Of Beasts and Beauties

Of Beasts and Beauties Of Beasts and Beauties

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Freya isn't weak or tough she's in the middle and in most cases knows when to pick her battles, with Gene it's hard to decide when that is. He terrifies her but she feels for him too it's always complicated. Though perhaps he could at least care that she could care.


Freya isn't weak or tough she's in the middle and in most cases knows when to pick her battles, with Gene it's hard to decide when that is. He terrifies her but she feels for him too it's always complicated. Though perhaps he could at least care that she could care.

Prolog (v.1) - An accident

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 25, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 25, 2017



(So it hasn't been that long since I've been around but it feels like it, I can't promise I will be rebooting stories but I only have one idea I plan to stick to at the moment. I mean it sort of just popped into my head and I've done some things before but it's of course different enough to warrant a new story plus I need something fresh.


This is of course inspired by Beauty and The Beast, no particular version just the basic idea, which I obviously don't own heh.


I own this story though, and all the characters, any likeness to any person(s) living or dead is coincidental and unintentional. While this story is available for free it is not to be redistributed in any way; I am the only person who can post this on more than one site or earn money for it in the future.)


Prologue – An accident



There were a lot of things you could keep hidden even in New York, it was a busy place moving in with the crowd in any way made it easier for one to blend away. Though that is true for many as you climb higher up the social ladder it becomes false very very quickly. Even when you have the presence that makes other fear you, they're always watching wondering what you're going to do next. One person, well one of many, in this situation is Gene Barrett. He was rich, loaded partially from inheritance and mostly from his own business firm...well that is what it was called simply. It wasn't really restricted going from providing resources to smaller companies, handling many legal situations both as expected and without getting the authorities involved though that was obviously not on any business card.


The company also had some of the best accountants, dealt in trade with most countries, with a minor computer and car deal as well. Those were mostly to keep funds rolling in for other areas, along with his jewelry store as one last tie. He dabbled essentially to get what he wanted. He was rarely seen outside of the office if he wasn't working in some way.


Gene was also known by his long ink black hair, some thought it was a wig though a closer look said the braid he wore just to his backside was in fact real. Aside from that the bandages, no one had seen his face since he came out of hiding he even wore sunglasses wherever he went. His face was bandaged mostly but held in place by tape allowing his hair to grow freely he even kept some over the side of his face. He participated in interviews though he wore a mask then with a little microphone close so he could be heard clearly. Though for regular business his mouth was covered anyways. He did get out plenty even if it was only for work he very rarely had anyone out to do business for him so he was well known.


Plenty were scared, or simply uneasy around the masked man. He donated plenty to various charities, his name was everywhere at least as far as the higher to middle class cared in New York. Fear, respect, distrust, admiration...whatever you felt if you heard of him it didn't matter he changed for no one. It wasn't always a question of who he was, but what was up with him.


Some of his employees were open of their more positive feelings, though those on his bad side could only talk about how horrible he was. It really depended, when asked about why he didn't do anything about the defamation he only replied that he wasn't bothered by it. The customers that mattered, the business partners that he kept an eye on they were in the same group.


They took what they got and worked through it, many he ignored all together all the while proving what a valuable asset he could be.


Even with him there were some that found his voice attractive, or his business skills more than acceptable for a husband. Most of those women were gold diggers and he wasn't looking for anyone there had been claims of mistresses which he mostly ignored. Though when he was accused of fathering a child he always dealt with that. No matter how much money he had he wasn't about to take care of a child that wasn't his.


He wasn't sure he could even tolerate children it wasn't a matter of being one of the more well idiotic people that hated kids for no reason. He thought it was idiotic most could just ignore them or didn't have any in their life to push them to that point. He just didn't have the patience for most adults and it wasn't particularly fair to blame a child for being what they were he just knew he wasn't father material. He couldn't handle crying, little things got to him the more frustrated he grew the easier it was to throw out his values and snap, hypocrite he may be in some situations he knew his limits.


He didn't hate kids, he just knew he couldn't stand what came with being a kid.


Simple as that.



His company, Evyar Co., had a coffee shop that was not one of his but a business partner so to speak he was in charge. Though he didn't claim those profits but it was an opportunity for some to get a simple job. Those that did well could at least get a recommendation from the company and it took a lot of weight. Most were college students some were single parents or just people having an off year. The staff changed a lot though there were three that had never been changed. Most didn't know that he erased a few memories when it appeared they weren't aging much though they should have been.


A part of him was easy to hide, he didn't wear the bandages, mask, or sunglasses to help with that. There was yet one other thing he was known for, he inherited quite a bit in a fire that should have killed him, his brother set the fire, burning down decades and more of family history trying to get him out of the way they called him lucky, what a joke. He grit his teeth just thinking about it, his brother was behind bars and wouldn't be getting out any time soon, he still didn't know why his brother bothered at all he was the eldest sibling he would have gotten most of their family's money.


He knew if he bothered to talk to him he'd snap and kill him, it was an odd place to be mentally. He didn't want to kill his brother, lose what he had left. Though he knew he would the first chance he got. Then there was the fact that he didn't want to know, didn't want to hear some pathetic story of pettiness. He'd done nothing but idolize his brother and neither of them were spoiled everything was equal they never went without, weren't mistreated. He'd only ever known his brother to be happy he couldn't think of what was hidden in his head that led to that.


They lost their parents that day, ten years ago and with his time he built an empire while his brother was moved from prison to a psych ward to be forgotten. Gene wouldn't look back any further no matter his own issues.


By all accounts he always thought he'd be the one to lose it, Evan did turn himself in it was the act of the soulless to move him. They were the hidden council that judged without sight only taking in the emotions behind each action, he thought it was bullshit but left them to deal with it he had a life to live. Though when he sat alone finishing another glass of scotch he often asked himself if he was really living at all.


He sighed having a slight hangover from the night before he was already in a piss mood and he was sure judging by the others that weren't so human and how they backed up that it was clear. Those that were human that knew nothing of what he was able to hide followed the long time employee's actions. It was an unspoken rule around the clear metallic building.


Hangover or not the sound of heels didn't bother him it was the mental noise that got to him. If he had a choice of any 'gift' as the Soulless called it, he wouldn't have picked the ability to read minds. It wasn't something he had much control over, he could concentrate hard enough and drown out the thoughts but sometimes that wasn't enough another reason why he liked to keep busy. All of the non-human employees chosen had a natural block against it, humans didn't he wanted to learn to control it and that was why he bothered hiring humans at all. On days like today he wanted to send them all home and pretend none existed. He stopped by Burnt Kettle, he had no idea where the name came from but it fit enough, to get a coffee.


He didn't keep them as long as humans did so a quick drink now would prepare him for the rest of the day. He frowned as he saw one of the workers fall carrying a box of cups having tripped probably over nothing the klutz that she was. The chosen uniform was a burnt orange bottom, skirt or pants, a dark shirt with matching shoes and a white hat. The girl on the floor chose the skirt, she had nice enough legs but he wasn't interested in the little demon. She was the runt in her family in every way short, barely any curves, and almost no chest to speak of, a cute blond none the less she looked up at him her green eyes wide.


“Morning boss...” she said quietly already sensing his mood.


“Imani...” he said simply.


“Uh..right away...”


She scrambled up and ran in the back, she was technically only in college to learn how to behave around humans many demons were taught this way. They didn't age much of course and why he would tweak memories in case anyone got suspicious. It was a common ability many could do it and on a larger scale he had a group that took care of that when it was needed. Some only saw demons at the appropriate age anyways, another ability though when told not to think about it again the case was closed.


He sighed, as Meredith came around to pick up the mess seeing him at the counter she smiled. She was never one to care about his mood, she was a mocha skinned woman with a thick figure and neatly kept but wild braids. She was an older woman who had a thing for younger men and good looking enough to pull it off. Granted she was a demon and the boss under him essentially within the coffee shop.


“Imani?” she simply asked.


“Imani.” he wasn't really angry by it they were doubled wrapped in plastic and the floor was clean anyways no mess to speak of.


He just wasn't in the mood, she nodded.


“Is she getting your coffee?”


He nodded and she set the box on the shelf.


“I hired a new worker, her name is Freya.”


“Why should I care?”


“Well Imani was late so I sent her to help Bobby replace the supplies in your office, so don't freak out on her she's a sweet little thing.” he had a small kitchenette in his office and the more he had to work on the less likely he was to leave his office if he could help it.


He sighed.


“And since when are you in charge of what I do?”


“Since she's my beloved late sister's daughter and you're a mean old bastard.” she was really the only one that could speak to him that way. He sighed again but shook his head mostly ignoring her though if she was doing her job he'd probably ignore her anyways.


“I haven't been mean yet.”


She smiled.


“Yeah but I know you, now don't I?”


Imani brought his coffee it was a stronger brew than the humans got and kept separate from theirs, he paid though he didn't have to and went up to his office. There were several floors all mixing work as they saw fit the whole company worked as it should and he was above it all. Bobby was a tall, pale, blue eyed individual no more human than the other two he wore his dark hair in spikes and kept large gauges in his ears.


He had some empty boxes in his hands making his way outside the office. Though he moved as he walked in seeing the coffee and sensing the irritation in Gene's aura like most demons he backed up without a word. He dropped his briefcase next to his oak desk and dimmed the lights looking in the back room where he could hear her moving. He shrugged off his jacket it was August but warm enough.


His skin was sensitive to most things, some might wonder why didn't get surgery it wasn't really in the cards, better the humans not pick up anything odd about him considering he couldn't take human blood and their weren't many demons with his type he was still A- but human blood didn't sustain him that way, he was allergic to most medicines or chemicals used by humans it probably wouldn't be clear he wasn't human but he'd be a test subject and in the end it would be fruitless, a curse kept him from healing more than he needed to function not that he really cared to share his body with anyone or maybe he did he wouldn't admit that to himself.


He walked to the door to see who she was.


She was standing she was pale with dark purple hair neatly arranging the boxes as he preferred. Meredith made sure she was aware of how finicky he could be with things that were out of order. She had chosen the skirt as well though it was clear her legs were longer and fuller. Feeling she was being watched she turned her head, her eyes were gray her dark eyebrows showed that her hair was dyed though he could tell by the light scent that still clung to her she had obviously gotten it dyed recently. She had plump lips covered in a dark red lipstick.


“You're Meredith's niece?” he asked.


“I'm her adopted niece sir...almost done then I'll be out of the way.” Meredith also warned her of his usual temper.


“Just a moment.”


“Yes sir?”


“Why were you adopted?”


“Well I was left at the orphanage her sister worked at, haven't found any records near here...or they didn't have the money to look further. It's fine though.” she said damning herself for the slight ramble he was intimidating and much taller than her standing in the dark with no way of knowing his face behind the bandages.


He examined her.


“I'll be clear it's just the migraine I don't really talk to people if I don't have to so if I ask you anything keep it short.” he said firmly.


She nodded.


“Sorry sir.”


“That'll do, get out.”


She moved by him a little quickly rubbing aginst his arm he hissed at what meant little to most people and was painful to him he grabbed her arm.


“Be more fucking careful.” he growled with her closer he could smell more of the hair dye it was too strong for him at the moment which pissed him off more.


“And wash that fucking hair dye out of your hair you smell like a chemical factory if you're not going to dye it professionally leave it alone.” he didn't care about hair dye, a lot of his employees used it but at the moment the scent was making him sick..probably because of the hangover but he wouldn't accept that he'd rather jump down her throat.


She was no scared little princess, but she wasn't stupid, he was practically twice her size she could see the muscle even in the dim light and his grip was fierce. He was already pissed no need to make it worse.


“Yes...sir.” she pushed at his hand until he let her go before she hurried out closing the door behind her. He took a moment though for once he felt at least a little guilty it was just an accident after all.


(Yeah I've thought up a sort of complicated nugget we'll see how it goes with him...and I like that term heh stay tuned.)

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