My Beloved Mistress

My Beloved Mistress My Beloved Mistress

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


(final part of A Secret Worth Sharing :D) They truly love one another.


(final part of A Secret Worth Sharing :D) They truly love one another.


Submitted: January 21, 2016

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Submitted: January 21, 2016



(So I figured out what I wanted to do for the last part and it was enough for this.


I own the story and all the characters, any likeness to any person(s) living or dead is coincidental and unintentional. While this story is available for free it is not to be redistributed in any way; I am the only person who can post this on more than one site or earn money for it in the future.)


Eric's POV


Over the past few weeks Alexia showed me exactly how well she could do as a mistress, I personally had no issue but sometimes she seemed a little self conscious, as if she wondered if she was doing it right. I assured her she was perfect, while she eventually led me to the most delicious and toe curling orgasms through proper orgasm denial she was very sensitive to my emotions. Which I loved we hadn't really stated if there was anything beyond our little agreement but it felt like it. We weren't always just fucking she slept over pretty often she was quite the chef she sometimes let me sleep and did the cooking herself. After work we went out, she was so down to Earth it felt more like we were dating but I knew I was getting ahead of myself. I remember an ex used to give me crap for the way I thought even without my submissive ways I still wouldn't understand why some think a man can't want a meaningful relationship like a woman can. Alexia doesn't care she thinks it sweet and doesn't feel the need to tear me down over it.


I hardened thinking about last week, she bought a soft whip and used that only when I was tied up, it was made from a soft material but there was an obvious slight sting. It was a little addicting a little bit of pain mixed with pleasure. I was in the shower alone, she was awake she said she had a little thing planned before we went to the school I wondered what she had for me. I turned off the water and pushed the curtain I jumped seeing her standing there. She laughed as I huffed, though I was distracted by the tight shirt and skinny jeans she wore.


“I'll have you know that I'm an old man you can't do stuff like that to me.”


She reached forward to stroke my chest and cock I swallowed as she smirked.


“Old man huh? You don't look or act like an old man, and weren't you just saying that you had a perfect check up at the doctors? Don't give me that.” she teased.


I shivered as she pumped me slowly, she had a specific way of touching me she knew just how to get me off. She licked the head and I tossed my head back she gave slow licks, teasing and the best for me when she pulled away she grinned.


“Turn around and spread your cheeks.”


I did as I was told soon I felt her lubed covered finger pressed against the ring, it wasn't a one time thing, she played with ass freely. I loved that every time she was with me I felt a little closer to her, acceptance is like a drug I guess. I swallowed thickly as she moved her fingers around stretching bit my bit I tensed as I felt her slide a small ball inside. It wasn't uncomfortable just unexpected, I arched as I felt the vibrations.


I turned to look at her and she winked as she turned off the remote.


“I ordered this online, it made me think of you.”


I steadied my breathing slowly, it was such a small toy but those vibrations were intense.


“I'm sure you were wondering about today, well now you know we're going to play a little game, so hurry and get dressed I made sandwiches so we can eat on the go.”


It was the last week of the course and if it was going to be like this I don't think I'll be much use to any of the students I was already weak and desperate I wouldn't be able to concentrate.


Anything for my mistress though.

Alexia's POV


I wanted to tease him but of course I left it off in the car, that is until we were safely parked we got here early and I didn't stay in his class all day so I wouldn't know if anyone noticed that we were hooking up. Not that I cared, I looked over at Eric he had that dreamy look on his face again, I don't remember any man giving me that look before, unless I agreed to give head of course. I'd been looking at porn for these types of relationships and lately I've felt unsure about things. A few games and a little bit of harmless teasing was fine but some start to treat the other like pets almost. I don't want that at some point I just started realizing how much he means to me in this short time I don't want a pet I want a boyfriend.


I'm glad that he seems happy though, we were talking one night really we had picked out a movie but it was boring and we mostly ignored it. Which was fine, he was sitting up shirtless in sweatpants with his feet on the coffee table. My head was just laying on a pillow in his lap I left some comfy pajamas at his place. He told me that it was easy to get a one night stand here and there he only needed to pull his cock out for those. He kept condoms and got tested to make sure of course he was completely clean because he's more selective. Though as far as relationships go, it was always the same he found girls that had an issue with his fetish as if that took away from who he was as a person.


Of course it helps that he has a nice ass and strong legs, I reached over and gave him a kiss before I got out. I turned on the remote and I heard him yelp in surprise.


“Just to keep things interesting I know you're the type that can't cum without touching yourself a little so make sure not to do that.” I teased, he couldn't be making noise like that in class now.


Eric's POV


For the first course Alexia helped one of the other professors but I knew now why she ordered the little toy. I knew she'd be upstairs but the range on that remote was amazing, I don't know how I managed to stay quiet and handle work normally. It was silenced and got more and more intense I felt one wrong move and I'd cum in my pants. She did it the same way she fingered me, slow, long, then stopping suddenly. When she walked in, in-between courses I felt the urge to jump her but I knew my place. She gave me that beautiful smile, I was sitting down and gripped the desk I was close. She looked at me as the other students started coming in.


“Are you feeling alright professor?”


I nodded slowly not trusting my voice as she flicked the toy on briefly, one touch was all I needed, though she touched me earlier I had enough time to calm down a little while we drove over. I took a breath and took the homework I assigned I was glad that there was only one student that wasn't making an effort, everyone would do fine I don't know why Gina, the pale blond paid for the course but didn't try. She often sat behind Alexia, I was taken out of my thoughts by the toy again I looked over at Alexia begging her to give me permission to take care of it. She shook her head and tapped her watch, she really wanted me to last all day I could try.

Alexia's POV


I teased him for a while and I could see the strain on his face once in a while he couldn't make it, which I thought would be the case. He just left the room, saying that he lost something I smirked. I looked up as Gina tapped my shoulder.


“He's been acting differently hasn't he?”


“You think?”


“He seems happier or something, it's always noticeable when the hard professor is happy they let more things slide I made a lot of mistakes in my essay but he still gave me a passing grade.”


I smiled slightly.


“He does seem that way, maybe he wants to encourage you.”


“Maybe, I'm going to ask him for his email when we're done, so I can talk to him personally.”


I frowned, maybe a little more possessive than I should be.


“He's going back to work after this, he wouldn't be as available.”


“Of course he would, a busy professor would only check his email when they had time right?”




“He's pretty hot you know, and always alone, you think he'd fuck me if I offered, I wouldn't mind adding him to the list.”


“Uh I have to go to the bathroom.”


I left the room a little annoyed, I didn't want that whore moving in, everyone knew how easy she was her pornos were everywhere she had no shame about it. With as many as she has slept with she probably had something. I sighed and went to Eric's office I saw him like I expected he was sitting in the chair his pants pulled down and cum was everywhere slipped over to him after closing the door and look at him he was breathing hard his eyes were closed.


“Couldn't last?”


He jumped and looked at me, he seemed to blush then looked away.


“I'm sorry mistress....”


I gave him a kiss which he returned almost desperately.


“It's okay, I see the site was real though.”


“Wh..what site?”


“The one I got the toy from, you cover it in this lube that makes one just a tiny bit numb making it easier to last longer. It was tested on a huge control group and it's proven to be too much for most men. It works best when used in a teasing fashion, gives you time to build up more before you cum.”


I nodded absently.


“.....Good product.” I said.


“Spread your legs a little.”


The toy had a long string attached and a small condom like cover, I threw away the condom and dropped the toy and remote in the little pouch they came in.


“You had better clean up so we can go.”


Eric's POV


I sat up slowly it still felt like it was vibrating a little, which I guess was the feeling coming back maybe I should care more about a numbing lubricant but fuck I can't. My mind isn't even coming up with proper sentences. I looked at her, that blinding, muscle tightening orgasm had been more than I expected but still I wanted her to touch me I needed it, I stood up and pulled her close to kiss her again I probably could have cum from that but I knew I needed to clean up before someone walked in on us, we could go further at home unless she planned to punish me. I couldn't help it, she was damn right it was too much I held out decent enough but I'm not trained for that.


“What's my...punishment?” I asked slowly as I pulled my pants up.




“For disobeying you.”


“Hmm let me think, maybe I'll strip for you but I won't let you touch me in fact I don't think I'll sleep over.”


“Isn't that extreme?” I knew I shouldn't argue but after one use from that toy I needed to rip her clothes off if she wasn't with me it be torture.


“Ooh now you're arguing maybe I should stay at my own home longer.”


“Alexia please...” I mumbled as I grabbed her by the waist.


She giggled as she stroked my face.


“I'm just picking on you, I wasn't sure how strong it was, I can't fault you since I was curious.” she said.


I was relieved as she kissed me again.


“I love you.” as soon as I said it against her lips she froze and for a moment I felt like an idiot for saying it so soon.


Then she smiled.


“I love you too.”


I don't know what came over me but I tossed her on the desk and got on top of her she laughed.


“Now wait just a moment you can't fuck me here.....ah what the hell.”


I felt her legs go around my waist, I still wonder what I do without her, my perfect loving mistress.


The End.

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