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Forever Mine Forever Mine

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Being a human with minor powers isn't all bad, unless you don't know how to use them and you have demons that want to see you dead. Then it sucks.


Being a human with minor powers isn't all bad, unless you don't know how to use them and you have demons that want to see you dead. Then it sucks.

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Submitted: October 13, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 13, 2016



(Yeah I don't have any business starting new stories though the computer we're sharing was just for the little that he liked which doesn't take up much space. So this little thing doesn't have much to spare one story I said I'd update I'm not sure where I want to go with it.


Also I've been reading more of these, stories that fit into this and I have a couple with the generic idea but I thought of enough to make it different from what I have so I thought why not. It is BDSM so if that's not your thing, well now you know.


I own the story and all the characters, any likeness to any person(s) living or dead is coincidental and unintentional. While this story is available for free it is not to be redistributed in any way; I am the only person who can post this on more than one site or earn money for it in the future.)


Prologue – Saved




I don't know how I managed to stay quiet, sure I guess I had 'practice' with it, though I was terrified running through the dark, nearly slipping in the mud. It had been raining heavily for an hour or so now just an Autumn in Revars a little...area in the Monarin not quite the demon realm and definitely not near normal humans. It is fairly massive protected by magic I'm in the forest part of it and though you could take a few turns in the city and end up in the suburbs with a complete change that a tourist wouldn't be able to understand, the forest seemed to go on forever. I didn't really know where I was but it was just my luck to stumble into a construction area running for my life. I was set up, not that it really mattered I expected that. Not to be set up but I knew that going to a party set up supposedly in my honor by the bitchiest demoness in my school would be a mistake.


So I said I would go but locked myself in my room instead, the next thing I know her gang of airheaded followers is breaking into my house ready to rip me to shreds. The laws in the Monarin aren't as clear as they are for humans the demons, the humans with powers by birth or training they have the power. Now I'm human but not entirely normal and with the people that live here, normal means without powers. I have minor skills unfuckingfortunately they don't always work. My parents never trained me after my older twin sisters lost their minds training going mad with power.


My parents have been on a business trip for three years only emailing me to tell me they paid the bills and to remind me to check the mail for cards and double check my bank account to make sure I got the spending money they sent me.


All I have with me is Francis, but he's a demon hamster fluffy and friendly yes, poison tipped fangs without an antidote to fight it? Sure but he can't protect me from eight women with cursed machetes and claws. Her friends told her parents that I was to blame for the mysterious wounds on their perfect daughter though I wasn't there they paid to make sure her friends wouldn't get in trouble for acting to get justice and here I was in slippers and a long shirt trying not to die like every idiot girl that falls in typical slasher movies.


In my defense I was in bed, and again in my defense Francis was hidden so he would have been safe but he climbed into my shirt pocket while I slept and I only had the option to let them kill me or jump out in the window in what I wore to have a chance at surviving. Under dressed or not I'm not fucking dying today.


I tried to slid to a stop as I saw a road and obviously fast approaching headlights but I tripped in my waterlogged slippers and fell.


The car stopped just in time splashing me with more muddy water, though I would definitely take that over being crushed by the clearly very new tires that were just the slightest bit away from my face. Francis stuck his head out of my pocket and squeaked in frustration waving his paws like that was going to do something his poison didn't work on everyone I only knew from the tests at the vets what he could do, and his shape shifting abilities were limited. He was only a threat on his best days, I heard the door open and saw someone get out, as the feet moved toward me I looked up. It was dark and I couldn't see much past the blinding headlights.


“Interesting attire for a late night run Jaslyn.”


I swallowed thickly hearing the deep voice with only the slightest touch of an Italian accent gracing the words. I knew the voice.


“Mr. De Luca....” I hurried to stand up, I'd known him since I was seventeen he was a neighbor of ours he'd been busy so he gave me an early twenty-first birthday present though I did see him then in the end.


“What are you doing out here?” he asked.


“Oh you know just thinking about what college will do for me, my parents constant absence, what shoes I'm getting my night out on Saturday...and running for my life, the usual.”


“Ah I see, how interesting.”


He snapped his fingers changing me into jeans and clean shirt under a thick jacket even gave me boots I smiled at him as his other door opened for me the girls caught up and stopped short seeing me with him.


“Eight on one hmm? You low level demons are pathetic.”


I jumped seeing their claws ripped from their hands Francis bounced in my pocket, hamster or not he was still an over excited demon. Mr. De Luca climbed in next to me and drove off the claws were a warning. One they took silently because you just didn't mess with demons like him.


“..Thank you Mr. De Luca.”


“You're welcome, but call me Emilio Jaslyn.”


“...Emilio.” it felt strange I was just a human that got lucky with abilities that hardly did me any good and he was a high ranking demon of the gods this man could do anything he wanted. I didn't think we were anywhere near the same level.


Not to mention there was the comparison of us as a pair, with those light green eyes, lightly dusted chin flawless wavy black hair and a body that could win over any woman that wanted it then there is me the frail brown haired, brown eyed, pale girl with average tits and low curves I hardly look my age, he's way too out of my league. I looked down and saw some tissue I took it to wipe my slim glasses letting my frizzy curls cover my face.


“Don't tell me you've gone shy Amia.”


I looked up, it wasn't flower in Italian but flower in his kind's tongue he taught me a little and while most of his people were born in the human realm Italy the language was very similar in sound sexy either way as far as I'm concerned.


He always called me that.


“...I haven't.” I mumbled.


“You really shouldn't mumble Amia people won't take you very seriously.”


“I know I'm just tired.”


Tired and my nerves only allowed me to be relaxed around for a short time before it was overwhelming every bit of that muscled frame was radiating power and reminding me how insignificant I am. My parents really should have trained me, only parents can with those like me.


“Why were they after you?”


“I hurt their leader.”


“...You're lying.” he said.


I nodded.


“I know I am, and I knew you'd be able to tell, but that's what they said that they were here to get revenge her parents have them cleared to do as they please.”


He shook his head.


“It's fine I'll take care of it, for now you can stay at my place I'd love for one of them to come after you I could use some target practice.” he said with a fanged smirk.


I laughed slightly, for one with so much power he was highly fond of rifles, took me to the gun range with him when I was eighteen.


“As if you have issue hitting your mark.”


He smirked a bit wider.


“It would still amuse me.”


(Okay a set up, won't be obsessively updating but it won't be too long.)

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