My Precious Duchess

My Precious Duchess My Precious Duchess

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance




(The Duke She Loves is being re-made just for fun.) Nora can only do so much being one of the poorest people in these trying times. For the past six almost seven years she's done the best she could for her and her young daughter. She was just lucky to keep her chance to work for one of the most well know Dukes she could meet, perhaps he can make their lives a little better.



(The Duke She Loves is being re-made just for fun.) Nora can only do so much being one of the poorest people in these trying times. For the past six almost seven years she's done the best she could for her and her young daughter. She was just lucky to keep her chance to work for one of the most well know Dukes she could meet, perhaps he can make their lives a little better.

Prolog (v.1) - First day...

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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(So His Dark Lady doesn't have too much to go since I went in a completely different direction. It's not almost over like I can finish it in a couple of chapters but I am quickly approaching all I had planned for that remake considering how often I post it hehe. Anyways I was looking at two of my other older stories on here and one of them..meh don't care about it enough to revisit it but as you may have guessed from the title The Duke She Loves is the winner of this remake.


No I'm not doing remakes because I ran out of ideas, I just want to, now again like always I like to change certain things I mean do your research when needed but with fiction involving anything not human well...expect bigger changes. So yes I apologize if I still totally don't know what I'm talking about but I hope you like the remake anyways. Set in England during the Victorian Era.


I own the story and all the characters, any likeness to any person(s) living or dead is coincidental and unintentional. While this story is available for free it is not to be redistributed in any way; I am the only person who can post this on more than one site or earn money from it in the future.)


Prologue – First day troubles




“Mum..?...Mummy wake up.”


Not getting a response Emilie stood up and rushed into the small closet used as a washroom, she was only supposed to do this when requested. She grabbed an old rusty bucket and filled it with cold water then returned to the main room and dumped it on her mother. Nora shot up and jumped off the old mattress bouncing a little it was already chilly in the little shack the cold water didn't help. She took a look around their home. It was used as a garden shed once but now the old, falling apart remains sat in an over grown forest with little to offer. There were holes all over letting the chill in, both had messy black hair, never styled before, it was at least clean.


They always washed in the pond out back, it was cold but clean and free of anything that would harm them. She turned her pale hazel gaze to meet her daughter's green set, they were both pale, Emilie is six and her mother is twenty-four. Neither of them look their age both petite, frail, from many nights in the cold without food. Still they smiled at one another, maybe they were without the comforts of the rich or even those just financially stable but they each know at home they have at least one loving family member to meet them.


Nora adores her daughter more than anything else in the world, but she wouldn't have her if it wasn't for her mother. Her memory was foggy but she knew plain and simple that without being willing to do anything to keep her home she would be alone. She felt a fool in the past, but she would never give her daughter up no matter what. Though that was a story for another day, Kamille didn't approve when Emilie was born she needed a boy. She cast Nora out of her home with a baby she didn't know how to care for and a few silver coins. It was luck that kept them alive Nora was sure of it, even with the many new laws and procedures going on because of the demons and human's working together a young woman unwilling to sell her body who was often sick on top of that.


Well it was hard to make a living off of simple odd jobs, today was supposed to be different at least she hoped it would be.


“Thank you my dear.”


“You're better hurry.” she said with a smile.



Wearing a plain grey dress, old torn corset and ruffled knickers shown as her tattered skirt flew up in her rush no one would look at Nora twice she was sure. Though it was mostly in her head, no matter how thin she was there was no denying the shape of face, the plumpness of her lips, her near perfect cheekbones, even the curve of her lashes. She is and always has been a beauty, she turned more heads than she noticed. Running from the poorer areas the shacks turned to shops, small apartments appeared, the shops changed in quality.


Those hidden in the alley came in fewer numbers as more nicely dressed couples, families, individuals passed by. Emilie hurried next to her she had to leave her at the daycare her mother was in charge of, the thought of her mother with children was laughable but it made sense. She hired women to care for children, made sure they remained safe so she could collect on the money at the end of the day. The day care system was set up by demons that came from small families that traveled for work. It was a blessing for everyone. Anyone that wasn't a criminal could own a daycare, it was for the best all over the world as demons normally had a lot of children.


The service was cheap for most humans, Nora hoped that they would have something for Alma to eat all they had was a few dry biscuits she had gotten from one of the women she cleaned house for. The woman was very sweet and had been sickly. When she passed away Nora was heartbroken, and her family got rid of her, she was just glad the woman didn't have to suffer anymore she was in a lot of pain in her final hours.


That led to a string of little jobs at random that barely paid for anything, she could get a little bit of aid but that was for a few coins that paid for a loaf of bread sometimes two. This was set up by the humans in charge they really only handed out money to those that were dying or too old to work. Nora tried to look on the bright side of things looking down at her daughter in old shoes and a ragged dress she felt sad until Emilie smiled at her.


Sometimes her dear child's smile was all she needed to see to feel she could take on the world.


They walked into the building, through the back door in the alley Kamille agreed to help if she was paid, Nora saved her coins as best she could but when Emilie got sick she had to do something. She wished she had enough for a proper doctor, one that didn't raise the prices as soon as he realized you wouldn't sleep with him that is. She knocked on the door and a woman looked out, a heavy woman with a large mole, next to her oversized nose and messy stringy hair. Ephie was her name.


“Can I 'elp you?”


“Well I' to drop Emilie off.”


She was glad her father insisted on teaching her as properly as he could, it helped her keep her least a little bit. They had an old box of things her mother allowed her to have and that included some of her father's books she passed her knowledge on to Emilie as best she could. She was glad that her little girl was as smart as could be for her age it made things easier.


“Your mother said she didn't want your kid here anymore.”


Nora's heart fell.




“Clean your ears out luv, you 'ave to pay more to keep bringing her here.”


“I can't afford more yet I'm going to meet my new employer today.”


“Well after you get that new job and 'ave more money I can take 'er, not before, the ma'am said.”


“Well that's complete rubbish...please Ephie help me out here.”


“I'm sorry luv, between you and my job...well you know which is more important good luck.”


“Wai...” the door was slammed and she sighed.


“I can run back home mum...”


“No, I can't leave you there alone, I'll just have to take you with me.”


“Won't your employer be cross with you?”


“Probably but I'm sure I can explain the situation, if it doesn't work out then I can go back to cleaning floors and that'll be good enough. You have to smile when times are hard...”


“..and push forward for the better.” they said in unison.


“That's right my girl, now smile.”


Smiling they got up to rush out of the alley and down the sidewalk to get to the meeting place, though times were rough as Nora looked up she could only think she was grateful the demon rulers that had come to work together with humans. The more civilized demons didn't have a need for slaves they wanted a normal life around the humans. They escaped their realm and using their combined powers created the barrier. It was a show of peace though most people in Nora's situation couldn't survive the night the barrier kept people healthier to a point. Humans lived longer working along side demons under this barrier. It shielded them from dangerous demons, of course those that were peaceful were still dangerous in their own right they carried themselves differently.


That happened so long ago it was just part of history most demons, though some had some obvious additions such as horns, looked no different from humans because they lived together and mixed easily. The humans could have run them out in war in the beginning as their numbers were greated but this mostly peaceful alliance was for the best.


Demons mostly kept out of human's lives unless they were mixing in some way, they wouldn't know about the greedy humans in charge but at day care, any of the schools, businesses anything that connected them they were there.


Though most of their senses weren't as strong, never had been the original creators of the barrier had been more humanoid than full out savage demons, though they were better in a lot of ways. Thought clearer, were more reasonable, stronger, faster, with limited powers. It was plenty to keep the barrier going so that's all that mattered. On nights when the moon was full and there were no clouds one could see the barrier it was invisible otherwise sometimes hiding dangers. Other demons could look through it easily but to humans there was nothing around them aside from what they saw.


Turning a corner she nearly knocked someone over.


“'Ey! Watch where you put your feet...ya almost knocked me on me bleeding 'ead!”


She sighed, and smiled at her friend Cassandra was a pretty blond with a large chest that was always on display. She had several clients that lived in the richer part of town, Nora always thought it was funny as Cassandra was anything but discreet.


“Sorry Cassandra.”


“Where are ya off to in such a 'urry?” she snapped, brushing herself off.


“I have to meet with Prudence.”


“That ole fuddy duddy that was 'spose ta give ya a job?”


Nora smiled and shook her head.


“You don't even know her.”


“I don't need ta know anything, I just 'ave ta see her.”


Nora sighed about to say something when she heard her name being called they turned to see an older woman in a plain blue dress rushing forward. Messy brown hair in a bun, red faced from running, Ms. Catherine she worked with Ephie.


“Oh oh..I'm so glad I've caught you.”


“Ms. Catherine, is something wrong?”


“Yes there is, I know you have to go meet your new employer and you can't take your baby with you.”


Nora smiled warmly.


“Oh my goodness thank you.”


She smiled at her.


“No need to thank me, just go, I'll take Emilie back and we'll have ourselves a nice tea party would you like that little miss?”


Emilie smiled at her she always liked her the most in the day care.


“I would very much, mummy go hurry...good luck.”


She smiled and kissed her forhead before squeezing Ms. Catherine's hand tightly and with a goodbye she continued sprinting not caring in the slightest how she looked. She turned a corner and ran into someone else this time knocking both to the ground.


She looked down, today was really all over the place, plain green dress, gray jacket, graying hair, a pinched frowned and angry brown eyes.


“Oh no..”


“Oh yes...would you mind kindly getting up? I'm not normally manhandled before picking up any new maids.”


She got up and helped her up dusting her off her hands were swatted away and she looked down.


“Honestly I should leave you here for being late, you're lucky we're short staffed.”


“Yes ma'am..”


“Have an excuse or are you only able to say a few words and stare at the ground?”




“Hurry up girl, I haven't got all day.”


“I had to take my daughter to day care...the only one I can afford is very far from here that's why I was running.”


Prudence glared at her.


“Hmp, popping out children hmm? I suppose you don't have a father for that child do you?”


“No ma'am...”


“I figured, you silly girls so easy and then you get stuck with a babe and you don't know how the world works. This had better not happen again, do I make myself clear.”


She wanted to argue, say that this wasn't the same situation but now was not the time her job was on the line.


“Crystal clear ma'am...I'm very sorry for my incompetence.”


Prudence snorted.


“Well hurry up, we have things to do, and where is your coat? Have you never done your hair it looks like a rat made a nest in it.”


“I don't have one.”


She saved for the little coat that Emilie wore, she couldn't yet afford another one.


“A babe and you can't even afford a coat? What a silly girl you are.”


When she didn't respond Prudence nodded.


“I can see it will take more than a few words to shake you up, you'll need that to work with demons, you have the job but I'll be keeping my eye on you I'll fire you the first time you mess up if you were on time I'd give you two chances.”


“Yes ma'am thank you ma'am.”


She could tell already it was going to be rough but she was determined to do the best she could, she had to.

(I do hope you like the rest :D.)

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