Her Guard, Her Mistress

Her Guard, Her Mistress Her Guard, Her Mistress

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



Left somewhat sensitive and very paranoid Ms. Leila Harris finds her trusted secretary brings more to the table than the coffee she needs. A happy personality and colorful dress hiding the leather covered mistress she so desperately needed. As they say in power, submit for stress relief.....at least that's how it works for them.


Left somewhat sensitive and very paranoid Ms. Leila Harris finds her trusted secretary brings more to the table than the coffee she needs. A happy personality and colorful dress hiding the leather covered mistress she so desperately needed. As they say in power, submit for stress relief.....at least that's how it works for them.

Prolog (v.1) - Just who are you

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Submitted: November 07, 2018

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 07, 2018



( I am currently working on a new chapter for The Darkness in You just in case anyone sees this that is waiting I had some mixed feelings on where to go but I got it. I find taking my time even when I get the writing bug makes it easier to get to work sometimes, unless I can't get over hating a chapter.

Also remember how I am, the focus may not be entirely non-human but it's a favorite element heh.

I own the story and all the characters, any likeness to any person(s) living or dead is coincidental and unintentional. While this story is available for free it is not to be redistributed in any way; I am the only person who can post this on more than one site or earn money for it in the future. )

Leila swallowed thickly as she walked into the office, she was a CEO of a business..fashion empire one could call it. Specializing in fashions both high end and affordable. So one could find her designs on the runway or in a typical store aimed at the average. She built her empire based on bringing each class together and was well known. Aside from her appearances on television and her role in dressing characters in several box office hits she was known for her work with charity. Though she could be cold she didn't turn up her nose at anyone in her normal actions.

She grit her teeth in the elevator thinking of countless nights missing sleep, cutting out meals when work was more important or when she couldn't afford it, pleading for and losing business deals. It took time to get off the ground when things began to work she almost reached a point where she would have given up if it failed around her. No that wasn't entirely true, she'd been desperate to prove her worth more to herself than anyone else she just got tired from trying and failing some days when she was stuck by herself most the time with a team she could only afford on a small part time basis. Now it didn't really matter, after her night she felt she was about to throw it all away.

In a way she'd never expected.

She wished it had just been a matter of sexism but after her rough childhood leading to the hate filled relationship with her mother that would have been getting of lucky. Angel...ironically enough, was a well known judge, moving to a talk show host, back again to law with her own firm, now the owner of several banks. To say she was trusted was an understatement, if she mentioned concern over money, or legal matters, with her drama queen way she could command whomever she wanted. She could take four steps forward and fall back ten getting in and out of debt or fighting accounts being closed.

After awhile, her mother got bored, for now anyways.

She sighed hurrying to her office.

She didn't speak to her employees as she passed and for her ways, when she didn't want to be bothered compared to her happier days it was obvious something was wrong. Although, no one dared bother her she wasn't some lighthearted innocent, though most found her easy to approach she was a mixed bag in that way. She stormed into her office shutting the door behind her. She didn't bother telling her secretary she wasn't taking phone calls, after all her mood came from the other woman.

Seeing her sitting on her mahogany desk in one of her colorful suits paired with a miniskirt she began to grind her teeth a bit as she swung her legs, another pair of suede boots ending her long legs. She was as much a secretary as a personal assistant, she helped her with every single part of her business it was normal to see them together. She pulled on tight slacks and solid black suit jacket secured with few buttons and a silky sash with her matching black heels. She was business feminine as she might call it brushing hair out of her eye she frowned. Ever since trying the half shaved head look her hair was normally uneven. Granted it was longer now, with her face shape and soft features it suited her this time she was letting it grow out. Though there was no avoiding the issue she moved to sit on the leather couch dropping her purse on her glass coffee table she stared at the take out cup sitting there, resting next to a bakery bag.

Miranda lived close to her favorite mom and pop coffee shop so she often picked up her first cup of the day from them, though she wasn't very hungry or thirsty at the moment. Aside from their wear Miranda had a smooth just darker than olive skin tone and short dark chocolate hair she kept straight always cut at an angle on either side giving her a longer halo appearance to her bob, her dark brown gaze was hard to read with her light expression.

Leila had a rosier complexion with platinum blond hair, eyes a bright green and shifty at the moment her agitation began to drain as worry was winning over again. You wouldn't find a wrinkle on either woman though not from surgery.

In a different circumstance this wouldn't have been odd, Miranda was typically a happier woman always friendly and bouncy a change from her first secretary who she met later in her life. When she retired Leila went with the first option that appeared the best. Unlike most aside from basic references one expected she had looked for someone she could tolerate working with. At first her bubbly personality almost seemed too much but it grew on her faster than she expected, now it's her second year just a week now. She had no reason to question her now, she wasn't sloppy of course she made sure that she wouldn't get screwed over she didn't trust many. She had proven her worth, leaving Leila thinking she made a good choice, she was smart, reliable and her company wasn't that bad until it became good, enjoyable.

It comes hard, how well can you know someone in just over a year when you only have to focus on one little section of their personality? Her duties didn't include any meals or anything but she was nice always the same..we spend so much time together I'm just being nice.

She watched her unsure.

“Good morning Ms. Harris, your first meeting is at ten, Mr. Solis wants to look at what you can do with his watches.”

Jeremy was alright to work with but he simply carried himself in a way you couldn't respect. It was a chore to talk to him like the boss's kid you had to entertain because of your parent's connections. She huffed, it was a cool late Autumn day and she felt the heat of her nerves consuming her she didn't bother removing her jacket. The sound of the rain was doing nothing to calm her down as it normally would, though it fit her mood.

Washington rain.


She scrolled through her phone.

“And another meeting at noon before lunch Mrs. Viola is hoping you'll make something special for her next pageant it's for fourteen year old girls that scored high on their last test. Some entrance exams at a private school down the road, she gave me some long drawn out speech about ”

Alice was just Alice not really friendly or cold one couldn't say much about her it was always in and out with her so she was welcome for lunch a few minutes set aside to get things settled.

“What else?” she muttered, exasperated.

“Basic staff meeting, team building, budget...and a look at the new Autumn additions.” aside from her own designs the staff that were more creative could earn extra for coming up with something extra.

'Additions' to what she came up with, it was the more enjoyable part of the day she'd go even when she wasn't in a good mood to prove she was listening to her employees often times it ran late. Then she'd offer to buy lunch, it was rather wholesome way to chill out just because her mother wasn't messing with her money didn't mean she was done with her she had her ways of getting under her skin.

“Miranda honestly...I don't want to play this game.”

“What game? Just giving your report like I always do.” she said absently.

“Stop it, I know what you're doing.”


She gave her a dirty look.

“I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about boss lady, but I do know I'm not sending any videos out of you...”

She tensed as Miranda slid off the desk walking by her.

“At lunch we'll talk about you little late night activities, make sure you have breakfast.” she said simply  smile growing all the wider.

She tensed waiting to hear the door close behind her...glancing at the coffee again she frowned, she still didn't have an appetite.

Around lunch Leila returned to her office glad to be free and saw that as usual Miranda had brought food after skipping breakfast twice she was nearly ready to give in. She gave her a look.

“You know you make mistakes when you don't have a clear head.”

“Whatever...just get to it, what do you want?”

She dropped on the couch opening her soda first, the opposite match with her back turned to Miranda who only grinned as she walked over.

“Come now, don't tell me you're all tense because of what happened? So you got desperate for some man twenty years your senior, he seemed to enjoy you.” she finally said resting her hands on her shoulders.

It would toss her right back under her mother's raider, and some of her partner's wives were already on edge, jealous of her looks watching their husbands  as if she needed any of them beyond the board room. The feel of the massage only pushed on her mood more, from anger to simple agitation, to desperation and fear Miranda was toying with her she knew. She wanted her ready to agree to anything, at least that's what she thought.

She could picture the lost support already.

“I wasn't desperate...”

“So he was paying you? I don't see what you need the money for....but you did leave your purse in my car when I had to take you around earlier. Must have needed something, I keep telling you to keep your phone in your bra with your credit card wedged in the case, only while traveling light saves you from a lot of issues.” as if chastising her.

She didn't comment.

“Poor, tired Ms. Harris, I bet you've been thinking of all the ways I could ruin you, living in your head helps you consider things in a meeting I've seen it work for you. It won't work with me, it pained me to see you so lost like a little puppy  hoping for a tiny scrap of food when there is nothing to be found. The way you were dressed I could see everything. The straps and lace didn't hide a thing but you were bone dry. Like you just wanted it to be over......but then that's not how you get support so tell me what was the point?” she asked looking her over.

She shook her head.

“I think you'd be more reasonable considering what I've seen, you were so willing to trust someone with your hard work. Though something like this really undoes you.”

“....I'll rebuild...”

“Will you? Even though you're paranoid because of your mother and barely trust anyone around you? I suppose I should help you relax, I don't want your company I know that with your mother one more pair of eyes helps you that much more to keep track. So there are no more....can't pay the employees because dear old mom drained the accounts, or going hungry one night because she can have your place cleared out of everything, even food. Leaving you weak when you approve the next transfer so your secret accounts don't remain so secret.” her tone teasing.

That was one thing she never shared with her.

“What would you know about that?”

“All I need you get loose when the right things are put in your drinks.”

“I checked my accounts this morning....they were as they should be.”

“Because I didn't touch them but I saw the email warning that something was off I believe your mother got bored again.”

She rubbed her eyes.

“No when she gets bored she leaves me alone.”

“When she gets bored of other people she turns back to you I keep my eyes open that's why you needed help right?” she countered.

She slid a finger across her silky top tighter than usual gripping as it should. The generous size always somewhat fascinated Leila she wasn't anywhere near flat chested but as she saw it, the other had a much fuller figure, though with a flat stomach and bouncy curves.

“.....Clearly I misjudged you.”

“Hardly, I'm still your friend.”

“What sort of friend blackmails another?”

She shrugged.

“Who said anything about blackmail?” she asked, feigning innocent.

“You did.”

“No I said I wasn't sending a video out of you, and you assumed I was blackmailing you.” she teased.

“What did you need the video for then?” she snapped.

“What video?”

“If you weren't sending it you had it for later.” she huffed, muscles feeling tight.

Miranda giggled.

“Ah right that I was just making small talk.”


She slipped a hand into her bra producing her phone and tapped away until  pulling up the video music shot out of the phone as she turned it she could see it zoom in on her half naked state she hadn't noticed how close she was. From the angle she would have passed the VIP section the club wasn't really supposed to be operating but it did. An underground little club for the dirty and needy.

Simple as that, one could see in the light her exposed lips she hadn't been that into it it was desperation but she wouldn't see it like that she tried to grab for the phone. Though Miranda stood so she only knocked her to the ground. She clicked her tongue.

“Not so fast, I have backed up your schedule or anything plus....do you really think it's only on my phone?”

“That right there, I never should have trusted you.” she rubbed her temples slowly.

She moved reaching for the wooden legs that kept up the glass and pulled out a small black camera with a sloppy swirled scratched in and dusted in white. She stared at her, it was a simple sign, plenty well known.

“You really should though, you know we only protect your kind and it has taken some time get the right group to watch over you too.”

The insignia was a simple wordless agreement that you had been found and would be properly cared for, currently it wasn't on it was step one though.

If your life was in danger she swore, she was her fucking body guard.

(Don't know where this came from I was just bored working through what I did and didn't want in the other story and the wheels started turning. Stay tuned I did another chapter so I'll add that now.)

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