Boss of Mine

Boss of Mine Boss of Mine

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Tiffany is on her fifth year as a secretary and while she knows her boss is attracted to her there are a couple other secrets to be found.


Tiffany is on her fifth year as a secretary and while she knows her boss is attracted to her there are a couple other secrets to be found.


Submitted: January 24, 2016

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Submitted: January 24, 2016



(I like doing these minis while I decide where to go next in my chapter stories and what not.


I own the story and all the characters, any likeness to any person(s) living or dead is coincidental and unintentional. While this story is available for free it is not to be redistributed in any way; I am the only person who can post this on more than one site or earn money for it in the future.)



I looked up as my boss walked into the room, she owned an insurance company and had just finished a meeting with a new client and a few lawyers of ours. She inherited the company from her father and most of the employees had worked for her family for a couple of generations. Recently several new employees had been hired she didn't just want a family business. Ms. Brenda Randall is a tall leggy brunette with hazel eyes, an olive complexion, and perfect curves. When I first met her I felt so inadequate, though I keep my hair in a bun it's still a frizzy mess red, I wear glasses over my blue eyes and I look a bit too pale for my liking.


I have curves but it doesn't look as good with me as it does with her, in fact I should probably hit the gym, my desk sat in the waiting room outside her office, she sat on it and crossed her legs. She wore a simple gray suit jacket and a mini skirt.


“Talk to me.” she mumbled as she checked her phone, meaning she wanted to check the schedule.


“You're free at the moment ma'am, shall I order lunch?”


She groaned.


“Don't call me ma'am we're only a few years apart.”


I smiled at her, she didn't look like it at first some were even afraid to approach her, but she was down to Earth and perfectly genuine.


“Ms. Randall then.”


“No Tiffany, Brenda, you've been my secretary for four years now and we always talk over lunch don't act like we're strangers.”


I smiled a little wider.


“Right Brenda, what do you want for lunch?”


She grinned.


“Pizza, I'm starving.”


“And cinnamon dipping sticks...”


“With extra icing call me when it gets here.”


She didn't really need to tell me what she wanted at the end of the day she really was like a friend, though she always changed tiny things about her orders better to just check again, I ordered a few pizzas, being a small company when she wanted pizza she told me to order more for everyone. Of course she was pretty generous with her random lunches anyways.

I went down to the first floor we were on the third and took a box and a bag of cinnamon bread the security guards took the other ten boxes to the break room.


“So is the boss okay?” Mike asked.


He was a long time guard, he was younger than most of them but he had been here longer than I had, almost four years longer he's pretty cute, dark skin, short hair, a strong jaw, and nice body.


“Yeah she's fine.”


“She was pretty heated, make sure not to sneak up on her.”


I stared at him as he wandered to the break room, don't sneak up on her because she's annoyed? That's kind of weird. I shook my head and went back to my desk, there was an extra small kitchen area behind my desk I got her plate ready and grabbed a soda out of the fridge. I knocked on the door and pushed it open like I normally would, her chair was turned around meaning she was on the phone and wanted to be left alone. I walked in and set the food down.


“You don't need to be an asshole, it's not my fault she died...”


I know I shouldn't be listening but just hearing that from her makes me nervous, I moved my hand and knocked her cup of pencils over I bent to pick them up and watched her chair turn around. I moved to stand up and looked at her, she didn't look mad just chewed on her lip briefly.


“That's not the point dad......well if you hate me so much you can only blame yourself, I didn't ask to be born.” she hung up and threw the phone through the glass she rubbed her temples.


“Is everything alright?” I asked.


“Fine, he's just drunk and taking his frustrations out on me nothing new.”


I stopped myself from asking about it, I knew it wasn't my business she opened her soda and sighed.


“What did you hear?”


“Just that someone died, I just walked in.”


“My mother died during childbirth, he never did forgive me for that.”


I stared at her.


“That's awful, you can't be blamed for that.”


“My dad would disagree.” she mumbled.


I looked at her, this wasn't the face I was used to she was down and depressed her gaze was distant I walked over and touched her shoulder. She shook her head.


“I'm fine Tiffany.”


“No you aren't.”


“It doesn't really matter since you can't help me.”




“Especially since I'm not worth your time right?”


I knew what she meant and was about to argue, she held up her hand.


“Just go alright, I'm stressed out enough.”


With a sigh I left her office and closed the door behind me, that was why she was just 'like a friend' my other friends didn't look at me the way she did it started at the New Year's Eve party.


I was excited, ever since I started as Brenda's secretary I was always welcomed it wasn't awkward when there were company parties or picnics. We all danced, got a little drunk, ate great food, and just had fun without any consequences. When there was drinking involved Brenda hired cab drivers, they were given a very generous amount to just hang out in the area, the drivers were of course invited to stay if they wanted to but usually they would be ready to leave as soon as one got too drunk. There were also extra guards that could ride along and take people inside if they passed out.


I had reached my goal and lost the extra weight, I found a nice size 7 dress and pulled it on it was so nice the color scheme had been gold, silver, white, and black. It was thrown at a five star hotel in New York, it had just been put up by her older sister's husband. As the company was put up in New York all of the parties were like this only the best. I was picked up with her, since I worked directly with her she reasoned that I might as well travel with her as well.


I didn't mind of course, as if one could turn down a ride in the limo, but it was common for the secretaries and personal assistants of Gemyard Inc. The dress was short and in silver with no sleeves or straps. She was dressed in a gold clingy gown that reached the floor with curls in her hair, I still felt out of place next to her as we exchanged compliments.


So you like this old thing?” she asked.


Of course, it looks beautiful on you.” she smiled at me.


We chatted easily on the way to the hotel, as soon as we arrived we saw the crowd of people she let the employees invite family and friends to relaxed parties. We got in and put our coats in the room picked out for her. For hours we did as we normally would, it was nice all the way until the countdown got close, Brenda seemed a little drunk. One of the guests got on her bad side, she was always quiet when she had too many drinks mostly ignored everyone. Though someone grabbed her ass and she went off on him I went over to grab her arm and pulled her out of the main party room and into the hallway so she could clear her head.


Calm down Brenda, the guards will take care of him.”


She huffed.


I don't fucking care...stupid bastard didn't have permission to touch me.” she snapped, she wasn't completely wasted and was obviously aware but she had a low tolerance.


Just sit here and relax I'll get you some water.”


Don't do that, it's almost time...for the countdown.”


Alright...” she nodded absently, we started to hear the crowd counting.


She stood up as they hit five.








She grabbed my waist and pulled me close I froze as she kissed me.




She slid her tongue in my mouth, I admit I made it worse I kissed her back it felt good maybe too good I guess I'd been single too long I came to my senses before I pulled at her clothes. I pushed her away she pouted.


You've been flirting with me all you're not interested.” she hissed, irritated.


I wasn't flirting I thought we were just friends.”


Just friends? Oh please, I send cars for people who are just friends, I picked you personally.”


You're always nice to me I wouldn't think that meant anything.”


She rolled her eyes.


Right whatever.”


...I'm fired aren't I?”


She glared at me.


I wasn't trying to be some stupid scumbag I thought you liked me this has nothing to do with your job, just leave me alone.”


Ms. Rand...”


Leave!” she practically growled.


I did exactly as she said and took one of the spare cabs to get home I didn't want to lead her on or anything and I like women and men I just never looked at her as someone I could be with I didn't think she liked me. I wasn't sure if I should have left or stayed but since she was pissed off I took the safer choice.



A couple days after the party it was back to work, I thought she might be mad at me still but she acted like nothing was wrong and acted the same as she always had. That was months ago and she hadn't brought it up, I felt bad about the situation, there were times where she wasn't busy when I could have sat down and talked to her about it but I just pushed it under the rug which I suppose hurt her more, we should talk and agree to put it behind us or...well I don't even know what else we could do. I understood though, if I couldn't take her coming on to me I was probably the last person she wanted to comfort her.


(Now as mild as that was you just know I need a couple more know...lesbian sex and all that lol.)

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