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Beast of the Witch Beast of the Witch

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



(Last story in this group I think, doing them in groups to see how that goes.) Being the best doesn't mean always getting what you want, though sometimes, things simply change.


(Last story in this group I think, doing them in groups to see how that goes.) Being the best doesn't mean always getting what you want, though sometimes, things simply change.

Prolog (v.1) - No good deed

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 22, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 22, 2016



(So any of you lovely people who have read my stories for a long time know that I have an issue...several hehe. Some ideas come to me clear enough that they get finished quickly, sometimes I need a break from them but come back, sometimes I just delete old ideas when I just can't think of anything..or I disliked it. Sometimes I say I won't start any new stories and that works for a little bit but obviously, that failed. Then there is losing access because my internet is the worse which is out of my hands. Now I'm trying something new, I have some stories going that come to me pretty easily but I've slowed down and will update those bit by bit instead of spamming until I run out of ideas, however, I've added to the group to have more variety for me.


I believe this will be the last story in this group so you know I'm just enjoying one of my hobbies of choice I hope you like all of them. If you only like one maybe two then I hope you stick around for them to be finished :D.


I own the story and all the characters, any likeness to any person(s) living or dead is coincidental and unintentional. While this story is available for free it is not to be redistributed in any way; I am the only person who can post this on more than one site or earn money for it in the future.)


Prologue – No good deed...




Calina Francis was first considered a bombshell when she appeared on the cover of Britlyes Finest a magazine for artists, celebs, and rising stars. Good for Atlantic City, be able to know who is who in which one you want to know. She wasn't a star herself but being the girlfriend of one of the members of the top rock bands in the country she was bound to get in. Broken Essence rose to the top with it's fairly impressive members.


Tyson Ranger, the blond, brown eyed, tanned and well built drummer was CEO of one of the best yacht and personal vehicle companies there was. He didn't manufacture cars in large quantities he made them to order. From family trucks with simple heating in the  seats and floors with televisions to expensive limos with miniature kitchens for convenience.


Evin Nalessi, an Italian-American sex beast with short black hair, piercing blue eyes, and a darker tan, that was their keyboardist. He was known for his fashion empire and many many lovers, he didn't really have anyone special he was just disease free, with an almost constant boner.


Ryan Munch, a very good looking mocha skinned man with a short crew cut, hazel eyes, a short goatee, and killer smile, their guitarist. A male model who gained his inheritance with an arranged marriage at eighteen, his beautiful wife Toni, Antonya, also had the mocha complexion, she worked side by side with him, she kept her dark hair straight usually wore a small amount of makeup and had expensive tastes. They were also the most loving couple one could meet they grew up together.


The second guitarist was Calina's boyfriend, Jordan Reynoldes, girls loved him he kept his blond hair dyed pretty much any color in a dark shade, he had bright green eyes, and was a bit pale. He was a celeb photographer, he only worked for the best and he was expensive but you couldn't find a better deal perfection with a smile.


The final member, the lead singer, barely anything was known about Vaughan Yorke, though a lot of people liked that he could do it all. He's a gorgeous man, nice even cream skin tone, perfect lips, clean shaven, thick eyelashes hid his bright blue-green eyes. A lot of people thought they were contacts the vibrant green wasn't the most normal shade and dark blue was around it. He had hair a little past his shoulders it was shaggy and dark blood red. He was a goth model, he acted, could sing in most genres, played several instruments, and was a skilled dancer.


Their agent, Paul thought to include Calina along with Toni just to add what he called the level of beauty it took to attract them. Calina has very long black hair that falls to her shapely ass one strip to the side is always a different color, either red, blue, pink, purple, yellow, green, or white. She has a soft glow to her skin, kissable lips usually covered in red, vibrant almost honey eyes. Most don't know where she comes from no matter how much they dig, all they know is that she's a rich girl that caught Jordan's eye.


The only other woman that gets close to the band at their level is Kacy, a beautiful pale, green eyed, auburn haired singer. She says that she's Vaughan's girlfriend he says she isn't, she hangs all over him though kissing his cheek when she sees fit, sitting in his lap and taking his cigarettes while he's in the middle of smoking. They have something at least, aside from being as perfect as can be the band has one secret most of them share along with many of their fans.


They aren't human, in fact, they're good friends  not really raised together as they met before puberty but being some of the stranger hybrids among their kind they were close. Even though they had known one another a long while there were still secrets between them, still they trusted one another.


Tonight there was a party and the band was going to perform, Calina was with Toni picking out outfits she was only partially looking forward to it. They stood in the Southgarden mall, one that was put up by one of the demons that lived further away she liked to have a place to shop that catered to her needs everywhere. Some humans knew about those that lived among them they were quiet and didn't mind their demonic “neighbors” some were still too frail to accept that there was more in the world than humans. This way there was peace for everyone.


“Why so stiff girl?” Toni asked.


“I'm not.”


“Are so, did you have a fight with Jordan?”


“No, I can't remember the last time we fought in the four years we've been together.”


Toni smiled, she'd been with Ryan for six years and they were as close as could be, Jordan wasn't as affectionate but he treated Calina well she was sure something good could happen for them. The band had been going for seven years but they had met a while before hand so all of them should have been friends but there was always tension between Calina and two others. Kacy being one of them. Demon ran bands sometimes ran into dry spells after twelve years, but with the right agent they could go on longer so to be so successful near the beginning was one of their selling points.


“Ohh I get it, you and Vaughan go at it again?” she huffed hearing his name.


“Ugh...don't speak of the devil incarnate.”


Toni laughed and tried on a dark blue mini dress that hugged her curves.


“I don't know what is up with you two.”


“I don't either! He's nice to everyone but me, even when he's going off on Kacy he still isn't as bad with her.”


“They have known each other a long time.”


“So what? He could be civil with me at least it's been what...about fifteen years?...I don't even know why we were the sense that he could have just walked away but no he had to say something.” not one of them aged at the normal rate, so really they were all either legal to drink or a year older. Age didn't matter much to them though.


“What happened?”


“I was asking Jordan if he wanted to go out when he was free and he says he can't keep in mind it's been a year since the last date so I tried again. Then here comes Mr. Asshole of the year, 'maybe if you made yourself more desirable he wouldn't turn you down'. ”


She shook her head laughing.


“It's not funny Toni, he goes out of his way to be...himself, and ugh the reporters just love him because he's so 'charming' and 'down to Earth' and 'he has a nice ass'.”


Toni laughed harder.


“Oh jeez girl.”


She huffed.


“Maybe he's mad you took his pal away.”


“I don't care...jerk sees him more than I do anyways.”


“You should have a threesome then maybe he'll loosen up.” she suggested.


“I don't think so...”


“What? V-mans got it going on you know.”


“You have a husband to eat with your eyes okay..”


“And he is tasty delicious good looking, but that doesn't mean there isn't anyone else that's good looking around me.”


Calina laughed.


“A fair point...but still, no.”


“Hey are you hookers ready yet?”


They sighed as Kacy came in she was wearing a backless pink dress that had straps that she could tie around her neck. The skirt was short enough to show off the front of her panties, and there was a cut that showed her cleavage and most of her stomach....actually it was hard to call it a dress.




Everything was already paid for they would send the clothes to charity that they didn't choose, the fabric would be cut and used for quilts and new items for those who were poorer.


“Well hurry up.”


“You could just go ahead.”


“Vaughan asked me to come get you.”


The woman did everything Vaughan told her to do.


“I have your tickets to get into the party.” that was nice, Calina could say anything about her.


“They're using tickets now?”


“New rule the owner just sent them out tonight I guess some people got in that were dangerous and they attacked someone.”


“Hope the victim is alright.”


“Some waiter, who cares.”


Calina rolled her eyes, Kacy didn't care about anyone who wasn't rich and even if they were she was particular about who was good enough for her. She settled on a dark green dress strapless with a few cutouts up the side. They took their tickets and followed her out it was pretty hot out today there was a limo waiting, Kacy and Toni got in but Calina paused.


“Hey, come on.” Toni said.


“Uh I'll get a taxi, you guys go on.”


“Suit yourself.” Kacy slammed the door, and the limo took off.


Calina walked toward the alley where a young girl was sitting and crying next to the trash can she always looked at the surrounding area before going anywhere. She bent down in front her, the girl jumped she was a cute little kid with big blond pigtails, she was wearing a white dress that looked fairly expensive but it had dirt on it.


“Hey there sweetie, I'm Calina what's your name?”




“Well Judy why are you out here crying by yourself?”


“...A scary man took me, I bit him and ran.”


Calina frowned.


“Where did he go?”


“I don't know, I don't think he thought I was worth the trouble.”


“What did he look like?”


“...He was dressed in a nice suit and his face was all scarred...he kept yelling at me but I couldn't understand what he was saying.”


That was odd to say the least.


“I see, well where are your parents?”


“They are at home I was with my nanny.”


“Tell me how to find them I'll take you home.”


She looked her up and down.


“You're dressed all nice, aren't you going somewhere?”


“I am, after I take you home.”


She smiled and wiped her eyes before standing up, Calina took her hand, she used her powers to calm the child down so she would talk more willingly. She couldn't just leave her there after all.



It was late by the time they found her parents, she lost her purse so she didn't have the phone her mother gave her for emergencies. Though she knew her mother's favorite store and they had her on a mailing list. Calina stayed with her until her parents showed up, they were with the frantic nanny and a police officer, they were livid of course since they paid the nanny such good money. They thanked Calina for helping she wished she could be of more help but without seeing the guy there was little she could do.


She checked her watch there wasn't much point in going to the party, she could go yes but the doors closed at a certain point. She didn't want to be that awkward guest that showed up at the last minute, part of the money put toward the tickets, a little more than half was given to charity so at least it was put to use.


When her phone buzzed she glanced at the message.


}Where are you?{


It was from Toni.


}I'm at Schovers.{ the store was fairly popular it had a lot of different styles.


}What are you doing all the way over there? It'll take an hour to get here in this traffic, one of the biggest parties this year. Cars are still going by slow as syrup.{


}No big deal, I'm not coming.{


}You have to! Don't leave me with Kacy.{


}I don't want to be the center of attention for being late.{


}Well why are you late?{


}There was a little girl crying, I thought she was lost but someone tried to kidnap her, I had to wait for her parents to come get her.{


}Always thinking of others, you should have said something.{


}I had it under control, look don't worry just stick to the guys and ignore Kacy like I do.{


}Whatever you say. :({


She shook her head and put her phone away, time to head home she guessed there would be other parties but she would really miss out sitting in traffic. She decided to take a walk to see if she could spot the scarred man.



She walked a while without seeing anything, the streets were oddly empty, not a soul until she came around the corner and stopped seeing a large group of men. She rubbed her head she had been led here but by what she wasn't sure. However she was in trouble, she could normally defend herself humans that had the treaty with demons that allowed for peace had a rule that was enforced by demons. While she is technically human her powers make her the more powerful type, in short she can't fight anyone she could accidentally kill. In danger or not, she would lose access to most of her powers so she could “think rationally” as the council said.


She was sure they just wanted to test the control of those that were under them, it never pissed her off until now, she could sense danger coming from them.


“Well it if isn't a little doll here to entertain us.”


“I don't think so, just passing through excuse me.” she turned to go the other way.


Three rushed to past her to stand in the way


“You have to pay the toll.”




“Don't play dumb.”


She took a step back as a gun was put in her face and her arms were grabbed, she had no idea why they wanted to protect stupid humans, she guessed they couldn't protect themselves. Though she was powerless she wouldn't show fear but she didn't have any way out of this and she was....scared. The strip in her hair turned blue, it started to rain the wind growing, she was especially kept weak since she couldn't control her powers as easily as she would like.


She was surprised it worked, though it was like a twitch with her she guessed they couldn't control that bit. It was the loophole once mentioned, though she didn't see how that was a loophole there were so few like her that used their powers on accident with the slightest bit of stress. Though changing the weather wasn't going to help her, at least she thought.


“If you won't pay with money let's get you out of that wet dress instead.”


She shut her eyes cursing the idiot council just as her dress was pulled up she saw the light of a car coming it was always like a ghost town...even here when there was a party she thought she was done for. The door opened and out he stepped.


“You gentlemen have some business with my friend here?”


“Get going pretty boy.” he punched the guy holding her swinging his leg to knock the others down and yanked her into his car, telling it to drive it took off before they slammed the door. They at least tried running after it.


He bought the car from Tyson of course, sleek, a deep blue with leather seats, she sighed heavily.




“Whatever, what the hell were you doing?”


“I was taking a walk.”


“Stupid, you were supposed to be going to the party.”


“So were you.”


“I was there, Jordan was asking where you were.”


“So you came to get me?”


“I wasn't planning on staying.”


“You are so anti-social, better stop putting on an act before someone figures it out.”


“Oh shut it, I swear you're such a dumbass, don't walk out here dressed like that.”


“I wasn't walking anywhere until I was pulled with magic thanks.”


“You're a witch, why couldn't you control it.”


“Thanks for the reminder jerk, you know witches can be overpowered by unseen forces I don't even know where the hell we are I was near the bus stop by one of the boutiques in the shopping district.”


He glared at her.


“And what's wrong with my dress..?”


“You look like a tramp.”


I look like a tramp? I'm wearing tights and at least my dress covers skin unlike that...piece of cloth your girlfriend had on.”


“She's not my girlfriend.”


“Oh Vaughan come off of it, be a man and claim your girl already.”


He shoved her against the door and kissed her hard and fast catching her by surprise he slid his tongue in her mouth, she pushed him back and slapped him.


“What the fuck do you think you're doing?!”


“Just following orders, what does it look like?”


“I'm not your girl!”


“Yeah no shit.”


She glared at him, frustrated and confused by his tone, it kind of sounded like disappointment.


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