I Don't Want You To Save Me

I Don't Want You To Save Me I Don't Want You To Save Me

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


(complete)Dr. Orlandis is getting a chance to work with six patients at a hidden mental institution. While there she'll discover one of her patients needs more than therapeutic guidance and support.


(complete)Dr. Orlandis is getting a chance to work with six patients at a hidden mental institution. While there she'll discover one of her patients needs more than therapeutic guidance and support.

Chapter1 (v.1) - I Don't Want You To Save Me

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Dr. Orlandis is getting a chance to work with six patients at a hidden mental institution. While there she'll discover one of her patients needs more than therapeutic guidance and support.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 13, 2014

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 13, 2014



(In an effort to help me slow down my updating I've decided to work on just one more story, this idea has been picking on me the past few days. The ideas I have for this are a little dark it's not all fluff and fun, it may be a little triggering or may not who knows. Any who this story is not intended to make fun of people or anything so I hope it doesn't offend.


I own the story and all the characters any likeness to any person(s) living or dead is coincidental and unintentional. While this story is available for free it is not to be redistributed in any way; I am the only person who can post this on more than one site or earn money for it in the future.)





Michelle Orlandis isn't the average dirty blond, blue eyed, curvy, lightly tanned beauty she doesn't go to tanning salons, she's merely active outside. She was never the type to sleep around, she didn't go out drinking, she was the average good girl. Her slightly curly hair just barely reaches the center of her back, she wears light make up and according to her mother dresses a bit frumpy.


She graduated when she was eighteen, went to Colorado University and got her PHD in pyschology. Upon graduating she got a call from a basically unknown institution. At first she was unsure because she couldn't find any information about it, not that it was blocked out there was just nothing to be found. She expressed her concerns and was invited to find out for herself.


She turned twenty six not long after graduating in June, now it was August and she was driving to mountains to find this institution. She had mace, a knife, a cell phone, change for a pay phone just about anything she would need just in case. She wasn't an idiot however if the offer was legit she couldn't just pass it by. She pulled up to a dark brown building that was quite a drive away from her home in Cenntennial. The iron fence had a warning, it was electrofied, there was sign that simply said.


Welcome to Sunrise Jewell Mental Institution, the fence opened and out came a heavy man dressed in a black security guard uniform. He had an olive complexion, brown eyes, and short black hair he walked over and she lowered her window.


“Hello, you must be Dr. Orlandis, I'm Jacob Ryos welcome.”


She smiled at him and shook his hand.


“Now what I want you to do is drive up, roll up your windows and make sure it's locked and I'll let you in the front.”


“Okay...but can you at least tell me why I can't info on this place?”


“Well some of the patients are in hiding for their safety, I'll make sure you get the info and the websites for the institution.” he replied.


She nodded slowly and did as she was told, wondering what further protection a patient of a mental institution shielded by an electric fence would need.



As he said Jacob gave her all the information and showed her the website it wasn't a .com or a .org no it was a .jpgm not what most would automatically look up.


“Hello Doctor.”


She turned her head and saw an older woman with pale skin, wide watery blue eyes, and graying hair in a tight bun. She was wearing a simple gray dress, black pants and high heels, Michelle shook her hand she introduced herself as Nurse Grenshaw.


“You may call me Grenna, I've heard good things about you.”


Michelle smiled.


“It's nice to meet you, Dr. Madison mentioned you.”


She nodded with a smile.


“Yes I've worked with Everett for a very long time, I'm afraid he is busy with one of the patients so he asked me to show you to the ward you'll be responsible for.”


Michelle cocked her head.


“I get an entire ward?”


Grenna smiled.


“Don't worry the wards are small, but there are many nurses here with the training to help you at anytime if you become overwhelmed.” she explained.


Michelle nodded slowly.


“Please come this way, you'll be on level three.”


“How many floors are there?” Michelle asked as they walked to the elevator.


“Forty, some of the floors are underground.”


It was an odd set up.


“Why keep patients underground?”


“Some of them are happier where it's very dark, they don't like to see sunlight.” Grenna explained.


“I see.”


They stood in the elevator that looked as though it had been reinforced.


“Are the patients dangerous?”


“Some of them are, but usually it's obvious when one is about to have a fit, if that happens just leave the room and call for help.”


“Why spend sessions with a patient that is that dangerous?”


“Because they need help.” she said simply.


Grenna led Michelle down the hall to a plain wall blocked by a heavy door.


“behind here are twelve patients, six of them are for you to manage, five of them should be no real problem if play your cards right.”


“And the sixth one?”


“He's....well a piece of work that's for sure, before I let you in there, there is something you should know, another reason for hiding.”


“What is it?”


“None of the patients admitted here are human.”


Grenna opened the door and walked into the office it was plain hardly decorated, there was a small kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom, and several filing cabinets. There was also another metal door, Michelle shook her head.


“Just because a person is...damaged or otherwise doesn't mean they aren't human.”


Grenna shook her head.


“No my dear it isn't an insult, I quite litterally mean what I say.”


She flipped on the computer moniter and they could see in one of the plain rooms, a little girl was playing with a doll, she seemed annoyed with it. When Grenna zoomed in Michelle could see that she was very cute her light brown hair was in curled pigtails, she had pale skin, and green eyes. She opened her mouth and out shot a long tongue that she used to decapitate the doll. Michelle jumped and stepped back, Grenna looked at her.


“I promise you, you are safe here, we wouldn't put you in danger, however if worse came to worse and you had to run that fence wouldn't be electrocuting you.” she said.


Michelle shook her head as Grenna pulled a syringe out of the pocket on her dress.


“What are you going to do with that?”


“This will help you relax around the patients, it's a strong medicine, once it's in your system it's stuck there, it's how all the other nurses and doctors handle their patients.”


Michelle looked at the syringe nervously, that little girl seemed like such a little doll but then that tongue. She wasn't so sure she wanted to meet the other patients or the sixth one that was labeled as a “piece of work”.


“I don't...”


“Dear you'll be fine, this is another reason why we don't just let anyone access our information, I know this is a little much on the first day. You can take this shot and start your day, or I can have your memory erased what will it be?”


Michelle looked back down at the screen and jumped again the little girl was staring into the camera.


“...Couldn't I just....meet the patients first before I decide? I mean if I'm as safe as you say then I ought to see if I can handle them.”


Grenna smiled and put the syringe back in the pocket.


“Very well, I suppose there is no real harm in you visiting them a little bit, that little girl is Maya Fenderson. She's a chameleon demon, so very strong and not to be confused with a less harmless chameleon one might have as a pet.”


Michelle nodded.


Grenna pressed a button on the keyboard and the door unlocked, they walked into a white, light green, and brown themed sitting room. The tables appeared to be wood but it was just paint, the dim lights and the television were covered by thick plastic. To the right as soon as you walk in the room there is a cafeteria, there are several other rooms, a craft area for paper, paint, messier things, and a room for music. There is a computer room, and an empty room that Grenna explained could be a solitary room or a safe place for Michelle to take the patients one at a time get them away from the group there were a few toys in every room.


She knocked twice on Maya's door then pushed it open.




She looked up the pink shirt and pants she wore were covered in sparkly stickers.


“Who is the stranger?” she asked.


“Maya this is Dr. Orlandis.”


“She's replacing Lucy?” she asked.


“Maybe, why don't you introduce yourself?”


“If she isn't staying, then I don't need to meet her.”


They were pushed away from the door and it was slammed shut, Michelle looked at Grenna who just shrugged and took her to the next door.


“She's six, a bit moody at first but she's a sweet girl really, this is Louis's room we never found his last name he was abandoned at the hospital, he's eight.”


She knocked in the same manner.


“Always knock, it's not good to surprise a demon.”


She pushed the door opened and Louis ran out to inspect Michelle, he was a little taller than Maya, was tan, had blue hair, and grey eyes, he was adorable too.


“Hi I'm Louis.”


Michelle smiled at him.


“Hello there, I'm Dr. Orlandis.”


“Can I call you Michelle?”


“No you can't young man, be respectful.” Grenna said.


Louis pouted a bit while looking at the ground and Michelle smiled.


“No it's okay, you can call me Michelle if you want to.”


He looked up at her.


“You sure?”


“Of course why not?”


He smiled.


“Right on.” he cheered.


He darted back in his room and started jumping on the bed, Grenna closed the door.


“He's a wolf shifter, literally as excitable as a puppy.” she explained.


Knocking on the next door they didn't see anyone in there at first, under the band a pretty woman with several scars on her face was watching them. Her wild red hair was all over unlike Maya's pink outfit and Louis's green one she was wearing a white shirt and matching pants. Her eyes were dark and her skin was a bit yellow, like a rotting banana.


“This is Katrina Wyles, she's a twenty-five year old imp, if you see her hiding under her bed or any other thing stay away from her, she bites.” she said.


Michelle nodded and offered a smile as Grenna introduced her to the other woman, she closed the door and they went to the fourth room. Inside was a tall skinny man, he had short white hair, green eyes, and a mocha complexion he wore the same outfit as Katrina.


“This is William Rochester, over two hundred in age, he answers to William only, he's a fire demon, so keep your distance, if it gets too hot for you while talking to him just leave him alone.”


William looked over at Michelle but didn't say anything, Grenna closed his door and they went to the fifth room. The door opened and out came a plump woman with blond hair, red eyes, and pale skin she opened her mouth and all of her teeth were jagged.


“Doctor this is Camialla Preston, eighty-two, our resident poltiergiest she likes to possess various items and make them move about.”


Camialla inspected Michelle a little before grinning at her again as Grenna introduced them.


“Nice to meet you, don't mind me I just like to float around mostly.” she giggled, it was an ominous high pitched sound.


It made Michelle a little more nervous but she smiled.


“Can I use the computer? I want play a game.”


“Go ahead.” Grenna said.


She waved and though she was solid she floated toward the computer room humming to herself, Grenna led her to the final room.


“Now as I said, this one is very difficult, and the oldest out of the six at three hundred and forty five, he may ignore everything you say, he may get mad, he may get violent. The rooms are charmed so to speak they will force each of the patients back into their rooms for a while, you can easily go back into your office during that time.”


“What makes you think I will take this job?”


“I know you will.”


She knocked four times and pushed open the door, the patient was laying on the bed it was a lot darker in his room.


“Get out.”


“Kane.” Grenna said with a warning tone.


“You don't scare me.”


“The sooner you coopererate the sooner we'll leave.”


He didn't comment but he got off the bed and walked into the light, he was very well built he wore white pants but was topless. He was covered in scars of various shapes and sizes, his dark green hair was short but shaggy, he had a bit of shadow on his face and a goatee, his eyes were a vibrant hazel and he had claws.


“We'll need to trim those again.”


He didn't comment.


“This is Kane Anders, keep an eye on his claws he's a demon that doesn't really specilize in anything so keep your guard up around him.”


He scoffed, Grenna tried to introduce Michelle but he slammed the door.


“Her name is Michelle Orlandis, she's the new doctor for your ward get used to it.” she said.


She looked at Michelle when he didn't answer.


“So Michelle, think you can handle your not so human patients or shall we deal with these memories of yours?”


Michelle looked at the ground, it was unusual, she should probably choose to just go on not knowing about this place, she should probably do a lot of things but she couldn't. She wanted to help, she wanted to learn about these patients. She held out her arm.


“I can.”


Grenna smirked.


“I knew you would say that.”


With that she gave Michelle the injection, officially signing her up to care for her new patients.


End Chapter


(Questions, comments, whichever I'll get to more later, hope you enjoyed. Went back and fixed a typo and added the other ages because I couldn't remember if I had. Katrina is 25, William is about 230 as I said he's over five hundred, Camialla is 82, and Kane is 345.)

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