Fourth Chances

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Strange n' Love

Life on the inside is hard for everyone, demons included, though many regularly get out only to end up back in as they never learn prison is prison. Though the council may want to thin out their problem children and the first one on the list is the average prisoner, top tier criminal, and....softest lover? Who could say but his "parole officer" too bad she has the hots for him. Though knowing more than she needs too is probably worse, lucky her.

Table of Contents

The trial

(Where inspiration comes from well can't look a gift taco in the upside-down....yeah that's not the saying ha. Hi, feels like it's been a... Read Chapter

Parole and desire don't mix

(Not really a focus, maybe it could have a little more in the spotlight but prison stereotypes....specifically implied rape, abuse, and m... Read Chapter

Welcome to the world, again

….....   Being on the outside was strange to say the absolute least, he glanced at her they sat in her yellow convertible ... Read Chapter