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Among Angels Among Angels

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Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Some cops are trustworthy, give you a reason to respect them in the way they carry themselves, they work hard and you can feel safe around. Some other cops can still have those good qualities while messing up here and there. Then there are those like Alec, he's not such a bad guy though he's not always so good either he lives for the gray area in between actually. Even more so when he meets and falls for a youthful prostitute that appreciates him more than his wife ever would.


Some cops are trustworthy, give you a reason to respect them in the way they carry themselves, they work hard and you can feel safe around. Some other cops can still have those good qualities while messing up here and there. Then there are those like Alec, he's not such a bad guy though he's not always so good either he lives for the gray area in between actually. Even more so when he meets and falls for a youthful prostitute that appreciates him more than his wife ever would.

Prolog (v.1) - In the rain

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 10, 2017



(Okay so no I'm not canceling my newest story just going to add a second story as I feel like the other one is going to be longer at least compared to the story before it. I don't want to forget the idea pricking at me. No I'm not up to my old tricks of spawning stories I want more practice and have more ideas is all hehe.


I own the story and all the characters, any likeness to any person(s) living or dead is coincidental and unintentional. While this story is available for free it is not to be redistributed in any way; I am the only person who can post this on more than one site or earn money for it in the future.)


In the rain



Alec sighed as he drove through the streets of Seattle, it was fairly late just a little into Spring so it was a bit chilly as it was raining. He worked alone for the most part he had a partner, being on the force as long as he had been though he stuck to himself the chief let him do as he pleased. He didn't often need help so his partner could really be more useful elsewhere. They didn't operate completely like the average police force with several officers that needed to be handled differently. He looked around as he drove normally he was off duty about now but they were looking for someone that had been seen in the area.


He spotted a woman walking in the rain she was soaked judging by her outfit he didn't think she was just stuck with some bad luck. The tight booty shorts that clung deliciously to her shapely ass and the nearly transparent shirt she wore clung to her top. He wasn't in a cop car as he was undercover so he knew if he was right about his assumptions what to expect. Despite her clothes she would have stood out anyways as the streets were bare, no cars even.


She looked over her shoulder as he called out the window. Her waist length auburn hair was sticking to her and she wore thigh high fishnets easier to see up close. When she turned he saw her shirt was a button up that only had a few buttons done. She bent down and looked in he could see her gray eyes she was gorgeous. She looked him over just a dark tee shirt and jeans, a tan, dark hair and a neat goatee he was easily the sexiest that had come up to her in a while.


“Hey handsome looking for some fun?” he smirked, wasn't she bold making it easy.


“Well I wasn't at first though I noticed you, I'm feeling generous what's four hundred going to get me?” he asked.


She laughed.


“Well honey if you have the money and the bills are real I can be real flexible for that.”


“And what would you do for this?” he said flashing his badge.


“Oh fuck me.” she took off and he shook his head, why they always ran he'd never know, he hopped out of his car and sprinted after her.


She easily darted down an alleyway hoping that he would trip over the trashcan she pushed over but he jumped over them. She looked over her shoulder and skid to a stop seeing he was gone she took a breath though he came up behind her and grabbed her wrists before pushing her against the wall she shook her head.


“Let go of me.” she snapped.


“You're not in any sort of place to be asking for favors princess, you're a prostitute and you ran from a cop.”


She groaned.


“You set me up this area is supposed to be clear for this.”


“Really? So you know who is to blame for the empty streets, you have some information and I might be able to let you go.”


“I don't know...I've never seen him I just work for him.”


“Well that's a shame, you can just pay for what you have done.”


“Oh you are such a rotten pig.”


“Ah princess that hurts my feelings.”


She struggled attempting to kick him though he grabbed her by the waist and tossed her over his shoulder.


“You put my down!”


“Are you going to walk?”


“Hell no.”


“Then it's late, this evening has been pointless and I don't have time for this.” he said firmly she knee'd him in the chest though he wasn't bothered by it and instead reached up to spank her hard she let out a startled shriek.


“You did not just..spank me.” she hissed.


“I damn well did, though there is nothing you can do about it, now shut up.”


“Fine do what you want you didn't read my rights I'll get away.”


“Nice to know you're educated but that's not how it works.”


“Excuse me?”


“I don't have to read you anything as I have to drop you off at a different station.”


“You're joking.”


“I'm not.”


“Let me go...”




“I have to work.”


“You should get a better job.”


“I have a better job, but I'm not making as much as I need yet.”


“What's that?”


“I'm a stripper.”


“I hear the regular acts make plenty, not popular enough?”


She only huffed answering his question, he reached the car and opened the door setting her down, she headbutt him though with the way they stood she hit him in the mouth and tried to run off but he easily grabbed her and shoved her against the hood of the car. She squirmed as he held her down until she felt his hand slapping her ass again.


“You know at first I just wanted a feel for that ass of yours now you've really pissed me off, kudos to you you almost hurt me.” he snapped slapping her ass again.


“Ow! That hurts you pervert what kind of fucking cop are you??” he slapped her ass again.


“One who gets away with whatever, unfortunately for you.”


“Oh what, you the chief's bitch or something big man?”


“No I'm not, it's the other way around.” he said slapping her ass again, she huffed in frustration wriggling her butt. It was maybe a little twisted, she was soaked to bone from the rain, no one was out thanks to her boss that could even consider helping her out, and the way he hit her ass, with her handcuffed, it only hurt a little...the rest turned her on leaving her wet elsewhere.


“Is that a fact...well you have me so put me in the damn car and take me in.”


He paused looking down.


“I will when I'm good and ready, and I'm not afraid of a little rain but I bet half naked you're freezing.”


“Fuck you.” she mumbled as he smirked.


“You don't have an ID anywhere on you, do you?”


“It's in my boot..”


“Oh being obedient are we? A little late for that.”


She ignored him as he reached in the top and found the make shift pocket she had put in until he pulled out the card to run it looking for warrants. He easily held her in place so she wasn't even bothering to escape again. She was as clean as she could be. Her name was Mckenna and she was nineteen years old he smirked.


“So Micky...” she groaned.


“Ugh do you have to call me that...?”


“Yes, now shut up, you're lucky you're clean and I believe he didn't leave you out here by yourself with much information.” he said as the rain started to ease up.


“So you're going to tell the other I can leave sooner or something?”


“Maybe, we're looking for your boss I wasn't here for any prostitutes, how long have you been doing the side work?”


“Past eight months, and no I don't know what he does to clear out areas for me to work in, no other cops have found me.” she said damning her luck.


“Obviously considering it's not on your record, though you never thought to ask him anything?”


“I need the money I did what I was supposed to do that's all that matters.”


“You in some kind of debt?”


“Oh what's it to you?” she snapped.


“I could help, maybe.”


“Yeah right.” she muttered, he stood behind her his cold hand on her thigh she shivered.


“No I could, just so happens if no one is looking for you I can turn the other cheek and you're just my type.” he said


She looked over her shoulder.


“I fuck you and you let me go?”


“Yeah but don't think you find the same treatment elsewhere, not many respond to a girl when she's turned on.” she glared at him.


“I am not turned on....”


“Should I add lying to a cop after assault since you tried to head butt me?”


“It's not a lie!”


She bit her lip this time as he hit her ass again and sighed.


“Really because you became so docile so easily there.”


She huffed.




“Fine you want the charges or fine you're ready to put that ass to work?”


“...I'll do it.”




“I liked it...the spanking.”


“Huh, so you can be a good girl.”


“...Again..fuck you.”


“You're about to princess.” he said, reaching to pull her shorts down as she agreed she pulled one leg up and out resting it against the hood. She was bare, not even a thong he smirked.


“Well look at that easy access and flexible even.”


“It's not like I need panties or anything when I'm out here...” she mumbled as he leaned over her it was good the hood was as cool as it was after sitting off in the rain. He pulled her up a bit reaching to pull her shirt open she shivered far more feeling the cold against her nipples that hardened as he teased her.


It had been a while since he'd gotten rid of the pent up stress, his wife was a bit hopeless in that area not that it mattered it was dead with them anyways. Even if he wanted to sleep with her she'd roll over and spread her legs glaring at him like it was his fault they were without children he had no control over that and she held it against him. It did nothing but leave him agitated he had gotten off the phone with her before he reached the area. She swallowed the lump in her throat as he rubbed his head against her lips. Her mouth opened as he pushed in leaving a tingling, he was the largest she had in a while.


He sucked and bit on her neck as he jammed his cock inside, he groaned, for eight months of this she was tight. She cried out as he moved immediately still pinching and teasing her nipples as he thrust in and out. As the rain stopped he reached up to grip her throat she gasped as he picked up the speed taking her harder as he wanted. She moaned the sound erotic as her eyes rolled back in her head a bit. He made her turn her head and kissed her. He wasn't much for it she shivered and arched as continued gripping her throat dominating her mouth with a deep kiss in time with his hard thrusts.


She whimpered as he moved he pulled back biting her bottom lip before he released her mouth grunting. She was suddenly grateful they were alone she didn't want to stop and she would have to if there was an extra audience. As long as she'd been doing it obviously her customers were desperate guys only looking for their own release. She usually had to fake it as she wasn't turned on enough to play it off. Though there was something about him as she cried out begging him to go harder she didn't have to fake anything. He moved quicker grunting he was close and so was she right next to him soon as he released her throat he released hard and she moaned as her body ached and she came with him he let her fall forward back on the hood as she was breathing heavy. She shook her head as he pulled out.


“....Did you really...have to..cum inside.”


“I'm sterile and clean....get over it.” he said shoving her card back in her boot.


She huffed as he unlocked the cuffs and she moved to slowly pull her shorts up.


“Now get in the car I'm taking you home and I better not catch you out here again.”


“Yeah whatever.”



He left her at her apartment building it didn't look like much, that is it was well taken care of in decent neighborhood it was just small. She went in the elevator and leaned against the door she looked down surprised he really let her go and bent down to take out her ID seeing the money tightly wrapped around it she shook her head and unfolded the bills examining it in the light it was real alright, four hundred like he promised. A man of his word that fucked like a jackhammer she could appreciate that...well a little she already had too many that couldn't please her one bit and now she'd always remember what's better even more clearly.


She walked out and ignored the gasp from the elderly neighbor that saw her she should be used to how she dressed by now. She walked in the small one bedroom apartment she shared with her grandfather and little sister. Samuel was retired he was in his sixties and doing as well as he could. He'd been very athletic, not a body builder but stayed in great shape as long as he could doing only the best for his body. Though an accident at the powerplant he used to work at left him in a wheelchair, he had gray hair and dark eyes was thin though healthy enough.


She reached in the closet and pulled out a long jacket to cover up before going to check on her sister who shared the pull out couch with her she was ten and looked like their mother, she had curly brown hair and blue eyes. Samuel used his pension to pay for a caretaker for him that was also in charge of getting her around being a baby sitter if needed she stayed around for most the day but she was getting back later than she normally did. Mckenna paid for everything else with one extra expense her grandfather didn't know about. She looked over Ellie making sure she was okay she left her notebook on the plain coffee table for Mckenna to look at.


She saw her homework was complete and there was a note about a parent teacher conference. She shoved the books in her backpack and pulled out two of the twenties and set it in her bag. Sometimes she had to wait at the library across the street if her grandfather had appointments and his blond caretaker, Naomi couldn't rush over. There was a coffee shop inside so she could eat there when she needed to.


The apartement was cheap but it was still clean and it wasn't in poor condition she moved to the back and looked in on Samuel he looked up and she frowned.


“Still awake grandpa?”


“There's my sweet angel.”


“I'm anything but grandpa.” she said giving him a hug.


“Nonsense, I took a nap earlier so I'm not all that tired when you hadn't gotten home yet I thought something was wrong.”


“Nope just...working late, extra shifts and all.”


As far as he knew she only served drinks, not as a bartender but as a waitress he nodded.


“Well as long as everything is okay...can you bring me some water before you go to bed? My mouth is dryer than a desert on fire.”


She chuckled.


“Yeah, did you take your pills?”


“I don't need no pills.”


“Don't be stubborn.” he stuck his tongue out at her not caring one bit, she just shook her head, he didn't have to have them so much they were pills for his stomach, and some for the migraines he got. He said he could handle a little pain and ignored it. Though his doctor pushed anyways, she was glad he was at least doing alright and moved to get water.


“Oh and Mckenna?”


“Yes grandpa.”


“Ellie said she went and got herself a boyfriend, do grandad a favor and shoot the little bastard for me, no one touches my girls and gets away with it.”


She burst out laughing, that was grandpa for you she wondered who the boyfriend was.


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