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Come to Me Come to Me

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Genre: Romance



Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



Though she'd never admit it, June has been lonely for some time before she was eighteen, and much longer after. Mostly due to the loss of her closest and only friend with a vendetta to take care of. Her sudden return leads to a lot of confusing feelings, due to things even her vampire didn't know of. Perhaps she'll find peace in her arms, should she let herself. Her husband is no real obstacle for that at least it appears that way.


Though she'd never admit it, June has been lonely for some time before she was eighteen, and much longer after. Mostly due to the loss of her closest and only friend with a vendetta to take care of. Her sudden return leads to a lot of confusing feelings, due to things even her vampire didn't know of. Perhaps she'll find peace in her arms, should she let herself. Her husband is no real obstacle for that at least it appears that way.

Prolog (v.1) - Hello old friend

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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(So this was supposed to be a simple oneshot, porn without plot then I kept editing it and a story was born, don't think it'll be too long but hope you like it.


I own the story and all the characters, any likeness to any person(s) living or dead is coincidental and unintentional. While this story is available for free it is not to be redistributed in any way; I am the only person who can post this on more than one site or earn money for it in the future.)


Hello old friend


June sighed to herself as she stood at the sink washing dishes it was her turn to do them, she only stared at the plate in her hand. She offered a smile as her husband came in the room, Aaron, he was a good looking dark haired guy he seemed to have everything to those on the outside looking in. He looked over though there was no smile from him to her Judy is a beautiful red head though she had dyed her hair blue some might think he was just intimidated. Good looking or not he was almost plain next to the curvy beauty. However he simply didn't care, he was the type that took dying alone seriously he offered a place to stay, access to a bank account he kept full and all she had to do was be there. He was impotent and he was bitter about it, he had a use of her as he often reminded her he was just a client to her.


Though after a few years she started to hope they could at least be friends though he wasn't much for that. She got used to it she was just considerably more friendly than he was, he moved to leave and she was left in their penthouse alone. When she was done with the dishes she moved to lounge on the dark couch she only wore a short top and a skirt, flipping through channels she was off in her own little world she didn't have to give up her job for the arrangement she was just waiting to leave.



Sighing to herself as she stood in the backroom rearranging her bra preparing to get ready to go home much later that evening. There was a shower room that had been added in recently and she always took advantage. Though it was Autumn and going to be cold she settled on a new skirt and top, she moved to leave pausing as the door opened she frowned.


“So you're back.”


She just stared as the pretty blond stepped in and leaned against the door, she was taller and slimmer than June was but still with a nice shape. Before she got married she met Miranda she often kept money in her bra just in case so when her purse was stolen she was hoping to pick up some dinner and just wait until her shift to make it back. Though she found she didn't have enough and Miranda had been there to cover the cost. While they chatted a tired man ran in hoping to alarm them shook his pistol demanding money.


Miranda easily knocked him out with a smirk on her face, June only looked back at her seeing her green eyes glowing. She thought she was hallucinating, she wasn't much for drinking or drugs after seeing what it did to some of the girls she worked wasn't a high class strip club after all. She couldn't figure out what it was. She learned then that Miranda was a vampire and though she didn't want to admit it to herself once Miranda was there to save her again, from a more physical attack she got to see more of her abilities. In exchange for a little bit of blood.


She didn't have many weaknesses at all being pure blood though she was alone, having been an only child before her parents were killed. June hadn't seen her in two years as she tracked down the hunters who did it, and put her parent's souls to rest.


“Is that anyway to greet an old friend June?” they had a few years of knowing one another after all.


She huffed.


“Hello Miranda I see you haven't changed, now go you left, who says you're a friend?”


“Oh come on people leave all the time and reconnect, and you know I didn't want to lead any hunters back to you.”




She sighed and walked over to her, she shoved the bills back in her bra and crossed her arms as she rested her chin on her shoulder. They were so different, vibrant blue hair, a pretty scowl to a coy smile from a soft platinum blond, her pouty lips pursed.


“Don't be that way, didn't you miss me?”


She didn't say anything.




“Just leave me alone.” she knew she was being childish having been warned about the need to keep her safe while she dealt with her personal revenge though it was the first time in a while she felt bitter.


She couldn't even get a smile from Aaron and that was fine because that's part of what she signed up for, though after being alone, left out as a secret bastard child the first time she made a friend...jealous of her or not she still felt bitter since she left.


Miranda nudged her.


“Well if you're going to be like that then I'll just bug you until I get the response I want, now let's go I'll take you home.”


She shook her head.


“You don't need to do that it's within walking distance.”


“It's after midnight and the drunks are still coherent enough to grab a half naked woman and have their way with her.”


“Mi..” she quieted as she gave her a heated look.


“Don't argue.”


She huffed.


“I've been making the walk over since you left it'll be fine.”


She only shook her head, not wanting to argue further while she had to walk home late enough as it is she pushed away from the table and walked out. Miranda followed behind her seeing a nice blue sports car outside she looked at Miranda.


“Yeah it's mine you know how I am about my cars.”


She nodded absently as she opened the door.


“Miranda it really is a walking distance away.”


“Yeah but I'm not leaving my car here, so there, don't make me throw you over my shoulder.”


“You're such a brute.”


“I'm cuter than the drunks that could manhandle you instead.” she offered cheekily.


“So?...Look you want to drop me off so bad fine, but I still want to be alone.”


She smiled at her sadly.


“Okay I'll take that.”


It was a quiet drive to take her back she looked out the window not saying a word, she chewed on her lip not trusting her voice. It was a crushing feeling, she was relieved to see she was safe. Especially knowing from what little Miranda shared with her that hunters were only a successful threat when they had a witch to help them. However she still had the feelings she had to push down worrying they would overpower her in the end never knowing for sure if she was lying somewhere dead and alone or if she was simply unable to come back.


If the witch hadn't died...or been killed whatever happened she wouldn't have been able to track them down at all. Not even when their threats became a reality, she couldn't just leave them and hope they wouldn't come after her and put June in danger.


“Don't you want to know what took me so long?”


She didn't comment.


“They had some potions of hers to keep at least their movements shadowed when they finally cut out nothing but weak little bastards laughing over the death of my parents. I took more pleasure knowing they couldn't come back and do the same to someone else there aren't many like me left.”


She still remained quiet, Miranda reached over to pat her shoulder.


“Junebug?” she said using her old nickname.


She moved to hop out as they arrived she reached to grab her wrist but she tugged away and went upstairs. She sighed to herself as June ran off.


June sighed telling herself to turn around and go back, ask her to come in she was alone too after all.  She bit her lip and looked over her shoulder sighing as she struggled with the key. Wiping her eyes arguing with herself she only jumped feeling a hand on her shoulder, she turned thinking Miranda had actually followed her up seeing Aaron who gave her a heated look she only shook her head.


“What the hell is your problem? I called you.”


“I wasn't concentrating.”


“Well you should, dressed like that.” he snatched the key from her and opened the door tossing them back at her she watched him grab his golf clubs knowing he'd leave again and dropped her things on the couch.


“I'll be heading out early so leave the alarm off, and I won't be back for a week so entertain yourself.”


He said heading to his room and locking himself in, he didn't fear her or anything. Though she didn't drink at first she drank a lot more to help herself sleep when she stayed awake worrying about Miranda. One night she had wandered into his room looking for the comfort of just sleeping in the same room he never let her live it down. When he left he'd pick up a few things from his mom's house who was still hoping her 'precious baby' would get rid of his whore as she would only address June.


Not that it mattered she was left without him to worry about.


She closed the door and moved to take a shower thoughts on Miranda and on top of the relief, fade of anger, depression she felt guilty now. Though she knew she deserved that feeling hopeless she went off in her own little world moving mechanically.



Just a few hours later Aaron was making his way out he jumped as he opened the door seeing Miranda standing there in tight jeans and a sweater.


“Who the fuck are you?”


“Friend of June's.”


She glared at him as he laughed.


“June doesn't have any friends, but that's a good one.”


She crossed her arms.


“You're serious?”




“Well she's asleep you want to go in fine but I have a trip.”


“You aren't going to say goodbye to her?” she said moving out of his way.


“Why would I? She's just here to look pretty until I die.”


“You don't look ready to die?”


“Plastic surgery, now if you're done wasting my time I'm going to enjoy what I have left of my life, she's upstairs.” the only reason he still had a father here to go golfing with was because when his father died his mother replaced him with a much much younger man...he was not to be confused for a young, simple man who was too awkward to find someone who really loved him.


He moved to leave and she just walked in closing the door behind her rolling her eyes, as she moved to go upstairs following her senses she found her in her room she had eventually fallen asleep, she wore a black shirt and nothing more though that was covered from view. She walked over to sit on the bed next to her.


She brushed her hair out of her eyes she wouldn't have slept long so she left her to rest for now.



June shifted after a moment opening her eyes she almost jumped seeing Miranda next to her on the bed she pushed herself up and Miranda opened her eyes.


“Oh look who is up.”




“The ass let me in, did you know he had plastic surgery? I wouldn't have guessed.”


She sniffed.


“Of course I know...that doesn't matter though.”


“So what does?”


She pouted.


“I'm sorry....about last night I'm glad you're back and were able to get rid of the issue...” she said her tone soft.


She flinched as Miranda rested her hand against her face.


“It's okay I know you were upset.”


“It's not okay.”


“Did you say something?” she teased.


She sighed and bit her lip as she stroked her cheek.


“I understand Junebug, now come here, no hard feelings.”


She pulled her against her and held her close rubbing her back listening to her cry no matter how softly she heard it anyways.




“I know, I missed you too.”


She shifted.


“Is it for you to stay or am I going to get some story in a week that you're being chased again?”


“It's safe now they were the last of their kind, having gone without marrying and training new hunters.”


“You said there were more of don't want to be with them?”


“Why would I?”


“I'll die eventually.”


“Not around me you won't I used up quite a bit of magic protecting us as I could then to find them as they lost theirs. It comes back vampires aren't so powerless it takes a heavy hand to get them to that state. That's how the last war was ended, unfairly I'll add.”


She sighed as she smiled resting against her swallowing the lump in her throat that formed.


“Don't be so sad, talk to me.”


“I'm fine.”


“You are such a liar.”


“Maybe...I don't want to be depressed anymore I want to be happy...”


“I know, and if you let me maybe I could help.” she said absently knowing June wouldn't think anything more on what she could mean.


She liked to tease but she cared far too much about her to flirt when she was so upset, as if her hurt didn't matter, as if it was even possible to ignore her feelings.


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