Good Enough

Good Enough Good Enough

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


(Third part of Mr. Not-So-Perfect.)Exchanging the shrew for the princess in a way, I wouldn't have it any other way.


(Third part of Mr. Not-So-Perfect.)Exchanging the shrew for the princess in a way, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Good Enough

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Exchanging the shrew for the princess in a way, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 16, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 16, 2016



(It's just a habit to put this up here heh I'm bored and wanted to do something random like add on here once again.


I own the story and all the characters, any likeness to any person(s) living or dead is coincidental and unintentional. While this story is available for free it is not to be redistributed in any way; I am the only person who can post this on more than one site or earn money for it in the future.


Fun fact....this is the third and a half version of this part the first two were very different then I changed the third one about half way down..maybe this one will stick. In this version I included a POV switch.. Also no sex hehe.)



I stared at Valencia she had just run in the board room to ask me for a divorce the past few months had flown by it was Christmas in a week, I was annoyed enough that Naomi was ignoring me I had pissed her off some how. She won't talk to me and has locked me out of her room for three months. I had it too bad, I don't even want to say it but these past few months I knew what I wanted and it was her. I guess up until now every woman I welcomed into my bed was just a fling. I could go out and find someone, as I refuse to bother with Valencia, but I can't. I only want her no one else will do.


It stopped being about the sex a long time ago, I love her I really fucking do and in a way it came out of no where. I told myself that I would have to let her go I'm not completely human but I'm still so much older than she is and she hasn't had enough time to just enjoy life. Then all of sudden I couldn't even stand catching some idiot checking her out when we were out with the kids. I'm sitting here unable to focus on work while I think about what I could have done, I don't know, we don't fight and she doesn't try to interfere with anything she knows when I have to work and when I just need to sleep, we clicked.


I don't even know what she feels for me and I don't care this feeling isn't going away, and it's fucking killing me. I considered keeping Valencia around just for the image, she was the one who went out with me to company functions as the kids insisted on staying with Naomi. Though now that wasn't going to work, though this doesn't have anything to do with Naomi, or even Valencia's easy ways. I was done with her the first time she got pregnant, her pussy just had a few good uses left is all.


“Fine, now get out I'm busy.”


“Don't you even care why you asshole?” she hissed, she'd been acting out lately to get attention.


“Not really.”


“I know about your tramp, you were so desperate to have her in the house, I won't be second she may like your little fucking brats but I don't have time for those bastards and neither do you.”


I tossed the folder down on the table and stood up enraged.


“Don't speak about my kids that way you whore, she's not a tramp you stupid bitch, while you run around spreading your legs for anyone with a spare moment she's at home taking care of the house, helping me with the kids, she's there to support me and you...what the fuck have you done slut? Who do you think you are calling her names when you're the only one not worth shit.”


I gripped my fist I didn't even realize I had gotten in her face until one of the guys grabbed my shoulder, I wouldn't have hit her, I'm not that sort of asshole.


“Get out, and don't let me see your face again, you can kiss your modeling career good bye.”



Naomi's POV


I looked over at Kaden and Amy they were finishing their homework eagerly awaiting the chance to open presents. There was a lot of them, I helped Xavien bring them down, I was surprised that he had gotten me a few things as well. Looking over I guess I felt a little guilty, I was trying not to stress him out so I avoided him. Though I noticed that he was definitely annoyed, he didn't show it around his kids they're ten and eight too smart for their own good and plenty old enough to know what's going on they asked me what was wrong with him but of course I can't answer. I wonder what Valencia did, I know I'm just a piece of ass to him so I doubt it has anything to do with me. Well maybe he's annoyed I won't sleep with him, I put my head on the table feeling sleepy again.


I swallowed thickly, I didn't know what I was going to do I heard him arguing with Valencia, she told him she was pregnant. He barely responded, he just said that she had to leave because he didn't want anymore kids, he was giving her time to find a place. I felt sick as I touched my stomach I didn't know where I was going to go with a child...his child...our child. I didn't want to be one of those girls that trapped a man but in my situation...I saved a lot of money that he gave me but I wasn't rich I couldn't live off that for the rest of my life. Oh I can get a job but without Xavien to protect me I don't know how long that would last, my dad messaged me from time to time he was threatening to send some of his “friends” after me.


I shook my head absently, I want to be here, I love Kaden and Amy...and I...I love Xavien too I'm not just afraid to be on my own I don't want to lose another family. I sighed heavily, we had been waiting for him to get home for a few hours he was late again he had been working late more often. He got me a car, a nice simple blue model.


I looked up as the door opened, he walked in and pulled his tie free as he tossed his briefcase on the ground. Kaden and Amy ran over to hug him, I felt sad knowing my child wasn't going to be welcomed.


“Kids I have to tell you something important.”


“What is it?” Kaden asked.


“Your mother is leaving, we're getting divorced.”


I barely realized I started crying, it was going to be my turn to leave soon...


Xavien's POV


Like I expected Kaden and Amy weren't bothered, they really didn't have a bond with the woman, seeing Naomi burst into tears though...that got to me. She couldn't still idolize Valencia...could she? I walked over to her and touched her shoulder.


“Hey don't cry, our relationship ran it's course.”


She cried harder.


“Naomi...” she moved away from me and went upstairs.


I looked at the kids who were frowning.


“Come on don't look at me like that.”


“Aren't you going to go talk to her?”


“I better leave her alone for now.”



Later that night I tried talking to Naomi for once she left her door unlocked she was laying on her bed staring at the ceiling. She looked over at me briefly then rolled on her side so her back was to me.






“You don't need to worry about Valencia, she'll be fine.”


She sat up.


“But you threw her out...even though she's pregnant.”


I sighed.


“You heard about that did you?”


She nodded.


“I haven't slept with her in a long while, I never froze any sperm, and I knew she was cheating I kept her around while she was useful I don't want to raise another man's kid.”


She stared at me.






She looked down, I leaned against the door, it was pretty late the kids were asleep, Valencia called about her stuff. She sounded drunk so I was pretty sure she wouldn't give up easily whether she lost or not. Staring at Naomi I felt a bit over whelmed I don't want her to hate me.


“I missed you.”


She looked up.


“You see me..”


“But you shut me out, what did I do?”


She blinked.


“I can own up to my mistakes, but I don't know, call me dense but I don't and I can't make it better if you won't talk to me.”


She hesitated I could tell she was afraid to tell me something.


“...Did you find someone else?”




“Tired of me then?”




“Then what is it?”


“ said you didn't want anymore kids.”


“You're not....I..are you pregnant?”


She nodded slowly I swallowed thickly.


“How far along?”


“Two months.”


I rubbed my temples I had the urge to kick my own ass, no wonder she was upset.


“You thought if I didn't want more kids that I'd send you off too.”


She didn't say anything, I walked over closing the door behind me I sat on the bed and pulled her in my lap to kiss her deeply, enjoying the contact from her.


“You two aren't going anywhere Naomi, as I said, I don't want kids...that aren't mine, but if you want to give me a couple then of course I want them.” I paused, now or never idiot.


I took a breath, I felt her relax in my arms.


“Just like I want you, I love you Naomi.”


She stared at me with wide eyes for a moment.



“Come on Naomi reject me or accept it, just staring is making me a lot more nervous.”


She smiled and kissed me like she used to.


“Oh I'm so relieved...I love you too.”


The tension faded from the room I was relieved too, I rolled her over and kissed her neck.


“Never be afraid to tell me anything.” I said.


She nodded slowly I wiped the tears from her face and smiled at her as I pushed her shirt up to stroke her stomach. As she cuddled up to me I felt I was at least, good enough I suppose that's all that mattered.


(I'm more part for the mini “series” here we'll see.)










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