Future needs pt 2

Future needs pt 2 Future needs pt 2

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance




With Aureie having a hard time resisting she can see first hand that Ellia isn't so bothered by her additional part. Getting to enjoy her properly leads to more desperation but of course the sensitive Aureie isn't entirely broken of her nervous ways that takes time.



With Aureie having a hard time resisting she can see first hand that Ellia isn't so bothered by her additional part. Getting to enjoy her properly leads to more desperation but of course the sensitive Aureie isn't entirely broken of her nervous ways that takes time.


Submitted: November 05, 2018

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Submitted: November 05, 2018



(The other part as you saw.

I own the story and all the characters, any likeness to any person(s) living or dead is coincidental and unintentional. While this story is available for free it is not to be redistributed in any way; I am the only person who can post this on more than one site or earn money for it in the future.)

Early the next morning as dawn came  Aureie nearly jumped out of her skin she made her way into Ellia's bed. She frowned gritting her teeth she allowed it to effect her too much soft words that probably weren't even on her mind if she meant to drink to forget. She really needed to leave though she was currently held there she hated the overwhelming yank that seemed to keep her still. It was so easy...obviously, to avoid Ellia to avoid anyone but one night with her and this was happening one could make an educated guess that she wasn't as good alone as she convinced herself she was.

She didn't want to believe that, had she known it would be like this she would have told herself to leave her outside. She frowned feeling a bit of a stab at her chest she took a slow breath and moved to rest her forehead against the wall as she caught her breath fists clenched why it had to be as intense as it was she fought with herself so often on what was desired that she didn't have to think much about it.

Counting her breaths she whipped around as Ellia rested her hand against her back.

As she tried to catch her breath Ellia cupped her cheek leaning in to look in her eyes, she couldn't really hear her as she pulled herself together. Though she saw her lips moving she blinked a few times as the words stood out.

“....Are you okay? What happened?”

She bit her lip threatening to split it from the force.

“Just....a bad day, please I need to go.”

She hurried past her as she moved her arm and moved to grab her purse the crazed look told her she didn't want to push it reminded her of her cousin in the past. Before he seemed to settle more around her she knew the cues she wanted to help but she couldn't right now. She leaned against the wall as she shut the door behind her the way she moved Ellia wasn't sure she should leave her alone too long.

She waited for a few hours before moving to make a little something for Aureie as the smell of cooled chocolate muffins filled the air she slowly moved to put them in the container she had prepared. A lot of her typical homemaker skills came from lots of time with her late grandmother who passed peacefully in her sleep. There were a lot of things that her grandmother thought she should decide she liked or didn't on her own. Though she had to know how to clean properly and cook aside from knowing to defend herself with more than a kick to the crotch and pepper spray.

She missed her too though they never butted heads she closed the container and moved to the door thinking of the kind woman.

Reminding her to make the most of life, cleaning properly and avoiding throwing away a day later was valuable to a busy person. Learning quick filling recipes saved money and helped make the most of what time you could cook.

Just another thing to stick to her mind.

She knocked on the door, she didn't really understand her need to check in, sure she thought she was cute and gave her the benefit of the doubt. Though she didn't act this way for everyone it was a shallow crush on one hand obviously they barely knew one another though it wasn't just because she was pretty. Ellia had appreciated the female form a long while she thought a lot of girls were pretty though it was simple, effortless self control. Though there was something different with Aureie she didn't want to see Haris was upset but he was family obviously those were two different feelings it was a simple state that she could care about many and she did she didn't play as a saint like she never had someone to dislike or hate and she didn't always know what to say when someone suffered when one stood  beyond that it got her attention, it didn't happen often.

Usually a few dates and the relationship was over that was where she grew confused she didn't know if there would ever be a reason to hang on but she felt there would be.

After all, she'd been turned down dated to be comfortable, she never got as down about it it almost troubled her that even though she was used to watching herself when a person's barrier was up...it hurt she couldn't help. It was something like she always felt she needed a hand out of the darkness. Yet, no one was going to be there for her even if she did let them in.

That seemed like an unfair thought but it was there she was often concerned even if she barely got a hello in before Aureie locked herself away. She still dated thinking it was nothing, she didn't follow her or demand more she let her be until something was once again pushing at the back of her mind that something was off and she had to help. Then she told herself she was crazy leading to a night a heavy drinking and even more frustrations.

She knocked on the door pausing for a moment before knocking again.

“Aureie? I brought you something.” at first she thought whatever was bothering her would leave her acting like Haris.

She almost set the plastic box on the ground until she heard a click an the door opened partially she was loosely dressed in a knee length black skirt and a black tee shirt, she refused to look at her. 

“I have to wash your shirt...” she mumbled.

“Don't worry about it, here I was just worried about you.”

She smiled slightly seeing a blush touching her cheeks, still cute, she pushed her hair out of her eyes.

“You shouldn't have seen that...but it's nothing to worry about.”

“Panic attack?”

She nodded.

“I'm as used them as I can be sometimes I just need to let it pass...that's it.” after a moment she took the offering moving to walk in her apartment she'd been cleaning to calm her nerves while cursing herself for letting it get like that.

Truly it wasn't her fault it wasn't as if she could take breath herself through it before there was anything to worry about. It wasn't always so simple with her, with anyone that was like her, she'd blame herself anyways. She didn't want her looking at her like she was some sort of head case.

Ellia closed the door behind her and walked behind her to sit on the couch watching her as she flipped on the coffee maker.

“Thanks for looking in but I'm just in a mood...”

“Oh I can leave...”

“I don't want you to I'm just embarrassed...I let something get to me that I shouldn't.”

“What was that?” she questioned.

“Just something you said.”

“What's that?”

“That you........ oh never mind it's silly.”

“I bet I could be a better judge of that if you're going to beat yourself up about it, you can tell me.” she said simply.

“I'd rather not.”

“But if it's bothering you so much and you won't talk to anyone else...” she shrugged looking for some sort of answer.

“..” had anyone else gave the little tap she would have shut them out, though her mood was elsewhere today she blamed Ellia for that much at least.

It was easier when she forced herself to believe she felt nothing and didn't need to.

“I won't keep digging but you know you haven't just shown me anything in the past all of sudden you can't hold on anymore it's scary to see I worry what you'll do to yourself if you keep pushing. Pretending you can do it all by yourself. I'm around if you want to talk maybe get some rest at least.” she said softly as she moved to stand.

She guessed she was one to talk they were similar a bit in that way but she dealt with her odd moods as she could. This time turning to leave as she was pushed to give the other woman some space pausing in the door way as she hadn't heard her move but Aureie had a tight grip on her wrist.

“Wait...you...” she huffed.

“Take it easy huh?” Ellia said gently.

She sighed once...count...twice....two count....once more and she shook her head stepping back as Ellia turned to lean against the door. She could think of what to say and go back and forth on the matter but it wasn't helping every part of her melting into another from the rising heat she threw her arms around her neck crushing her lips with hers.

Ellia's eyes flew open as she moved her lips using her tongue to show her exactly what she had to say, Aureie cursed every bit of her as she kissed her back pulling her close. Only because it felt far too good  she thought it was silly to lose your thoughts getting intimate with someone but that's exactly where she was. Ellia moaned against her lips gripping her ass as they slid down to the floor. So far she still had hold of her cock, which she was sure until this moment was impossible, though her body was screaming for release already. She pulled back just barely getting herself back to square one  the other spread out as she straddled her waist legs weak. She grit her teeth.

“Five years of nothing....two nights and I can't stop thinking about you. I'm going to explode if you don't touch me and I hate feeling like this so do something or push me off...leave and don't ever bother me again.”

Ellia stared at her flushed face though she tried to look through her  she reached to stroke her cheek, trailing her hands up to push her shirt up. Aureie began to grind her teeth as she unhooked her bra in the front to feel her bare breasts properly, sucking in her breath she swallowed thickly.

“So sensitive..... lean closer let me have a proper taste.”

She bent as she was told clawing at the flooring as Ellia's warm tongue caressed the bud till it was hard and reminding her of her throbbing need all the more. She reached to yank up her skirt a bit suckling her nipples in time with one squeeze and one stroke up her individual cheeks. She groaned slightly for once slipping out of her mind just enjoying the feeling her cock was dying to shoot out, she'd never tried to control it and wasn't entirely sure if she did it or if her body for once wasn't prepared to ruin the moment. Ellia didn't want to push her but where Aureie was shy and a bit unpredictable  while trying to talk it was easier for her to express herself sexually.

One might have guessed so from her giving into desire but she didn't know Ellia watched any part of that, now while she gasped and moaned from the light contact she rubbed against her raised  thigh. Though she wore short shorts she wished she went with a skirt, as she pulled from her breasts she moved away breathing heavily though it was much more pleasing.

Laying on her back afraid to move less she lose what little confidence she had at the moment she only laid with her  top up and skirt bunched around her waist. Flushed, lips parted with her hair around her she was some sight. She pulled her shirt off bending to kiss her a little more gently as she felt Aureie groping her firmly she reached to rub her thigh inner thigh until she reached her wet panties she bit her lip arching as she pulled the cloth away to massage her lips she arched hissing slightly.

For once she wasn't living in her head worried that her secret would be discovered, aside from her own unnatural desires she was well aware of the one thing pushing at her current mood. She didn't lay there thinking the worse as she hadn't made contact with anything, she wanted her to push those frustrated feelings away prove her wrong.

In the fact that everyone would be the same no matter how desperate she got in the in.

It was something to desire.

She pulled away  to kiss down her chest and stomachpulling her panties  down she slid her panties down for a moment she wondered if she had been dreaming seeing the glistening lips sans erection. Though it didn't deter her as she slid her tongue up and in she heard the familiar cry as Aureie wriggled under her just barely grabbing her head. It wasn't something she had felt before she groaned whimpering before she gave her hair a careful tug.

“...Hmm?” she said after one more slow lick.

“It.....shouldn't..just be...me..” she trailed off looking as she held herself up a bit  as she looked up licking her lips clean.

“You want to taste me too hmmm?”

“Get your shorts off.....”

She shook her head pushing up on her knees moving to stand as she helped her up.

“I'd rather give you a chance to stop yourself, do it for me.” she said simply tugging at her skirt until it pooled at her feet.

She blushed reaching to unbutton her shorts  tugging as she admired her shape she tugged them down as they fell she took a feel of her own ass she was in no way just flat she had a nice shape there. Moving to kiss her neck she wanted to take her to the bedroom as she pulled her panties down she bent with them  allowing her to slide  her feet  out looking up at her bare form she felt a tight shiver again she didn't immediately pull her back down as she raised her leg how she wanted to feel more of her talented tongue but then it wasn't enough she wanted to make sure she felt the same. She hadn't tried another woman they often explored more first and usually found quickly enough about what else she came with.

This was different she moved to flick her tongue against her clit her sweet lips just calling to her as she worked her tongue when she heard a moan she flicked faster. She naturally worked her tongue quite well she want to cum but at the same time she didn't she could barely keep her cock where it was right now. She needed to distract her. 

Ellia whimpered run her fingers through her hair as she rocked slightly.

Lost only in the moment enjoying the mewled pleasure from Ellia Aureie didn't think of much more and it was the end of it all she pulled away in a moment Ellia stumbled but caught herself. She looked up seeing her trying her best to avoid turning she swallowed thickly hoping she could will it back inside but it wasn't going anywhere until she came. Agitated she seemed to be attempting to squeeze herself out of existence.

Ellia tilted her head as she let out a gasp from squeezing her legs the pressure was doing no favors for her.

She smiled and moved to rest her hands on her hips.


“Please just go, I'm sorry I'll deal with it later.”

“I could leave but I'd hate to step out if you're worried about coming with a little extra.”

She tensed.

“Wh...what would you fucking know about it?”

“I thought something happened when you cried out, I came to check on you  for a moment I thought I was seeing things but this sudden reaction says something different. Let me see.”

She looked up as Aureie gave her a look over her shoulder.

“...I tried to be quiet...”

“I think you were too frustrated for that I figured you would want to keep it to yourself for now...would you have been begging for my touch last night? Or maybe upset that you weren't ready to reveal yourself to me?”

She didn't make a sound but as she remained in her hiding spot and spread her legs she had an answer she wasn't sure what to feel. Though it was still there, she didn't believe her and wanted her to prove it, everything. Ellia smiled grabbing her arm turning her as she nearly went ragdoll allowing her to move her. She kept her face down as Ellia got a much clearer look. Each was completely connected as it slide from out her lips leaving a dip and the closed lips near the bottom. Aureie covered her face as she bent to properly examine her. It wasn't some over sized monstrosity though thick and a decent length  circumcised and throbbing, weeping with every stray touch.

She shivered slightly clawing the wall behind her as Ellia ran her tongue up the shaft and around the head the sudden unknown touch left her groaning as she released then she still came simliar to a guy but that was increased. Her face flamed as she was filled with dread watching her get sprayed with her cum she darted out her tongue taking a taste.


“I'm sorry....you should get in the shower.” it was barely a whisper but spoken quickly nearly blening together.

“Maybe...if you get in with me, I still need to be satisfied,”

Aureie's blush only intensified she was covered in thick splotches of her cum, one hand on her hip the other brushing hair of the way. Yet she still remained the dominate one  she nodded mutely, already hardening as she let the other lead her to the bathroom.

Silently, the relationship formed that way.

She hadn't expected she would let her in and get to this she was entirely quiet bent over her legs  cuddling them to herself. She slipped between Ellia's legs again moving to bring her off just the same she felt aching all over again as she slid her arms around her kissing her neck.

“Don't go shutting me out again.”

“....I wasn't...”

“Were so, the water is getting pretty cold though I see to be pinned.”


She shifted and moved to stand she stepped out grabbing a towel her cock hadn't slipped away but the twitch was light she covered it self consciously.

“Don't tell me you're afraid of me looking at you?”

“People say the longer you live with being really different the sooner you get used to it, that's bullshit, answer your question?”

She smiled gently moving to pull her closer as she raised her head Ellia kissed her pulling her to wrap her arms around her. She groaned in response as she did gripping her all the tighter it wasn't until they parted for air that she sagged against her.

“Why don't I tuck you in?” she muttered against her ear it was all over her face for once, the was an emotional drain there no reason to keep going.

“.....Are you leaving?”

“I'm off I'm not going anywhere if you're not asking too, though it seems you're still worked up...” she trailed her finger up her pulsing cock it sprang to life as if filled with a life of it's own.

“...Come to bed and take care of it then.”

Ellia grinned, she wondered if she could be as confident when she wasn't turned on what situation they would be in now. She stretched hoping for more, she could keep up with whatever desires she wished to express.
(Also got long but you know I have more ideas but this was supposed to be short mini thing.....that said I guess I have one more part I mean she's got to use her cock on Ellia right? Stay tuned.)

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