was limited here and she didn't have a reason, or rather a high enough family that gave her full rights even though she was part of a respected race she had to follow the human laws above the demon laws.


Still it was Phoebus' house too she wasn't so sure he would also be comfortable with that she wasn't one to take advantage.




“It's a fine trade off I suppose, though I would hold my child's life above the demon world whatever works.”


She nudged him.


“See it's fine, aren't you nineteen, you still have a lot of training you'll miss out on here right?”


“Yeah I suppose...if it's really alright I would love that, my spells are still too weak in most areas, thank you you won't regret it.”


It would be fine this way, he still looked over at her as Sheria bounced next to her excitedly he was curious about her he sensed more than witch in her he wondered what it was.


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