An Alpha and His Mate

An Alpha and His Mate An Alpha and His Mate

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Twenty-five year old Nadia has had it rough, even with "mild" panic attacks she's been in and out of hospitals for her extreme symptoms. One evening a cruel joke leaves her stranded, she can't be sure what directed her but she made her way into the arms of the only man that can help her at all. He's not even a doctor.


Twenty-five year old Nadia has had it rough, even with "mild" panic attacks she's been in and out of hospitals for her extreme symptoms. One evening a cruel joke leaves her stranded, she can't be sure what directed her but she made her way into the arms of the only man that can help her at all. He's not even a doctor.

Prolog (v.1) - Running and...

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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(No apologies at all hehe, while I was writing earlier I was thinking about doing another story though I couldn't decide on details since I was tired. Then this idea worked itself out while I was picking up a few grocercies.


Yeah it's a generic werewolf story so what I got a vampire story going too so there, just teasing but if that's not your thing...yeah.


I own the story and all the characters, any likeness to any person(s) living or dead is coincidental and unintentional. While this story is available for free it is not to be redistributed in any way; I am the only person who can post this on moe than one site or earn money from it in the future.)


Prologue - Running and remembering..sort of



Never. Not once in my life..have I been unable to trust my friends they hung near me during parties there were six of us so we broke off in pairs when in large areas. If I was sick, bad enough that I couldn't just take care of myself I knew one or all of them would come to help me. When I needed actual help they were there even if they didn't want one wants to move but it's nice when friends help.


We were in a club and I went to the bathroom, Char was supposed to be by my side tonight I don't know what happened but I had some ice water. I couldn't mix alcohol with my medication, soon I was waking up outside by the dumpster.


I felt dazed...had I been drugged? This was a new club a really new one, Veronica found it and obviously I had never been here. New York had recently been expanded I didn't know the full story but some rich families had come in and constructed massive steel structures in the ocean to add on, open chunks were filled concrete so they could be driven on more shops were added more modern homes, more apartments even more offices. It was like it's own little community. It had only recently been open to the public there was a nice stone fence around it for safety.


Swaying back and forth I leaned against the wall and checked my clothes, I wore tight leather pants and a plain white sweater. There didn't look to be any issue, I tried banging on the back door hoping they would let me in to use a phone. I looked around again, dazed or not I could see well enogh the dumpster and two smaller cans were the only thing in the alley aside from a few stray pieces of trash I'd be able to see my purse if it was here.


I felt a bit panicked though whatever drug I was slipped kept decent, I have a very rare sort of anxiety, panic could lead to hives, I could have trouble breathing...and though I tried to calm down I always threw up blood after, sometimes I couldn't really see if the panic was bad enough. I saw shadows tall lumps were usually people, odd shaped lumps were larger items. There were even more issues but they were much rarer I didn't always get panicked enough to experience them. I'd been in and out of hospitals, having a weak body paired with this...well it was a hassle. I refused to let my problems control me I still went out and had fun. I met new people in small groups so it wasn't so overwhelming, I did my best.


I wondered if they took my purse..actually I was hoping they took my purse it would be cruel since I grew up with them they knew how badly I needed to keep myself stable. Though at least it would be with someone who would give it back.


I was starting to worry, I knew what it felt like to take my pills normally, it felt like it was wearing off but I hadn't needed them.I don't know what it was about this new area that made me feel a little better...maybe because it was new so it wasn't loaded with people. I had taken my meds in the late afternoon before we drove out here and they would have worn out, I would close my eyes to focus when I felt overwhelmed and sometimes as long as I wasn't in danger that would work for short periods of time. So I couldn't remember if I had taken my pills or if someone gave them to me.


Still it didn't really matter I had never been here I didn't know how to get home from here it had to be late no one was out, the thought of stumbling around alone trying to get home I didn't like. Taking deep breaths still wondering what else I had been given I walked forward to look out just to see if I could remember a street. I guess I was thankful for the was easier to think a little more. I paled, this wasn't the alley of the club. I rubbed my hands together quickly and nervously I felt a string on my wrist and pushed my sleeve up, there was a note attached to it. I hadn't really noticed but I did feel something itching me I thought it was from laying outside a bug could have bit me.


I pulled off the note and read it.


'Hey Nadia, Lexi, Tash, and Mira thought it would be fun to play a game, just once find you're way home we gave your water a little something with a kick if you know what I mean. Don't worry we gave you your medicine so you should be fine and don't worry we have your purse.'


I could trust my friends with my life....until now what the fuck were they thinking?


Though if they gave me meds and it was wearing off I'd been out here for hours...why hadn't they come looking for me by now? I knew I couldn't just stand here hoping for help but I don't know anyone here. I don't know about making my way home on my own without money and my phone. I couldn't waste this brief moment of clear thought I had to go somewhere. Surely there was another bar or something open that would let me use a phone I started walking looking for one.


“Hey baby how about a little fun?”


I started to feel a bit sick, I couldn't waste time had to hurry pace my breathing and don't look back.


“Hey bitch I'm talking to you!”


I turned a corner and took off, I wasn't a runner, never been strong enough for athletics but if I didn't find some place to at least hide I was probably about to die.


I can take a joke, a harmless prank but what the fuck? I just don't get how they could think this was a good idea. I screamed and stumbled but managed to keep my balance and I don't know how...he shot me in the arm. I blinked my vision was getting blurry oh fuck me...I'm on my own. I just kept going I don't know where the fuck I was going I just had this rush of feeling go forward...go left...go right....go up stairs,


I bumped into someone she let out a laugh as I backed up feeling overheated and sick, it was high pitched cackle. I kicked my leg and I must of hit her she growled at me as I went past her...growled? I think forward....left...right...up....turn the corner.


The thing about this addition was that it was massive...even though you could go to the edge and see the ocean where I was coming from I was no where near the edge this place was like a maze at felt like I at the moment and I wasn't sure if I was in the city yet or not. I ran forward...left...up stairs...code...wait code I didn't know any code. I felt in front of me...a key pad.


I heard laughing, they were coming...I felt like I knew middle..down but don't the the other side...down...and up to middle. It felt old fashioned...2..6...4...7...5. Something clicked and I pushed the door open and ran forward.


My head was an aching blur I think someone called out to me but everything melted together...up the steps...up the the left...around the corner...through a door and right into someone they grabbed me to keep me steady. I couldn't breathe until arms were around me, where the hell was I? My whole body felt when your leg falls asleep then tries to come back...that pin and needle sensation.


I knew someone was holding me but I could only feel invisible needles...was I with a man or woman I'm not sure. I shut my eyes tightly trying to breathe I couldn't catch my breath, I was sliding down someone grabbed my arm. Maybe getting the bullet out...maybe I was in a private hospital there were a few of those that had popped up over the years they had rich clients that wanted the best for their families. I guess I was at one of wasn't all bad they did open their doors for the poor or homeless in case they needed anything but others had to go elsewhere. Guess they realized I needed some help now.


I felt like I was my head was tilted back I felt something around my mouth...a kiss?...I could breathe. My arm was released I could only feel that sensation when touched and it was gone so at least I think so.


I felt pressure on my lips again...that was definitely a kiss...I think...I'm too tired and confused but I checked out.



I sat up who knows how long later it was still dark, usually I was out for a couple hours to a few days after a panic attack so I wasn't sure about the time. I still couldn't see, which I hated I just wanted to be normal... I could at least feel I was in bed. Maybe I didn't need to panic, but I was in an unknown area as far as I knew, I wasn't always set off by fear I had to take my meds every day though a normal attack was a little easier to handle. I'd always been like this I don't know's just me...I wish it wasn't but wishes don't do anything for things like this.


I felt the bed, not sure how high it was or what type of floorig was below it I didn't want to risk rolling out of bed. I touched my face and felt a mask...I really was at a hospital I was calming down slowly I could hear the sound of the breathing machine. Oh thank god...I must have been imagining things, CPR...that's probably what it was.


I took a breath, suddenly the mask was pulled off, someone was saying something to me, it was like the beeping was too loud. Someone touched my face...checking for a fever probably...why couldn't I relax...I could breathe I didn't feel like I was in danger.




I started to hear whoever was next to me I shook my head...the doctor maybe..this panic was intense though I remember getting shot so I'm not that surprised it just felt like my body was jello.




What?...Can I..maybe can I hear him...that's right it's a guy deep voice.




Oh for the love of all that is holy I need my meds...what's wrong with me....? He did what...? I felt a sting in my arms and took a deeper breath...I see. He got in touch with my actual doctor...and got my meds. My meds had a syringe alternative...I never chose it willingly but I had managed to run out a meds a few times when I needed it.


I rubbed my eyes and groaned.


“Is it working?”


“...Y...yeah..thank you doctor.”


“You're welcome...your uncle was worried sick we were lucky he had called the police or there wouldn't have been anyone looking for you. You've been out for a few days we thought we lost you until the chief called asking if anyone had seen you. You're uncle sent out a graduation picture he said the only thing that would be different is that you wear make up now. He came by to confirm it was you and brought your meds with him. Have you recovered enough to understand everything I just said or should I repeat it?” it was a test I knew, when I shut down like this in the past the doctors were sure I was going to die.


They always gave me a lot of information to follow, strange but effective.


“ it.” he helped me sit up and grabbed my wrist pressing a cold glass in my hand.


“This is just ice water...can you see it?”


“Not yet...” I sniffed the contents didn't smell like anything I looked down and saw an almost white shadow...yeah it was water.


I drained the glass thinking about my poor uncle I lived in the same building as my Uncle Wayne my parents were out of town on business. Hoping to take the electronic world by storm with their products and ideas for the future, my uncle is really my closest friend I felt bad for worrying him I told him I'd be in late probably. I showed him that I was alright to live alone, and he was worried about going away completely so he asked if it was enough to have an apartment next to him while he had a spare key.


It was fine, I appreciated that he was concerned but when I was calmly hanging out at home I wasn't a concern it was fine to take my meds and do my normal routine. He'd check on me of course but he had relaxed a little, I jumped as arms were thrown around me I blinked and looked around the room as the shadows turned into objects it was a plain dark brown room with a little cream here and there, on the sofas, curtains and blankets. It would look nice and cozy without the machines, I looked at my uncle he's fairly pale, has blond hair, a mustache and green eyes he's a beefy guy but a teddy bear really.


I hugged him back, the doctor was a tall man...really good looking brunette with an intense blue gaze and a nice tan. He was obviously built well under his suit and lab coat.


“I'm so glad to see you alright, thank you Dr. Kingsly.”


“Please call me Chris, no problem at all, Nadia came in the front we thought she was a friend of the...owner of the estate but I was over and noticed her bleeding I tried calling but already she'd lost control of her senses so she didn't hear a word.” I see Wayne told him how it worked with me, a few days...he must have lost it when he came to see me he talked a lot more when he was upset.


“Sorry about that...I don't know if I know the owner.”


His smile faded.


“You knew the code to alert us though.”




“The code on the front door, it's programmed to set off an alarm so that no one might seem a little counterintuitive I suppose. Though people are more at ease about a person running in bleeding if that person seems aware enough to warn them a head of time.”


I shook my head.


“That makes sense actually...but I really have no this is a completely private hospital and I'm probably about to be sued huh?” I asked nervously.


Chris laughed though it didn't sound very happy and shook his head.


“No the owner could just tell he knew you and when we found out that the assumption was right...being that your uncle confirmed your identity he said to watch you very carefully.”


Uncle Wayne sighed.


“Actually she has had some issues with memory loss.”


“She has?”


“Sometimes she even forgets her parents when they're gone more than a week...maybe you dated him or something don't worry you were safe here.”


I smiled at him, he was used to reassuring me, I remember one time I forgot them I couldn't wrap my mind around who my parents were. They had to show me old home movies for it to click, though I had my meds so I didn't feel too uneasy though if I did date him maybe he told me the code and I knew where to put it in. It wouldn't be the first time I was able to return to safe place without realizing made it even better that my uncle lived next door I usually went to him and would wake up confused on how I got there when I was supposed to be shopping for shoes.


“'s a blur.”


Chris squeezed my shoulder.


“Well don't worry I'm sure it'll come back to you, don't strain yourself.”




“Honey what were you doing without your meds and ID...anything at all?”


I really didn't want to have this conversation, but I sighed knowing he would ask me again and again until it drove me crazy. Chris held up the note.


“She was clutching this when she arrived, her friends drugged her and left her alone without it.”


He took the note and his gaze narrowed he was silent he was more than pissed I knew.


“...we went to a club but they left me in the alleyway away from I was trying to figure out where to go and I had a spare syringe in my purse instead of pills. So I woke up just as it getting ready to wear off and then there was the guy who shot me and some girl that got in my way I heard her laughing. Then I was in a fog.” I didn't even look at his expression...teddy bear or not he was a beast when he was angry.


“...Your “friends” always do stuff like this?” Chris asked.


“No never...I've always been able to trust them with everything...I used to be on these meds that were mild enough that I could drink a little inbetween dosed. I'm obviously a light weightso I was dazed then... but they took me home and left me in bed after making sure I was alright. They didn't even do little pranks like hiding my things I had no reason not to trust them.”


“I see.”


I looked over to see him pacing he stopped as the door opened my mouth fell he was gorgeous, he had an olive complexion, chocolate brown eyes, perfect lips and a shadow of facial hair. He had long dark brown hair in a low ponytail and he wore a black vest over his white shirt and black leather pants. Mr. Perfect here had to be the owner he smiled at me.


“Master Lucas this is Nadia...her uncle tells me she's having issues with her memories...she doesn't know if she knows you.”


Master? I looked from Chris to Lucas and saw his frown I swallowed nervously and looked away if looks could tear you to shreds that would do it. Maybe I did know him and I was supposed to call him or something. He had the look of a man scorned.


“Nadia.” he had a deep voice, he was speaking carefully but there was something about that touch of calm that seemed deadly.


“I'm sorry I didn't mean to forget you.” I said quickly.


I was surprised to hear the bitter chuckle.


“That's alright, I just thought you remembered me since you kissed me when I fresh out the shower...Wayne mentioned that your senses can become a mess when you're having an attack but I had been thinking you knew who I was anyways. I wouldn't take advantage but women don't usually kiss a guy like you kissed me when there is something wrong with them. I did let you go to examine you there was only a kiss and Chris was there to witness I have no reason to lie to you.”


I knew I was blushing when my face felt warm so looked away...I kissed him? No way I never got too close to guys I fooled around a little but I wasn't going to sleep around or let things get serious. Being a mess I can't imagine anyone would want me long term. How long had I known him?


“You seem confused...more than before.”


“Did I make out with you at a club or something?” I looked at my uncle who raised an eyebrow.


“Don't give me that look Uncle Wayne I'm still a virgin but I've still shared a few kisses and I”m not al little girl shush.”


Angry or not he still snorted and shook his head a smile forming, Chris glanced at Lucas who sighed, I hope I didn't just admit to cheating on him.


“...Well I'm aware of your virginal status and here is the quick run down we met elsewhere I believe you were on vacation visiting someone or just out with your friends but you were alone when I met you. You said you didn't want anything serious, though you didn't tell me any details about your sickness you just said you weren't sure what you wanted in life.”


I looked down then nodded.


“Right...I was I Hawaii with my mom and dad they had business but they left me with a guard so I could enjoy time out instead of just sitting in my hotel room.”


“So you can piece things together with a little push.” he said.


“Sometimes...what else happened?”


“You said you were a little lonely since your parents had only spent a few hours with you in the past few months, the vacation was an...” he said carefully, pushing again it wasn't unpleasant or straining I knew what he was doing I got it enough when I passed out and hit my head, I thought about it, remembering slightly.


“An apology for being so busy, I was nineteen...there were two years of break....then I haven't seen you in the past four years wonder I'm so confused five more years and I'd be thirty unsure of what I left behind...Uncle Wayne did something happen?”


He was quiet for a moment then nodded.


“When you got back you were in an accident remember that?”


I shook my head drawing a blank.


“You've really blocked that out ever since you woke up in the hospital , maybe you're getting better, we tried not to mention it in the past because you would get so upset. That was when your panic attacks started getting more severe and they were a lot more mild when you were younger. Maybe he's having a better effect on you pushing on your would freak out even with your meds.”


“...I would?” oh I was feeling foggy.


“Mmhmm...well long story short while you were out picking up some useless item for your mother that she really could have gotten herself you were hit by a car, it's a miracle you survived...the idiot was texting and not paying attention.”


My head ached a little and I rubbed my temple and he held up his hand.


“Easy will come to you, I can see you're getting something better here than any other hospital.” he said looking around, the pain faded and I felt frustrated I really wanted to remember I guess I'd have to wait I looked at Lucas he seemed troubled.


“I remember we were in their get away home they would still work but they did less work and they considered that a vacation. We were supposed to be there for three months then travel for two years before I went to college...What else did I forget about you?”


“I was on vacation, doing absolutely no work dressed like a complete slob it's shameful really.” he had a smile but I could tell it was forced, he had to be upset that he was forgotten so completely.


“I can't picture you as a slob.”


“You will when your memories come back...I met your parents, Vivian and Phillip...they didn't like me because I looked like a slob but you were with me nearly every day when you left we kept in touch. While you were in Japan six months later I surprised you you had been doing so well that you gave me a chance, I guess you didn't trust me enough to mention how poor your health was.”


There was that touch of bitterness again, it made me feel a little guilty it doesn't make much sense but I could tell he wasn't angry with me he just frustrated. Maybe I knew him better than I thought which makes forgetting him even worse. Though he actually knew my parents already, why didn't they tell me about him?....Actually they were probably ashamed that I forgot someone who was loaded that would look good in our little family.




I looked up, Uncle Wayne shook his head.


“Don't check out, relax, we're just talking.”


“Right...just talking.” did I feel nervous...kind of, damn drug was leaving me confused again.


“Excuse me I don't mean to get hostile you see I can't hold that against you I understand you were concerned about telling anyone you don't know about your medical history. I never told you what sort of money I was worth. I'll get to the point and we can talk later we hadn't known one another long even when I took your parents aside and told them who I was. I only did that so they wouldn't try to interfere. I traveled with you the rest of the time...I had to rush back and take care of the work that made all this happen, accepted my proposal before we were separated.”


My mouth fell Uncle Wayne was shocked too....this man was my fianceé..?


“It was supposed to be a long engagement while you focused on school I never would have gotten in the way of your future I just knew what I wanted, we weren't much for the time we knew one another but I can easily avoid losing my fortune in a divorce and you knew me as a regular man not a rich one and cared for me anyways. I wasn't going to let you go without some sort of promise...if you'll excuse me I have some things to take care of.”


He left as quickly as he came and I looked at Chris, he was surprised too.


“He didn't mention that earlier...I'm sorry we should have put you in a bigger room.”


I laid back feeling a little overwhelmed.


“Oh no, thank you...this is great...Uncle Wayne?”


“Don't worry just relax...I'll call your parents.”


I don't understand how I could forget him, there were so many things I actually did remember, why did he leave my memory completely even though I kissed him without even thinking about it?

(There were go another POV switcher I don't know there is something particular about Nadia's “illness” and I won't give you info yet. However small parts of her anxiety I copied from my own struggles basically, I feel like something like this needs to be in the character's POV but of course Lucas needs his thoughts clears too. Stay tuned.)

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