Future needs pt 1

Future needs pt 1 Future needs pt 1

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



(Just a note this was intended to be a one shot, got a little long had to break it up) In a world where things are familiar but different Aureie (Or-ey) finds herself alone when she wants it the least. She's always been simply called, unique when it came to her body, two separate nights push her longtime neighbor and herself closer than they had ever had a reason to be. If she found out her secret one, mostly Aureie, could question what she'd accept.


(Just a note this was intended to be a one shot, got a little long had to break it up) In a world where things are familiar but different Aureie (Or-ey) finds herself alone when she wants it the least. She's always been simply called, unique when it came to her body, two separate nights push her longtime neighbor and herself closer than they had ever had a reason to be. If she found out her secret one, mostly Aureie, could question what she'd accept.


Submitted: November 02, 2018

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Submitted: November 02, 2018



(Warning: While I'd prefer to keep the surprises, I will say if you don't like messing with how genitals appear normally then this isn't for you....I was bored and in front of my computer. If you're curious I hope you like it.

Two ladies by the way...and no I couldn't think of a good title.

I own the story and all the characters, any likeness to any person(s) living or dead is coincidental and unintentional. While this story is available for free it is not to be redistributed in any way; I am the only person who can post this on more than one site or earn money for it in the future.)

The sound of banging echoed through the apartment she wasn't expecting company but then she didn't ignore knocks like that. The apartment complex was usually for retirement but the landlord branched out to college students and people who just needed a home for extra income. It was peaceful, she moved to stand the entire area wasn't that way  really but it wasn't a dangerous area. Just, most of the families had older offspring parties happened nights got rowdy.

She moved to grab her bat a heavy metal bat  just in case it was some drunken idiot ready to grab at the next body that looked good enough. She opened the door and jumped as arms were tossed around her but the frailer form was hardly a threat she took a few steps back and the hold was released as the other fell to the ground giggling.

She rolled over on her back and looked up at her the two were very different one a tall, blond with wide blue eyes decent natural breasts with very light curves. While her leggy companion was a curvier olive skinned beauty with thick black hair and softer green hazel eyes. The one on the ground, Ellia frowned.

“Why are.....urp...you in my apartment?”

“This is my apartment...” Aureie said.

She stared at her like she was confused.

“I pay rent..”

“Ohhh roomie, my key.....didn't work.”

“Because your apartment is next door.”

She rolled over and pushed herself up she wore a tight blue mini dress and had a death grip on her heels, her dress not too different in style from the plain teddy she wore. She didn't know her well, though they had been neighbors for five years, it wasn't Ellia's fault Aureie kept to herself she might nod if she passed some one on her way out but she didn't seek people out...normally if they knocked politely she'd assume there was no issue and ignore them.

She had her reasons.

“Oh I don't want to go there.”

She crawled forward muttering nonsense to herself feeling absently until she found the couch, both of their apartments were on the second floor, every one had the same basic layout open kitchen, dining, and living space to two rooms of different sizes and one bathroom. Her mostly dark bathroom was different than her surprise guest. She only knew that as she had seen a vivid blue couch get delivered to her some time ago her entire living space was beige or white.

Aureie thought to argue but then as Ellia gagged she jumped to settle on a bucket instead quickly moving to lock the door as she dropped her bat.

The sounds of a party dying down reaching her ears she sighed.

The large area used to be called Colorado, New York, and Florida, most don't know what happened to smash things together but they still had the old maps to show it wasn't always like that. Things had been different for many a year simple as that, what past wasn't remembered names lost, things got back to where they needed to be people with money got it up again. The circle, as people called them now states were pushed together or vanished completely, some countries blended in different chunks Ellia was one who liked to go to Japan for the markets. Now a days she could take the city bus there, a half an hour ride. That was just part of the change....sometimes she wondered how things would be if it never happened. Ellia was one normally....when she wasn't completely drunk off her ass.

She moved to get some water for her before turning to go back to her room she nearly jumped out of her skin as her leg was grabbed.

“Heyyyyyyyyy where are you going pretty lady...keep me companyyyyyy.” she giggled again letting her head fall against the couch.

Aureie sighed.

“It's late...I'd rather sleep.”

She pouted how it suited her.


“No buts, you're not even supposed to be here.”

She pulled away from her and wandered into bedroom she didn't have to deal with this, she just didn't know what pushed her to go to bed and not just toss the other woman out of the apartment. She was laying comfortable enough for a while before she thought she might fall asleep until the door opened and Ellia climbed in bed with her right over the blankets she waved her arms as she snuggled in despite her shaking her arms.

“No no I didn't throw you out that doesn't mean you get to be in my bed.”

“Ah...don't be stihngey....it's cold in there.”

It was a hot Summer the air was as high as it would go she was especially fragile with heat she shook her head.

“So...? Go back to your apartment....” her voice faltered as she pulled her back against her she was sure there was something wrong with it, enjoying that embrace it wasn't like she had anyone in her bed in the time she knew Ellia.

“You wannnnnt me here......urp....you like this.” she whispered the last bit against her ear.

She groaned.


“You know.......Nettie and Herb from downstairs....they say people say things....like that you're a bitch but they say.......you're just really quiet like their granddaughter.....I thinkkk 'ur..erm....afraid purple won't like you. That you...have to accept being alone....I hat bein alone.....but I get it....you should push yourself....... with at least one person..”

She swallowed thickly.

“You know nothing about me...and I don't care what people think or who is around me, that's why I'm here to be alone.”

Ellia let out a breath the alcohol actually sweet on her.

“Who is at...fault for thatttt? Durrrrr....if it wasn't true...you wouldn't be so comfertable....with me...I wouldn't remember in the mawhning anyway...”

Aureie turned her head  staring at her as she gave her a wide grin, of all the types of drunks people could make fun of where did the insightful one come from.

“Gotchu......uhhh your bed is much softer than mine, must need something special for you.”

“My back is weak, this works for me....” she was somewhat right she could talk and let her forget it in the morning.

“You know....I'm soooo glad to be here, you're sweeter....than you come off to.....our moody neighbors...I didn't mind, I guess I'm some sort of....like cliché you did't want to be friendss..but you were so hawt to meh.....I let it slide.”

Aureie stared hard at her as she raised her hand resting it against her cheek, she bit her lip as she stared at her.

“I don't get drunk....very often.....but I was havin' a bad day......thinking of this woman that won't give me the time of day......and wondering why I had to be so pathetic. You are that mean woman....you dug yourself into my mind and then don't want...to share a bed with me? Rude.” she giggled shifting to brush her lips against Aureie's who pulled away as she closed her eyes.


“Got what I wanted......” she seemed to dose off as Aureie was trying to listen more closely to her words they evened out, she frowned almost tempted to push her out of the bed.

She didn't want to hear she was interested while she was drunk off her ass.

Though deep down she was sure she wouldn't hear it any other way.

The next morning Ellia  woke up slowly but she was refreshed drinks as they were now weren't much for causing hangovers if water was swallowed before bed. She still felt a little confused and could forget embarrassing moments but the headache didn't come. Many could take that, though she opened her eyes quickly hearing noise in the kitchen she sat up looking around rubbing her head she slipped out she stopped short seeing Aureie was cooking.

Of all the people to end up with she didn't think it would be her.


She tensed as if she was caught by surprise before settling.

“Sorry.....I must have been impossible last night?”

She looked at her just barely over her shoulder but only shrugged.

“Did we do anything..?”

“No, you just climbed in.”

She blushed sighing.

“Right....sorry, really I should probably lock myself in my apartment the next time I need a drink.”

“Would be for the best, might as well eat this and go home.”

“You didn't have to make anything for me.” she only shrugged again no longer looking at her she wasn't going to say anything more about last night.

Though when she finally left her apartment seemed emptier than it had ever been.

The following morning she got up for work ready to distract herself as she opened the door she saw a bunny wrapped in colored foil tied to her door knob with a letter taped to it. She moved to grab the envelope only a colorful card with flowers bearing the words sorry and thank you for looking out for me was inside. Moving the gift inside she huffed locking the door she must have assumed she wouldn't open the door.

For a moment she might have considered proving her wrong.

Though she shook her head, she was drunk they didn't get to speak she didn't think she was ever going to hear about anything. It didn't need to mean a bit still she guessed it was still nice to hear shaking the thought from her head refusing to let it effect her when it would go nowhere she locked up and headed to work.

Ellia yawned as she stretched it had been a long day she was a receptionist at a law firm, nothing fancy but it worked for her and paid better than some might think. She adjusted her top and had gone with skinny jeans and another set of heels she wasn't drinking tonight though she left her friends on the dance floor  after their bags were checked after all money went in the bra they just didn't need anything to worry about she sipped the juice she ordered just listening to the music it was fun all the same.

She got her friends a cab and paid for the service for them to get a designated driver and headed home she needed more friends. She wondered if now Aureie might want to talk a little, though most of their neighbors kept to themselves aside from a couple that liked for her to visit there were a few that thought she was bitchy. Then they would go on rants about anyone her age and Ellia would check out, she just thought she was a homebody and hoped to push a little bit she could at least come chat with her for an hour.

Heading to her own unit she looked up hearing the clicking of heels behind her she saw that she was trying to run up the stairs. She hit the landing making Ellia jump the hall was lit well with outdoor lights and she could see her clothes were torn and it appeared she was a bit bruised. She quickly unlocked her door and ran over to help her up. She froze hearing someone screaming something unintelligible along with 'dirty bitch, I'll kill you.' she tugged her up as she could and grabbed her by the waist moving to rush her inside she pushed away from her and dropped on the ground next to the side table inside. She swallowed thickly as she seemed to sob but there was something there, annoyance. She closed the door locking it  she moved to listen at the door hoping whoever it was didn't see her bring her in.

As it remained silent from the door she glanced out the peephole and swallowed thickly looking at that burly man roaming around past her door. She took a breath and moved to carefully grab her phone they still had landlines here they were mostly for a direct link to the cops like an alert should any of the elderly residents need help immediately. She jumped as Aureie moved to grab the phone and slammed it down.

“Don't bother...he'll tire himself out..” she muttered as they heard him banging on Aureie's door.

She looked at the other's disheveled appearance hair wild not because of her curls but because someone clearly had a good yank at it. Her make up ran a bit as she sucked on her bleeding bottom lip, her cheek was already brusied aside from the marks peeking through torn fabric.

“...You must be crazy...”

“My father owns and runs the station that responds to the lot....he sent him after me wanting me to get with him for some deal or other  they won't come just because he's pissed at me.”

Ellia stared at her with wide eyes.

“He can't ….”

“Yes he can, he has hated me since my mother left him he thinks I'm a good price for any other deal he has to be a part of. It's always dates, gross assholes desperate for attention he got handsy..didn't like what he saw. My dress was longer but he shredded it....I'm not so much of a fighter. Just let it go.” she sighed rubbed her temples, she sounded exhausted, defeated.

Ellia shook her head, there was a point where she didn't have to butt heads with her over protective father then as she moved out he always wanted to hang out. She hadn't been a completely impossible teenager. It wasn't just her looking at herself either she got good grades stayed out of legal trouble....obviously she didn't give in to peer pressure with drugs and they didn't get to be young grandparents. Though she lacked somewhere, she didn't go through a shy phase she got curious about boys and threw herself in head first. He always tried to keep her home she'd sneak out and they'd get into screaming matches about how he treated her.

Things changed he became one of her best friends her quiet mother always playing the mediator warmed things up following her own mother's late rules of life. When he passed she couldn't imagine she'd ever get over it, car accident, but she got through it and adored his memory all the same. That aside she understood not everyone could have a relationship like that with their father..either of their parents. She'd just never met someone with that sort of toxic pairing with one of their parents.

She chewed on her lip ignoring the yelling sure that someone else would call if he didn't shut it.

“Alright....why don't you take a shower I'll get you something else to wear you can just stay here my alarm is fine we'll be okay. The company I use surpasses the cops, you'll be safe here.”

Aureie shook her head, Ellia stared at her the sound was gone but the tears still came she wasn't so sure she was afraid or if something else happened. She reached to give her hand a comforting squeeze as she sniffed they only stared at one another.

“You don't owe me anything.”

“I don't have to.” she said with a smile.

“Come on.”

Aureie sighed.....again it seemed all she could do then stepping out of the bathroom in an oversized tee shirt. Only wishing she wasn't here in these circumstances. She crossed her arms as she stood there it hadn't been so bad at first but this was why she was alone. She looked up drying her hair she had been pointed to the first aid but mostly she'd be okay she could get away faster than he could get his hands on her completely. She was only alone for a moment longer before Ellia wandered over with some blankets for her.


She hesitated for a moment.

“Unless you'd rather get in bed with me.” she teased with a wink.

With a huff she took the offering.

“Great now I ordered some armored pizza.”


“The delivery service they are armed....they will patrol the area for you when things happens if you buy a large and a dessert. Sounded like a cheap gimmick but people like them I heard they had cut down the old kidnapping spree busy families order a lot of pizza, plus I'm starving..”

She only nodded as she moved to the fridge to grab a soda, she dropped the blanket on the couch.



“You know all this time I've seen you I can say I only know your name because the landlord  said it when he greeted you...we don't stop and chat and until yesterday we wouldn't have spent any private time together. Now I'm half naked in your apartment when you could have turned your back on me.....I I appreciate it, really thank you...but I don't understand.” or she did and wanted sober confirmation.

Ellia laughed as she moved to hand her one.

“My cousin is a massive shut in he can't even handle coming out for a quick chat and his most common interaction most days is through his boss since he works from home. Sometimes I'll stop by and he won't let me in, other times he'll leave the door unlocked knowing I'll be there and we can chat for hours. Sometimes I'll watch him work on his web designs and ask questions or I'll stay silent whatever he needs. At the end when I leave either way he'll thank me. I thought you were beyond his level still mentally at peace with leaving and such but valued your space on a different level. I had no reason to hold it against you, though unfortunately for you now you owe me every time I'm lonely I get to bother you for as long as I want. Sucks to be you.” she grinned, even wider as she saw the smile that finally graced her face.

Though she cut it quickly with a cough.


“But, you're welcome, I'm around even if you don't want to talk and you're doing better than you might think so it's not out of pity you have the life that works for you. I'm just friendly, I promise.”

Aureie smiled again though a bit longer turns out she could be insightful in her way without a drink in her system for her to say so mattered to Aureie. She didn't want pity because she got jumpy or lonely once in a while but she was talented in chasing people away eventually she stopped trying at all. She guessed if she really wanted to stop by she'd let her in, and it wouldn't be so bad she shook her head.

“How does he do it? I couldn't stay in all day...I make myself crazy with that.”

“I'm not sure sometimes when he doesn't want to be bothered I feel like I understand he's had enough excitement for the day. When he does let me in I can tell when he's been waiting most of the family isn't so patient but we always were without knowing why he's like that.”

“If he won't open up what's in it for you?”

“I never try to help anyone with a hope that I'll get something out of it that's not the way to be, at least my grandma always said that and it made sense to me so it stuck. Well I have to run to the bathroom but I left the money on the side table if they come while I'm gone, get comfortable find a movie to watch or something.”

As she left she moved to sit down unsure if they would find anything and it made her nervous.

They got a report that the area was safe and they also looked all in her apartment it appeared things were safe for now. The pizza was also really good  she looked around the room absently leaning back against the couch with her knees up with Ellia next to her  in doughnut prints shorts and a tank top. Half eaten pepperoni and bacon between them on the dark coffee table now she really looked around at the more colorful apartment mostly with blues and dark browns it had a nice air to say the least. She glanced at Ellia as she laughed at the movie or maybe it was her she wondered if that was the one thing left that really worked for her cousin. Gave him a reason not to shut himself out all together.

She looked down dozing slightly, it was peaceful here her mind at ease for the night.

Such a rare feeling.

Much later that even she woke up with a start, Ellia had woken her up and moved the table out of the way since the couch pulled out they said good night and she left her to sleep. She stared up at the ceiling flinching as she heard glass break wondering if he had come back. There wasn't any screaming there could have been a party with a stray guest, at least she hoped.

As the noise stopped she stretched slightly it was a hot Summer but the heat was a little different she blushed. She hadn't been a guest in someone's home before but she was sure that it wasn't the best option. Her mind often shifted to that when she was alone, it didn't matter what mood got her there soon it was all she thought of until she gave in. She pushed the blanket off of her groaning in annoyance.

She wanted it to be over quickly as she pulled up her shirt she slid her fingers down and into her panties to slip her fingers into her twitching lips. She grit her teeth she felt tight and frustrated this what what she got it never got further if she teased a relationship short meals and light talks most she didn't bother with going further it always got sour in bed. That was what truly upset her even scum that might just want to cut her down still found her body disgusting. As she worked her weak lips she groaned  trying to avoid the approaching head sliding out she didn't have to be aroused normally wearing tight clothes kept it at bay the dress just hadn't been tight enough he grabbed her shredding the material she only needed to spread her legs he freaked.

She hated this she didn't have family to ask doctor visits were an embarrasment she wondered if in the past if they might have been more sensitive but everything was a joke she had to find one that she could really understand to get over the jabs. Her father kept a close eye on her they always told her that he didn't want them wasting time and money it was  a birth defect and nothing more.

Despite a shame filled touch or not there were times where she couldn't handle it, she arched biting her hand as she avoided the twitching length. She could avoid touching it at all though at this point she might crave the contact she just worked past the shaft to get to her lips.  She didn't have balls, though there was something of a clit right at the base she might brush it on accident but what she could avoid  she would. She tried to be quiet it always came at the worse times, she had managed to get by without touch for months as of late now it was enough.

She didn't want to make a mess and eventually slid off the bed onto the floor that would be easier to clean. She gasped out suddenly she didn't notice immediately that her 'trying' failed. Ellia peeked out rubbing her eyes  it was dark but she was on the outer apartment the light from outside came through just enough she often walked through to the fridge with the light there it was the chosen lights that their land lord put in. But it was still just as dim as it needed to be.

She bit her lip it was clearer on the bed but the image was there had the overwhelming wash hadn't gotten to her she might have seen the first to get aroused just from the sight of her. Though the crush was there the cock itself was just the right size plenty thick and weeping Ellia would call herself bi if she called herself anything and that was the best of both worlds. Still she wasn't a creep she just worried what the sharp noise had been, she'd leave her alone this time granted she had her own wetness to tend to.
(As far as the drunk speak goes I wanted her to still be clear enough for reading....and the rest of the story, I don't know just whatever if you're reading this note still hope you liked it.)

© Copyright 2019 SweetDreamer92. All rights reserved.

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