Loving The Bastard King

Loving The Bastard King Loving The Bastard King

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



While he comes from a married couple bastard suits the king on most days hard to believe any could love him. Not that he cares...or does he?


While he comes from a married couple bastard suits the king on most days hard to believe any could love him. Not that he cares...or does he?

Prolog (v.1) - Nothing special..

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 27, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 27, 2016



(Ooh I had an idea to race my new stories this one and Death and love, I always think about it but I don't always get to it having other ideas.


Anyhoo this is one of those questionable romance themes that is generic still but fun to play with and I do like it for some reason.


I own the story and all the characters, any likeness to any person(s) living or dead is coincidental and unintentional. While this story is available for free it is not to be redistributed in any way; I am the only person who can post this on more than one site or earn money for it in the future.)


Prologue – Nothing special about this marriage



I sighed as I looked out  the prison window, not so strange that there would be a window I had nothing to make a rope out of. Not to mention no amount of wishing was going to prevent me from breaking every bone in my body on impact the tower was as high as it could be stabbing the pale blue skies. There were trees around and a large clear area from the cursed bushes that had exploded when curious wildlife got too close. Surviving the fall...as slim as I could think...surviving with injuries when I didn't know where all the bombs were...not a chance in hell. I don't know why I was even here. My brothers taught me a little bit though they were busy and now they had gone to swear their loyalty to the crown and would be in the war leaving me with our parents.


I came home from taking a walk outside the village and they were waiting, they wouldn't even look me in the eye. It wasn't so unusual they never wanted a girl we were so low that the highest currency was unwed, virgin women. They got lucky with two healthy boys, they did their best I know they loved me and would have wanted me to go with them when they left. Though funds were tight I told them that as much as I would miss them that I wanted them to go.


Humans weren't sent on the front lines they simply got in the way, most likely they would be aiding much larger groups, the demons...no matter how beaten up they were every one who went to work with them always came back. My brothers were strong, but if they could go off, earn money and have their needs taken care of then they didn't need to worry about me. I worked at a bar, barely made anything but it was enough to get a little extra food and clean water.


We had enough for all of us but I wanted better for my brothers, my parents helped at the local farm we were okay, that was good enough.


When father finally looked up at me he nodded toward the wall, there was a pale blue skinned man leaning against the wall. He had black claws, fangs and horns, a demon...he looked at me before walking over.


“Don't move.” he grabbed my wrist and held my arm up tugging me so I would turn around, after a moment he let go of me then pulled a bag out of his pocket and poured out more gold pieces than I had ever seen.


Though unmarried virgins were currency from us to those higher on the food chain coins were still the best for us from anyone above us.


“You'll get this, and more for her.”


“....What....you're selling me?!” I asked annoyed yes, but more hurt than anything.


“You know the value of a young woman like you.” father said.


“Of course, it's been drilled into my head since I was little....but you have food and medicine...plenty of water we live just fine what do you need more money for?”


“Plain and simple, Adeia...it's been a thankless job raising you is all.” mother said.


I stared at her.


“Thankless...but I've been working for my space since I was old enough to count money on my own....I thought I paid plenty.”


“But 'plenty' does not mean enough, there are holes in the floors, the house is falling apart it will be Winter in just a few short months we need things fixed with just four of those coins we could do so. With the rest we could live comfortably, you see Adeia you are a very beautiful young woman there have been merchants that asked about you but no you never bat an eye at any of them most think you prefer women. If only you had jumped in bed with a rich gentleman and had a baby at least then we would have a tie to someone who could do us some good.” mother added.


The demon laughed.


“As harsh as a demon huh, well we just need to test whether you have had someone or not just for fun those large tits of yours surely must have known another's hand by now.”


I backed up.


“I've never slept with anyone.” I said, as if I would have time.


“Fine fine, you're lucky I'm one of the guys taught to know lies or I'd feel for myself, now as I threw money on the ground for them and more money is on it's way the sell is complete you could come willingly or I'll break something on you. We really only need your body in working order doesn't matter how it looks.” he said gruffly.




“Just go Adeia....you're good for a meal too and you have no home here anymore.”


I swallowed thickly.


“You will be good for a sex slave or whatever you're being bought for.”


I shook my head knowing I couldn't out run a demon.


“I'd rather accept death...than that.”


“You have little choice girl.” he grinned I didn't realize he'd shot me with a dart but I couldn't move any further.


“Nice doing business with you too, shitty humans are my favorite.” he said as he walked over to pick me up and throw me over his shoulder I glanced at my parents they had gotten up and were picking the coins up off the ground happily chatting about what to fix first.


“Oh sir wait just a moment.” mother called.


“What?” he snapped.


“I almost forgot, happy birthday dear I hope from now on you'll prove yourself useful.” at that moment thinking back to how I grew up with them...I would have loved to slap her then.


Just once would have been good enough, well I wouldn't shed a tear for this I was just glad my brothers had gotten it better than I did they grew up to be good men.



I wore a plain brown dress it was a little too big for me in some areas but tight around my chest, matching shoes I could slip on and a black ribbon held my hair back he had shoved my hair up in a rough bun. The ribbon was from my brothers, the dress was made from vegetable sacks and had been given to me by my parents. Things that meant more came from my brothers, though when they left I'd found my hidden stash of gifts had been broken into and sold, my parents saying they wanted it more. As if a few coins from a used journal, a nice fountain pen and ink was enough. The demon had pulled my dress off and examined me before I was covered again.


Oh well I suppose I was thrown in a cart a bag over my head and my arms and legs tied with rope, I listened to the wheels on the cart for a while my body still numb. When we stopped I was soon yanked out of the cart and carried somewhere. Soon I heard the screaming and swallowed, I had heard about these events from women that were never chosen and aged out of the point of being desired by demons they were left to go back home and they would share tales.


The screaming wasn't someone being tortured demons were excited about the women being sold today, I was sat down then the demon called for them to shut up. I swallowed the lump in my throat feeling the light chill against my breasts meaning he'd exposed them again.


“Nice soft curves, virgin, generous breasts, lightly tanned without much of a mark on her, and beneath the sack, light auburn hai, with clear blue eyes. Is she beautiful? Is she ugly, only the buyer who deserves her will know, I'll start the bidding at a hundred bronze pieces.”


I knew from my brothers who had been allowed to go to school that some demons preferred bronze as it was a good liner for weapons though other coins were just as good something about bronze just stood out. If I remember right it was because it was pure and didn't need much work to be used. Even without schooling it didn't matter my brothers would slip into my room when my parents were asleep and give me lessons I wasn't entirely a simple peasant girl.


“.....take her hood off!” a voice called, maybe from the back.


He stomped his foot.


“No she must be bought first.”


They weren't shy about breasts but eyes, considered windows to the soul and how demons learn to read lies going even deeper with magic were always covered when sold another thing I'd heard from a woman that got away from this.


“Ten thousand gold pieces for her and ten thousand bronze pieces on top, I doubt anyone will outbid me so take off her hood.” the voice said again.


No one said another word, it was strange though the voice belonged to a woman, the thought of two women didn't bother me I saw it plenty but a demon buying one was strange when they could get maids for free anywhere near here. Well I suppose she could want a 'toy' as they often call women in my place.


“Well uh...I guess you're right, alright then, sold.” he yanked the bag off and pulled my hair free I paled the crowd was huge a mix of demons those not so harsh to look at and those from nightmares I had heard there were demons with more human appearences but I didn't see any. Until one walked up she had horns but she was very pretty had purple eyes, pale skin dark lipstick, and long blue hair in a partial bun. She was dressed in what appeared to be a silk dress very expensive as it is though stained with pretty purple flowers to make it obviously worth even more.


I was even more confused what a woman that looks like that needs with women from here I don't know.


“Ah yes, she'll do.” the feeling started to come back as I was untied, I looked back at the man and frowned.




“Shut up and go.”


“Give me back my ribbon.”


He frowned, there was muttering in the crowd it must be strange that I wanted it, after they sold the writing set among a couple other things that my brothers paid for with side jobs it was the last thing I had, it was from the second brother.


“Don't be too concerned about ribbons.”


“Please give it back...”


I froze as he set fire to it,, ignoring his laughter as the ashes blew from the demon fire I sighed giving up and slid off the stage I followed the woman to the carriage slowly as my legs still felt off. She told me to sit next to the demon coachman, saying that was my place and I was to take it without complaint. The coachman had one large red eye, dark green skin and was bald it was a bit cold but all I cared about was the lost ribbon. At least I'd always remembered what they looked like.



While we were riding it started to rain a bit the coachman pulled his cloak tighter the slim cover I wore wasn't much of anything but I can see it didn't matter what was my place.



I looked up seeing the massive cobblestone tower soaked to the bone, it was fairly dark the coachman threw something out his pocket where it landed I saw the ground explode the horses didn't even respond.


“That is how several spots are around the tower you will go inside and stay there until we come and get you, there is a room with what you need to survive but don't be stupid.”


As if I would be, it was go with them, die horribly or manage to survive without a place to live this close to Winter. My choices were limited enough as it was I was led inside up the many stairs and tossed in the room I was in now.


It had been a couple months by then in Winter there had been snow and there was still a chill but there were some dresses that were warm enough, plenty of food and a bathroom. It was lonely animals may get curious about bushes but none approached the tower and I hadn't seen the woman or her coachman. Though I was fine with that.


I shook my head hearing the hooves.


“Speak of the devil....” ah well I'd been on edge as it was waiting for them to come they might as well pop up.


I looked down and stared at the solid black carriage the door opened and out stepped a man, he was dressed in white robes though the wind showed his black clothes under it black pants and boots. He had had long wavy white hair he looked up I could barely tell what color his eyes were but I saw him take a step back before rushing forward and jumping. I hurried out of the way as he came in but soon my wrist was grabbed and I was thrown into the bed he looked down at me light crystal green snake eyes. Thin elfish ears, and he had pale skin he shifted as he roughly grabbed my chin I saw the white tail swishing behind him, like a dragons and there was his white claws he turned my face in his hands before ripping the top of the dress I wore he sighed. Not that it sound displeased or anything.


“You know who I am girl?”


I shook my head as he gripped my face harder.


“Answer me with words.”




“You've never heard of the East dragon king?” my eyes widened.


“....My brothers....they only taught me what they knew and none of their books had pictures of you...only a name.” I said quickly.


“Figures as much, well girl I had time to come today and thought to take care of it, you see I'm in need of a human woman...”


“...What could I do for you?”


I screamed as he back handed me, spitting out blood he smirked.


“Now I'd hate to bruise that beautiful face but I have a short temper and I don't like to be interuppted. Understand?” he said stroking my stinging cheek.


“....Yes sir.” how many times had I taken a hit to the face from my drunken father? Though I could tell it was more of warning it could have been worse.


“Oh what a good girl you are, as I was saying I have a need for a human woman while it doesn't matter to you that is the case. I will be using you so long as I see fit but I need a child which is the main focus, I've had many women but not one has given me a child and unlike with most creatures it's not a matter of continuing to try either you will be a match for me or you wont. In return you'll get what you require to live. Any questions?”


“....Humans don't live nearly as long as your kind does....what will happen if I do have a child with you?”


“If you do then my blood would have matched yours preventing you from aging any further if I get tired of you though you'll be there to take care of the child. Of course don't expect any special treatment if you do.”


I shuddered to think how he'd raise a child I wasn't assuming he was gentle but he didn't look like he had anger issues...maybe he'd be gentler with a child.


I didn't know much about their kind though.


“....alright then”


He smirked showing his fangs.


“Who said I needed your approval for it?” he got up.


“Change your dress we're leaving.”




“What now?”


“What's to happen to me if I'm not a match?”


“You'll probably get killed, human maids don't get treated all that special and I won't have a reason to keep an eye on you.”


Of course...I hurried to change when the blue dress was pulled on I grabbed the simple black cloak and he grabbed me before jumping out the window landing next to the carriage. As the door was open thankfully he tossed me inside. The woman was inside she only shot me a dirty look.


“This is Veanne, the coachman is Escer and my name is Kaelis but you only need to know me as...sir I do like that.”


I stared at him as he slammed the door.


“Yes sir.”


“And you? Veanne didn't ask your name.”


“It's Adeia sir.”




“About the rule set by the shadow mi'lord?” Veanne asked.


“Ah yes.” he grabbed my wrist and it started to glow blue he pulled a simple silver band out of his pocket with a pale pink stone in the center as he slid it on Veanne tapped the back of my hand making the blue glow pink briefly leaving my hand warm for a second.


“What is this for?” I asked...thinking that even if was basically just a whore for him that no one would cross the king so he didn't need to mark me.


Veanne sighed.


“A wedding ring, if you are not a match this is easily taken care of however if by some chance you are, you can't expect the shadow to approve of a bastard?”


Marriage was usually a small thing in my own village with us not having much and I never expected much but I wasn't expecting it to happen like this either. I settled on being quiet as the snow started to fall, I wasn't sure if I hoped I was or wasn't a match. Life wasn't going to get any better for me either way it seemed...at least my cheek wasn't hurting anymore.


(Yeah he's a d-bag alright but I don't know maybe you'll like him in the end who knows.)

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